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Republic of the Philippines Bureau of Working Conditions .• Sole mode of monitoring compliance • • • • globalization new technologies new work patterns new employment relationships www.

com .LABOR STANDARDS ENFORCEMENT FRAMEWORK Alternative mechanism to monitor compliance Culture of workplace safety and health Ethic of self-regulation and voluntary compliance www.themegallery.

com .DOLE INCENTIVIZING COMPLIANCE PROGRAM • To reform existing regulatory framework through SEnA To compliment regulation through INCENTIVES • Highest award bestowed by DOLE www.themegallery.

EXISTING DOLE AWARDS/RECOGNITION SYSTEMS (DOLE GOOD HOUSE KEEPING CERTIFICATES) Award/ Recognition Agency Scope Remarks Compliance with Labor Standards BWC Regional TCCLS Guidelines Child Labor-Free Establishment Outstanding LMC Award for Industrial Peace BWSC NCMB National/ Regional CLFE Guidelines for finalization 92 nominees 26 winners (with 2 Hall of Famers) .

EXISTING DOLE AWARDS/RECOGNITION SYSTEMS (DOLE GOOD HOUSE KEEPING CERTIFICATES) Award/ Recognition Agency Scope Remarks Productivity Olympics Gawad Kaligtasan at Kalusugan NWPC National/ Regional National/ Regional 111 Regional winners 26 National winners 2 Presidential Award 23 Secretary’s Awards OSHC .

Regional Rating 6.SPECIFIC DOLE AGENCIES INVOLVED IN THE ICP PARTICULARS (Sec. TCCLS Guidelines and Checklist 4. Certificate for Child Labor-Free Establishment Guidelines/Checklist 5. Nationwide Information Support Network 3. DO 115-11) 1. Regional ICP Action Plans AGENCIES LCO PLANNING SERVICE BWC BWSC HRDS ROs/RCC . Communication plan design and information drive to build the prestige of the TSE and awardees/certificated establishments 2. 5.

TRIPARTITE CERTIFICATION OF COMPLIANCE WITH LABOR STANDARDS (TCCLS) 1st level seal of good housekeeping Basic pre-qualification required for: Dole Secretary’s Labor law Compliance Award or Secretary’s Award 2. 2 DOLE good housekeeping certificates 1. Tripartite Seal of Excellence requirements: • All 5 DOLE good housekeeping certificates . Tripartite Seal of Excellence 1. Secretary’s Award requirements: TCCLS certificate 2.

TRIPARTITE CERTIFICATION OF COMPLIANCE WITH LABOR STANDARDS (TCCLS) TCCLS Award: given to establishments compliant with: • • • GLS OSHS Child Labor Law Enrollment in the TCCLS Program • Nomination by the Regional Coordinating Council (RCC) or the Regional Tripartite Industrial Peace Council (RTIPC). or Direct application (using TCCLS Form #1) to the appropriate RO where establishment is located/ operating • .

disabilities or occupational illness within 1 year at the time of application. 3. with appropriate 2.CTITERIA/ QUALIFICATIONS OF ESTABLISHMENTS 1. 4. Has no fatal accidents. Has valid business permit from the Local Government Unit (LGU). OSHS and Child Labor Law. . Has no pending case with the DOLE involving violations of GLS. Must be duly registered government agency.

Employee Representative 3. Labor Sector Representative ./ DOLE Regional Director (Regional Head) 2.TRIPARTITE CERTIFICATION COMMITTEE (TCC) Ensures the integrity of the certification process and award system Acts as compliance auditor and monitoring body Composition 1. DOLE Secretary (National Head) or designated Usec.

discussions 3. Endorse the certification .FUNCTIONS OF THE TCC 1. Determine gaps in compliance and appropriate programs rendered and technical assistance to be 4. Conduct post-remediation assessment 5. Conduct on-site visits. interviews. Act as social auditor and monitoring body 2.

The certified establishment shall submit a Self- Assessment Checklist for 3 years in lieu of inspection 3. It takes the place of a routine inspection for the duration of its validity 2. it shall be processed through the SEnA . When there is complaint of violation of GLS against the establishment.VALIDITY AND EFFECT OF TCCLS 1.

Included in DOLE’s priority mailing list. 3.INCENTIVES OF TCCLS 1. 4. Access to DOLE technical assistance and services. 2. Entitled to use the TCCLS in promotional activities and advertisements of its products/ services. . Shall qualify for the Secretary’s Award and Tripartite Seal of Excellence.

Child Labor Law violation 3. Deliberate abuse of certification Revokes the certification . Case of fatal accident. permanent/ disabling injury or occupational illness 4.DECERTIFICATION 1. GLS and/ or OSHS violation and remediation failed 2.