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Advanced Vocabulary for Gifted Secondary Students

A sample chapter, Chapter One of thirty chapters in The Word Within the Word, Volume One

Michael Clay Thompson

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Excerpted from The Word Within the Word, Volume One Copyright 1986, Royal Fireworks Press,

undone. posterity. postlude prelude. misguided nonstop. nonchalant postgraduate. deduct. anticlimax. predecessor semitone. bicycle. extravagant. antebellum. misdeed. symbol. synopsis. anterior. combo contract. unconventional Latin Greek Latin Latin Latin Latin Latin Latin Latin Latin Latin Latin Latin Latin Germanic Latin Latin Latin Latin Latin Latin Greek Greek Greek Old English Excerpted from The Word Within the Word. disprove equitable. symposium tricycle. circumvent. misfortune. intravenous.rfwp. triceps. intromission malevolent. premonition. synonym. introspective. triad. malicious. semiweekly. confederate. semiannual. unearned. distort. triceratops. subterfuge. superior. mistake. contact deposit. symbiosis. binocular. subordinate. Volume One Copyright 1986. malapropism misfit. intracranial. superb. symphony. intrauterine introduce. antibody. confine. posterior. dispute. circus combination. malady. syndrome. semicircle. semiformal subterranean. semiaquatic. superfluous. supercilious. dismiss. triangle. introrse. dissonant. commensurate. malign. circumlocution. misfire. extrovert. nonplussed. descent. disperse. introvert. anticline. despicable. predict. substantial supervise. equilibrium extraterrestrial. postscript. trivia. www. equation. bipolar. antepenult antiaircraft. ante meridiem. premature. interlude intracellular.____________________________________________________________________________________ The Word Within the Word • List #1 ____________________________________________________________________________________ ante anti bi circum com con de dis equi extra inter intra intro mal mis non post pre semi sub super syn sym tri un (before) (against) (two) (around) (together) (together) (down) (away) (equal) (beyond) (between) (within) (into) (bad) (bad) (not) (after) (before) (half) (under) (over) (together) (together) (three) (not) antedate. extraordinary. binary. equinox. equivocate. Royal Fireworks Press. trialogue unfit. confidence. interdepartmental. submarine. interject. antitoxin. bimonthly. nonprofit. intrastate. decrepit distract. denounce. malcontent. preposition. nonconformity. common. unequal. posthumous. dissuade. biped. trichotomy. unequivocal. extramural international. . syntax sympathy. introject. conjunction. bicuspid circumnavigate. demolish. antecedent. synchronize. supernatural synthetic. comfort. interstellar. subtract. circumspect. equilateral. antithesis bilateral. symmetry.

The depravity of the criminal was beyond belief. He mercilessly derided the new student. a downward slope. something considered essential. to embezzle funds. to melt down. In the night. Alexander’s attack was a debacle for Darius. Volume One Copyright 1986. off. Dorian’s life was increasingly debauched. modest or affectedly modest. Excerpted from The Word Within the Word. The provision proved to be defeasible. the enemy had decamped. Ghengis Kahn’s depredations terrified the villages. to get off of a ship or airplane. www. to depart suddenly or secretly. actually can have a wide variety of meanings. which we define as meaning down. They debarked immediately. to dry completely. to detract. The horses stumbled down the declivity. the villain’s face deliquesced in the blast. that can be undone or voided. Here are some of the interesting words that contain de in its various shades of meaning: debacle: debark: debauch: debris: decamp: declivity: defalcate: defeasible: defoliate: deliquesce: demure: denizen: depravity: depredation: deracinate: deride: derogate: desecrate: desiccate: desideratum: desperado: an overwhelming defeat. The denizens of the forest could be heard in the night. The desiccated apples fell out of the package. from. The barbarians lived in the debris of Rome. to pull up by the roots. rubble or fragments. plundering. or even . wickedness. He had defalcated the funds and vanished. Our primary desideratum was cost. He weeded with deracinating frenzy. an outlaw. In the movie.rfwp. to ridicule. and is a relative of the stem dis. Vandals had desecrated the shrine. Though de often means down. to lead astray morally. it can mean away. to strip of leaves. Her demure pretensions fooled no one. The chemical defoliated most of the jungle.____________________________________________________________________________________ The Word Within the Word • Stem Close-Up #1 ____________________________________________________________________________________ de down • away • from The Latin stem de. entirely. Why derogate another’s reputation? to profane what is sacred. The cove was a haven for desperadoes and escapees. an inhabitant. Royal Fireworks Press.

14. The circle was divided into two equal semicircles. Rome was sometimes ruled by a triumvirate. 24. The two together are an interesting combination. Volume One Copyright 1986. The lieutenant gave a sharp order to her subordinate. 15. 2. 21. Royal Fireworks Press. He was confined to the asteroid’s detention center. The two nations have a bilateral agreement. 4. The circumspect spy is difficult to catch. 8. 11. www. They were lost in interstellar space. 20. Before Romeo left. 22. 10. She added a postscript at the bottom of the letter. 9.rfwp. Please synchronize your watches at this time. 6. His attention was easily distracted. 17. The Civil War antedates the Korean War by decades. He received an intravenous solution through a tube in his arm. Unearned income must be reported to the Internal Revenue Service. 7. The lunar lander descended through the atmosphere. 13. 3. The symbiotic species could not survive without each other.____________________________________________________________________________________ The Word Within the Word • Sentences #1 ____________________________________________________________________________________ 1. The foundation is a nonprofit organization. 18. Excerpted from The Word Within the Word. 12. 5. She made an equilateral triangle with three straws. 25. 23. 16. He looked fearfully at the glowing. The boy was a lonely introvert who kept to himself. Juliet had a frightening premonition. It was an extraordinary achievement. . malevolent demon. The antiaircraft fire shot down the enemy planes. The talkative fool made several superfluous comments. He had the misfortune to forget his wallet.

com . www. Royal Fireworks Press.____________________________________________________________________________________ The Word Within the Word • Mystery Spelling #1 ____________________________________________________________________________________ introvert supervise circumvent synchronize symphony postscript circumspect unequivocal sympathy intracellular submarine nonconformity introspective equilateral semiaquatic symbiosis dissonant interstellar posthumous superfluous intravenous introject equinox subtract intro vert super vise circum vent syn chron ize sym phon y post script circum spect un equi voc al sym path y intra cell ul ar sub mar ine non con form ity intro spect ive equi lat eral semi aqua tic sym bio sis dis son ant inter stell ar post hum ous super flu ous intra ven ous intro ject equi nox sub tract Excerpted from The Word Within the Word.rfwp. Volume One Copyright 1986.

it dates before (ante) the son’s. 3. . 3. No. 4. 2. posterity is the population that comes after (post) you. No. he doesn’t want them going around (circum) the rules. 4. 10. Yes. 7. No. 8. Yes. 10. 5. we mistrust one who gives equal (equi) voice (voc) to both sides of an issue. Volume One Copyright 1986. the subordinate belongs to a lower (sub) order (ord). it is an over (super) flow (flu). Excerpted from The Word Within the Word. No. 9.rfwp. Yes. Yes. Does a father’s birthday antedate his son’s? Does an anticlimax enhance a play’s conclusion? Can the president make a bilateral decision by himself? Does a drill sergeant encourage troops to circumvent rules? Is a distortion a faithful account of what happened? Is your subordinate your boss? Is a superfluous comment unnecessary? Can a book record your thoughts for posterity? Do you mistrust a person who equivocates? Are symbiotic creatures mortal enemies? ____________________________________________________________________________________ ANSWERS ____________________________________________________________________________________ 1. 9. 8. a bilateral decision must be two (bi) sided (lat). www. 2. 7. 6. No. it works against (anti) the conclusion’s drama. 5. No.____________________________________________________________________________________ The Word Within the Word • Mystery Questions #1 ____________________________________________________________________________________ 1. Royal Fireworks Press. symbiotic creatures spend their lives (bio) together (sym). in a distortion the story is twisted (tort) away (dis).

rfwp. Write a paragraph about an intracranial operation. 2. 2. EVALUATION: 1. and descent? If you could do something truly extraordinary. explain the origin of the word circumnavigate. www. If nav means ship. or is it just a matter of style? Is it better to be sociable? Should you force yourself to socialize if you feel like being alone? INTUITION: 1. Invent three words that each combine two or more of the stems on List #1.____________________________________________________________________________________ The Word Within the Word • Ideas #1 ____________________________________________________________________________________ SYNTHESIS: 1. 2. creative examples. List as many words as you can think of that contain the stem . How many things can you think of that need to be synchronized? ANALYSIS: 1. symbol. Write definitions for these words. Royal Fireworks Press. What images flash in your mind when you hear the following words: preschool. or do they have a practical right to be equivocal in order to be elected? It is wrong to be an introvert. Are politicians morally obligated to speak unequivocally. Keep listing until you find unexpected. Volume One Copyright 1986. What is the difference between interstate highways and intrastate highways? Explain by examining parts of the words. 2. deposit. 2. what would it be? Excerpted from The Word Within the Word. interstellar. and use at least ten example words from List #1 in your paragraph. misfortune. DIVERGENCE: 1.

interstellar : stellar :: submarine : marine interstate : intrastate mortar : bricks intracellular : cell 3. antebellum : belligerency :: antiaircraft : aircraft nonstop : continuous cause : effect morning : afternoon 2.rfwp. superfluous : inadequate :: excess : insufficiency malevolence : benevolence superior : mediocre euphony : cacophony 4. Volume One Copyright 1986. 9. supercilious : idolizing :: depression : euphoria condescension : admiration synthesis : antithesis zenith : nadir . www. 10.____________________________________________________________________________________ The Word Within the Word • Analogies #1 ____________________________________________________________________________________ 1. 8. Royal Fireworks Press. circumspect : reckless :: circumlocution : equivocation conjunction : disjunction supercilious : despicable homophone : homonym Excerpted from The Word Within the Word. circumvent : comply :: noncooperation : complaisance superior : subordinate preposition : position circumnavigate : navigate 6. ancestry : posterity :: eohippus : horse intracranial : cranial anteroom : gazebo syncline : anticline antecedent : precedent :: grammar : law circumlocution : equivocation malaprop : malevolence inspection : introspection prenatal : posthumous :: bilateral : unilateral pathogen : syndrome intravenous : vein subterfuge : evasion biped : bicycle :: quadruped : automobile rectangle : tetragon binary : unitary biceps : triceps 7.

7. Circumspect is the opposite of reckless as conjunction is the opposite of disjunction. The relationship is two-fold: numerical identity and foot vs. too little. Looking down vs. interstellar : stellar :: mortar : bricks Spatial relationship. A precedes B. circumspect : reckless :: conjunction : disjunction Opposites. The interstellar region is located between the stars as mortar is located between the bricks. but antecedent refers to grammar and precedent to law. Too much vs. Excerpted from The Word Within the Word. 10. A and B are opposites. 9. 3. as inadequate means insufficient. Royal Fireworks Press. A before B. antebellum : belligerency :: morning : afternoon Temporal relationship. The prenatal period precedes the posthumous period as the pathogen precedes the syndrome. superfluous : inadequate :: excess : insufficiency Quantity. four feet/four wheels. to be complaisant is to wish to comply. The eohippus is an ancestor of the horse. 8. A before B. 4. Volume One Copyright 1986. Also. The antebellum period precedes the period of belligerency as the morning precedes the afternoon. the right terms are synonyms of the left terms. circumvent : comply :: noncooperation : complaisance To circumvent is to avoid cooperation. 5.rfwp. supercilious : idolizing :: condescension : admiration A and B are opposites of attitude. and left and right are synonyms. antecedent : precedent :: grammar : law Both mean go .____________________________________________________________________________________ The Word Within the Word • Analogies #1 ____________________________________________________________________________________ 1. A and B are opposites. 6. prenatal : posthumous :: pathogen : syndrome Temporal relationship. A between B. ancestry : posterity :: eohippus : horse Temporal relationship. Superfluous means excess. looking up to. The left terms are specific examples of words used in the larger categories at right. and left and right are near-synonyms. biped : bicycle :: quadruped : automobile Two feet/two wheels. www. wheel. 2.

6. 9.rfwp. The foolishness of a too-talkative person’s excessive questions and comments is wittily described by the word superfluous. Why is a preposition called a preposition? Because of its position—it always (almost) comes at the beginning of a prepositional phrase. the musicians play their instruments in unison so that the sounds (phon) rise together (sym). 3. Spanish Cognates: One of the most important observations to gain from the study of the etymology of English vocabulary is that English and Spanish share thousands of words that are cognates. 4. 5. we see the cautious person looking (spect) around (circum) for signs of danger. Many other spect words contain memorable images. It occupies the PRE position. The word posthumous. here are some English words from this lesson. Often. Excerpted from The Word Within the Word. unnoticed world. which means cautious. 8. but even more than one . that have common origins. The introspective person is not merely thoughtful. The talker has provided all of the comments that can be contained. And we respect a person when something that person does causes us to look at him again in a new way. but is looking inside himself.____________________________________________________________________________________ The Word Within the Word • Notes #1 ____________________________________________________________________________________ 1. related words. as in posthumous award. As examples. contains a portrait of tragedy. and their Spanish cognates: semiannual : semianual introduce : introducir posterity : posteridad superior : superior superfluous : superfluo malicious : malicioso 2. 7. introvert contains an unsettling. Even familiar words take on new light at times. www. A posthumous award is only granted after (post) its recipient has been buried in the ground (humus). Royal Fireworks Press. The intro (into) vert (turn) is turned into himself—his back to the beautiful. Volume One Copyright 1986. and often in the same order. The interior of a word often contains a striking image that only a person who knows the meaning of the stems will enjoy. but we see in the word an image of someone having problems with his mouth as he attempts to give equal (equi) voice (voc) to both sides of an issue! Depending upon how it is used. and now the comments begin to over (super) flow (flu). In the case of circumspect. the English and the Spanish word share not only a stem. Can a word help to sharpen one’s senses? The beauty of a symphony arises largely from just what the word symphony emphasizes. sad image. Some words offer moments of humor. The person who equivocates is deliberately ambiguous.

From James Joyce’s A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man His life had grown to be a tissue of __________ and falsehood. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby The __________ assumption was that on Sunday afternoon I had nothing better to do. superfluous c. subordinate b. See if you can use your sensitivity and intuition to guess correctly which word the author used. supercilious c. a. Royal Fireworks Press. You may need a dictionary. evincing a confusion. From Herman Melville’s Moby Dick He was __________. it is more like a game. nonchalance d. because more than one word choice may work perfectly well. introversion 4. All of the choices can be found in the example words on the first page of this lesson. www. Volume One Copyright . nonplussed 3. introverted d. symbiotic 2. subterfuge b. circumspect c. a. dissonant Excerpted from The Word Within the Word. From F. a. From Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird Inside the house lived a __________ phantom. equitable d. commensurate b. Your challenge is to decide which word the author used. antithesis c. 1. malevolent d.rfwp. one of the choices was really the word used by the author in the sentence provided. This is not a test. equivocal b.____________________________________________________________________________________ The Word Within the Word • Classic Words #1 ____________________________________________________________________________________ In each case below. a.

com . www.____________________________________________________________________________________ The Word Within the Word • Test #1 ____________________________________________________________________________________ MALady INTRAcellular BInary SEMIcircle DISmiss ANTEcedent NONstop SUBmarine UNdone SUPERior POSTerity DEscend CIRCUMnavigate EXTRAterrestrial INTROduction EQUIlateral TRIceps CONtact ANTIthesis SYNtax INTERnational MIStake COMmon SYMpathy PREschool Questions just for fun: Is an intradepartmental memo shared with members of other departments? Was the antebellum period just after the Civil War? Is the sun a binary star? Would someone enjoy receiving a posthumous award? Is a superfluous comment welcome? Is interstellar space the space within a star? Does an equilateral triangle have sides of equal length? Is an introvert a sociable person? Are dissonant sounds beautiful? Do symbiotic species live solitary lives? Does a malevolent being have good will towards all? Excerpted from The Word Within the Word.rfwp. Royal Fireworks Press. Volume One Copyright 1986.

Volume One Copyright 1986. www. Royal Fireworks .____________________________________________________________________________________ The Word Within the Word • Answer Key #1 ____________________________________________________________________________________ MALady INTRAcellular BInary SEMIcircle DISmiss ANTEcedent NONstop SUBmarine UNdone SUPERior POSTerity DEscend CIRCUMnavigate bad within two half away before not under not over after down around EXTRAterrestrial INTROduction EQUIlateral TRIceps CONtact ANTIthesis SYNtax INTERnational MIStake COMmon SYMpathy PREschool beyond into equal three together against together between bad together together before Questions just for fun: Is an intradepartmental memo shared with members of other departments? No Was the antebellum period just after the Civil War? No Is the sun a binary star? No Would someone enjoy receiving a posthumous award? No Is a superfluous comment welcome? No Is interstellar space the space within a star? No Does an equilateral triangle have sides of equal length? Yes Is an introvert a sociable person? No Are dissonant sounds beautiful? No Do symbiotic species live solitary lives? No Does a malevolent being have good will towards all? No Excerpted from The Word Within the Word.

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