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INTERNSHIP PERIOD: 1Month DATES: 10-8-2009 TO 09-9-2009


SUBMITTED TO: MR. SOHAIL IMRAN (commercial Officer)


The purpose of the report is to give brief idea. The idea to my Official Incharge and Immediate Incharge that I had joined the SIEMENS as internee. In there department i.e. “industry Sector”. I had joined this department in the month of August i.e. -10-8-09 it was lasted on 9 of September. I had learned about the office environment how its go and also come to know how the management is done in the office. The way of communicating clients and as per my internship was as per business man I had also learned about the different work activities regarding professional capabilities. In this period of the internship I also learned how the tenders are prepared by the company. For all the work done by me and gained the Experience in the Internship I want to thanks to Mr.Sohail imran, Mr.Naveed Shahzad& Mr. Sohail Rana.


The Siemens Office environment is very comfortable to all to work on their places and there are some values for all as per the post but the environment is friendly. The Siemens employees are the persons who are experts in there respective fields and perform their work at the best. They have the morals and there are some rules and regulations at which the company is running. These rules are to make the employees remain at the best level. The management and the enthusiasm for work of its employees is very impressive, the person who works there has freedom to show his efforts to make the best things possible. All the employees of the department work as a team and have the moral values for each other. The over all company environments are very good.

History of Siemens

Formed in 1847, the company Telegraphenbauanstalt von Siemens & Halske grew within the space of a few decades from a small precision-engineering workshop, into one of the world's largest companies in electrical engineering and electronics. Landmark inventions, an immense readiness to innovate, and a strong international commitment have driven the company's success since its very beginnings.

The age of globalization (1989 - 2008)
At the beginning of fiscal 1990, the operating structure and organizational form of Siemens underwent further change. The seven large business units were divided into 15 smaller entities that would be better equipped to operate flexibly and in closer proximity to the market. Within the decentralized structure the operative units were given considerably more responsibility. This created a basis for operating successfully in the marketplace in the age of globalization. From the 1990s on, Siemens changed from a company dealing mainly with public customers in regulated markets to a global competitor increasingly under pressure from the shareholders. To meet these new challenges effectively and efficiently, the company introduced programs that represented a radical change of approach, based on the strategic pillars of productivity, innovation and growth. In 1997 the company was represented throughout the region with 45,000 employees, around 70 joint ventures and over 60 plants. Siemens also continually adjusted its portfolio: 1990 saw the creation of the largest European company in the computer industry, Siemens-Nixdorf Information system AG (SNI), which in 1999 became part of Fujitsu Siemens Computers AG. Siemens was able to further enhance its standing as a leader on the world market for electrical and electronic products through the acquisition of Plessey in Britain in 1991 and Rolm in the United States in 1992.

Siemens acknowledged its social responsibility in 2000 with its first Corporate Citizenship Report. and the founding of joint ventures. Since its founder years under Werner von Siemens. To raise the qualification and motivation levels of the workforce through greater involvement in the entire business process. . the formation of new companies. Siemens’ 160-year history reveals how visions can become reality. acquisitions.000 people in more than 190 of the world’s countries.Since the end of the 1990s. Siemens has been focusing even more on optimization of its business portfolio through divestments. In 1998. top was upgraded to top+ through the addition of specific management instruments. the company has grown into a GLOBAL NETWORK OF INNOVATION uniting over 450. in 1993 Siemens launched a fitness program with the name of top (time optimized process). a visionary inventor and entrepreneur who made an enormous contribution to technological progress in the 19th century. In addition to the spinoff of the semiconductor sector.

and in 1963. Medical. It can also boast of a substantial number of Women in important positions and religiously following a policy of gender equality. switchgear products and systems. Siemens is also the single largest employer of engineering graduates in the country.Siemens in Pakistan Siemens Pakistan Engineering Company was founded in 1953 as a Private Company. which represents 15% of the country's installed output. Information Technology and Industrial solutions. Siemens is one of the most important employers in the country. Automation and Control.500 MW to Pakistan's power generation capacity. The success story continues with the Medical Solutions Group. the Group has added over 2. With a workforce of 1550 employees. The Automation and Drives Group is the only major local supplier with 35 years of experience in the local manufacture of diesel generating sets to meet customer specific demands from clients on both the domestic and international markets. power distribution and power Transformers and network consultancy The Power Generation Group is a major player in the country. To date. In fiscal 2006. 1 supplier of high-voltage grid Stations. Siemens in Pakistan scored notable successes in the following business areas: . Transportation. Siemens enjoys a leading position in Pakistan in the business areas of Power. Siemens is the country’s No. the company was registered as a Public limited Company. which is the leading supplier of state-of-the-art equipment to major hospitals.

our Technology. limited only by their own ability and drive. Its values are:  Excellence  Innovation  responsibility Siemens Mission: To realize its vision by:  Providing quality to our customers at competitive prices.Siemens Vision: To remain market leader and technology pace setter in the engineering and electronics industry by utilizing the high-tech engineering expertise of the Siemens Group worldwide. .  To enhance creativity and job satisfaction of our employees by providing opportunities for personal development. our Processes. to maintain our strong and prominent local presence. to their complete satisfaction.  To enhance the investment of our customers through Human Excellence.  Generating earnings sufficient to ensure a secure future for the company and to protect and increase our shareholders/stakeholders' investment.  To contribute to the national economy. whilst realizing a strong sense of responsibility to society and the environment. our High Standards of Quality and Financial Strength.

 To support and strive for technology transfer to Pakistan through our global resources and local presence .

Organizational Structure: .

Siemens Divisions .Siemens is divided into business units and divisions with centralized functional departments. Risk managements are nominated and the responsibilities are assigned according to the organizational structure.

Oil & Gas  ETDPPD : T&D Projects Pak & Dubai Industry  IIS : Industry Solutions  IIADT : Industry Automation / Drives Technology  Healthcare  HS: Sales / Service  HGDSO: GS / DX / SP / OEM  HBD : Business Development . Energy  ETDPS: T&D Products / Systems  EPGS: Power Generation & Services.

Gerhard wilcke (CFO)  Corporate Departments  FBAD: Finance & Business Administration Division  CFF: Corporate Financial Functions Legal  CIT: Corporate Information Technology  CQPE: Corporate Quality and Process Excellence Management  BDIAI: Business Development Iraq. Shared Services Pak . (Exp.) / top+  CC: Corporate Communication  ECC-PGL: Export Control & Customs .Procurement Governance & Logistics  SRE / SSD / : Real Estate / Security. Dev. Iran & Afghanistan  BD / top +: Strategic Bus.

 Transportation solutions:  Generating Sets .  Motors and alternators: Siemens provides its customers with a comprehensive electrical systems service  Standard products: i. ii. to operation and maintenance over a plant’s entire life-cycle. and comfort and energy efficiency .  Infrastructure solutions  Cross industry projects  On call logistics &. iv. Automation Drives Control and distribution products Large devices Mechanical Devices etc.Industrial Solutions: Industry Solutions is the systems and solutions integrator for plant business.maintenance  Building technology solutions Totally integrated: protection. iii. and covers everything from planning and construction.  Information technology services Siemens Pakistan ITS is one of the leading Information Technology Service and Solutions Providers of the nation. security. We focus on offering quality and innovative turnkey IT – Infrastructure Solution for our customers .


Define how Siemens will position and differentiate itself in the market. CRM. over a medium to long term period. OLM. Introduction and Support: To ensure that all resources. systems and information requirements are in place in SCM. On Call Logistic and Maintenance (OLM) OLM is the process of developing offerings for dynamic growth by: • Defining what we are selling • Identifying potential market opportunities • Targeting the right customer group OLM Process Definitions: Process of understanding and analyzing the total market as defined by SP & C. It has attained . It also designs new mechanisms for waste disposal Along with this objective it is also effectively working with the government in order to resolve the issue of current energy crisis in the Country. PLAN: Plan to grow the business over a medium to long term period: select Siemens target market and customer/segments. For achieving this goal. volume and ROI. Support processes and includes a realization plan with objectives in resources. Development: Development of a roadmap to meet the offering portfolio planned targets by developing and defining the specific offering requirements.  Cross Industries Project: This business unit is committed towards the environment safety. documenting the results. offerings and set targets. The Understand process defines Siemens offerings in terms of potential volume in relation to its competitors. it provides up gradation of plant and machinery in order to reduce pollution coupled with an increase in productivity.

Profile Project Management  System Integration and Testing Design & Engineering (Electrical. Control & Instrumentation) Documentation Procurement Installation & Commissioning Training and Work Shop for Customers Troubleshooting and After Sales Support         Infrastructural Solutions:  Infrastructure Solution: As its name signifies. The biggest order was for the airfield Lighting of 9 air bases of PAF from Directorate of Procurement (Air) where state-of-the-art LED based lights were introduced IS provides solutions for following. this business unit deals with the construction and engineering of mega industrial sites and factories.a contract of a 225 MW Power station in Lahore which is supposed to resolve some of the energy issues. mechanical and electrical constructions. Installation.  Instrumentation and control: We have core competencies in Supplies. and Testing & Commissioning of Electrical equipment for Process Plants & Industries. It provides with host of construction services from Project management to procurement. Commercial Buildings & Infrastructures .

We have enormous competencies to fulfill the basic requirement for commissioning the plant successfully. SIEMENS PAKISTAN has a separate department under each division which is responsible for in house and project procurements ensuring that all purchasing activities are systematically planned. It has a capability to provide not only the construction services in mechanical fields but also provide the mechanical Testing. and. controlled and executed and that all . which can bring about significant cuts in both material costs and process costs. vendor assistance and maintenance services of the plants.  Plant Commissioning: As a success of commissioning is dependent on the proper execution of all normal project tasks such as design engineering. Commissioning & Maintenance services for smooth plant operations. Strategic material procurement. These are all prerequisites for the successful commissioning of any plant. can play a major role in assisting the customers realize this potential and capitalize on the resulting boost to our customers' competitive fitness. construction scheduling. team communication. Mechanical construction: SIEMENS PAKISTAN has diversified its range of operations and since last ten years we are actively involved in the mechanical construction works. The business unit has not only the competencies of commissioning the electrical and instrumentation systems but also having a vast experience of mechanical commissioning and vendor assistance for the commissioning of various industries and process plants  Procurement: Most companies harbor enormous untapped cost-cutting potential in purchasing. quality control. We have an extensive list of successfully commissioned mechanical construction projects on its credit which not only included the construction activities but also involves the material supplies. equipment installation and startup. testing and balancing. The Siemens Pakistan provides highly effective support to our customers to help them to implement strategic purchasing objectives – from individual solutions to complex high-end solutions for large companies. of course.

 Power Transmission and Distribution: HV Sub-Stations: They provide the equipment and substations for power transmission & distribution systems. technical specifications & detailed fabrication drawings. detail engineering. Pakistan is currently facing a severe energy crisis which has led to the increase in significance of this business unit. Solid Mechanics. This business unit provides with state of the art equipment in order to tackle with the increasing demand for energy in the cities.  Services and solutions. Infrastructure Solutions at Siemens Pakistan is fully geared up and competent to manage and exclusively offer their services to the different fields of electrical & instrumentation installations and civil and mechanical constructions. analyzing conventionally or numerically using computers (CAD) in the various fields of Mechanical Engineering like Machine Design. system sizing. high temperature piping flexibility analysis and to problems of similar nature where high degree of precision is required. Siemens has capabilities of modeling complex field problems mathematically. Fluid Mechanics. Beside these.  Project management: Siemens Pakistan is a trusted name with an enormous experience in the field of project management with a long list of successfully commissioned projects. . It has a regimented & experienced technical and management staffs which not only plan the projects but also monitor and supervise till the successful commissioning & entire satisfaction of our customers.products /items purchased from suppliers meet the specified requirements of our customers. Heat Transfer (Thermal) and Structures using FINITE ELEMENT METHOD specially for solving problems related to static/dynamic analysis of the structures. Engineering activities include preparation of basic design philosophy.

Transformers: This Business unit is a center of excellence in the country due to their high quality transformers which serve as a backbone to meet the electricity demand of the country. PTD is assisting WAPDA with preventive measures for their High Voltage Substation equipment in order to increase the reliability of electricity transmission & distribution and to decrease the threats of sudden breakdowns. After the completion of 25years of excellence in the production of Siemens Transformers in Pakistan. this means that in future Pakistan will be able to use the new state of art transformers at low cost. Following are included in the range of transformers that Siemens Pakistan has been manufacturing: Ddistribution Transformers. Earthling Transformers. They are actively working with NTDC/WAPDA in their planning department in order to maintain their networking software and training their staff in effectively using the software. PTD Services: They provide integrated services for all of the power transmission and distribution. It has worked a lot to upgrade the switchboard infrastructure of KESC and WAPDA in order to come at part with the international standards. Furnace Transformers. engineering and service of medium and low voltage switchgears. Voltage Regulators. PTD is now a . manufacturing. Switchboards: The activities of this business unit are the designing. Power Transformers. The business unit is well equipped to deal with the growing energy needs of the country. a new state of the art 220kV Power Transformer factory was inaugurated on 3 rd September 2007. Due to its valuable services. Auto Transformers and Special Transformers.

who are involved in the project are frequently informed about the current state of art in the project. Energy Automation is a reliable and experienced partner to serve these needs of the country. One example is the construction of state of the art load dispatch center for KESC in order to maintain the control the electricity load in normal as well as in peak situations. .  We coordinate all activities for the different project phases starting with the basic engineering up to the detail engineering and the commissioning. Siemens Pakistan is a trusted name with an enormous experience in the field of project management with a long list of successfully commissioned projects.  We design and check budget plans and time schedules as well as the quality of the project services. Energy Automation: They provide with the systems and solutions for making the power transmission and distribution network reliably. safely and efficiently. We coordinate the complete expiry in close cooperation with the customer. there is a need to ensure that energy is effectively utilized by reducing the loss of energy.  Project Management: Project success is a multi-dimensional construct that inevitably means different things to different people.certified center of competence for network planning and analysis in the region and the only one that has been certified outside Europe. It has a regimented & experienced technical and management staffs which not only plan the projects but also monitor and supervise till the successful commissioning & entire satisfaction of our customers All activities must be coordinated so. Due to the increase in demand of energy in the country.  We form the project team and take care about the project organization. It is best expressed at the beginning of a project in terms of key and measurable criteria upon which the relative success or failure of the project may be judged. that the project is executed as smooth as possible – without exceeding the time frame and budgeted costs. A powerful report system takes care that those.

Utility Companies 3.And other minor value projects Target Market of IS 1. Buildings & Hotels 8.Major On going projects of IS.Packages limited 3. Offer processing: . Petrochemical 5. Oil & Gas 4. Power Plants 2.BA) Discussed all the necessary issues and activities on following matters. Airports 7.Defense housing authority (DHA). 1. Defence Housing Authority (Rahbar Sector Phase-I) a) General Information of Tender b) Tender Documents c) Preparation of Tenders d) Submission of Tenders e) Award Contract f) General Conditions of Contract g) Conditions of particular applications  Accounting and internal control manual: 2. Pharmaceuticals My Experience in Siemens. Sohail Imran (CO. 2. 4.  Extensive Discussions with Mr. Process Plants 6.Mangla dam electrification project. 1.

Siemens has to answer its some questions in form of some statements. 4. FIDIC:(Federation intrenatiole des ingenieurs-councils) This is an international association which devised the terms and conditions for the contract on which both the parties have to compromise. Commercial Proposals: It consists of more than 30 statements (clauses) which consist of terms and conditions. 6. Damex: This is an international document maintained by the EU to check the status of the work (Project) being executed by organizations that it is for the safe purposes. . Preparation of offer (Project & Services Business) a) Bid no bid documents b) Limits of authority (LoA) c) Clarification of scope d) Quotations from suppliers e) Quotations from internal BU f) Commercial comments g) Preliminary time schedule h) Offer price calculation i) Offer release documents j) Bid/ offer preparation and signing 3. 5. Offers: Offer is definite promise to be bound on some specific terms.

Got an idea of Bank Guarantee: A guarantee from a lending Institution ensuring that the liability of Debtor will be met. a) Allied Electric concern (Electric goods) b) Sartaj Electric (Electric and earthling material) c) Fahid Electric Store (Panel Manufacturer) . 8. Parties in a Bank Guarantee:    Debtor : The Applicant Guarantor: The Bank Beneficiary: The Customer 9. the bank will cover it. Purchase process :( Discussed with Mr.if some of the conditions not acceptable for siemens than they are further discussed with employer. Sohail Rana) a) Pre qualified Vendors b) Quotations c) Comparative Statements d) Purchase Orders in Sipiridon (SAP) e) Receiving reports (RR) f) Material Inspection Report (MIR) 10. In other words if the debtor fails to settle a debt / Commitment. 7. System Invoices (IS) Got an overview of the following invoices in the system.Customer (Siemens) checks and evaluates the terms and conditions from employer and negotiates on them .

Karachi. Financial Reporting: .Finance and Controlling: This business unit primarily operates at the head office i. 14.d) Bashir Pipe industries (Pipe) e) Ashraf Industries f) Popular pipes (Cable trays) g) MS Brothers (Transporter and crane service provider) 11 Stores: a) Record keeping b) Receiving Reports c) Receiving Inspection d) Store issues e) Dispatches f) Goods Receipts Notes 12. Regional offices have small setups of Finance for looking over the financial matters of the region but the main center which controls the affairs Siemens Pakistan is the Finance department at Karachi .e. Cash Handling: a) Imprest b) Cash pages c) Vouchers 13.

including partners.Cost Control Method (Normally open for AMC. . Supply & Services)  OCC – SDI Report Order Cost Control . suppliers. System Application Product(SAP) SAP is known for providing businesses like yours with the enterprise resource planning (ERP) software needed to gain strategic insight. SAP ERP software has transcended the organization’s walls to enable automation of endto-end business processes that extend to the entire business value chain. SAP® ERP software has been instrumental in increasing employee productivity and enabling informed decisions that set businesses apart from their competition. increase productivity. and customers .System Development Item (Normally open for small orders of supply & services)  Cost of Sales To find the cost of sales the formula is as follow: COS = Sales / Order value x Plan cost or Actual cost (Which ever is higher) 15. Increasing efficiency within an organization is still of critical importance. and respond flexibly to changing markets to compete better.a) Monthly b) Quarterly c) Annually Review of Reports: OCC – CCM Report  Order Cost Control .

3. Every Sub’s has its own specific code numbers from where their time to time updates are taken. controlled. Aamir Hussain) Project Execution: 1 PURPOSE: To define systematic procedure for executing a project from order receipt to completion of order. 2. and SB are independent USB’s and are responsible for their profits and losses. Electrical and Instrumentation covering all the regulatory / statutory requirements. OLM. Cost control/Profit Centre Each SBU works as separate unit and has its own strategies and goals. PG. Scope: Applies to purchasing and receiving inspection of all material and services from local and foreign suppliers.16. executed and that all products /items/services are purchased from registered/enlisted suppliers/contractors. 2. Purchase receiving Inspection: 1. In industry sector IS. Purpose: To ensure that all purchasing activities are systematically planned. Quality Management system (Mr. SCOPES: This procedure applies to all operations/functions involved during project Execution for the scope pertaining to Mechanical. CIP. Exception: .

They have measurable objectives and targets at all functional levels and their results are monitored for continual improvement. 2. To cover situation where absence of operational controls could lead to deviation from the EHS policy. SS & CIO as per company’s policy / procedure. enthusiasm. commitment and high sense of ethical and moral values. Environment Procedure: 1. Health. accountability and established norms of good Business Conduct. our Business profitability and Stakeholders benefit. PURPOSE: To establish a uniform procedure for identifying. . developing and maintaining operational controls to maintain Siemens activities. objectives and targets. SCOPE: This procedure is applicable to all the operational activities throughout the product realization process. storage areas and transportation actives. align ourselves to the needs and expectations of the Customers in a manner that result in their Satisfaction. We create a challenging and rewarding work environment with a proactive management that encourage our employees to work with pride. We.This procedure does not cover the purchases which are done through HR. Quality Policy Quality is an integral part of our mission and strategy. Safety. The Customer is a focal point in our thinking and action. therefore. products and services that contribute to or have a potential to contribute to significant EHS aspect and hazards. This also includes all production & supporting equipment.

profitability. accelerated innovations and growth in new markets are the objectives of the company wide top+ program.” . We therefore train and groom our workforce accordingly. as well as the environment. suppliers. We build a relationship of cooperation and support with our suppliers resulting in improved products and services for mutual benefit. This program maneuvers our corporate culture towards customer orientation. increased efficiency.We are alive to the dynamics of the fast changing cycle of technology and continuously strive for innovation. optimization of resources and containment of wastage Corporate Social Responsibility: “Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is a concept whereby organizations consider the interest of the society by considering the impact of their activities on customers. This obligation is seen to extend beyond the statutory obligation to comply with legislation and sees organizations voluntarily Taking further steps to improve the quality of life for employees and their families as well as for the local community and society at large. and competitive strength. employee’s shareholders. communities and other stake holders. Higher productivity.

and to making the company a role model in matters of Compliance and Transparency. The Compliance Program is an overarching corporate initiative.Siemens Compliance Program: a) b) c) Prevent Detect Respond “Exceptional performance and ethics are not mutually exclusive. Siemens will establish a system to achieve the target to be a recognized leader in Compliance and Transparency. by their conduct and support. A wide-ranging new Compliance Program is paving the way for this. Each and every employee is an important element in the program. Regions and Corporate Functions worldwide. to make a contribution to its success. In this context. Based on the three pillars “Prevent” (prevention of incidents). Each of the three pillars – represented in the graphic below – is underpinned by concrete actions and responsibilities . “Detect” (early Recognition of issues) and “Respond” (appropriate response to suspicious circumstances) as well as a systematic continuous improvement process. they are absolutely essential. and is expected. Siemens is committing itself to drawing necessary consequences from identified problems.. implementation of which encompasses all Operating Groups.

Building Technologies. and Mobility. Drive Technologies. OSRAM. transportation and building systems. The divisions are: Industry Automation. Industry Solutions. Industry Sector: The Industry Sector and its solutions address industry customers in the fields of production.Siemens Markets and E-business: Siemens engages in a wide range of business activities. .

Cross-Sector Businesses Siemens IT Solutions and Services combine products. Healthcare Sector The Healthcare Sector stands for innovative products and complete solutions as well as service and consulting in the healthcare industry. Siemens Financial Services specializes in innovative offerings for corporate financing and risk management. Workflow & Solutions.Energy Sector The Energy Sector offers products and solutions for the generation. Diagnostics. transmission and distribution of electrical energy. . The divisions are: Fossil Power Generation. The divisions are: Imaging & IT. Energy Service. Oil & Gas. Power Transmission. Power Distribution. services and solutions for the information and communications area. Renewable Energy.

000 employees worldwide. The Siemens brand unites approximately 430. It is present in around 190 countries. Thousands of products. And almost 600 companies all over the world operate under the Siemens brand and company name Siemens. E-Business creates competitive Advantage advantage Employee Partner Processes Applications Infrastructure Customer Supplier Higher Customer Satisfaction Reduced costs Worldwide Presence Competitive flexibility Speed up “Time to market” Higher Employee productivity .The Siemens brand as the master brand At Siemens the company brand is an indispensable unifying element of our core business. solutions and services are assembled under the Siemens brand.








Motivated Employee: .


. Sohail Imran(0322-2224324) Mr. Mr. www. 7. 3. Sohail Rana(0321-4524700) Mr.Naveed Shahzad(0321-6323660) Mr. Mr . Ashar Iqbal(0300-9414225) SPECIAL TAHNKS I want to special Thanks to Mr.wikkipedia.REFFERENCES 1. 5. Sohail Imran. 2. Amir Hussain Mr.siemens.

Naveed Shahzad. and Sohail Rana and my all immediate making incharges my for internship successfully completed and giving me chance to learn all the work of and environment of the office. IN THE LAST YOU AGAIN ALL ME I THANK FOR IN SUPPORTING .