More than two-thirds of Europeans are interested in subscribing to satellite radio, according to the results of research across seven countries by ONDAS Media, the Madrid-based company planning a pan-European satellitedelivered radio service. The survey found that 74% of the 7,000 respondents are interested by the prospect of advertising-free channels, and 68% are interested by the diversity of content that will be offered. Celso Azevedo, CEO of ONDAS, said: "It demonstrates that satellite radio is not just for the elite, and showed that every target market group was willing to pay subscription fees for the service. This latest research has again backed up our long-held knowledge about the anticipated level of popularity of satellite radio and media when it is launched in Europe." ONDAS is proposing more than 150 channels of content in all the main European languages, to be received on special in-car radios and new portable devices. Earlier this year, ONDAS registered its service with the Spanish media regulator CMT, permitting it to provide satellite radio across the European Union. Azevedo explained: “Under the umbrella of EU regulations, ONDAS will extend its activities to all countries within the European Union. All transmissions will be performed under the broadcast freedom provided by the EU regulations while, at the same time, abiding by all applicable rules that may be in effect in those countries in which service is offered. ONDAS requires various spectrum allocation and operational licences for the launch of its satellite radio and media services throughout Europe. The Spanish CMT authorisation is critical because it will act as the gateway to validate the operational broadcast of our services in all other EU member states. Although additional permissions will still be required to offer public telecommunications services in individual countries, once a single registration has been granted in one country, the same process is much smoother in other regions.”

[First published in 'The Radio Magazine' as 'Europeans Show Interest In Satellite Radio', #777, 28 February 2007]

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