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ONE REASON BUDDHISTS HAVE A STRONG DISLIKE OF ISLAM Latest news from Thailand - May 2, 2013: Muslim insurgents shot dead six people, including a three-year-old boy, in a convenience store in southern Thailand. Four gunmen on motorcycles pulled up to the store in Pattani province and sprayed the shop with bullets and then went in and shot everyone still living in the head - including the three-year-old boy.

In the southern part of Thailand a jihad is going on and on and on. The Thai Buddhists are being slaughtered, and intimidated to leave. The goal of the minority Muslims of southern Thailand is to have an independent Islamic state, ruled by Sharia law, and the want it to be ethnically cleansed so that the land will be pure - that is not contaminated with Buddhists or any other non-Muslims. Over 5000 Thai Buddhists have been killed by the Muslim separatists in the last decade. Intentionally targeted are the Buddhist school teachers, civil servants such as postal workers and electrical service workmen, local government ofcials, police, and Buddhist monks. The most heinous killings, as Buddhists see it, are the intentional killing of the monks - which is considered to be the worst and most egregious act a person could do (and that doesnt lessen the killings of others). The separatists want to reestablish the small Islamic kingdom - named Pattani - which existed from roughly the 16th to the 19th century. However, to others the Pattani Kingdom was largely known as a notorious pirating kingdom that preyed on the ship trade that had to get through the rather narrow passage between what is now Malaysia/southern Thailand and Sumatra. For the other cultures Pattani was a problem, pirating their trading ships, stealing their cargo, and killing the sailors. Gradually Thailand gained control of Pattani. In 1947 demands were issued to the Thai Government demanding that the Pattani province be declared an independent Islamic Sharia law kingdom. The government refused. The Islamic faith of the area has hardened even more strongly in recent years, with Arab supremacy and bigotry dictating that the people learn and speak Arab language over their own languages, and instilling hatred through the building of many many Islamic schools (madrassas).

Currently, the economy of the Muslim populated provinces of southern Thailand is largely based on, narcotics smuggling - especially methamphetamine production and smuggling, illegal logging, human trafcking - mostly women lured or kidnapped from minority areas of Burma, Laos and Cambodia, and the smuggling of petrol, weapons, and counterfeit movies and software. IS THIS SCENARIO SIMILAR TO ANYTHING NEARBY? RAKHINE STATE, BURMA?

IS THE OIC (Organization of Islamic Cooperation) going to demand that the Muslims stop the relentless killings of Buddhists, and that the world should punish those Pattani Muslims? IS INDONESIA GOING TO DECLARE JIHAD AGAINST THE PATTANI MUSLIMS? IS HUMAN RIGHTS WATCH GOING TO SUPPORT THE BUDDHISTS? ARE THE DO-GOODER ACTIVISTS IN USA, AND EUROPE (especially those who are adamant about supporting the Rohingya) GOING TO CONDEMN THE PATTANI MUSLIMS FOR SLAUGHTERING AND ETHNICALLY CLEANSING THE BUDDHISTS? By Rick Heizman, San Francisco, May 5, 2013
See the list of Muslim terrorists attacks against Buddhists in southern Thailand - 41 attacks in just 2 months - and also see my other papers here: look for: List of Muslim Terrorists Attacks in Southern Thailand