Do It Yourself Broken Chain of Title Prosecution

Your mortgage servicer may not have the legal right to foreclose on you or collect your mortgage payments. If your property title or deed was not transferred correctly from investor to investor as your mortgage was sold and re-sold, they have broken chain of title and their mortgage collection / foreclosure action is illegal.

There is a 98 percent likelihood of broken chain of title if you bought your home since the year 2000. We have seen broken chain of title cases as far back as 1994.

Call me and I'll show you how to verify your Broken Chain of Title before you invest a dime.

Homeowners are choosing our REST-Property Solutions Report and our Do-It-Yourself Quiet Title as a strategy to save their homes, and force the courts to arbitrate your mortgage servicer's complicity in this Robo-signer, or Foreclosuregate scandal. So far, nationwide, judges have routinely awarded a 'mortgage-free house' and a quiet title (quia timet) to the aggrieved homeowner for corrupt mortgages prosecuted in their courts. By surfing this blog, you can read several published accounts.

We have developed Broken Chain of Title, Quiet Title, Clear Title, Try Title, and Corrupt Title into a Do it Yourself strategy with the release of the REST Property Solutions Report and

This is a spectacular strategy to force your mortgage servicer to recognize their complicity in this scandal. It holds your mortgage servicer accountable for their corruption in their rush to sell your loan to mortgage investors. This is an especially suitable strategy for a homeowner who doesn't qualify for, or isn't satisfied with, a mortgage loan modification.

The REST-PSR has been the single solution to force the cancellation of a mortgage-secured debt. I'll be tickled to send you a sample REST-PSR so you can see it's incredible authority.

Your mortgage servicer is not entitled to collect any mortgage payments, or assess late fees or attorney fees while your case is in litigation. You can anticipate your case taking several months to litigate.

you can imagine how you might afford the funds to prosecute your Quiet Title case. I show all my customers how to assure themselves that you have a prosecutable case before you spend a dime. This report costs less. .Knowing this. REST stands for 'Real Estate Services Technology' and is the leading edge of 'Loan Disposition Analysis Reporting Technology. Again. Our reputation is absolutely golden. Call me or submit my form below. The 4000 REST Reports we've run so far have zero failures. NPV and AVM (Automated Valuation Model) vesting information chain of title assignments assessments judgements endorsements voluntary and involuntary liens legal descriptions allonges MERS data Pooling & Servicing Agreements This Property Solutions Report will legally document that you have a prosecutable case in court. or corrupt title (quia timet) case in court. is more extensive. try title. It will completely prepare you for a spectacular quiet title. and more reliable than the typical title search from your title company.' It costs $895. The REST-PSR provides irrefutable calculations that the REST Report has provided for years. The REST-PSR is a comprehensive Property Solutions Report for property defense that includes: Complete REST Report. It is indisputable. Every court knows this. clear title. It is your bank's own software and research.

Clear Title. FYI: Please understand the difference between a mortgage modification. quiet title.Recently. not theirs. My single purpose is to put YOU in control. It's just that I'm all about the impeccable record of the REST software. The forensic audit strategy has not historically resulted in notable results for any of these strategies. It takes a proficient attorney with just the right attitude and training. if you will. I encourage you to call me to answer any questions you have about what might be the best strategy for you. . that I also have resources for trained attorneys should you need one. In a Broken Chain of Title. I know. or Corrupt Title issue (Quia Timet). clear title. you the homeowner is the plaintiff. the REST PSR Title search is specifically designed for use by a plaintiff in court. The issue of Chain of Title. Whatever you choose to make your mortgage servicer recognize their complicity in this mortgage mess is your choice. I'm not here to push one strategy or another. I represented the forensic loan audit strategy for a year before discovering the REST Report and REST-PSR. You the homeowner is the Respondent. try title. This is not for profit. Quiet Title. Try Title. This blog is all about Do-it-Yourself property solutions. REST software results are absolutely golden. but you deserve the opportunity to decide what is best for you. You need to know. the prosecutor. corrupt title (Quia Timet) is not contested. this strategy has developed into a Do It Yourself Quiet Title. The whole goal here is to put you in charge of your mortgage just like the others who have used the REST software in it's perfect court record. Unlike the typical forensic loan audit. In a mortgage modification or short sale application. however. The banks have had no success disputing the REST Report. and a Broken Chain of Title or Quiet Title case. your mortgage servicer is the plaintiff. short sale.

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