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UN Law Centre Barristers Opinion on Sovereignty of Independent Kingdom of Mann Press Release: March 2013 A United Nations law

centre NGO issued an official certified Barristers Opinion of international law, reconfirming the legitimacy of King David Howe and the Royal House of the Independent Kingdom of Mann, as a sovereign historical institution in its own right. This is the first comprehensive and exhaustive legal analysis, finally going beyond superficial discussion of the legal fact that the Kingdom simply exists, and identifying the specific legal powers and authorities of the Kingdom as an autonomous sovereign entity under international law. The legal research and conclusions were established by the Institute for Sovereign International Security (ISIS), a registered Civil Society Organization (CSO) of the UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs. The resulting conclusions determined that the Independent Kingdom of Mann is a legitimate micro nation and sovereign state, similar to the Vatican of Rome, the Knights of Malta or the Vatican of Antioch. The legal work established that the Kingdom of Mann is a subject of international law, authorized to exercise sovereignty and conduct diplomatic relations with other nation-states. The legal report clarified that although the Independent Kingdom of Mann historically derives from an ancient Celtic territory which included the Isle of Man, it is a separate institution, that does not need any connection to the Isle of Man nor the United Kingdom to exercise its own sovereignty. The part of its former territory that is the Isle of Man remains a British Crown dependency of the United Kingdom, and Queen Elizabeth II remains its Head of State. Accordingly, the Independent Kingdom of Mann exercising the rights of a deposed sovereign under international law does not in any way affect any interests nor the role of the British Crown on the Isle of Man. The Royal House of Mann was already fully legalized and recognized under the UK constitutional monarchy system in 2007 as the Independent Kingdom of Mann, also based upon various legal analysis and Barristers opinions. However, the previous legal opinions overlooked and did not mention the significance of an established body of international law that gives the Kingdom autonomous sovereignty as a historical and ecclesiastical institution in its own right. The UN level Legal Opinion report is the first complete and conclusive legal determination of the original historical and continuing rights of King David of Mann and his Royal House of the Independent Kingdom of Mann. This landmark legal work finally defines and clarifies a practical real-world role of the Kingdom of Mann as a legitimate historical institution, serving as a guide for its ongoing active operations. The official website of the Institute of Sovereign International Security (ISIS) can be viewed at: