By  Heaven's  decree,  in  absolute  gratitude,  love,  and  peace,  it  is  time  for  all  upon  the

  earth  and  throughout  Source’s  Universe  to  know:  all  that  IS,  is  One.                                                       The  time  has  come  for  Absolute  Love  to  manifest  upon  Earth!   This  is  a     UNIVERSAL  PUBLIC  SERVICE  ANNOUNCEMENT   WITH  DUE  STANDING,  AUTHORITY,  AND  AUTHORIZATION,  creator  experiencing  by   creation,  manifesting  self  through,  by,  and  between  this  bondservant  and  all  other   manifestations  by  Universal  Contracts,  in  any  and  all  existences,  does  give  duly   made     DECLARATION  OF  SATISFACTION  &  DECLARATION  AND  ORDER   With  full  responsibility  and  liability,  as  a  matter  of  record,  duly  entered  into  Law   Ordinance,  notice  upon  creation,  inclusive  of  Universal  Law  Ordinance,  notice  by   action  of  due  entry  into  International  Law  Ordinance,  notice  by  public  registration,   for  all  creation’s  universe  to  rely  upon;  guaranteed,  protected,  and  secured,  SET   FORTH  IN  FULL,  this  May  3,  2013,  in  the  order  of  creation,  the  foregoing  is  true  and   correct  and  I  am  competent  to  say  so,  unrebutted.   DECLARATION  OF  SATISFACTION As  creator,  experiencing  by  creation,  I  duly  verify  that  I  did  lovingly,  willingly,  and   intentionally  choose  to  create  from  self  an  existence  of  duality  duly  manifested  as   this  bondservant  for  the  sole  purpose  to  experience  remembering  self,  knowing  self,   and  be’ing  self  through  free  will  choice,  which  is  and  was  the  purpose  of  creation,   unrebutted.  As  bondservant,  I  duly  verify  that  I  did  choose  to  be  of  service  to  this   purpose  of  creation:  to  remember  self,  know  self,  and  be  self,  through  knowing,   willing,  and  intentional  creation  of  manifestations,  in  any  and  all  existences,   unrebutted.  As  manifestation  of  creation,  the  undersigned  states  of  body,  I  duly   verify  that  I  did  lovingly,  knowingly,  willingly,  and  intentionally  choose  to  agree  to   forget  self  on  purpose  so  that  I  could  remember  self,  know  self,  and  be  self  by  free   will  choice,  unrebutted.   I,  as  manifestation,  do  lovingly,  knowingly,  willingly,  and  intentionally  declare,  with   full  personal  responsibility  and  liability,  by  free  will  choice,  under  the  penalties  of   perjury  under  the  laws  of  creation,  that  this  purpose  of  creation  has  been  achieved,   and  that  satisfaction  of  this  purpose  of  creation  is  now  a  matter  of  record  of   creation;  specifically,  that  I  have  remembered,  that  I  do  know,  and  that  I  AM  self,  and   that  I  have  preserved  the  right  of  opportunity  for  any  and  all  manifestations  of   creation,  in  all  of  creation’s  universe,  to  know  and  be  self,  without  prejudice,   unrebutted,  Law  Ordinance  duly  entered  into  the  record  of  creation;  and  SO  IT  IS   DONE.    


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DECLARATION  AND  ORDER     I,  creator,  experiencing  All  as  One,  know  “other”  as  self  and  experience  all   manifestations  as  self;  therefore,  I,  as  a  matter  of  record  do  now  lovingly  declare   that  I  do  immediately  re-­‐purpose  all  manifestations  according  to  their  free  will   choice.  I,  Absolute  Love,  shall  hereafter  experience  self  by  any  and  all  manifestations   be’ing  self,  in  any  and  all  existences  in  creation’s  universe,  with  full  personal   responsibility  and  liability,  under  the  laws  of  creation,  with  absolute  truth,   knowledge,  standing,  authority,  and  laws  of  creation,  guaranteed  by  creator’s   bonded  unconditional  love  and  absolute  responsibility,  notice  upon  creation,   unrebutted.  SO  IT  IS  DONE.   I,  as  manifestation  of  self,  creator,  experiencing  by  creation,  lovingly,  knowingly,   willingly,  intentionally  and  immediately  receive,  accept  and  ratify,  this  due   DECLARATION  OF  SATISFACTION  and  DECLARATION  AND  ORDER.  I,  do  now  accept   to  be  repurposed  and  I  do  now  accept  and  honor  any  and  all  manifestations  in   creation’s  universe  re-­‐purposed  by  choice  from  the  image  of  self  to  be’ing  self,   Absolute  Love,  with  full  personal  responsibility  and  liability  under  the  penalty  of   perjury  under  the  laws  of  creation,  NUNC  PRO  TUNC,  SAECULA  SAECULORUM;   NOW,  AND  FOREVERMORE;  and  duly  enter  said  as  a  matter  of  record  of  creation   into  Law  Ordinance,  notice  upon  creation,  inclusive  of  Universal  Law  Ordinance,   notice  by  creation,  unrebutted.     And  SO  IT  IS  DONE.   /s/  Cynthia  Kay  Currier,  Eternal  Bearer  of  Light,  Absolute  Love  Embodied   APPROVED,  AUTHORIZED,  and  PAID  IN  FULL     ____________________________   Repurposed  from  private  money,  issuing,  usury,  and  unlawful                                                       collection  enforcement  systems:     It  is  with  Great  Joy  and  Deep  Gratitude  that  I  declare  the  undersigned,  having   fulfilled  Universal  Contracts,  to  NOW  be  repurposed  by  free  will;  to  know  and  enjoy   self,  guaranteed  by  creator’s  bonded  unconditional  love.                                                                       APPROVED,  AUTHORIZED,  AND  PAID  IN  FULL.     Lloyd  Blankfein,  CEO  of  Goldman  Sachs   James  P.  Gorman,  CEO  of  Morgan  Stanley   James  Dimon,  CEO  of  JPMorgan  Chase  


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Michael  Corbat,  CEO  of  Citigroup   Brian  T.  Moynihan,  CEO  of  Bank  of  America   John  G.  Stumpf,  CEO  of  Wells  Fargo   Jon  Holladay,  United  States  CFO,  Department  of  Agriculture     Scott  B.  Quehl,  United  States  CFO,  Department  of  Commerce     Lisa  Casias,  United  States  CFO,  Department  of  Commerce     Robert  F.  Hale,  United  States  CFO,  Department  of  Defense     Mark  E.  Easton,  United  States  CFO,  Department  of  Defense     Thomas  Skelly,  United  States  CFO,  Department  of  Education     James  L.  Ropelewski,  United  States  CFO,  Department  of  Education     Tim  F.  Soltis,  United  States  CFO,  Department  of  Education     Alison  Doone,  United  States  CFO,  Department  of  Energy   Ellen  G.  Murray,  United  States  CFO,  Department  of  Health  and  Human  Services   Sheila  O.  Conley,  United  States  CFO,  Department  of  Health  and  Human  Services   Peggy  Sherry,  United  States  CFO,  Department  of  Homeland  Security   Stacy  Marcott,  United  States  CFO,  Department  of  Homeland  Security   David  Sidari,  United  States  CFO,  Department  of  Housing  and  Urban  Development   Pam  Haze,  United  States  CFO,  Department  of  the  Interior   Douglas  A.  Glenn,  United  States  CFO,  Department  of  the  Interior   Rhea  Suh,  United  States  CFO,  Department  of  the  Interior   Lee  Lofthus,  United  States  CFO,  Department  of  Justice   Jolene  Lauria-­‐-­‐Sullens,  United  States  CFO,  Department  of  Justice   James  Taylor,  United  States  CFO,  Department  of  Labor  


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Karen  Tekleberhan,  United  States  CFO,  Department  of  Labor   Sylvia  Garcia,  United  States  CFO,  Department  of  Transportation   David  Rivait,  United  States  CFO,  Department  of  Transportation   Nani  Coloretti,  United  States  CFO,  Department  of  the  Treasury   Mark  Reger,  United  States  CFO,  Department  of  the  Treasury   Dorrice  Roth,  United  States  CFO,  Department  of  the  Treasury   James  Millette,  United  States  CFO,  Department  of  State   Christopher  H.  Flaggs,  United  States  CFO,  Department  of  State   W.  Todd  Grams,  United  States  CFO,  Department  of  Veterans  Affairs     Edward  Murray,  United  States  CFO,  Department  of  Veterans  Affairs   David  Ostermeyer,  United  States  CFO,  Agency  for  International  Development   Maryann  Eileen  Devitt,  United  States  CFO,  Agency  for  International  Development   Kent  Kuyumjian,  United  States  CFO,  Agency  for  International  Development     David  Rebich,  United  States  CFO,  Corporation  for  National  &  Community  Service     Monica  Hayes,  United  States  CFO,  Director  for  National  Intelligence     Maryann  Froehlich,  United  States  CFO,  Environmental  Protection  Agency   David  Bloom,  United  States  CFO,  Environmental  Protection  Agency   Cathy  Solomon,  United  States  CFO,  Executive  Office  of  the  President     Donald  Hertig,  United  States  CFO,  Executive  Office  of  the  President     Edward  Gramp,  United  States  CFO,  General  Services  Administration   Gary  Grippo,  United  States  CFO,  General  Services  Administration   Penny  Mefford,  United  States  CFO,  General  Services  Administration     Elizabeth  Robinson,  United  States  CFO,  Nat’l  Aeronautics  &  Space  Administration    


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Nadine  Tremper,  United  States  CFO,  National  Aeronautics  &  Space  Administration   Martha  A.  Rubenstein,  United  States  CFO,  National  Science  Foundation   Shirl  Ruffin,  United  States  CFO,  National  Science  Foundation   Jim  E.  Dyer,  United  States  CFO,  Nuclear  Regulatory  Commission   Milton  Brown,  United  States  CFO,  Nuclear  Regulatory  Commission   Jeffrey  Zients,  United  States  CFO,  Office  of  Management  &  Budget   Danny  Werfel,  United  States  CFO,  Office  of  Management  &  Budget   Dennis  Coleman,  United  States  CFO,  Office  of  Personnel  Management     Daniel  Marella,  United  States  CFO,  Office  of  Personnel  Management     Jonathan  Carver,  United  States  CFO,  Small  Business  Administration   Tong  Qin,  United  States  CFO,  Small  Business  Administration   Peter  D.  Spencer,  United  States  CFO,  Social  Security  Administration   Carla  A.  Krabbe,  United  States  CFO,  Social  Security  Administration   Adelmo  J.  J.  Gabbi,  President,  Bolsa  de  Comercio  de  Buenos  Aires,  Argentina   Keith  Davies,  Acting  CEO,  Bahamas  International  Securities  Exchange,  Bahamas Gregory  A.  Wojoechowski,  President  &  CEO,  The  Bermuda  Stock  Exchange,  Bremuda   Arminio  Fraga  Neto,  Chairman,  BM&F  Bovespa,  Brazil   Denise  Pavarina,  Chairperson,  Brazilian  Financial  and  Capital  Markets  Assoc.,  Brazil   Luiz  Fernando  Vendramini  Fleury,  CEO,  CETIP,  Brazil   Marcelo  Deschamps  d´Alvarenga,  Strategy  Department,  BM&F,  Brazil   Marcos  José  Rodrigues  Torres,  CRO,  BM&F  Bovespa  Market  Supervision,  Brazil    Susan  Wolburgh  Jenah,  Pres.  &  CEO,  Investment  Industry  Reg.  Org.,  Canada   Mark  T.  Gordon,  President  And  CEO,  Mutual  Fund  Dealers  Association,  Canada  


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Valia  Theodoraki,  CEO,  Cayman  Islands  Stock  Exchange,  Cayman  Islands   Gregory  A.  Wojoechowski,  President  and  Chief  Executive  Officer   Peter  De  Proft,  Dir.  Gen.,  European  Fund  Asset  Management  Association,  Belgium   Maria  Teresa  Fabregas,  Head  of  Unit  'Securities  Markets',  EU  Commission,  Europe   Huseyin  Erkan,  Chief  Executive  Officer,  World  Federation  of  Exchanges,  France     Angel  Gurría,  Sec.  Gen.,  Org.  de  coopération  et  de  dév.  économiques,  France     Noritaka  Akamatsu,  Dep.  Head,  Economic  Integration,  Asia  Dev.  Bank,  Philippines     René  Karsenti,  Exec.  President,  Int’l  Capital  Market  Association,  Switzerland     Jalil  Tarif,  Sec.  General,  Union  of  Arab  Securities  Authorities,  United  Arab  Emirates   Dan  Waters,  Managing  Director,  ICI  Global,  United  Kingdom     Robert  G.  Pickel,  CEO,  International  Swaps  &  Derivatives  Association,  Inc.   Robert  B.  Zoellick,  Pres.  of  the  World  Bank,  Int’l  Bank  for  Reconstruction  &  Dev.   Ceyla  Pazarbasioglou,  Division  Chief,  International  Monetary  Fund,  USA     Noel  Maye,  CEO,  Financial  Planning  Standards  Board,  USA   Graham  Hall,  Chairman,  Channel  Islands  Stock  Exchange,  LBG,  Channel  Islands   Gui  Minjie,  Chairman  Of  Board  Of  Governors,  Shanghai  Stock  Exchange,  China     Zhang  Yujun,  President,  Shanghai  Stock  Exchange,  China     Dongzheng  Chen,  Chairman  of  Board,  Shenzhen  Stock  Exchange,  China     Liping  Song,  President  and  CEO,  Shenzhen  Stock  Exchange,  China     Chen  Gongyan,  Chairman,  The  Securities  Association  of  China  (SAC),  China     Hongtao  Liu,  Chairman,  China  Securities  Investor  Protection  Fund  Co.,  Ltd.,  China     Mu  Zhuang,  Vice  Chairman,  Securities  Investor  Protection  Fund  Co.,  Ltd.,  China     Roberto  Borrás  Polanía,  Pres.,  Autorregulador  del  Mercado  de  Valores,  Colombia  


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  Sarah  Hosni,  Int’l  Relations,  Business  Development  &  IR,  Egyptian  Exchange,  Egypt     Mohamed  Abdel  Salam,  Chairman,  MISR  for  Clearing,  Depository  &  Cent.  Reg.,  Egypt     Cord  Gebhardt,  Head  of  Markets  and  Regulatory,  Deutsche  Börse  AG,  Germany     Stefan  Mai,  Head  of  Market  Policy,  Deutsche  Börse  AG,  Germany     Charles  LI  Xiaojia,  Chief  Exec.,  Hong  Kong  Exchanges  and  Clearing  Ltd,  Hong  Kong     Ravi  Varanasi,  Senior  Vice  President,  National  Stock  Exchange,  India     Lamon  Rutten,  CEO,  Multi  Commodity  Exchange  of  India  Limited,  India     Joseph  Massey,  Managing  Director  and  CEO,  MCX-­‐SX,  India     Ashishkumar  Chauhan,  Managing  Director  and  CEO,  BSE  Limited,  India     Nehal  Vora,  Chief  Regulatory  Officer,  BSE  Limited,  India     Ito  Warsito,  President  Director,  Indonesia  Stock  Exchange,  Indonesia     Saul  Bronfeld,  Chairman,  The  Tel-­‐Aviv  Stock  Exchange  Ltd.,  Israel     Antonella  Amadei,  International  Relations,  Borsa  Italiana,  Italy       Tetsuo  Mae,  Chairman,  Japan  Securities  Dealers  Association,  Japan     Shunzo  Kayanuma,  Dir.,  Global  Communications,  Japan  Exchange  Group,  Inc.,  Japan     Muhammad  Malallah,  Chairman  of  the  Board,  Amman  Stock  Exchange,  Jordan     Samir  Jaradat,  CEO,  Securities  Depository  Center  of  Jordan,  Jordan     Jong-­‐Su  Park,  Chairman,  Korea  Financial  Investment  Association,  Korea     Bongsoo  Kim,  Chairman  and  CEO,  Korea  Exchange,  Korea     Mohammed  Dzaiddin  Abdullah,  Chairman,  Bursa  Malaysia,  Malaysia     Tajuddin  bin  Atan,  CEO,  Bursa  Malaysia,  Malaysia     Arthur  Galea  Salomone,  Chairman,  Malta  Stock  Exchange,  Malta     Oscar  N.  Onyema,  CEO,  The  Nigerian  Stock  Exchange,  Nigeria     7  of  14  

  Muhammad  Yacoob  Memon,  General  Manager,  Karachi  Stock  Exchange,  Pakistan     Saif  Al  Mansuri,  Acting  General  Manager,  Qatar  Exchange,  Quatar     Alexey  Timofeev,  Chairman  of  Executive  Board,  NAUFOR,  Russia     Yeo  Lian  Sim,  Executive  Vice  President,  Singapore  Exchange  Ltd.,  Singapore     N.  Newton-­‐King,  CEO,  Johannesburg  Stock  Exchange,  South  Africa     Antonio  J.  Zoido,  President,  Bolsas  y  Mercados  Españoles,  Spain     Corinne  Riguzzi,  Surveillance  &  Enforcement,  SIX  Swiss  Exchange  Ltd.,  Switzerland     Lee  Sush-­‐Der,  Chairman,  Taiwan  Stock  Exchange  Corp.,  Chinese  Taipei     Samuel  J.S.  Hsu,  President,  Taiwan  Stock  Exchange  Corp.,  Chinese  Taipei     Tony  C.  Fan,  Chairman,  TAIFEX,  Chinese  Taipei     Steve  C.  Wang,  President,  TAIFEX,  Chinese  Taipei       Gordon  Shuh  Chen,  Chairman,  Gre  Tai  Securities  Market,  Chinese  Taipei       Yui-­‐Chun  Wu,  President,  Gre  Tai  Securities  Market,  Chinese  Taipei       Hung-­‐Wen  Chien,  Chairman,  Taiwan  Securities  Association,  Chinese  Taipei       Sompol  Kiaphaibool,  Chairman,  The  Stock  Exchange  of  Thailand,  Thailand     Ibrahim  M.  Turhan,  CEO,  Capital  Market  Intermediary  Institutions,  Turkey     Mabel  Pinto  Ramesh,  Compliance,  Dubai  Gold  &  Comm.  Exch.,  United  Arab  Emirates     Nasser  Ahmad  Khalifa  Al-­‐Suweidi,  Chairman,  Abu  Dhabi  Securities  Market,  UAE     Essa  Kazim,  Director  General,  Dubai  Financial  Market,  United  Arab  Emirates     Abdul  Wahed  Al  Fahim,  Chairman,  NASDAQ  Dubai  Ltd.,  United  Arab  Emirates     Rory  Cunningham,  Dir.,  Public  Affairs,  LCH.Clearnet  Group  Ltd.,  United  Kingdom       Xavier  Rolet,  Chief  Executive,  London  Stock  Exchange  Group,  United  Kingdom     Claire  Fargeot,  Head,  Market  Integrity  EMEA,  CFA  Institute,  United  Kingdom     8  of  14  

  Kurt  Schacht,  Managing  Director,  CFA  Institute,  United  Kingdom     Richard  H.  Lamm,  Managing  Dir.,  Regulatory  Counsel,  CME  Group,  USA     Richard  Ketchum,  CEO,  Financial  Industry  Regulatory  Authority,  USA     Daniel  J.  Roth,  President  &  CEO,  National  Futures  Association,  USA     Karen  K.  Wuertz,  Sr.  VP,  Strategic  Planning  and  Communications,  USA       Claudia  Crowley,  CEO,  NYSE  Euronext,  USA     James  E.  Brown,  Executive  VP  &  Gen.  Counsel,  Options  Clearing  Corporation,  USA       Stephen  P.  Harbeck,  President,  Securities  Investor  Protection  Corporation,  USA     Douglas  Wm.  Barnert,  Exec.  Dir.,  Group  of  North  Am.  Insurance  Enterprises,  USA  

Repurposed  from  corporate  government  systems:     It  is  with  Great  Joy  and  Deep  Gratitude  that  I  declare  the  undersigned,  having   fulfilled  Universal  Contracts,  to  NOW  be  repurposed  by  free  will;  to  know  and  enjoy   self,  guaranteed  by  creator’s  bonded  unconditional  love.                                                                     APPROVED,  AUTHORIZED,  AND  PAID  IN  FULL.     Anton  Scalia,  United  States  Supreme  Court   Anthony  M.  Kenned,  United  States  Supreme  Court     Clarence  Thomas,  United  States  Supreme  Court   Ruth  Bader  Ginsburg,  United  States  Supreme  Court     Stephen  G.  Breyer,  United  States  Supreme  Court   John  G.  Roberts,  United  States  Supreme  Court   Samuel  A.  Alito,  United  States  Supreme  Court   Sonia  Sotomayor,  United  States  Supreme  Court  


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Elena  Kagan,  United  States  Supreme  Court   Eric  H.  Holder,  Jr.,  General  United  States  Attorney     James  M.  Cole,  Deputy  General  United  States  Attorney     Donald  B.  Verrilli,  Jr.,  Solicitor  General  United  States  Attorney     Tony  West,  Associate  Attorney  General,  United  States  Attorney   George  L.  Beck,  United  States  Attorney,  Alabama   Joyce  White  Vance,  United  States  Attorney,  Alabama   Kenyen  Ray  Brown,  United  States  Attorney,  Alabama   Karen  L.  Loeffler,  United  States  Attorney,  Alaska   John  S.  Leonardo,  United  States  Attorney,  Arizona   Christopher  R.  Thyer,  United  States  Attorney,  Arkansas   Conner  Eldridge,  United  States  Attorney,  Arkansas   André  Birotte,  Jr.,  United  States  Attorney,  California   Benjamin  B.  Wagner,  United  States  Attorney,  California   Melinda  L.  Haag,  United  States  Attorney,  California   Laura  E.  Duffy,  United  States  Attorney,  California   John  F.  Walsh,  United  States  Attorney,  Colorado   David  B.  Fein,  United  States  Attorney,  Connecticut   Charles  M.  Oberly,  III,  Delaware,  United  States  Attorney,  Delaware     Ronald  C.  Machen,  United  States  Attorney,  District  of  Columbia   Robert  E.  O'Neill,  United  States  Attorney,  Florida   Pamela  C.  Marsh,  United  States  Attorney,  Florida   Wifredo  A.  Ferrer,  United  States  Attorney,  Florida  


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Michael  J.  Moore,  United  States  Attorney,  Georgia   Sally  Quillian  Yates,  United  States  Attorney,  Georgia   Edward  J.  Tarver,  United  States  Attorney,  Georgia   Alicia  A.G.  Limtiaco,  United  States  Attorney,  Guam  &  Northern  Mariana  Islands   Florence  T.  Nakakuni,  United  States  Attorney,  Hawaii   Wendy  J.  Olson,  United  States  Attorney,  Idaho   James  A.  Lewis,  United  States  Attorney,  Illinois   Gary  S.  Shapiro,  United  States  Attorney,  Illinois   Stephen  R.  Wigginton,  United  States  Attorney,  Illinois   David  A.  Capp,  United  States  Attorney,  Indiana   Joseph  H.  Hogsett,  United  States  Attorney,  Indiana   Sean  Berry,  United  States  Attorney,  Iowa   Nicholas  A.  Klinefeldt,  United  States  Attorney,  Iowa     Barry  R.  Grissom,  United  States  Attorney,  Kansas   Kerry  B.  Harvey,  United  States  Attorney,  Kentucky     David  J.  Hale,  United  States  Attorney,  Kentucky   Dana  Boente,  United  States  Attorney,  Louisiana     Donald  J.  Cazayoux,  Jr.,  United  States  Attorney,  Louisiana     Stephanie  A.  Finley,  United  States  Attorney,  Louisiana     Thomas  Edward  Delahanty,  II,  United  States  Attorney,  Maine     Rod  J.  Rosenstein,  United  States  Attorney,  Maryland     Carmen  Milagros  Ortiz,  United  States  Attorney,  Massachusetts     Barbara  L.  McQuade,  United  States  Attorney,  Michigan    


11  of  14  

Patrick  A.  Miles,  Jr.,  United  States  Attorney,  Michigan   B.  Todd  Jones,  United  States  Attorney,  Minnesota     Felicia  Adams,  United  States  Attorney,  Mississippi     Gregory  K.  Davis,  United  States  Attorney,  Mississippi     Richard  G.  Callahan,  United  States  Attorney,  Missouri     Tammy  Dickinson,  United  States  Attorney,  Missouri     Michael  Cotter,  United  States  Attorney,  Montana     Deborah  K.R.  Gilg,  United  States  Attorney,  Nebraska     Daniel  G.  Bogden,  United  States  Attorney,  Nevada   John  P.  Kacavas,  United  States  Attorney,  New  Hampshire     Paul  J.  Fishman,  United  States  Attorney,  New  Jersey     Kenneth  J.  Gonzales,  United  States  Attorney,  New  Mexico     Loretta  E.  Lynch,  United  States  Attorney,  New  York     Richard  S.  Hartunian,  United  States  Attorney,  New  York   Preet  Bharara,  United  States  Attorny,  New  York     William  J.  Hochul,  Jr.,  United  States  Attorney,  New  York     Thomas  G.  Walker,  United  States  Attorney,  North  Carolina     Ripley  Rand,  United  States  Attorney,  North  Carolina     Anne  Tompkins,  United  States  Attorney,  North  Carolina     Timothy  Q.  Purdon,  United  States  Attorney,  North  Dakota     Steven  M.  Dettelbach,  United  States  Attorney,  Ohio     Carter  M.  Stewart,  United  States  Attorney,  Ohio   Mark  F.  Green,  United  States  Attorney,  Oklahoma    


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Danny  Williams,  United  States  Attorney,  Oklahoma     Sanford  Coats,  United  States  Attorney,  Oklahoma   S.  Amanda  Marshall,  United  States  Attorney,  Oregon     Zane  D.  Memeger,  United  States  Attorney,  Pennsylvania     Peter  J.  Smith,  United  States  Attorney,  Pennsylvania     David  J.  Hickton,  United  States  Attorney,  Pennsylvania     Rosa  E.  Rodriguez-­‐-­‐Velez,  United  States  Attorney,  Puerto  Rico     Peter  F.  Neronha,  United  States  Attorney,  Rhode  Island     William  N.  Nettles,  United  States  Attorney,  South  Carolina  Brendan  V.  Johnson,   United  States  Attorney,  South  Dakota     William  C.  Killian,  United  States  Attorney,  Tennessee     David  Rivera,  United  States  Attorney,  Tennessee     Edward  L.  Stanton,  III,  United  States  Attorney,  Tennessee     John  Malcolm  Bales,  United  States  Attorney,  Texas     Sarah  R.  Saldaña,  United  States  Attorney,  Texas     Kenneth  Magidson,  United  States  Attorney,  Texas     Robert  L.  Pitman,  United  States  Attorney,  Texas   David  Barlow,  United  States  Attorney,  Utah   Tristram  J.  Coffin,  United  States  Attorney,  Vermont   Ronald  W.  Sharpe,  United  States  Attorney,  Virgin  Islands     Neil  H.  MacBride,  United  States  Attorney,  Virginia     Timothy  J.  Heaphy,  United  States  Attorney,  Virginia     Michael  Ormsby,  United  States  Attorney,  Washington    


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Jenny  A.  Durkan,  United  States  Attorney,  Washington     William  J.  Ihlenfeld,  II,  United  States  Attorney,  West  Virginia     R.  Booth  Goodwin,  II,  United  States  Attorney,  West  Virginia     James  Santelle,  United  States  Attorney,  Wisconsin   John  William  Vaudreuil,  United  States  Attorney,  Wisconsin     Christopher  A.  Crofts,  United  States  Attorney,  Wyoming   AND     All  members  of  the  United  States  113th  Congress:  see  “List  113th  Congress”     SO  IT  IS  DONE      



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