2013 Ivy Sports Symposium 10 NEXT Series

Thursday, May 16, 2013 from 6:00 PM to 8:30 PM Madison Square Garden, New York, NY

On Thursday, May 16 at Madison Square Garden will be session 1 of the 2013 Ivy Sports Symposium 10 NEXT Series hosted by the Ivy Sports Symposium Young Leaders Committee. It is free to attend the 10 NEXT Series but seating capacity is limited. Register by emailing us at info@sportssymposium.org and briefly tell us why you would like to attend. Please also include your company affiliation/job title and/or college/university affiliation and class year. We will confirm attendance by Friday, May 10.

6:00 PM7:00 PM

Anatomy Of A Sports Deal
Generating more than $400 billion in economic activity, sports has risen to take its place among the biggest industries in the world. With big dollars come big deals and even higher stakes. From team acquisitions and league broadcasting rights to player and marketing contracts, the ability to wheel and deal has become an integral part of any sports executive’s arsenal. Join 10 NEXT award winners Jason Belzer, David Oestreicher and Jared Schoenfeld as they take you inside some of the biggest transactions in sports and teach you how to become a master at closing the next sports mega deal by understanding the fundamentals of selling and relationship building.

Jason Belzer
Founder & President, Global Athlete Management Enterprises, Inc.

David Oestreicher
Co-Founder & Managing Director, Manhattan Sports Business Academy

Jared Schoenfeld
Director, Corporate Hospitality Sales, The Madison Square Garden Company

7:00 PM8:00 PM 8:00 PM8:30 PM

Questions & Answers Closing Remarks & Networking

2013 Ivy Sports Symposium – 10 NEXT Series

Merck. Now he enjoys sharing insights and advice as a guest lecturer at his alma mater and other universities across the country. Jason co-founded Collegiate Sports Advisors. Jason teaches Organizational Behavior at his Alma mater and covers the business of sports for Forbes Magazine in his column. Belzer graduated from Rutgers University. Outside of MSBA.” David Oestreicher David is Co-Founder and Managing Director of Manhattan Sports Business Academy where he identifies and grooms the next wave of sports business executives. Perry Ellis and State Farm. Inc. receiving the New Business Team MVP Award. He went on to receive his Juris Doctorate from Rutgers University School of Law and is a licensed attorney in New York and New Jersey. Prior. In 2011.Page 2 of 2 Jason Belzer Jason Belzer. earning degrees in Sports Management and Political Science. Before joining the NBA. Jared started his sports sales career with Phoenix Suns Legacy Partners. and he began teaching Sales Management in Sports Business as an Adjunct Professor last fall. an agency that specializes in the career management and marketing of coaches. LLC where he was consistently the lead revenue generator amongst his peers.). A graduate from Indiana University.com Postseason Tournament. handles contract negotiations and marketing for over two-dozen college basketball and football coaches. GAME. PepsiCo. “Wicked Jump Shot. David holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing from Indiana University and was honored as the top student in the Kelley School of Business’s Integrative Core program. Inc. a non-profit organization that supports Jewish coaches and athletic administrators around the world. Jared is responsible for managing a team selling the state-ofthe-art luxury suites as well as generating new business through marketing partnerships. 2013 Ivy Sports Symposium – 10 NEXT Series . David advises organizations and individuals invested in sports and entertainment including a leading role with American Collegiate Intramural Sports (ACIS) as Vice President and General Manager. a consulting firm that works with college athletic departments and student-athletes to protect the integrity of amateur sports. Inc. Jared Schoenfeld Jared specializes in corporate hospitality at The Madison Square Garden Company. As “The World’s Most Famous Arena” completes its billion-dollar transformation. In this position he was key in sourcing and fostering the NBA’s groundbreaking relationship with Boost Mobile. Jared co-founded an annual event on campus for students to receive insight and guidance on the sports business. David served as Global Business Development Manager for the National Basketball Association (NBA). David was Director of Business Development for ACIS where he led the team in revenue generation and was responsible for the acquisition and management of notable clients including DISH. is founder and president of Global Athlete Management Enterprises. Esq. (GAME. and creation of collegiate sports properties. The firm also produces and runs all aspects of the 32-team CollegeInsider. He also serves as the Executive Director of the Jewish Coaches Association.

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