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April 30, 2013 To Whom it May Concern, I have had the pleasure of working with Nathan Hatt since

he began his one year, masters level teacher certification program at the University of Michigan last summer. When his program began, I was Nathans field instructor for his first literacy course. I continued to work closely with Nathan as his field instructor for both his fall and winter semesters. As his field instructor, I have had the privilege of observing him develop and hone his teaching practice over the last year. Nathan has proven to be a conscientious student, driven to optimize his learning experiences while in this program of study. He routinely seeks feedback on his teaching and is always open to learning from myself, his mentor, and others in the program. Nathan strives for excellence, which is evident in his being well-organized and prepared for every lesson I observed. It is clear from the care he takes in planning and honing his practice that he sincerely wants to be the best teacher he can be for the benefit of his current and future students. Over the course of the program, Nathan has developed and honed his instruction in multiple ways. First, Nathan always demonstrated a solid understanding of the subject matter being taught and delivered his lessons very clearly and concisely. Nathan has been quite skilled in leading whole class discussions that seek to engage all students through incorporating opportunities for students to discuss with a partner or by utilizing small group discussions, and then asking a few students to share out to the whole class. Further, Nathan provided timely feedback to his students during and after instruction, which allowed Nathan to differentiate his instruction and meet a wide range of needs. Not only is Nathan wonderful with students, he is also a pleasure to work with on a professional level. I have observed Nathan interacting with others, such as his mentor and his fellow interns with the highest level of professionalism, courtesy, and respect. These interpersonal skills are invaluable since teachers must frequently interact with other teachers, staff members, parents, administrators, and the local public. Given that Nathan strives to improve his practice in this program, I am confident he will continue to do so throughout his career. He has great potential to be a master teacher in less than a few years teaching experience. From my experience working with Nathan, I am certain he would be a wonderful addition to any school with the opportunity to hire him. For all of these reasons, I highly recommend Nathan without reservation for any teaching position he is certified to teach. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at (810) 923-5508. Sincerely, Emily Mihocko-Bowling ELMAC Field Instructor Educational Studies University of Michigan

School of Education 610 East University Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1259 May 4, 2013 Dear Colleagues, I am delighted to offer my highest recommendation for Nathan Hatt, who has applied for a teaching position. Nathan has been a student in the ELMAC program (Elementary Master of Arts with Certification) for the past twelve months. He has been an outstanding student in my literacy methods courses, both of which have included significant direct work with children. Nathan draws on his extensive experience with children, his lively interest and skills in art, and his cutting edge knowledge of current technology as he designs meaningful instruction for children. Nathan will be an extremely valuable faculty member who will have a positive and lasting influence on children and their families. Nathan brings terrific creative experienceas a graphic artist and in multiple years in outdoor education leadershipto the role he has constructed as a teacher this year. He is a person who is interested in the children and adults around him and in the learning activities he might initiate with these people. This is his great strengthtotal curiosity and ability to engage with even the most reluctant learner. For example, th this year, he designed and taught a writing unit to his 5 grade internship students that drew directly on their broad ranging interest in sports. Using the Common Core and district benchmarks as resources, he carefully constructed lessons that taught them how to do research and informational writing as they composed a classroom blog that focused on the relationship between kids health and their success at sports. Using technology in this manner allowed him to differentiate instruction and motivated all children st to produce high quality writing, using the tools they must (and want to!) learn to master in the 21 century. This year, Nathan taught successfully in all four content areas; my work with him focused on literacy instruction. He understands how to construct a range of literacy contexts that offer students varying degrees of independence and support. Nathan demonstrated his competence by designing differentiated individual, small group, and whole group instruction for his students throughout the year, in kindergarten, rd th th th 3 , 4 5 , and 6 grade opportunities through his courses. He worked specifically on helping children comprehend informational text, through carefully guided text-based discussions. For example, last fall I th observed Nathan run a lively and intellectual discussion with 6 graders where he artfully listened, responded, and assisted kids to extend their own thinking while drawing directly on the text and on each other. Through modeling and careful guidance, Nathan supports his students as they learned to read, write, listen, speak and represent their lives in texts. Nathan uses language artfully and strategically as he designs instruction that makes learning possible for all children. Further, he builds strong relationships with other teaching colleagues in his internship settings, learning from them and generously sharing his own ideas. He was our technology resource this year and we all benefitted from his patient assistance! These skills will serve him very well as a faculty member. I strongly urge you to consider Nathan for a teaching position! This is a man who is truly committed to creating contexts that promote the intellectual and social growth of children. I would be glad to talk further with you about Nathans qualifications. Please call me at (734) 936-0872 or e-mail me at Sincerely,

Catherine H. Reischl, Ph.D. Clinical Associate Professor of Education