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Reflection for this Semester

The English 1102 I have chosen is because my friends Mengxi Fu and Huadas suggestion. They told me Professor Dutta is very nice and her course is clear and easy. The first class I have joined in, its very fresh, there is a way to take a class, its journal. I have never write the journal in the English class before, the last English 1101, professor always ask us to do some diagrams or reading something and make a group to discuss the them and write the viewpoint also your point on the paper. I think journals are very helpful for our project. We can review what we thought in the class, and understand the purpose on class clearly. Some journals could enlighten you on your project, because the journals are written by you when the professor guided you on the class. When I do my portfolio, I have met a technical problem. At the portfolio in the English 1101 last semester, I have to convert the word 2010 to PDF and insert it into the website; it was complicated and took my 2 days to do it. This time I didnt want to spend so much time to do these, so I asked my friend who is also taking the English 1102, he taught me to use the scribd, it is convenience and easy to learn. There is a fault in my journals, I havent written the order about my journals, and I always wrote my thinking about all the things on the classes, so my journals are not accurate. And the journals are not complete. About my presentations, the first presentation I have done is not good, because I have repeated it in my first project. In the second project, I have written it so much. Im afraid it will cost over 8 minutes. But if I simplified it, I think the presentation cant be express clearly. And there is still a problem in my reading outside of class, the sources of making project is not enough, and the material I have read for my project are also not enough, and I have few materials could be post on my portfolio. I should read more materials and see some diagram about my second project. The first projects topic is about the reading and writing in math. Someday professor ask us to write the reading and writing in our major. The first thing I have thought about is what I can write in my project, because my major is math. Actually, in the math major or the math world, there is no word, just the great number of number, data, and equation, so if there is no word, there is no reading and writing. The problem had been appeared in my first project. And I have no idea how to write this project. So I want to meet some professional people to find some help. The first person is my math course Dr. Taylor, after the math class I asked some questions about math and also the project, he told me that I should pay attention to there is the word in the math, like the real-life math question. It will need to be described in a lot of words, and if some international students miss some word meaning or the actually point the answer would be wrong. And he asked me if there are some peers with me in the math major, if there is,

they would support the best answers, after all he is just a math Dr. He had enlightened me. I have a friend, Ducheng Jin, he is Chinese, a math major freshman, and he also needs to take the English 1102. This semester I have taken the math 1241, but he is in the math1242. It means he has learned the math for a whole year. I prepared some questions about the reading and writing in math and also prepared my phone to record the whole interview. And he told me much useful thing like the reading could be easy for us, because we wont be affected by the culture, the math is international universal. All about the interview is around by how to help me do the best in the math. So we just focused on the reading in math, no writing in math. I admit it is a mistake. Unfortunately my friend Ducheng didnt allow me to publish the interview, because he thought his English is not good. And another fault is in the writing in the math, I thought it is so reluctant, because it is difficult. Weve never write any paper about math, even it is a math project. The finally way was to look at my math professors syllabus to find something they may appear in my future paper. So the material is so simple. And the only feature I have found in the syllabus is accurate, easy and serious. What I have thought about is I am not good at the multi-model project; basically I have put my presentation of this project on my prezi work. When I have seen my peer work in the revising project group, I saw a lot of pictures and diagrams of data. They are so colorful. And there are some examples of their major courses. Like my group peer, Jared, he supported some example of his major engineer, they are some pictures of models, kind of cube, sphere. That is the real multi-model project. To follow him, I added some questions in my math webwork and someone famous in math. Generally Im not satisfied this project, the fault is too much, and also a lot fault cant be fixed like the writing in math. This project is the second in this course. Professor asked us to find a topic that we like after the first project. And she supported a useful website that we could find some topic for our high education. The best is there are a lot of comments in every topic; it is awesome, because you can check about the comments, and get some enlightening. Or you can deep down the comments viewpoints, because some of them are very good, the readers could speak out what you cant think about. And I had a look at this website, there is a topic that I have big interesting, it is about the remedial math. The reason I like it is my first project is about the reading and writing in math, it could be looked as a beginner in math, it can teach the reader how to learn the math in the correct way. If this topic, remedial math, it can be my second project. It could be looked as the fireman, when reader get a bad grade in the math in the correct way, the plan B which is remedial math can help reader to fix that. You can see that two projects have gotten a much closed connection. And it will easy for me to do a presentation for the two projects. This writing, remedial math, it is from a research of the Carnegie Foundation, the writer summarized all the information from this research like the period, population, affection. The most part of this writing focus on the introduction and analyze the differences between the normal remedial math and the remedial math in the research of Carnegie Foundation. The writer

didnt judge if it is great or not good, just display whole process from begin to the end. I personally thought the quintessence is the comments from this writings reader. There are the agreements and disagreements. The agreements can always support some advantages that you cant analyze from some ways in the remedial math. The disagreements could support something that may be ignored, but essential. They could be the disadvantages, or could be the elements that may cause the remedial math failed. I have used for reference by the comments to be my viewpoints in my projects pros and cons about the remedial math. About my second project, I think the quality is better than the first project, because I have inserted some related images. And I just supported some viewpoint on every circle. The presentations word is on the other papers. It will lead the audiences feel fresh about my prezi, and understand my project by looking at the prezi and listening to my presentation. That is a multi-model project. The challenge what I have met is the images about the Chinese students remedial math individual cant find out in the Google image. So I have to replace the pictures by some American students remedial math individual, but it doesnt mean that the students remedial math by themselves is more popular than China in America.