Increasing Communication with Lab Access

K. Monique Bloomfield MT, MHA Syracuse VA Medical Center D&T Careline Laboratory April 9, 2007

I. Project definition a. Goal b. Objectives Introduction Newsletter a. Process Flow chart b. Content Feedback Analysis a. Overall results b. Comments from VA staff c. Decisions made about initiative Suggested Project Enhancements Suggested Project Control Continuous Quality Improvement




VIII. Conclusion

Project Definition


To increase communication of lab policies and procedures to nursing staff and physicians and help improve patient care by distributing quarterly newsletters providing information about the policies, procedures, and overall initiatives of the laboratory


To better communicate laboratory policies and procedures to Nursing staff and Physicians To provide reference material for the Nursing staff to refer to To update Nursing staff to the changes in the laboratory (i.e. new procedures, new analyzers, new protocol, etc)


This initiative is meant to bridge the communication gap between the laboratory and the rest of the healthcare facility. We want to develop a more synergetic relationship embedded in a reciprocity of professional feedback. Ultimately we in the laboratory want to extend ourselves. Departments that consistently and effectively communicate is a hard goal to achieve, however it is attainable and the hard work that must go into this venture is worthwhile.

Lab access process flow chart
Newsletter idea Creation Made decision about contents of the newsletter Gather information from departments that are to be included in the newsletter There was a waiting period of 2-3 weeks in order to get all information Made decision about what information to include and what to exclude Newsletter was created, which took approximately 1 week Newsletter was disseminated to:
Gather Information Content Completed Initiative Newsletter Initiative Idea

Information to add or delete in next newsletter

Lab, ER, ICU-N, ICU-W, 5S, 6S, 6E, Team Red, and Team Blue
This process of receiving feedback forms took 4 weeks in total. Deadline had to be extended 3 times. Data was collected Decision was made as to the information that should be kept or deleted for the next newsletter Initiative was completed and can start over at deciding what content to include for next publication.

2 -3 weeks Collect Data


4 weeks Create Newsletter Disseminate Extended deadline x3

Lab Access Content

 

  

New chemistry and coagulation instrumentation Medical Technology profession changes and new requirements What we want to include in future issues of Laboratory Access that will contribute to the achievement of the strategic goals and objectives of the medical center Test your knowledge and skills fun learning page Cognitive Address page: How to stay motivated and happy in your profession and personal life Final topics page: Continued Quality CommunicationEnhancing Intradepartmental Teamwork

Feedback Analysis: Overall Results
100 90 80 70 60 50 40 30 20 10 0 Responses
Total no suggestions w/ suggestions Negative

60 50 40 30 Bi-Monthly 20 10 0 Dissemination
Quarterly: 52% (32/62) Monthly: 14% (9/62) Bi-Monthly: 14% (9/62) Monthly/Bi-Monthly: 20%(12/62)

Quarterly Monthly

Monthly/BiMon thly

62% response: 62 feedback forms received out of 100 74% felt everything was great and no changes needed to be made: 46 out of 62 24.5% felt changes should be made and gave suggestions: 15 out of 62 1% did not think the newsletter would be effective and no suggestions were given

Feedback Analysis
 Comments and Suggestions Include a “frequently asked questions” section Communicate more of the laboratory protocols and procedures with explanations Include a highlight or article from staff members in other departments More information about what labs go in what tubes, what labs are sent out and what research is currently underway More explanation about laboratory results/tests (i.e. why some take longer to get results than others, why certain tests are run only 3 times a week) More ideas on increasing the morale between the lab and the nurses Definitely keep the newsletter going, this communication is invaluable

   

 

Feedback Analysis


 

Upon approval of continuing this initiative it will be published quarterly Published feedback from the nursing staff that includes answers to frequently asked questions will be included More laboratory protocols and procedures will be included, especially in regards to Blood Banking More information will be included on improving the overall morale of VA healthcare workers Try to disseminate more newsletter.

Suggested Enhancements The primary suggestion for enhancement would be to include more information about specific laboratory protocol and procedures that seem to cause the most problems or confusion for physicians and nurses.  Include the opinions and questions of Nurses and Physicians within the newsletter.

Suggested Project Control

To maintain the proper functioning of this laboratory initiative there would only be one person responsible for gathering quarterly information and creating the newsletter  Designation of a nursing staff member that could take the responsibility of making sure feedback is received to the newsletter coordinator in a more timely fashion

Continued Quality Improvement

In order to successfully continue this initiative we as healthcare professionals must remain cognizant of the many changes that are not only occurring within the healthcare facility, but also those that are occurring intradepartmentally. Continuous quality communication is essential for the growth of any organization. This initiative has proved that the growth of communication within our facility is not only needed, but is desired and required.


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