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Lesson Planning Form for Differentiating Instruction Education 305

Teacher Rebekah Kreischer Grade level and theme5th Independence from what? Thread/crossover Economics/ Math

I. Objectives What is the main focus of this lesson? The taxes King George put into place were unnecessary and made the colonists angry. How does this lesson tie in to your Big Idea The colonists wanted an independence from the quantity of taxes. What are your objectives for this lesson? (As many as needed.) Indicate connections to applicable national or state standards. If an objective applies to only certain students write the name(s) of the student(s) to whom it applies. Indicate themes addressed in thread (ex-Geography-human environment interaction) 1) Students will be able to explain what the Stamp Act was 2) Students will be able to describe how angry the colonists were with the Stamp Act 3) Students will be able to retell why the Stamp Act was put in place Etc. II. Before you start Prerequisite knowledge and skills. What is a tax? Knowledge of activity from previous day Basic addition and subtraction Basic knowledge of ratios Formative: Did the students express frustration with the taxes and did the group paragraph show this? Did the dollar amounts add up to the amount of trading done? Summative: In daily journals, have students begun to express what kinds of independence the colonists are striving for? Taxes Stamp Act Trading logs

Assessment (formative and summative)

Key vocabulary for this lesson

Materials-what materials (books, handouts, etc) do you need for this lesson and do you have them?

Envelopes with pictures of goods and money Pieces of Paper Pencils Computer/ Projector Desks around the perimeter of the room with enough space between the desks and wall to have a group there

Do you need to set up your classroom in any special way for this lesson? If so, describe it.

III. The Plan Time Parts Motivation (Opening/ Introduction/ Engagement) Development

The description of (script for) the lesson, wherein you describe teacher activities and student activities Discuss the Stamp Act and other taxes and why they were put in place Re-introduce activity for a reminder and for those who may have been absent

Set up same activity from yesterday with these differences:

Trading costs will go up by $5 per good being delivered if item utilizes these items: Paper (wrapping, envelopes, letters, etc.) String Stamps Tea Have each group write a short paragraph about how trading today went o Which group was easiest to trade with? o Was it harder to trade today or yesterday? Have a spokesperson from each group present the paragraph Discuss why the Stamp Act made colonists angrier than previous taxes o No taxation without representation o Libertys Kids episode The Boston Tea Party o Part 1: o Part 2: