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Making Tomato Cages out of Concrete Reinforcing Wire

This is what we start with. A 8x20 sheet of wire with spikes on the short sides and a relatively smooth edge on the long sides. Make sure you cut all of the wire on top of a tarp so the pieces you cut off don't end up in the dirt where they will puncture a tire. Step 1 - Trim spikes off of the short sides of the 8x20 sheet so the short sides are smooth

Step 2 - Trim wire off of the long sides of the 8x20 sheet so the long sides have spikes

Step 3 - Cut the sheet in half on the long side. Assuming that the wire is the same length as last year, you will have to make two cuts so the short sides are both smooth. This should leave you with two sheets that are 9.5' long.

final cut shape before bending

Step 4 - Put each sheet of wire on the bending frame, clamp it down and bend it in half lenthwise. That will make a cage 9.5' long and approximately 3.5' tall.