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Diabetes and obesity are walking hand-in-hand in America. 9.3 percent of the population actually has diabetes.

All these people are now in the pipeline of what? Possible heart disease, circulatory problems, stroke, gangrene and kidney failure. But there is hope! This is one of our big specialties in Ayushakti Ayurveda. --Pankaj Naram Did you know that according to the latest research, one third of the adults in this country thats 73 million people have diabetes or its precursor, impaired fasting glucose? Since 1991 there has been a 49% jump and millions of cases are still undiagnosed. Why is this happening? Nearly 40 million Americans suffer from the most common forerunner of diabetes obesity. In the last ten years, that obesity figure alone has jumped a whopping 61%. Are you at risk? Some symptoms fatigue, irritability, and weight loss seem so common and harmless that you may overlook them. However, extreme thirst and frequent urination often prompt a person to get checked. What can you do? If you are older than 45, or younger and overweight, you may want to have your fasting blood sugar checked, your Ayurveda pulse evaluation taken and read on! Let me explain a few of the basics about diabetes. Normally, Agni (the digestive fire) in the form of insulin converts sugar into kinetic energy in the body. Thanks to insulin, your body absorbs the food you eat in the form of this energy. All the physiological functions of the body depend upon this energy. The pancreas secretes insulin. However, with diabetes, insulin is not available to perform this conversion so the sugar level in the body increases and due to low energy, the body begins to feel weak. A whole host of problems begin to develop from that point. The American Diabetic Association claims that 80% of diabetics suffer from the situation described below, known as Type 2 Diabetes. From an Ayurveda viewpoint: when excess Aam (toxicity) and Dosha (elements of air, fire, and earth) block the pancreatic channels, they cause a certain form of diabetes. The pancreas functions normally, but insulin is not available in the blood. Once the block is removed, the blood sugar level comes back to normal. From the point of view of Ayurveda, the ancient science of India, there is more positive news! This particular condition can be managed for a lifetime with the help of a prescribed diet, lifestyle changes (including exercise) and Ayurvedic treatments. Even the prestigious New England Journal of Medicine has acknowledged that diet and exercise can completely eliminate diabetes For the remaining 20% of people with diabetes, excess Vata (air) degenerates the actual tissues of the pancreas. In such cases, the pancreas completely stop

producing insulin. This situation cannot be reversed and so taking insulin becomes necessary. However, even here there is good news. If such people follow an authentic Ayurveda treatment, along with allopathic medicine, the dosage of your allopathic treatment is reduced. According to Ayurveda, there are different causes of diabetes related to the elements of doshas of air (Vata), fire (Pitta) and earth/water (Kapha). We had one 35-year old male patient who came to us because he was extremely weak, lethargic, irritable and stressed. His fasting blood sugar touched 300 while the normal count was 120. His blood sugar after a meal went up to 450. Through medication, his blood sugar came own by half. Finally he had to be given insulin to control his sugar level instantly. He lived with this situation for three years. Finally a friend spoke to him about Ayurveda. When we checked his pulse, we found he had a mountain of Aam and Pitta blocking the insulin in his pancreatic channels from mixing with his blood. We felt strongly that if we removed these blocks of Aam and Pitta from the pancreatic channel, his diabetes would be controlled. So we put him on only Mung Bean Soup for one week. Then we added vegetables and millet. Within fifteen days, his blood sugar level had come down by 50% and his dosage of allopathic medication also came down. We also recommended certain Ayurveda herbs to eliminate Aam and control blood sugar. Fifteen days later, we put him on intensive panchakarma treatments to flush out more toxins from his channels through his stool. After two months of rigorous Aam and Pitta removing treatments, his blood sugar came down to normal and his allopathic medication was no longer necessary. We advised this man to go on a special diet and herbs for three years. Today his blood sugar levels are normal. He is now full of energy, enthusiasm and mental stability! Over the years, weve worked in similar ways with thousands of diabetes patients. We always advise people to continue with allopathic treatment if on one and work with each person individually based on their medical history and pulse evaluation. There are certain dietary recommendations and in all cases, regular exercise is absolutely necessary. Brisk walking, jogging and working out at the gym all help reduce the blood sugar. There are a couple of simple home remedies that can help as well. Taking 1 teaspoon of Fenugreed with water on an empty stomach every morning is one. Another is made of ingredients found in Indian grocery stores: tsp Kala Jamun (blackberry seed powder), tsp. Bel Patra leaves, 1 tsp. Tumeric powder, 1 tsp. Amla powder. Mix them all well and take twice a day with water.