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June 2008

The following terminology is a summary of the terms that appear in BOJ and government reports about the Balance of Payments.

Please note that much of the following information can only be read using a system with capacity to read Japanese language font.

In alphabetical order by Reading

Source: Bank of Japan

Reading boueki saabisu shuushi boueki shuushi chokusetsu toushi chuuchoukisai gaika junbidaka kabushiki keijou shuushi kinyuu hasei shouhin kokusai shuushi kokusai shuushi toukei shihon shuushi shouken toushi sonota toushi taigai shouken toushi tainai shouken toushi tankisai toushi shuushi yunyuu yushutsu

English Goods and Services Trade Balance Direct investment Bonds and Notes Gold and Foreign Exchange Reserves Equity securities Current account Financial derivatives Balance of Payments Balance of Payments statistics Capital and Financial Account Portfolio investment Other Investment Outward investments Inward investments Money market instruments Financial Account Imports Exports

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Fixed Income Research

June 2008

Mizuho Securities Translation Tools

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