iOS Application Development

(iPad/iPhone Application Development)

iOS Development from Scratch
Learn to use Xcode 4 and iOS SDK frameworks such as Foundation, UIKit, and Core Animation to develop sophisticated, full-featured iOS 4/5 iPhone and iPad applications.

Craft native iOS applications
You'll learn the essentials of iPhone and iPad development: the tools, frameworks, concepts, and best practices—with plenty of hands-on exercises to strengthen your understanding.

This course will enable you to develop & deploy apps that incorporate many of the powerful features of Objective-C and Cocoa touch

we provide you original iMAC furnished LAB and iPhone. problem and Solution system‖ which provides a step-by-step approach for all candidates. • . of iMac depends upon No. The No.MAC LAB In order to develop your applications. The course curriculum is developed based on a proven system that is recognized in the industry. of the participants. • Our interactive training provides ―concept. iPad devices for testing and deployment. iTouch. Apple Certified Trainers Our trainers have years of experience in iOS SDK Development and they are available whenever you need help on understanding a concept or you face coding issues.

removing the "magic" from iOS development. Instruments and the iOS Simulator. Techniques to build scalable apps using MVC (Model. Full details on the submission process and essential tips to get your app into the app store. View & Controller) techniques. iPod Touch and iPad. Interface Builder. Module II Module I • • • Curriculum Introduction to mac • • Introduction to xcode Xcode workflow tools . Detailed understanding of how the iOS SDK works. How to deploy your app to a real device and the provisioning process.• The course provides a comprehensive grounding in iOS development and you will come away with the ability to build apps and a thorough understanding of the key concepts and techniques. How to use Xcode. Everything you need to know about Objective-C to develop iOS apps. by the end of this course you will be able to build a working iPhone application Objective of the training The course is designed to take existing developers and bring them quickly up to speed with Objective-C and iOS development. You will learn: • • • • How to build iOS applications for iPhone. • • We guarantee that.

• Creating and building simple applications Module III Module IV Objective-c memory management • • • • • • • • • • Auto release pool—using accessor method Control statements and loops in objective –c Managing memory using auto release pools Working with variables and constants Control statements and loops in objective -c Introduction to array and pointers Protocols and categories Document window workflow tools Outlets and actions Referencing outlets Module V Module VI Introduction to debugging • • Types of debugging and debugging preferences Managing program execution • • • • • Setting and viewing breakpoints View controllers View controllers and types • • Creating view controller applications Module X File handling and basic data persistence Module IX Module VIII Module VII Principles of oops Interface builder Building different types of applications .

and other standard application Viewing and analysing traced data Introduction to cocoa touch • • • Design pattern of cocoa-mvc design pattern Foundation classes. collections Delegation Keyboard inputs • • • Customizing the types of inputs Displaying.• • • Property list types and objects Property list serialization Creating and modifying of data using pList Module XII Module XI Integrating with core services • • • Integrate iphone app with address book. mail. maps Safari. dismissing of keyboard Screen orientations Working with sqlite data base • • • Creating of database and using it in iphone app Introduction to url loading system Working on url loading system-rss reader Extra • • Hybtid App Development Introduction to Adobe Flrx Framwork – Code less and Deploy everywhere . value objects.

iPhone. 2 – 3 iPad. participants will be told how to install Mac OSX (Hackintosh) on their Intel i3/i5 PCs and take advantage of intel pc to build apps.e. iPod Touch to be won.Take Away & Prizes • Each session will focus on Open Lab concept i. All participants will be given direct one to one guidance after the session for their queries and questions • • • • • Each participants will be given CD Kits which will enable them to practise and reuse all the taught code and other eBooks & usefull materials. Discount on Apple Developer Lisence – get Apple Developer Lisence directly from Apple. If Possibe(Out of Shelf). . maximum hands on practise.

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