7 I Doha City Guide

Shopping in Qatar
Shopping in Qatar is easy, fun and offers great value. With no purchase (or value-added) tax, and because the Qatari market is very competitive, prices are more attractive than in many other parts of the world, and usually as low as — and, in some cases, lower than — those in duty-free facilities in the region. Qatar offers gleaming, modern shopping malls and traditional souqs (markets) that recall the olden-day Arab bazaars. The shopping malls are air-conditioned, spacious, and have large, free parking areas. Products and prices vary, and quality is good. In general, the souqs offer cheaper goods. Whereas mall shops tend to have fixed prices, bargaining is expected in the souqs. Read the ‘Doha’s Souqs’ feature for more information. Doha has several shopping ‘districts’, rather than one ‘town centre’, so no matter which part of the city you are in, you can be sure there will be stores nearby. Most shopping malls feature a large supermarket as an anchor store, but there are also freestanding hypermarkets. Malls contain boutiques, pharmacies, restaurants and coffee shops; often, there is also a food court. Some shopping centres have multi-screen cinemas as well as entertainment facilities that range from skating rinks and water parks to children’s play areas and bowling alleys. All shopping malls have security patrols and first-aid facilities. They also have separate prayer rooms for men and women and full toilet facilities. For those interested in seeing the hustle and bustle of market life, Doha’s central markets, just off Salwa Road, include a large fruit and vegetable market with local and imported products, a fish market and a meat market. The adjacent Omani Souq sells, as the name implies, goods from Oman such as dried fish, frankincense and spices. It also has a wide selection of dates. The following information will give you a basic guide to the availability of some of the most frequently requested items by visitors.

Books, Cards and Stationery

Supermarkets and hypermarkets stock a seemingly endless array of stationery: pens and pencils of every description; artists’ colours; erasers in every shape and size; art paper and textured paper; a variety of filing and storage devices; lined and plain notebooks; writing paper and envelopes. Qatar also has hundreds of small stationery shops, which often go by the name of ‘library’. Small corner shops usually have a limited selection of writing paper, envelopes and schooltype exercise books. Postcards can be found in Souq Waqif and in some of the supermarkets. Most stationery shops carry greeting cards, and several malls have specialty card shops. If you are looking for a special souvenir, the General Postal Corporation (Q-Post) has produced ‘CD Postcards’ of Qatar with still and moving images accompanied by a sound track in six languages: Arabic, English, French, Chinese, Japanese and Korean. The country’s largest bookshop, Jarir Bookstore (on Salwa Road near Ramada Junction), sells fiction and non-fiction books in Arabic and English, as well as reference and specialist books. Family Bookshop (on Al Mirqab Al Jadeed Street) is another popular bookstore. Some

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hypermarkets stock a small supply of books and some stationery shops sell books, mostly in Arabic. Most hotels have a shop selling a small range of books, magazines and newspapers.

Electronics, Cameras and Computers

Carpets and Rugs

There are several specialty shops in Doha selling carpets from IR Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Turkey, the Central Asian Republics and China, among others. The sales staff, who are often the store owners, are knowledgeable about the carpets and regularly travel to towns and villages to buy directly from the weavers. You can also find antique carpets. Carpets that appear identical to the layperson may actually differ substantially in terms of the fibre used (wool, cotton, silk), the backing on which they have been woven (cotton on cotton, silk on cotton, etc.), and the number of knots per inch. An expert eye can tell which sizes are traditionally made in which countries and areas, which colours or patterns are genuine, and can immediately spot a reproduction. A number of the shopping malls and several shops in Souq Waqif sell handmade carpets. Specialty shops (such as Bradran Carpets, Oriental Carpet Company, World of Handmade Carpets and Reshi) can arrange for packing and delivery of the carpets to your home country.

Electronics stores, department stores, independent shops and the souqs all sell electronic items from different parts of the world. Some are global brand names, while others may be less familiar. There is a large selection to choose from, but be sure to check the nature of the warranty as to whether it is worldwide or regional. Also check if the item is suitable for use in your home country (voltage, system, etc.). Many film processing and printing outlets stock a wide range of conventional film and digital cameras. Digital image outlets will print your pictures or put them on CD. Hypermarkets and shops like Jarir Bookstore generally have sections selling computers and accessories. The most concentrated area for computer shops is in the area near the Mercure Hotel on Wadi Musheireb Street.

Gold and Jewellery
Pearling is an integral part of Qatar’s history and, although commercial pearling is no longer carried out in the region, you can still find beautiful examples of natural Gulf pearls in the local market,. Jewellers represent all major international jewellery design houses, and matched sets of necklace, earrings, ring and bracelet are very popular. Most gold sold here is either 18- or

7 I Doha City Guide

22-carat. All gold is assayed and hallmarked in the country. Gold is generally sold by weight, according to the day’s price of gold, plus a ‘making’ charge. However, some imported gold rings, charms and small items (particularly 18carat gold from Italy) are ‘ready-priced’. Many jewellers will make pieces to your specification and there are numerous small jewellers that undertake repairs — you will find them in the Gold Souq and in Souq Waqif. Necklaces featuring the wearer’s name in Arabic or English are popular gifts and can be made to order during your stay. Some jewellers also sell cut and uncut precious and semi-precious stones as well as mounted cut stones. Certain traditional designs of 22carat jewellery from the region may be set with semi-precious stones, synthetic stones or even glass. Always ask so you know exactly what you are buying, and when purchasing diamonds, ask for a certificate of authenticity.

Those looking for home furnishings made locally from traditional Bedouin weaving, such as attractive cushion covers and hanging shoe racks, will find an abundant supply in shops in Souq Waqif.


Home Furnishings
Although some furniture is made locally, most home furnishings and accessories are imported. Stores with large selections include THE One at Landmark and the Home Centre (City Center location and near the Jaidah Flyover), Homes R Us at Hyatt Plaza, and City Lifestyle at City Center and Centrepoint. Daiso, a Japanese shop at Hyatt Plaza, has an extensive range of Oriental china, ornaments and kitchen items starting at just QAR6.

If you find yourself heading home with more than you brought, do not despair. In addition to branded travelling bags available at the department stores, the hypermarkets and souqs have a vast array of cheap suitcases, trolley bags, holdalls and backpacks. Just bear in mind that restrictions at Doha Airport mean no one piece of luggage can weigh more than 32kg, so looking for an extra large case to pack for two people may not be a good idea.

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Musical Instruments, Music and Films

need to replace reading glasses temporarily, you can find inexpensive ones for between QAR6 and QAR10 in the souqs or at the Daiso store at Hyatt Plaza.


You can buy traditional Arabian drums and the oud (Arabian lute) from specialty musical shops around town, some of which are listed in the Yellow Pages of the telephone directory. Some traditional instruments are also available in Souq Waqif. Both the shopping malls and souqs have shops selling music CDs, cassettes, videos, VCDs and DVDs. Most hypermarkets also stock them, as does Jarir Bookstore. If your DVD player at home is region-specific, check that the DVD you are interested in will play on your equipment.


Department stores, boutiques and supermarkets all offer wide ranges of perfume, a very popular commodity in the Arab world. All the well-known luxury brands are available, but there is also a large selection of inexpensive perfumes. Testers are usually available and, particularly with the cheap brands, the only way to assess the scent is to try it. Numerous small shops, particularly in Souq Waqif, deal in essential oils and essences, and you can have a perfume created specially. You can also buy attractive empty perfume bottles as gifts or have them filled with the perfume of your choice.

If you misplace or break your prescription glasses during your visit, there are opticians around town and in most of the shopping malls who will perform eye tests, repair frames, replace lenses or supply new glasses. If you

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Textiles and Tailoring

Many shops around town specialise in upmarket brands of the traditional men’s leather sandals so popular in Qatar. Hypermarkets, small shops and the souqs sell cheaper makes in similar designs. Other types of shoes and trainers are also available in the malls and souqs. Shoe Mart operates the largest shoe stores in Qatar; it has branches at City Center and Centrepoint.

Sporting Goods

The range of textiles available in Qatar is enormous. You can find both natural and man-made fabrics in a variety of widths. Check carefully when ordering by the metre — you may need a shorter length if the material is wider than you are used to, or vice versa. The sales staff will know the length you require if you describe the garment you wish to have made, and advise you accordingly. Ladies will find everything from plain and patterned cottons, silks and man-made fibres to heavily beaded and embroidered fabrics. For gentlemen, suiting and shirting materials are readily available both from textile shops and at the men’s tailors. Ladies’ tailors do not normally sell fabrics. There are tailoring shops in almost every part of town. Tailoring in Qatar is quick, inexpensive and generally of a high standard. Allow three or four days for completion, although some shops can offer a faster service in emergencies. Tailors will usually provide accessories such as matching threads, buttons, zips and trimmings. However, there are shops in the souq that offer a wide range if you wish to choose them yourself or take them home with you. Please refer to our separate ‘Doha’s Souqs’ feature to get an idea of where to look for tailoring materials.

Specialty shops around town and in the malls sell sports clothing and equipment. Doha 2006 merchandise includes T-shirts and caps, and these can be found at the merchandising outlets at Games venues and in some of the malls. Most hotels can loan you sports equipment for use in their facilities. Scuba diving equipment and accessories can be bought from specialty centres such as Pearl Divers.

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Al Asmakh Mall (Centrepoint) Tel: +974 413 1940 On Jawaan Street in the Al Sadd area.

Qatar’s jewellers and watch retailers feature some of the world’s most famous and exclusive luxury brands. There is also a good selection of well-known brands in the medium price range, while the souqs offer a vast range of watches from as little as QAR5. There are many watch repairers in the souqs who set up small cabinet-type stalls that lock up at night. They will replace watch batteries, straps and carry out minor repairs while you wait. For more complex repairs, they might ask you to collect the watch the next day. Al Asmakh Mall is home to Centrepoint, which brings under one roof the Landmark Group’s stores: Splash, Shoe Mart, City Lifestyle and Babyshop. It also has a small food court on the ground floor, a watch shop and a travel agent.

7 I Doha City Guide

City Center-Doha
Tel: +974 493 3355

Hyatt Plaza
Tel: +974 469 4848

In the West Bay Area of Doha, close to Sheraton Doha Hotel, Four Seasons Hotel, the Diplomatic Area and Media Village One of the largest shopping malls in the Middle East, City Center has four levels. It houses an ice-skating rink, a bowling alley, children’s water park and the X-treme World entertainment zone. Its multi-screen cinema is the country’s largest. Besides restaurants and cafés scattered through the mall, City Center also has two food courts. With several exhibition areas, it frequently hosts exhibitions and events. Anchor stores include a Carrefour hypermarket and Debenhams department store. There are banking facilities, travel agents, pharmacies as well as a Qtel customer service centre. There is a taxi rank outside the mall, which is also served by the public bus network.

In the Al Aziziya area, separated from the Sport City by Villaggio mall. Clearly identifiable by a massive three-storey ‘shopping cart’ outside, Hyatt Plaza has a large Giant Stores supermarket, a food court and the Jungle Zone play area. The main mall has a number of boutiques and cafés as well as an outlet for Doha 2006 merchandise. A large lifestyle store carries home furnishings on the ground level, and on the second storey are clothes plus Daiso, a Japanese shop.

Landmark Shopping Mall
Tel: +974 487 5222

On the northern fringes of Doha, at the junction of the North Road and Al Markhiya Street.

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A single-storey mall that is light, airy and a ‘family’ destination, Landmark has large BhS and Marks & Spencer department stores, boutiques, a supermarket, pharmacy, food court, children’s amusement area and a cineplex. Banking facilities are available, as is a Qtel customer service centre. There is ample parking, and the mall regularly hosts mini-exhibitions in its large indoor courtyards.

The Mall
Tel: +974 467 8888

Royal Plaza
Tel: +974 413 0000 On Al Sadd Street Qatar’s first shopping centre, The Mall is close to Lulu Hypermarket on D Ring Road, and has been extended several times. It houses a supermarket, food court, children’s play area, multi-screen cinema and banking facilities. The Mall often hosts exhibitions and fashion events.

Tel: +974 487 5222 In the Al Aziziya area, next to the Sport City

On Al Sadd, in one of Doha’s main shopping areas, Royal Plaza has a range of clothing boutiques and luxury goods stores, a small food court and several restaurants and cafés. There are a number of jewellery and gift stores. As part of its customer care programme, Royal Plaza provides a ‘Personal Shopper’ service.

Qatar’s newest shopping mall, Villaggio hosts the country’s second Carrefour hypermarket as its anchor store. Built to look like a village inside and out, the mall has ceilings painted to resemble the sky. Shops and boutiques are opening on a gradual basis, but more than 200 outlets have been planned. 

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Tel: +974 444 6867 About halfway along Al Sadd Street Al Muftah Centre sells clothing, household items, electronics, perfumes, cosmetics, jewellery and gift items.

Modern Home
Tel: +974 443 2095 On Salwa Road, close to Jarir Bookstore and Ramada Junction First opened in the centre of Doha more than 50 years ago, Modern Home was Qatar’s first department store. Modern Home features clothes, electronics, watches, perfumes and cosmetics. It also has a café.

Blue Salon
Tel: +974 446 6111 On Suhaim Bin Hamad Street, known locally as C Ring Road Blue Salon carries an extensive range of clothing, travel bags and perfumes.

Salam Plaza
Tel: +974 483 2050 In the West Bay Area, close to City Center-Doha Salam Plaza was the first commercial and retail building to be established in this area of reclaimed land more than a quarter of a century ago. It is a department store with clothing, shoes, travel bags, jewellery, accessories, gifts and household items from famous brand names.

LuLu Centre
Tel: +974 432 4324 On Al Rayyan Road, near Sports Roundabout and opposite Hamad General Hospital This three-level store has large departments for electronic items, household goods, clothes, shoes, suitcases, stationery and personal care products. It also hosts a jewellery store that carries a wide range of gold.

The Centre
Tel: +974 444 0202 On Salwa Road, close to Ramada Junction Established at the end of the 1970s as a cross between a department store and a mall, The Centre has been recently revamped. It offers the range of goods of a department store but has a supermarket, an excellent bakery and a pharmacy. It also sells books, CDs and DVDs. 

I Doha City Guide

Doha’s Souqs
Although Qatar has numerous modern shopping malls, the country’s traditional souqs (markets) remain popular with both nationals and expatriates. And no wonder, for the range of goods is tremendous, the prices competitive, and bargaining a way of life.

There are newer shopping complexes dotted around town that bear the name ‘souq’, but for sheer atmosphere, you need to visit the old souq area. Allow yourself plenty of time to wander around, and don’t be tempted to buy the first thing you see! Prices and quality vary, and it is worthwhile making comparisons. Following decades of tradition, souqs in the Arab world group traders according to commodity, so you will find separate areas specialising in textiles, shoes, perfumes or jewellery, clothes or household goods. This makes it easy for shoppers to compare items from shop to shop. Although the traders compete to win your attention, they also cooperate closely; so if one vendor doesn’t have an item in the exact colour or size you want, he will run to his neighbour and bring back what you have asked for. Some of the new souqs are housed in marbleclad buildings, with fountains and indoor plants, making them almost indistinguishable from a modern mall, while others — such as Souq Waqif — have been redeveloped to give visitors an authentic glimpse of the Arab bazaars of old.

Market traders originally established their stalls close to Doha’s waterfront because that is where the dhows (traditional wooden sailing boats) offloaded their cargo from around the world. The tradition has remained even though the merchandise may now arrive by road or air. The old souq area, including Souq Waqif and the Gold Souq, is situated near the Corniche and just off Grand Hamad Avenue. The area is bound by Al Souq Street, Al Tarbiya Street, Jabr Bin Mohammed Street and Ali Bin Abdullah Street, and you will find the different sections clearly marked on the map of the souqs, on page 89.

Doha City Guide I 

Souq Waqif

shops specialise in pictures of old Doha and former rulers of Qatar. Many of the pictures, both framed and unframed, date back to the 1960s. Bisht (cloak) makers and embroiderers all work in their shops, and visitors can also watch the way in which the black egal, used to anchor men’s headdresses, are made. Other craftsmen fashion traditional brass-studded boxes and wedding chests. From swords and daggers to prayer beads and Bedouin jewellery, traditional dress and antiques to models of wooden dhows and pearling equipment, you will find all sorts of traditional work and Qatari artefacts in Souq Waqif. Along several of the small alleyways behind the Bismillah hotel (now a restaurant and café but more than half a century ago a lodging place), you will find jewellers and goldsmiths who will undertake repairs in tiny ateliers, where they work seated on the floor.

As you turn in to Grand Hamad Avenue, Souq Waqif is on the right, just after the first set of traffic lights and can be immediately identified by its natural stonework. New façades have been built for the existing shops, using traditional architectural styles of Qatar and the Gulf. Look up into the roofs of the shops and you will see the effect created by the traditional use of mangrove poles, covered in mats of woven palm fronds and sealed with mud and gypsum. Yet all these shops have the modern luxury of airconditioning! Together with a new influx of shops selling traditional crafts, falcons and falconry items, the area has become a showpiece of redevelopment that will be a sightseeing attraction for Doha 2006 visitors. The original market, or Standing Souq, was established at the turn of the century, when the nomadic Bedouin brought their weaving, camel milk, camel meat and dates to the market to trade for dried goods. The number of craftsmen working in Souq Waqif seems to increase by the day, as does the range of traditional and regional goods on sale. A number of young Qatari entrepreneurs have also opened up businesses here. Qatari women who are expert in the art of Bedouin weaving sell a whole range of woven articles — from wall hangings and cushion covers to bags of all sizes and even small dollhouses in the form of traditional tents, complete with seating. Several

Visitors sift through racks with hundreds of different postcards of Qatar and those with little luggage space select key rings with the national emblem or with a wood carving of a veiled Qatari woman. Those with a little more space opt for the fridge magnets depicting Qatari men and women in national dress, or the sets of Russianinspired matrushka-like dolls, again decorated to look like Qataris in traditional dress, each doll opening to reveal a smaller version inside. One shop sells handcrafted gypsum models of some of Qatar’s old forts, towers and mosques. 

I Doha City Guide

What is just as intriguing is the number of elderly Qataris drawn to the souq for its reminders of days gone by. They joyfully identify the places and people in the photographs and look lovingly at the antiques and original craftwork as well as new handicrafts. The traditional and aromatic spice souq has been augmented by shops selling honey from the region alongside a wide variety of herbal teas; and various shops display piles of roasted nuts and brightly wrapped chocolates and sweets, all sold by weight.

There are plenty of photo opportunities in Souq Waqif — you can even pose for one atop a donkey! You can also stop for typical Gulf refreshments. Some of the old shisha cafés have benefited from the addition of cool courtyard terraces with trees. Elderly men sit around talking, playing board games and smoking the water pipes called shisha or nargileh locally, but often referred to in English as hubblybubbly pipes because of the noise they make as the smoke is drawn through. Traditional restaurants have also been added, some with rooftop terraces, and traditionally-robed security guards roam the souq with rifles slung over their shoulders. But Souq Waqif is a true working souq, not just for tourists. People scurry through the alleyways buying vast cooking pots that are big enough to cook for an extended family of 30, search for just the right tent for desert camping, or buy tools and equipment for home and garden maintenance. Tailors specialised in making thobes occupy small shops in the same area that the textile merchants display their wares, with rack upon

Perfume shops stock all the famous brand names but will also create a unique fragrance for you. They sell frankincense from the region, the wonderfully scented agar wood called oudh used to perfume freshly laundered clothes and greet guests, and the fibrous balls of mixed incense called bokhour. You will also find the traditional Qatari national dress here: the delicate, goldembroidered thobe al nashl of the ladies; the gold or silver-embroidered bukhnoq (headcovering) worn by young girls; ladies’ abayas (black cloaks); old-fashioned, white, baggy trousers with elaborately embroidered tight cuffs worn by older women under their dresses; the men’s full-length, shirt-style thobes, ceremonial bisht, their ghutra (head-covering), the taqiah (cap) worn under the ghutra, and the black egal.

Doha City Guide I 

rack of white cottons available for anything from a few Qatari riyals to several hundred riyals per metre. And the colourful selection of women’s dress fabrics can be quite bewildering. Small booths scattered throughout the souq offer watch-repair services and cobblers sit outside the mosque between Souq Waqif and Souq Al Ahmad. You can also find cushions and mattresses in traditional majlis style, as well have aluminium trunks or other aluminium ware made to order. Various shops sell traditionally styled coffeepots, incense burners, woven and brass-studded wooden chests of all sizes, suitable as anything from jewellery boxes to blanket chests.

in bridal and eveningwear with intricate beadwork. A shop specialising in natural honey has its entrance on the outside of the building at the end closest to the Corniche. Upstairs, there are shops selling clothing for men, women and children, shoes and accessories and children’s toys. Ladies and gents’ cloakrooms are on the ground floor, something worth knowing particularly if you are out shopping with small children! Across Grand Hamad from Souq Al Ahmad, you can turn into Al Ahmed Street, which has several souqs as well as numerous small independent retailers, many of which are bargain outlets advertising clothing, accessories and miscellaneous items at fixed prices as low as QAR2. One photo opportunity on Al Ahmed Street is the restored Sheikh Qassim Bin Mohammed mosque. At the intersection, you will see police standing on shaded platforms in the middle of the road directing traffic — as much for the benefit of camera-toting tourists as for the motorists. This is how they used to direct traffic half a century ago!

Souq Al Ahmad

Souq Faleh
Built on two levels, Souq Al Ahmad is an attractive grey-and-white marble building on the right side of Grand Hamad Street as you head up from the Corniche, between Souq Waqif and the main road. The whole complex, with closed overhead bridges that join sections on two sides of a road, is air-conditioned and a fountain and planters form a focal point on the ground floor. There is a large shop near the main entrance selling perfume and delicate hand-blown glass perfume bottles from Egypt and IR Iran. The lower level also has shops selling chess sets and camels made of onyx, clothing, accessories, linen, as well as electrical and household goods. There are several ladies’ tailors who specialise

As you walk along Al Ahmed Street, Souq Faleh is on the left side at the first small roundabout. With stores along the outside as well as inside the block, this souq houses a mix of traders. 

6 I Doha City Guide

Souq Nasser Bin Saif

Doha Souq

Next door is Souq Nasser Bin Saif, which has stores selling electrical goods, CDs and audiotapes as well as clothing and children’s toys. Different in architectural style from the other buildings on the road, it has external as well as internal staircases.

Opposite Souq Nasser Bin Saif is Doha Souq, which houses several tailors, fabric stores and shops selling Arabic-style ladies’ clothing, perfumes and accessories.

Souq Al Asiery

Souq Al Deira

Souq Al Asiery, with its numerous textile shops, is popular with those seeking material for new outfits. You can find fabric from just QAR3 a metre and the salesmen will be able to tell you the right lengths to buy if you explain what you want to use it for. Ground-floor shops specialise more in beaded and embroidered fabrics. Upstairs, there is a wider selection of textiles and prices also tend to be much lower. Several shops in this souq sell readymade clothes.

One of the newer buildings along this road, Souq Al Deira has an attractive fountain, impressive chandeliers and colourful stainedglass features, so don’t just look at the shops! In addition to perfume and accessories, retailers in this souq specialise in high-quality fabrics imported from different parts of the world that can cost up to QAR1,000 a metre — not for those on a tight budget. This is another souq with cloakroom facilities.

Doha City Guide I 7

Souq Al Jabor

particularly Italy. A very small amount of gold sold in Qatar also comes from the goldmines of Saudi Arabia. All gold sold here is tested by a special department at the Ministry of Economy and Commerce and hallmarked so you can be sure your purchase is genuine.

Facing you at the end of Al Ahmed Street is Souq Al Jabor, which has entrances on Al Jabr Street and Jabr bin Mohammed Street. The range of products on sale includes footwear, baby wear, clothing, lingerie, luggage, toys, perfumes, gifts, audiocassettes and CDs. Some shops sell attractive and inexpensive costume jewellery. Along the road from Souq Al Jabor, and as Al Tarbiya Street turns back towards Grand Hamad Avenue, you will find an excellent shop selling tailoring accessories, everything from buttons, threads, beads, sequins, lace, ribbons to artificial flowers in just about every colour under the sun. You will also find needles, scissors, stiffening material, piping, wool for rug-making, and even crystal tiaras for brides and bridesmaids.

The Gold Souq
In addition to the jewellery and goldsmith shops grouped in Souq Waqif, there are dozens of jewellery stores close to the main bus station, behind Al Ahmed Street. Their windows are crammed full of necklaces, chains and bangles, and their showcases display piles of charms, pendants, earrings and rings. Most of the gold sold in Qatar is 18 or 22 carat, characterised by its deep yellow colour. Some items are made locally while others may be imported from such places as India and Europe,

Gold is sold by weight, with a charge for workmanship. Each piece will be weighed in front of you, and the salesman usually works out the price on a calculator so that the value of your purchase is shown to you alone. Ask to see traditional Qatari bridal jewellery: gold belts, beautiful small gold caps with chains dangling to the side of the face (called gub gub or crab), and chest-length necklaces of decorated chains (called mirtash, which means shimmering). Most shops will be happy to let you try on these eye-popping pieces, and even pose 

I Doha City Guide

for photographs wearing them. If you buy any of the traditional wedding pieces with coloured decoration, ask what the stones are. Coloured glass and semi-precious stones are often used instead of precious stones. There are a number of shops that specialise in selling cut and uncut precious stones or jewellery incorporating precious stones. You can also design your own pieces, and many visitors buy chains with a name-pendant in Arabic script. Enunciate the name clearly and it will be written phonetically in Arabic script, which runs from right to left.

Doha’s souqs are bustling, vibrant and piled high with interesting gems to be discovered. Don’t be afraid to browse; no one will mind if you pick articles up or check the feel of a fabric. If you don’t see what you want, just ask — shopkeepers are usually willing to help. With people of so many nationalities working in the souqs, chances are that someone will be able to speak your language. If not, hand gestures or sign language is always useful. The souqs are safe places to shop at any time of the day, whether you are venturing out in a group or alone. And having visited once, you are sure to want to go back — so don’t leave a visit until your last day!

In the alleyways behind the main shops, you will find ateliers selling second-hand silver and gold jewellery, including examples of traditional silver Bedouin necklaces, rings, earrings, toerings, bangles and anklets. Several shops also specialise in modern silver. Since many people in Qatar regard watches as jewellery items, you will find a wide range of designer watches, and some shops in this area also buy and sell famous brands second-hand, with documents to certify their authenticity. You can often find a true bargain.

Doha City Guide I 1

Where to eat
Dining around Town Al Bandar Restaurants, Seafood, Indian,
Arabic cuisines, Al Corniche St, Tel. 431 1818

Applebee’s, International cuisine 1) Suhaim Bin Hamad St, 2) City Center-Doha Tel. 1) 436 0747 2) 493 4880 Asiana, Asian cuisine, 1) Airport Intersection
2) Landmark Mall, Tel. 1) 462 6600 2) 488 2612

Al Dar, International cuisine
Doha Club, Tel. 441 8822

Al Hamra, Lebanese, Syrian, Arabic cuisines
Al Rayyan Rd, Tel. 443 3297

Assaha Lebanese Village
Lebanese cuisine, Al Matar St, Tel. 435 5353

Al Khaima, Oriental, International cuisines
Al Sadd St, Tel. 444 6962

Automatic Restaurant, Oriental,
International cuisines, Al Sadd St, Tel. 442 5999

Al Khair, Syrian cuisine, Al Diwan St
Tel. 431 3998

Baguette, International cuisine, Suhaim Bin Hamad St, Tel 432 2524 Balhambar, Arabic cuisine, Al Corniche St.
Tel. 483 4423

Al Majless Al Arabi, Arabic, Lebanese
cuisines, Al Salama St (Al Sadd Area) Tel. 444 7417

Beijing, Chinese cuisine, Salwa Rd (opposite
The Centre), Tel. 435 8688

Al Mandaloun, Lebanese cuisine
8th Floor, Alfardan Centre, Grand Hamad St Tel. 435 3156

Bennigan’s, Irish American cuisine, Khalifa
International Tennis and Squash Complex, Tel. 483 8700

Al Mandarin, Juices, sandwiches, desserts
1) Salwa Rd (near Jarir Bookstore) 2) Al Shafi St (Rayyan City) Tel. 1) 442 5588 2) 482 1158

Best Fish, Seafood, 1) Al Mirqab Al Jadeed St
2) Al Sadd St, Tel. 1) 443 8540 2) 444 7656

Betos, Argentinian Grill
Suhaim Bin Hamad St, Tel. 432 0333

Al Mounir, Lebanese cuisine
Al Mirqab Al Jadeed St, Tel. 441 7131

Bukhara, Indian cuisine specialising in
Mughlai, Khalifa International Tennis and Squash Complex Tel. 483 3345

Al Rabwah, Western, Eastern, Arabic cuisines
Al Wakra Main St, Tel. 464 4542

Al Rawchee, Lebanese cuisine
Al Mirqab Al Jadeed St, Tel. 432 1100

Caravan, Asian, International cuisine,
Salwa Road, Ramada Junction, Tel. 465 1133

Al Sayyad, Seafood, Oriental cuisine
The Diplomatic Club, Tel. 483 9000

Al Shami Home Restaurant, Arabic cuisine
Suhaim Bin Hamad St, Tel. 443 3666

Chili’s, American, Tex-Mex cuisines 1) Suhaim Bin Hamad St 2) The Mall Tel. 1) 444 5335 2) 466 0663 Ciao Restaurant, Italian cuisine, 1) Salwa Rd
(near Qatar Decoration R/A), 2) Main Road (Al Khor), Tel. 1) 468 9100 2) 472 0361

Al Sultan Restaurant, BBQ, Lebanese
cuisine, 1) Al Mirqab Al Jadeed St 2) Al Matar St, Tel. 1) 441 4067 2) 441 1865

CrepAway, American, French cuisines Salwa Rd (Al Muthanna Complex), Tel. 465 5830 

I Doha City Guide

Diet Shop, International cuisine, Salwa Rd
(Al Muthanna Complex), Tel. 466 4995

La maison du Café, International cuisine
1) Salwa Rd (Al Muthanna Complex), 2) Royal Plaza, Tel. 1) 455 2920 2) 436 7464

Diwaniyat Al Bukhari, Oriental, Continental
cuisines, 1) Gharrafa, 2) Souq Al Qala’a 3) City Center-Doha, Tel. 488 8807

Eli France Cafe, International cuisine
1) Salwa Rd 2) City Center-Doha Tel. 435 7222

La Rochelle, French pastries, bakery, sandwiches, salads, Suhaim Bin Hamad St Tel. 443 5073 Layali, Lebanese cuisine
Salwa Rd, Tel. 431 0005

Fairways, International cuisine
Doha Golf Club, Tel. 483 2338

Le Gourmet, International cuisine
Suhaim Bin Hamad St, Tel. 437 6025

Fakhr El Din Restaurant, Lebanese cuisine
Suhaim Bin Hamad St, Tel. 435 0050

Le Grill, Steakhouse, The Diplomatic Club Tel. 483 9000 Le Ménage, International cuisine
Doha Club, Tel. 441 8822

Far East Restaurant, Chinese, Japanese
Thai cuisines, Al Mirgab Al Jadeed St Tel. 441 1669

Ma Maison Salon de Thé, French cuisine
Salwa Rd (Al Emadi Centre), Tel. 466 7727

Fuddruckers, American steaks, burgers,
salads, Khalifa International Tennis and Squash Complex, Tel. 483 3983

Maharaja, Indian, Chinese, Continental
cuisines, Al Asmakh St (Qatar Palace Hotel), Tel. 442 1642

Italian Fisherman, Italian, American cuisines
Salwa Rd (near Al Asiri Interchange) Tel. 466 6474

Massaya, Lebanese cuisine, steakhouse Doha Club Marina, Tel. 444 7423 Mazza Restaurant, Indian, Chinese,
Continental cuisines, Al Matar St Tel. 462 0077

J.G. Sandwich Cellar, English cuisine
Ras Abu Abboud St, Tel. 435 7559

Johnny Rockets, American cuisine
Salwa Rd (Al Emadi Centre), Tel. 455 2792

Mint Living Restaurant and Café
International cuisine, Salwa Rd (Al Muthanna Complex), Tel. 467 5577

Kababji, Kebabs, Al Jamiaa St
(near Al Meera), Al Dafna Area, Tel. 483 8680

Kebab King, Arabic, Indian, Chinese,
Continental cuisines, 1) Al Matar St (Souq Khalid), 2) Ras Abu Abboud St, Tel. 441 0400

Moon Palace Restaurant, Korean, Japanese
cuisines, Al Mirqab Al Jadeed St Tel. 432 9700

Korean Garden, Korean, Japanese cuisines
Suhaim Bin Hamad St, Tel. 442 1853

Nando’s, Flame-grilled chicken, 1) Salwa Rd
(Souq Al Rawda), 2) City Center-Doha Tel. 1) 444 2345, 2) 493 0785

LA Boutique, Coffee, sandwiches, pastries
Suhaim Bin Hamad St, Tel. 432 0333

Neo, Italian, Japanese, Chinese cuisines
Salwa Rd, Tel. 432 2508

Oasis Bar, International cuisine, light meals,
snacks, Doha Golf Club, Tel. 483 2338

Doha City Guide I 

Orient Express, Filipino, Chinese cuisines
1) Al Defaaf St (Al Sadd Area) 2) The Mall 3) Hyatt Plaza, Tel. 444 1255 (Al Defaaf St)

Star of India, Indian, Chinese cuisines
Khalifa St, Tel. 486 3708

Palm Grove Restaurant, Indian, Chinese
cuisines, Al Matar St, Tel. 465 1214

Take Away, Oriental cuisine, 1) Al Sadd St 2) Al Matar St, 1) 442 7778, 2) 466 7307 Tajine, Moroccan cuisine, Salwa Rd
(opposite The Centre), Tel. 444 4171

Paradise, Arabic, Indian, Chinese cuisines
Al Matar St (Al Jazeera Service Apartment) Tel. 431 8550

Tandoor, Indian BBQ, Al Matar St
(near Family Food Centre), Tel. 462 0100

Ponderosa, Steakhouse, grand buffet
1) Ramada Junction, 2) Al Jamiaa St (near Al Meera), Al Dafna Area Tel. 1) 465 7310, 2) 483 6206

Tanjore, Indian cuisine, Suhaim Bin Hamad St, Tel. 432 0333 Thai Noodles, Asian cuisine
1) Opposite Souq Al Asiery 2) Ahmed Bin Mohamed Bin Thani St 3) Mesaieed Tel. 1) 443 4220 2) 435 2245 3) 477 1408

Qurtobah Restaurant, Arabic, Lebanese
cuisines, Hitteen St. (Al Muntazah Area) Tel. 444 4514

Ras Al Nasaa, Oriental, Italian, International,
Iranian cuisines, Al Corniche St. (near Doha Club), Tel. 441 1177

Thai Snack House, Thai cuisine, Al Mirqab
Al Jadeed St, Tel. 432 9704

Ric’s Kountry Kitchen, American cuisine
Ras Abu Abboud St (near Sana store) Tel. 443 7846

The Garden, Indian (fine dining, casual,
non-veg, veg) cuisine, Al Kahraba St, Tel. 436 5676

Royal Palace of Bukhari, Arabic cuisine
1) Al Mirqab Al Jadeed St, 2) Najma St Tel. 1) 436 0802 2) 436 0801

The Great Wall Chinese, Chinese cuisine
Salwa Rd (next to The Centre), Tel. 431 2812

Turkey Central Restaurant, Arabic cuisine
Al Mirqab Al Jadeed St, Tel. 443 2927

Shaharzad, Egyptian cuisine, Suhaim Bin
Hamad St, Tel. 443 7586

Turkish Al Bukhari, Turkish, Arabic cuisines
Khalifa St, Tel. 486 6515

Shater Abbas Restaurant, Arabic, Iranian
cuisines, multiple locations Tel. 443 4517 (Salwa Rd, next to Jarir Bookshop)

Venice Restaurant, Oriental cuisine
Al Sadd St, Tel. 444 1750

Shebestan Palace, Iranian cuisine
Al Sadd St,Tel. 442 5599

Sindebad Restaurant, Iranian cuisine
Al Matar St, Tel. 431 2623

Spikes Lounge, International cuisine, light
meals, snacks, Doha Golf Club, Tel. 483 2338 

I Doha City Guide

Dining in Hotels Doha Marriott Hotel , Tel. 429 8499 Corniche, International, Mediterranean,
seafood buffet

Ramada Hotel Doha, Tel. 441 7417 Hyde Park Coffee Shop, International,
Middle Eastern cuisines/buffet

Maxim, French, Continental cuisines Chingari, Indian tandoori Sakura, Japanese cuisine The Italian Job, Italian cuisine Sheraton Doha Hotel, Tel. 485 4444 Al Hubara, International cuisine/buffet Al Shaheen, Arabic, International cuisines La Veranda, Italian cuisine Pirate’s Cove, Seafood, BBQ Laffan Restaurant, Asia de Cuba cuisine The Ritz-Carlton, Doha, Tel. 484 8000 La Mer, Modern French cuisine Porcini, Italian cuisine The Lagoon, International cuisine/buffet Flamingo’s, International cuisine Al Bustan Hotel, Tel. 432 8888 Albatross, International cuisine Al Khayal, Lebanese, Arabic cuisines Al Bustan Tent, Lebanese, Arabic cuisines Al Sadd Merweb Hotel, Tel. 447 1111 Midwest, International buffet

All’ Aperto, Italian cuisine Asia Live!, Far Eastern cuisine Salsa, Tex-Mex cuisine Taj Rasoi, Indian cuisine Four Seasons Hotel Doha, Tel. 494 8888 Brasserie on the Beach, International
cuisine/buffet with Lebanese accents

Il Teatro, Italian cuisine Pool Grill, International cuisine Grand Regency Hotel Doha, Tel. 434 3333 Grand Gourmet, International buffet Tangia, Moroccan cuisine Chopsticks, Chinese cuisine InterContinental Doha, Tel. 484 4444 The Café Restaurant, International buffet Sultan Ibrahim, Fish market Paloma, Tex-Mex cuisine Za Moda, Contemporary Italian cuisine La Cigale Hotel - Qatar, Tel. 428 8888 Le Central, International buffet Le Crillon, Continental cuisine Le Cigalon, International cuisine

Doha City Guide I 

Mercure Grand Hotel, Tel. 446 2222 La Brasserie, International buffet La Villa, Mediterranean cuisine The Old Manor Steak House

Malls and HyperMarkets City Center-Doha Applebee’s, International cuisine, Level 3, top of west escalator, Tel. 493 4880 Café de Paris, Coffee shop, Filipino, Western
cuisine, Level 3, Tel. 483 6474

Mövenpick Hotel Doha, Tel. 429 1111 Seasons, International buffet Oasis Hotel & The Beach Club
Tel. 442 4424

Eli France Café, International cuisine
Level 2, main entrance atrium, Tel. 483 9330

Nando’s, Flame-grilled chicken
Level 3, Tel. 493 0785

Al Nakheel Restaurant, International

Pizza Express, Pizzas, salads, main dishes
Level 3, near the Cinemas, Tel. 483 9595

La Taverna, Italian cuisine Chinese Restaurant, Chinese cuisine Rydges Plaza Doha, Tel. 438 5444 GCR Garden Court Restaurant,
International cuisine/buffet

Pizza Hut, Pizzas, salads, pastas
Level 1, opposite Carrefour, Tel. 483 7328

Richoux, Coffee shop, restaurant Level 3, Tel. 493 1661 Vogue Cafe, International cuisine,
ice creams, cakes, Ground Floor, near Water World. Tel. 493 0434

Il Rustico, Contemporary Italian cuisine Sealine Beach Resort (Mesaieed)
Tel. 476 5299

Royal Plaza Omar Khayyam Restaurant
Iranian cuisine, Level 2, Tel. 413 1375

Pearl Restaurant, International, Oriental

Valentino Restaurant, French, Mexican,
American, Lebanese, Italian cuisines Level 2, Tel. 413 1441

Al Sultan Beach Resort (Al Khor)
Tel. 472 2666

La maison du Café, Sandwiches, salads,
pastries, Level 1, Tel. 436 7464

Al Dente & Seafood Restaurant
Italian cuisine, seafood: Asian, Arabic styles

Hyatt Plaza I.L Foro Romano, Italian cuisine
Main Mall, Tel. 458 1111

Blue Brasserie, International buffet 

6 I Doha City Guide

Landmark Shopping Mall Opéra Cafe, Light snacks, coffee, shop,
Main Mall, above the patisserie Tel. 486 3334

Caffe Amici, Fresh juices, juice cocktails, milkshakes, coffee, City Center-Doha Level 2, East Court Chalet de Café, Coffee, pastries, cakes, fresh
juices, Hyatt Plaza

Pizza Express, Pizzas, pastas, salads
Southwest corner; entrance from outside only Tel. 488 5067

Cinnabon/Seattle’s Best Coffee, Cinnamon
rolls, chillatas, coffees, City Center-Doha Level 3 (multiple branches)

T.G.I. Friday’s, International, American
cuisines, Main Mall, Southwest corner, near BHS, Tel. 486 6602

CinnZeo, Snacks, teas, coffees,
City Center-Doha, Level 1 adjacent to Carrefour (multiple branches)

THE One Restaurant, Fuision cuisine,
snacks, afternoon tea, Upstairs in THE One Lifestyle Store, Tel. 488 8669

City Internet Cafe, Light meals, salads, teas,
coffees, City Center-Doha, Level 1

The Mall Biella, Pizzas, pastas, salads
Ground Floor, Tel. 467 7731/32

Coffee Cottage, Cakes, pastries, hot and cold
drinks, City Center-Doha, Level 3 main mall - at the top of the west escalators

Coffee Market, Coffee, tea, fruit juices, fruit
cocktails, sandwiches, burgers, light meals Dasman Al Matar St, Tel. 650 2119

Chili’s, American, Tex-Mex cuisines
Ground Floor, Tel. 466 0663

Coffee, Pastry Shops Al Kut, Grand Regency Hotel, Doha
Light meals, desserts, teas, coffees Tel. 434 3333

Costa Coffee, Teas, coffees, soft drinks,
cakes, snacks, Hyatt Plaza, Tel. 469 7961 (multiple branches)

Cup & Cino, Coffee, snacks, pastries
Royal Plaza, Tel. 413 0375

Arabica Café, Coffee shop, sandwiches,
desserts, Four Seasons Hotel Doha Tel. 494 8888

Fauchon, French cuisine, coffee shop, pastries, Salwa Rd (Souq Najd), Tel. 432 4888 Grand Joud Café & Restaurant, Arabic
cuisine, Salwa Rd (opposite The Centre) Tel. 442 9944

Arti’s Café, Coffee, chocolate fountain
Ramada Hotel, 441 7417

Atrium Lounge, International light dining
Sheraton Doha Hotel, Tel. 485 4444

Hediard, French, Arabic cuisines, Salwa Rd
(near Al Asiri Interchange), Tel. 444 1213

Baskin Robbins/Dunkin Donuts
Doughnuts, coffee, teas, ice creams Royal Plaza, Tel. 413 1282 (multiple branches)

La Croisette, Pastries, coffee shop
Al Bustan Hotel, Tel. 431 1310

Cafe Batteel, International cuisine, coffee
shop, pastries, Salwa Rd, Tel. 444 1414 (multiple branches)

La Dolce Vita!, Pastries, teas, coffees
The Ritz-Carlton, Doha, Tel. 484 8000

Doha City Guide I 7

LeNôtre Paris, International cuisine, coffee
shop, pastries, Salwa Rd (Al Emadi Centre), Tel. 455 2111

Fast Food Malls City Center-Doha Al Tazaj Fakieh, Barbequed chicken, kofta,
salads, fries, East, West Foodcourt

Lina’s Café, International cuisine
Salwa Rd (Souq Al Rawda), Tel. 436 5488

Lobby Lounge, Light snacks, teas, coffees
InterContinental Doha, Tel. 484 4444

Baskin Robbins/Dunkin Donuts,
Doughnuts and toppings, ice cream, ice cream drinks, West Foodcourt

Lobby Lounge, Light meals, teas, coffees
The Ritz-Carlton, Doha, Tel. 484 8000

Burger King, Beef, chicken and fish burgers,
fries, East, West Foodcourt

Opéra Cafe, International cuisine
Tel. 486 3331 (multiple branches)

Diwaniyat Al-Bukhari, Koftas, grills, ribs,
kebabs, pizzas, East Foodcourt and Level 1, opposite Carrefour

Palm Garden, Snacks, desserts
Ramada Hotel Doha, Tel. 441 7417

Seaside Patisserie and Coffee Shop
International cuisine, Suhaim Bin Hamad St Tel. 436 4367

Golden Dragon, Chinese cuisine
West Foodcourt

Seasons Tea Lounge, Light meals,
Arabic sweets, teas, coffees, Four Seasons Hotel Doha Tel. 494 8888

Hardee’s, Burgers, fries, side dishes West Foodcourt KFC, Fried chicken, fries, wraps, burgers
East, West Foodcourt

Starbucks, Coffee Shop, pastries, snacks
Tel. 488 0575 (multiple branches)

Kudu, Breakfasts, burgers, salads,
sandwiches, West Foodcourt

Tea Time, Teas, coffees, pastries, snacks,
soft drinks, The Mall, Ground Floor

McDonald’s, Burgers, fries West Foodcourt Mex Chic’Inn, Tex-Mex, chicken
West Foodcourt

The Coffee Beanery, Coffees, juices, light
snacks, Salwa Road, Tel. 465 7800 (multiple branches)

Mr. Waffle, Belgian waffles, ice creams
East Foodcourt

Pizza Hut, Appetisers, salads, pastas,
sandwiches, pizzas, East, West Foodcourt

Safeer Express, Lebanese cuisine
West Foodcourt

Shater Abbas, Iranian, Arabic cuisines
East, West Foodcourt

Subway, Sandwiches, salads, West Foodcourt 

I Doha City Guide

Syrian Chef, Arabic snacks, appetisers,
meals, West Foodcourt

Landmark Shopping Mall Al Tazaj Fakieh, Barbecued chicken Asiana, Asian cuisine Dairy Queen, Burgers Hollywood Stars, Baked potatoes, Italian
pastas, sandwiches, salads

TCBY, Frozen yoghurts, ice creams, teas,
coffees, East Foodcourt

Yum Yum Tree, East Foodcourt Cactus Cabana, Salads, kebab, fries, Turkish
grills, shawarma, fresh juices, East Foodcourt

China Town, Chow mein dishes Mrs. Vanellis, Pizzas, pastas, salads,

KFC, Fried chicken, fries McDonald’s, Burgers, fries Pizza Hut, Pizzas, pastas, salads Subway, Sandwiches, coffees, teas Surf City Squeeze, Juices, fresh fruit Yum Yum Tree Teriyaki, Steak, chicken and shrimp teriyaki
served with rice or noodles

Teriyaki, steak, chicken, shrimp teriyaki Royal Plaza Baskin Robbins/Dunkin Donuts,
Doughnuts, coffee, teas, ice creams, Level 2

Cup & Cino, Coffees, snacks, pastries, Level 2 Hyatt Plaza Al Khayal Restaurant, Arabic, Eastern
Mediterranean cuisines

Cactus Cabana, Salads, kebabs, fries,
Turkish grills, shawarmas, juices

Mrs. Vanellis, Pizzas, pastas, salads,

Al Tazaj Fakieh, Barbecued chicken, koftas Burger King, Chicken, beef and fish burgers,
fries, salads

The Mall KFC, Fried chicken, fries, beverages McDonald’s, Burgers, fries, soft drinks Orient Express, Filipino, Oriental cuisines Fresh N Fresh, Fresh juices
Ground Floor near the Q-Mart

KFC, Fried chicken, fries Kudu, Burgers, salads, sandwiches, fries Orient Express, Oriental, Filipino cuisines Pizza Hut, Pizzas, pastas, salads Pizza Inn, Pizzas, pastas, salads Shater Abbas, Iranian, Arabic cuisines Yum Yum Tree/Mrs. Vanellis
Pizzas, pasta, salads, meatballs

Centrepoint Dip ’N Crunch, Fun food
Ground Floor, Tel. 483 9095

McDonald’s, Burgers, fries
Ground Floor, Tel. 436 0741

Doha City Guide I 

Bars and More Admiral’s Club, The Ritz-Carlton, Doha
Tel. 484 8000

Madison - The Piano Bar, La Cigale Hotel,
Qatar, Tel. 428 8888

Paloma, InterContinental Doha, Tel. 484 4444 Piano Piano, Mövenpick Hotel Doha
Tel. 429 1111

Alegria Bar, Sheraton Doha Hotel
Tel. 485 4444

Al Waha Lounge Bar, Oasis Hotel &
The Beach Club, Tel. 442 4424

Qube, Ramada Hotel Doha
Tel. 441 7417

Aussie Legends, Rydges Plaza Doha
Tel. 438 5444

Shehrazad Lounge Bar, Ramada Hotel Doha
Tel. 441 7417

CloudNYN, Al Sadd Merweb Hotel
Tel. 447 1111

The Library, Ramada Hotel Doha
Tel. 441 7417

Dunes Cocktail Lounge, Sealine Beach
Resort (Mesaieed), Tel. 476 5299

The Old Manor Steak House, Mercure
Grand Hotel, Tel. 446 2222

Habanos, The Ritz-Carlton, Doha
Tel. 484 8000

The Pearl Lounge Club, Doha Marriott Hotel
Tel. 429 8499

Library Bar & Cigar Lounge
Four Seasons Hotel Doha, Tel. 494 8888

Waterhole, Sheraton Doha Hotel
Tel. 485 4444

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