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Topic Topic 1: Tutorial Divide your class into categories. You are free to choose any category that you want for this group division. (e.g. according to birthdays, favouritecolours etc.). You can have as many categories as you want. This is an invidual task. Use thinking map to show your group division. Upload the file in your eportfolio Topic 2: Awareness Of Socio-cultural Aspects Of Ethnic Groups Tutorial Divide yourself into 7 groups. Each group will choose one custom from below and you are required to find information on the custom and ritual for birth, seventh months of pregnancy, marriage, and death. Malay Custom Chinese Custom Indian Custom Punjabi Custom Custom of ethnic groups in Sarawak Custom of ethnic groups in Sabah Custom of Orang Asli Tutorial task

Each group will present these different customs during the tutorial hour Topic 3: Multicultural Issues in Multicultural Classroom 1. Analyze the multicultural issues that were discussed in the journal and provide suggestions on how you could solve the problems/issues. 2. Identify some multicultural issues encountered in Malaysian multicultural classroom and then please provide resolutions for the problems/issues and their implications. You are required to answer these questions using thinking map and upload image file. Tutorial 3.3 Elements and moral values acquired through extra-curricular activities are regarded as hidden curriculum. Explain how co-curricular activities in school can forge friendly relations among diverse students. Type in your comments. Tutorial 3.1 Multicultural issues would arise from a multicultural classroom. Read the journal on the multicultural issues in the school setting and answer the question below.


Topic 4: Inequality in educational opportunities Tutorial Form 5 groups. Each group is required to choose any one of the following aspects: Social class Exceptional children Orang asli Indigenous Interior

Each group needs to discuss whether inequality in education occurs in the aspect chosen; if there is, explain how and why it happens. You also need to elaborate on what educational opportunities provided by the government and school to the particular group. Your information must be supported by relevant supporting materials.

Topic 5: Cultural Friendly Teaching and Learning Environment Topic 6: Teacher Communication Skills

You will present and discuss your findings during the tutorial hours.

Tutorial 6.2 Discuss the problems of a teacher may encounter when communicating with students in a multiracial classroom (include the different races, ethnics, the exceptional students and the indigenous group.) Provide suggestions on how a teacher should deal with the situation. Use thinking map to answer these question

Topic 7: Action Plan to Create Culture Friendly Environment

Tutorial 7.2 As a culturally sensitive teacher, prepare an action plan that could develop the following aspects: Cultural consciousness in the school Intercultural competence (combating racism, sexism, prejudice and discrimination)

Use action plan format as in Resource 7.1