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com Model: 35RZG

190--600 V Gas

Standard Features
D Kohler Co. provides one-source responsibility for the generating
system and accessories.
D The generator set and its components are prototype-tested,
factory-built, and production-tested.
Ratings Range
60 Hz 50 Hz D The 60 Hz generator set offers a UL 2200 listing.
Standby: kW 31--42 27--34 D The generator set accepts rated load in one step.
kVA 31--53 27--42 D The 60 Hz generator set meets NFPA 110, Level 1, when
Prime: kW 29--39 25--30 equipped with the necessary accessories and installed per NFPA
kVA 29--49 25--37 standards.
D A one-year limited warranty covers all systems and components.
Two-, five-, and ten-year extended warranties are also available.
D Alternator features:
d The unique Fast-Responset II excitation system delivers
excellent voltage response and short circuit capability using a
permanent magnet (PM)-excited alternator.
d The brushless, rotating-field alternator has broadrange
D Other features:
d A rugged industrial gas engine delivers rated power at
1800 rpm (60 Hz) and 1500 rpm (50 Hz).
d Controllers are available for all applications. See controller
features inside.
d The electronic, isochronous governor incorporates an
integrated drive-by-wire throttle body actuator delivering
precise frequency regulation.

Generator Set Ratings

Natural Gas LP Gas
130_C Rise 105_C Rise 130_C Rise 105_C Rise
Standby Rating Prime Rating Standby Rating Prime Rating
Alternator Voltage Ph Hz kW/kVA Amps kW/kVA Amps kW/kVA Amps kW/kVA Amps
120/208 3 60 38/48 132 35/44 121 38/48 132 35/44 121
127/220 3 60 39/49 128 36/45 118 40/50 131 37/46 121
120/240 3 60 37/46 111 34/43 102 37/46 111 34/43 102
120/240 1 60 31/31 129 29/29 121 31/31 129 29/29 121
139/240 3 60 39/49 117 36/45 108 42/53 126 39/49 117
220/380 3 60 36/45 68 33/41 63 36/45 68 33/41 63
277/480 3 60 39/49 58 36/45 55 42/53 63 39/49 59
347/600 3 60 39/49 47 36/45 43 42/53 51 39/49 47
110/190 3 50 31/39 118 29/36 109 32/40 122 29/36 109
115/200 3 50 31/39 111 29/36 104 33/41 118 29/36 104
120/208 3 50 31/39 108 29/36 100 34/42 117 30/37 103
110/220 3 50 31/39 102 29/36 94 32/40 105 29/36 94
110/220 1 50 27/27 123 25/25 114 27/27 123 25/25 114
220/380 3 50 31/39 59 29/36 55 32/40 61 29/36 55
230/400 3 50 31/39 56 29/36 52 33/41 59 29/36 52
240/416 3 50 31/39 54 29/36 49 34/42 58 30/37 51
4Q5 120/240 1 60 38/38 158 34/34 142 38/38 158 34/34 142
110/220 1 50 30/30 136 27/27 123 32/32 145 29/29 132
RATINGS: All three-phase units are rated at 0.8 power factor. All single-phase units are rated at 1.0 power factor. Standby Ratings: Standby ratings apply to installations served by a reliable utility source.
The standby rating is applicable to varying loads for the duration of a power outage. There is no overload capability for this rating. Ratings are in accordance with ISO-3046/1, BS 5514, AS 2789, and
DIN 6271. Prime Power Ratings: Prime power ratings apply to installations where utility power is unavailable or unreliable. At varying load, the number of generator set operating hours is unlimited. A
10% overload capacity is available for one hour in twelve. Ratings are in accordance with ISO-8528/1, overload power in accordance with ISO-3046/1, BS 5514, AS 2789, and DIN 6271. For limited running
time and base load ratings, consult the factory. Obtain the technical information bulletin (TIB-101) on ratings guidelines for the complete ratings definitions. The generator set manufacturer reserves the
right to change the design or specifications without notice and without any obligation or liability whatsoever. GENERAL GUIDELINES FOR DERATION: Altitude: Derate 1.3% per 100 m (328 ft.) elevation
above 200 m (656 ft.). Temperature: Derate 3.0% per 10_C (18_F) temperature above 25_C (77_F). Dual fuel engines are optimized to run on the primary fuel (natural gas) and, as a result, the LPG ratings
may not be attained. For dual fuel engines, use the natural gas ratings for both the primary and secondary fuels.
G4-74 (35RZG) 9/08q
Alternator Specifications
Specifications Alternator D NEMA MG1, IEEE, and ANSI standards compliance for
Manufacturer Kohler
temperature rise and motor starting.
Type 4-Pole, Rotating-Field D Sustained short-circuit current of up to 300% of the rated
Exciter type Brushless, Permanent- current for up to 10 seconds.
Leads: quantity, type D Sustained short-circuit current enabling downstream circuit
4P5B 12, Reconnectable breakers to trip without collapsing the alternator field.
4Q5 4, 110--120/220--240
D Self-ventilated and dripproof construction.
Voltage regulator Solid State, Volts/Hz
Insulation: NEMA MG1 D Vacuum-impregnated windings with fungus-resistant epoxy
Material Class H varnish for dependability and long life.
Temperature rise 130_C, Standby
Bearing: quantity, type 1, Sealed D Superior voltage waveform from a two-thirds pitch stator and
Coupling Flexible Disc skewed rotor.
Amortisseur windings Full
D Fast-Responset II brushless alternator with brushless
Voltage regulation, no-load to full-load
exciter for excellent load response.
Permanent magnet (PM) alternator ±2% Average
550 controller (with 0.5% drift
due to temperature variation) 3-Phase Sensing, ±0.25%
Unbalanced load capability 100% of Rated Standby
One-step load acceptance 100% of Rating
Peak motor starting kVA: (35% dip for voltages below)
480 V, 380 V 4P5B (12 lead) 130 (60Hz), 90 (50Hz)
240 V, 220 V 4Q5 (4 lead) 95 (60Hz), 78 (50Hz)

Application Data
Engine Engine Electrical
Engine Specifications 60 Hz 50 Hz Engine Electrical System 60 Hz 50 Hz
Manufacturer General Motors Ignition system Electronic, Distributor
Engine: model, type Industrial Powertrain Battery charging alternator:
Vortec 4.3 L, 4-Cycle Ground (negative/positive) Negative
Natural Aspiration Volts (DC) 12
Cylinder arrangement V-6 Ampere rating 70
Displacement, L (cu. in.) 4.3 (262) Starter motor rated voltage (DC) 12
Bore and stroke, mm (in.) 101.6 x 88.4 (4.00 x 3.48)
Battery, recommended cold cranking
Compression ratio 9.05:1
amps (CCA):
Piston speed, m/min. (ft./min.) 318 (1044) 265 (870)
Qty., rating for --18_C (0°F) One, 630
Main bearings: quantity, type 4, Babbitt
Rated rpm 1800 1500 Battery voltage (DC) 12
Max. power at rated rpm, kW (HP) 56 (75) 44.8 (60)
Engine power at standby rating, kW (HP) Fuel
Natural Gas 49.2 (66) 40.3 (54) Fuel System 60 Hz 50 Hz
LP Gas 53.7 (72) 42.5 (57) Fuel type LP Gas or
Cylinder head material Cast Iron Natural Gas
Piston type and material High Silicon Aluminum Fuel supply line inlet 1 NPTF
Crankshaft material Nodular Iron Natural gas/LPG fuel supply pressure,
Valve (exhaust) material Forged Steel measured at the generator set fuel inlet
Governor type Electronic downstream of any fuel system
Frequency regulation, no-load to full-load Isochronous equipment accessories, kPa (in. H2O) 1.74--2.74 (7.0--11.0)
Frequency regulation, steady state ±0.5%
Frequency Field-Convertible Fuel Composition Limits * Nat. Gas LP Gas
Air cleaner type, all models Dry Methane, % by volume 90 min. —
Ethane, % by volume 4.0 max. —
Exhaust Propane, % by volume 1.0 max. 85 min.
Propene, % by volume 0.1 max. 5.0 max.
Exhaust System 60 Hz 50 Hz
C4 and higher, % by volume 0.3 max. 2.5 max.
Exhaust manifold type Dry Sulfur, ppm mass 25 max.
Exhaust flow at rated kW, m3/min. (cfm) 8.8 (310) 7.6 (270) Lower heating value,
Exhaust temperature at rated kW, dry kJ/m3 (Btu/ft3), min. 26.6 (890) 67.5 (2260)
exhaust, _C (_F) 649 (1200)
Maximum allowable back pressure, * Fuels with other compositions may be acceptable. If your fuel is
kPa (in. Hg) 10.2 (3.0) outside the listed specifications, contact your local distributor for
further analysis and advice.
Exhaust outlet size at engine hookup,
mm (in.) 76 (3.0) OD

G4-74 (35RZG) 9/08q

Application Data
Lubrication LP Gas, m3/hr. (cfh) at % load Standby Ratings
Lubricating System 60 Hz 50 Hz 100% 6.9 (242) 6.0 (211)
Type Full Pressure 75% 5.4 (191) 4.5 (158)
Oil pan capacity, L (qt.) 4.3 (4.5) 50% 4.0 (141) 3.3 (116)
Oil pan capacity with filter, L (qt.) 5.7 (6.0) 25% 2.9 (101) 2.4 (83)
Oil filter: quantity, type 1, Cartridge LP Gas, m3/hr. (cfh) at % load Prime Ratings
100% 6.3 (223) 5.4 (192)
Cooling 75% 5.0 (177) 4.2 (147)
Radiator System 60 Hz 50 Hz 50% 3.8 (134) 3.1 (110)
25% 2.8 (98) 2.3 (80)
Ambient temperature, _C (_F) * 50 (122)
Engine jacket water capacity, L (gal.) 6.8 (1.8) w Fuel consumption is based on 1015 Btu/standard cu. ft. natural gas.
Radiator system capacity, including LP vapor conversion factors:
engine, L (gal.) 19.7 (5.2) 8.58 ft.3 = 1 lb.
Engine jacket water flow, Lpm (gpm) 106.0 (28) 87.1 (23) 0.535 m3 = 1 kg.
Heat rejected to cooling water at rated 36.39 ft.3 = 1 gal.
kW, dry exhaust, kW (Btu/min.) 39.2 (2230) 33.9 (1930)
Water pump type Centrifugal
Fan diameter, including blades, mm (in.)
Fan, kWm (HP)
533 (21)
3.0 (4.0) 1.7 (2.3)
Max. restriction of cooling air, intake and
discharge side of radiator, kPa (in. H2O) 0.125 (0.5)
* Weather housing with roof-mounted silencer and enclosure with
enclosed silencer reduce ambient temperature capability by 5_C

Remote Radiator System[ 60 Hz 50 Hz Decision-Makert 550 Controller

Exhaust manifold type Dry Audiovisual annunciation with NFPA 110 Level 1 capability.
Connection sizes: Programmable microprocessor logic and digital display features.
Water inlet, ID hose, mm (in.) 44.45 (1.75) Alternator safeguard circuit protection.
Water outlet, ID hose, mm (in.) 38.10 (1.50) 12- or 24-volt engine electrical system capability.
Static head allowable Remote start, remote annunciation, and remote communication options.
above engine, kPa (ft. H2O) Refer to G6-46 for additional controller features and accessories.
4.32 (17.0)
[ Contact your local distributor for cooling system options and
specifications based on your specific requirements.

Operation Requirements
Air Requirements 60 Hz 50 Hz
Radiator-cooled cooling air,
m3/min. (scfm)] 142 (5000) 113 (4000)
Cooling air required for generator set
Decision-Makert 3+, 16-Light Controller
when equipped with city water cooling or
Audiovisual annunciation with NFPA 110 Level 1 capability.
remote radiator, based on 14_C (25_F)
rise and ambient temperature of 29_C Microprocessor logic, AC meters, and engine gauge features.
(85_F), m3/min. (cfm) 12- or 24-volt engine electrical system capability.
82 (2900) 71 (2500)
Remote start, prime power, and remote annunciation options.
Combustion air, m3/min. (cfm) 2.61 (92) 2.27 (80)
Refer to G6-30 for additional controller features and accessories.
Heat rejected to ambient air:
Engine, kW (Btu/min.) 16.0 (910) 13.0 (740)
Alternator, kW (Btu/min.) 6.3 (360) 6.2 (350)
] Air density = 1.20 kg/m3 (0.075 lbm/ft3)

Fuel Consumption 60 Hz 50 Hz
Natural Gas, m3/hr. (cfh) at % loadw Standby Ratings
100% 16.5 (584) 13.5 (477)
75% 13.8 (486) 10.4 (367)
50% 10.2 (360) 8.0 (281) Decision-Makert 1 Controller
25% 7.7 (272) 5.8 (206) Single-light annunciation and basic controls with NFPA capability.
Relay logic, AC meters, and engine gauge features.
Natural Gas, m3/hr. (cfh) at % loadw Prime Ratings 12-volt engine electrical system capability only.
100% 15.5 (548) 12.4 (437) Remote or automatic start options.
75% 12.8 (452) 9.7 (344) Refer to G6-29 for additional controller features and accessories.
50% 9.7 (344) 7.6 (267) Note: Not available with 600-volt alternator.
25% 7.5 (264) 5.7 (200)

G4-74 (35RZG) 9/08q

KOHLER CO., Kohler, Wisconsin 53044 USA Kohler Power Systems
Phone 920-565-3381, Fax 920-459-1646 Asia Pacific Headquarters
For the nearest sales and service outlet in the 7 Jurong Pier Road
US and Canada, phone 1-800-544-2444 Singapore 619159 Phone (65) 6264-6422, Fax (65) 6264-6455

Additional Standard Features Miscellaneous

D Alternator Protection (standard with 550 controller) - Air Cleaner Restrictor Indicator
D Battery Rack and Cables - Engine Fluids (oil and coolant) Added
D Electronic, Isochronous Governor - Rated Power Factor Testing
D Gas Fuel System (includes fuel mixer, secondary gas regulator, - Rodent Guards
gas solenoid valve, and flexible fuel line between the engine
and the skid-mounted fuel system components) Literature
D Integral Vibration Isolation - General Maintenance
- NFPA 110
D Oil Drain Extension
- Overhaul
D Operation and Installation Literature
- Production

Available Options Warranty

- 2-Year Basic
Approvals and Listings
- 2-Year Prime
- CSA Approval - 5-Year Basic
- IBC Seismic Certification - 5-Year Comprehensive
- UL 2200 Listing
Other Options
Enclosed Unit - _______________________________________________
- Sound Enclosure (with enclosed critical silencer) - _______________________________________________
- Weather Enclosure (with enclosed critical silencer) - _______________________________________________
- Weather Housing (with roof-mounted silencer) - _______________________________________________
Open Unit - _______________________________________________
- Exhaust Silencer, Critical (kits: PA-324468, PA-352663) - _______________________________________________
- Flexible Exhaust Connector, Stainless Steel - _______________________________________________
- _______________________________________________
Fuel System
- Flexible Fuel Line
(required when the generator set skid is spring mounted)
- Gas Filter
- Secondary Gas Solenoid Valve
Controller (550 and 16-Light)
- Common Failure Relay
- Communication Products and PC Software (550 controller only)
- Customer Connection
- Dry Contact (isolated alarm) Dimensions and Weights
- Engine Prealarm Sender Overall Size, L x W x H, mm (in.):
- Local Emergency Stop Wide Skid 2200 x 1040 x 1172 (86.6 x 40.9 x 46.1)
Narrow Skid 2200 x 865 x 1172 (86.6 x 34.0 x 46.1)
- Prime Power Switch (550 controller only)
Weight (radiator model), wet, kg (lb.): 565 (1246)
- Remote Annunciator Panel
- Remote Audiovisual Alarm Panel
- Remote Emergency Stop
- Remote Mounting Cable
- Run Relay
Cooling System
- Block Heater H
[recommended for ambient temperatures below 10°C (50°F)]
- City Water Cooling
- Radiator Duct Flange
- Remote Radiator Cooling
Electrical System W L
NOTE: This drawing is provided for reference only and should not be used for planning
- Alternator Strip Heater installation. Contact your local distributor for more detailed information.
- Battery Charger, Equalize/Float Type
- Battery Heater
- Line Circuit Breaker (NEMA1 enclosure)
- Line Circuit Breaker with Shunt Trip (NEMA1 enclosure)
- Safeguard Breaker (available with 16-light controller)

© 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2008 by Kohler Co. All rights reserved.
G4-74 (35RZG) 9/08q
Industrial Generator Set Accessories

Generator Set Controller

Decision-Makert3+ Controller

General Description and Function

The generator set controller provides system control,
monitoring, and diagnostics for optimum performance.

The generator set controller provides both analog AC

meters and engine gauges and 16-light annunciation of
shutdowns, warnings, and status events.

Standard Features
D Supports Modbusr RTU (Remote Terminal Unit)
communication protocol via RS-485 networks.
D Supports CANbus J1939 communication protocol for
ECM engines
D Contains microcomputer-based logic with a ROM
(read-only memory)-based control algorithm.
D Features upgradeable software for new system
D Provides overspeed protection, cooldown mode, and a
selectable crank mode.
D Provides audio and visual alarms.
D Features analog meters and engine gauges.
D Meets the National Fire Protection Association
requirements of NFPA 99 and NFPA 110 with additional
accessories. NFPA 110, Level 1 requirements typically
apply to health care facilities; NFPA 110, Level 2
requirements apply to less-critical applications.
D Uses conformal coated circuit boards for environmental

Modbusr is a registered trademark of Schneider Electric.

G6-30 10/07k
Decision-Maker™ 3+, 16-Light Controller

Controller Features NFPA Requirements

General Specifications D In order to meet NFPA 110, Level 1 requirements the
D Power source with circuit protection: 12- or 24-volt DC generator set controller must monitor and display specific
D Power draw: 220 milliamps in system ready mode engine/generator safety indications and shutdowns
(or 200 milliamps without panel lamps) D Engine functions:
D Humidity range: 5% to 95% noncondensing d Overcrank shutdown
D Operating temperature range: d High engine temperature shutdown
--40°C to +70°C (--40°F to +158°F) d High engine temperature warning *
D Storage temperature range: d Low water (engine) temperature warning *
--40°C to +85°C (--40°F to +185°F) d Low oil pressure warning *
D Standards: d Low oil pressure shutdown
d CE Directive d Overspeed shutdown
d NFPA 99 d Low fuel (level or pressure) warning *
d NFPA 110 d Low coolant level (auxiliary fault) shutdown
d UL 508 d High battery voltage warning *
D Dimensions—W x H x D, d Low battery voltage warning *
461 x 247 x 297 mm (18.15 x 9.71 x 11.68 in.)
d Air damper indicator
Hardware Features D General functions:
D AC interlock to prevent starter reengagement with engine d Battery charger warning *
running d Master switch not-in-auto
D Battery (DC) circuits are fuse protected d Lamp test
D Controller mounts locally or remotely up to a distance of 12 m d Audible alarm silence
(40 ft. ) and viewed from one of four positions
D LEDs for visual annunciation * Requires optional input sensors on some generator set models
D Gauges and meters for system data
Communication Features
D Supports Modbusr RTU (Remote Terminal Unit) via RS-485
(Comm. module GM32644-KA1 or GM32644-KP1 required)
D Supports Modbusr TCP (Transmission Control Protocol) via
Ethernet (Converter GM41143-KP1 required)
D Supports CANbus J1939 communication protocol
Modbusr is a registered trademark of Schneider Electric.

G6-30 10/07k
Standard Features
D Sixteen LED indicating lights for status, warnings, and D Switches and standard features:
shutdowns d Horn, alarm (with silencing switch)
D Status indicators: d Mode, prime power via jumper selection
d Air damper (red) (if equipped)* d Potentiometer, generator output voltage-adjusting
d Master switch not-in-auto (red) (front panel mounted, ±5% of nominal voltage)
d System ready (green) (350--2000 kW models have adjustment on voltage
regulator in junction box)
D Warning indicators:
d Auxiliary (multiple function)(red) d Shutdown, overvoltage protection
d Battery charger (red)* d Switch, latch-type emergency stop (standard on most
200--2000 kW generator set models)
d Fuel, low—level or pressure (red)* d Switch, lamp test
d Pressure, low oil (yellow)* d Switch, meter range selector
d Temperature, low water (engine) (red)*
d Switch, run, off/reset, auto (engine start) generator set
d Temperature, high engine (yellow)* master
d Voltage, high battery (yellow)* d Timer, engine cooldown, (5-minute fixed)
d Voltage, low battery (red)* D Eight DIP switches for control and communication:
D Shutdown indicators: d Cooldown disable
d Auxiliary (multiple function)(red) d Crank mode select for continuous or cyclic cranking.
d Emergency stop (red)* The cranking provides up to 30 seconds of continuous
d Low fuel (utilizes auxiliary indicator)(red); 125RZG model cranking or 75 seconds of cyclic cranking (crank
only 15 seconds, rest 15 seconds, crank 15 seconds, etc.).
The crank disconnect speed is 750 rpm (25 Hz).
d Level, low coolant (utilizes auxiliary indicator) (available
with radiator-mounted generator set models only) d Engine communication setting (2)
d Overcrank (red) d Modbusr addresses (bit 0, bit 1, bit 2)
d Overspeed (red) d Overspeed protection selection of 60 Hz for 50 Hz models
or 70 Hz for 60 Hz models
d Temperature, high engine (red)
d Pressure, low oil (red) D Terminal strips:
d Underfrequency (utilizes auxiliary indicator)(red) d Terminal strip connections for 2-wire remote start
D Panel illumination lamps (2)
d Terminal strip connections for 2-wire (series connection)
remote emergency stop
D Analog gauges, 51 mm (2 in.):
d Terminal strip connections for remote annunciator
d Pressure gauge, oil
d Terminal strip connections for remote dry contact kit
d Temperature gauge, engine cooling system
d Terminal strip connections for prime power feature
d Voltmeter, DC battery (prevents battery drain when not in use and no battery
D Analog meters, 89 mm (3.5 in.): charger connected)
d AC ammeter, 2% of full-scale accuracy D LEDs on circuit board for troubleshooting diagnosis
d AC voltmeter, 2% of full-scale accuracy d Crank fault
d Frequency meter, 0.5% of full-scale accuracy d Emergency stop
D Running time meter d Overvoltage fault
d Run operation

* Requires optional kit or user-provided device to enable function and lamp indication.

G6-30 10/07k
KOHLER CO., Kohler, Wisconsin 53044 USA Kohler Power Systems
Phone 920-565-3381, Fax 920-459-1646 Asia Pacific Headquarters
For the nearest sales and service outlet in the 7 Jurong Pier Road
US and Canada, phone 1-800-544-2444 Singapore 619159 Phone (65) 6264-6422, Fax (65) 6264-6455

Selected Decision-Makert3+ Accessories

- Common Failure Relay remotely signals auxiliary - Remote Emergency Stop Panel immediately shuts the
fault, emergency stop, high engine temperature, low generator set down from a remote station.
oil pressure, overcrank, and overspeed via one single-
pole, double-throw relay with 10 amp at 120 VAC,
- Prealarms warn of low water (engine) temperature,
10 amp at 28 VDC contacts.
approaching low oil pressure, and approaching high engine
temperature. Kits for gas-fueled models include a low fuel
- Controller Cable, 12 m (40 ft.), enables remote pressure switch.
mounting of the controller.
- Remote Audiovisual Panel warns the operator of fault
- Controller Connection Kit provides a cable shutdowns and prealarm conditions. Common fault lamp
connecting the controller to a terminal strip in the and horn with silence switch.
junction box. Specify the controller connection kit
for junction box remote device connections.
- Remote Serial Annunciator Panel enables the operator
to monitor the status of the generator from a remote
- Dry Contact Kits interface between the controller location. May be required for NFPA 99 and NFPA 110
signals and customer-supplied accessories providing installations. Uses Modbusr RTU (Remote Terminal Unit),
contact closure to activate warning devices such as an industry standard open communication protocol.
lamps or horns. Kits are available in either one or ten
single-pole, double-throw relays with 3 amp at 250 VAC
- Communication Module GM32644-KA1 or GM32644-KP1
contacts. A kit with twenty single-pole, double- throw
relays with 3 amp at 250 VAC contacts is available on is required when using the remote serial annunciator (RSA)
450--2000 kW models. and/or Modbusr/Ethernet communications.

- FASTCHECKr hand-held diagnostic fault detector - Remote Annunciator Panel enables the operator to
activates controller circuits without operating engine/ monitor the status of the generator from a remote location.
generator. Helps service or maintenance personnel May be required for NFPA 99 and NFPA 110 installations.
quickly identify faults in controller and engine circuits.
- Run Relay provides a three-pole, double-throw relay with
- 10 Amp Float/Equalize Battery Charger with Alarm 10 amp at 250 VAC contacts for indicating that the generator
Feature warns controller of battery charger fault, high set is running or shut down.
battery voltage, and low battery voltage.
- Modbusr/Ethernet Converter GM41143-KP2 for network
- 6 Amp Float/Equalize Battery Charger has automatic communications.
3-stage charging with indicator LEDs. Durable potted
assembly for full waterproofing and shockproofing.
UL 1236 listed. Modbusr is a registered trademark of Schneider Electric.

- Controller-Mounted Emergency Stop Switch shuts

down generator set immediately in emergency situations.
Use the generator set master switch for normal shutdowns.
Standard on most 200--2000 kW generator set models
(see respective generator set specification sheet for details).


Availability is subject to change without notice. Kohler Co. reserves the

right to change the design or specifications without notice and without any
obligation or liability whatsoever. Contact your local Kohlerr generator
set distributor for availability.
© 1995, 1996, 1997, 1999, 2000, 2002, 2003, 2005, 2007 by Kohler Co. All rights reserved.

G6-30 10/07k