For decades now, religion has been used to solicit votes from believers in Christ.

Presidential aspirants fall all over themselves to proclaim their deep belief in their religion even though some of their policies are in stark contrast to Christ's teachings. I was raised in the Church of Christ, a mild and very benevolent ministry and heard nothing of politics in sermons at that time. I do not now attend church because I do not believe in any organized religion. However, I do believe in God and the teachings of Christ. His message was one of love, love your neighbor, and forgiveness. I do not believe that God would be very pleased with the religious right and how it has managed to embed religion into the mud bath of politics sullying both religion and politics. Jesus made clear that being "holier than thou" was not going to be rewarded in heaven and that a person would be judged according to his/her acts and what was in a person's heart and most of all, how a person treated others, especially the least amongst us. From even the beginnings of the 2008 campaign, Obama’s opponents have been attempting to ‘otherize’ him, to paint him as fundamentally different from “real Americans.” His education, international upbringing, organizing background, race, “celebrity,” etc. have all been incorporated into attacks at some point. His faith just serves as another opportunity to sow confusion and mistrust. While focusing on elected official’s religions isn’t a new political tactic, this time it feels like a more extreme version. After all, right-wing media have embarked on a sustained campaign to convince their audience that the President is a Muslim, and two-thirds of Republicans and Tea Partiers think Islam is incompatible with American values.

Egyptians are, for the most part, confused about what role religion should have in their everyday life. One of my Professors (a Christian) recently explained her fears of a Cairo ruled by "the Islamists" meaning the Muslim Brotherhood. Students are caught between wanting to be a secular Western-leaning nation, and a Muslim nation. No one I have met believes the two can exist simultaneously. Many of the students I have spoken to about religion associate religion with backwardness and dismiss the role of religion in politics. A recent trip to Jerusalem gave me an alternate perspective on the role of religion in politics. I learned that religion is often utilized as a political tool by the political elite in both Israel and Egypt.

“but it became apparent that the turning point was Ronald Reagan. That’s when we began seeing a distinctly religious
approach to the White House that benefited the president politically and often in a partisan way. Across all of the different kinds of text we studied, it was an amazing pattern. All the evidence just kept pointing to Reagan.”

“The religious conservatives weren’t happy with Carter,” says Domke. “In the next election, it was clear that their vote
was up for grabs. Both Republicans and Democrats realized that fundamentalists and conservative evangelicals were going to be a sizable voting block, now engaged in a way that they hadn’t been for decades.” The vast majority of Americans are people of religious faith,” says Domke, “but I am concerned that this is a very dangerous pattern for democracy. If political candidates can frame their messages in terms of religion and then stamp their policies with ‘God’s will,’ there can be dangerous consequences. We’ve seen it repeatedly throughout history. Kevin and I see politics and religion as distinct tapestries in the American story. They are woven together, but they should not be fused.”

This is a common argument from religious figures, as though the separation were a massive gulf. In fact, it is not. No one argues that voters of whatever faith should not be allowed to vote along whatever lines they wish. Moreover, the

that goes against the ideals of American politics. but Chaput would have us believe that the Church is some collective mind. it would be only detrimental to religion in the United States. embodied in the secret ballot that allows citizens to freely vote their minds without fear of persecution. What makes me object is the sense that this is not a true moral stand. though silent for more than 30 years since Roe vs. It's nearly unfathomable to think that he had so much control. no authority. This is one of the most important features of our democratic process. My objection to his line of reasoning is based on the use of Catholic law to intimidate and punish voters. political. far from it. Religion has no connection to politics and it’s a shame to use religion in politics. Instead of him carrying out the so called “Gods plan. then a vote for John Kerry might not be a good idea. no body. not just atheists or liberal elites. so much power over those men that they honestly believed that they were doing something right in the eyes of God by hijacking 4 airplanes on 9/11/2001 that were full of hundreds of innocent passengers and taking them to their final destinations that is now a part of permanent memory for the rest of the world. rather.” he sent young men to their deaths to prove a twisted political and religious point. he was able to perpetuate his vision and convince people to do horrendous things that were unimaginable up to that point. and cult-based backgrounds have utilized religion as the crux to infiltrate minds. Probably the most well-known example in recent years of this misuse of people's trust on false grounds of greatly misinterpreted religious ideology is that of Osama bin Laden and al-Qaeda. the sudden attempt to exclude politicians from the Catholic Church is simply a moral stand? Are we to believe that the Catholic Church only just realized that John Kerry and Senator Kennedy have supported abortion rights? And what about Republicans who support abortion rights. The reason it is there is to protect churches. Wade. like Governor Schwarzenegger? Let us hope that our politicians and out citizens stand firm against these attempts to intimidate them and to influence the election process. No one—no person.” a place of belonging. Were a particular faith become the established church of this nation. Are we really to believe that. unified and sure of its position. it is the idea of using religious censure to punish people for voting their own conscience. I firmly recognize and fully support the right of individuals to make choices between candidates based on the morality of certain stands those candidates might make. there is no relation between politics and religion in Islam. nor to punish that citizen for their vote. It is not the moral objections that are repugnant here. but instead a convenient political ploy. They say politics and religion are inseparable.separation of church and state has been narrowing for decades. I say politics and theocracy are inseparable. politics is changing. The fact that few bishops have unequivocally supported his call is clear evidence otherwise. Bin Laden was able to take his twisted views of a religion widely known to its followers to be peaceful. and force his perceptions down the throats of the less fortunate who were looking for a leader. to the lost souls that Osama bin Laden came to misguide. By having strong convictions and offering a “home. . and the idea of the Islamic theocratic state was only established to use religion in a domain where religion has no natural place. brain-wash. misguided leaders from various religious. If you do not support abortion rights. no one —is allowed under our system to force a citizen to vote one way or the other. This is religious extremism at its worst. or for holding their own beliefs. and control those who are deprived of positive influences. Religion is absolute. Abortion is a central issue to the Catholic Church. As with any strong belief system. Chaput even acknowledges this fact.

Modern states should determine what shape its relation with religion takes. Faith is meant to keep peoples’ hope alive and is what allows people to push forward. misguided. It is now easier than ever for religious leaders to use religion as a tool to mold peoples’ views and opinions. those who twist and contort any religion's core principles have a means to prey upon those who are poor. This problem is not limited to just the Catholic religion. As the line between Church and State disappears. it causes religion to harm people instead of make them stronger. Instead of him carrying out the so called “Gods plan. he was able to perpetuate his vision and convince people to do horrendous things that were unimaginable up to that point. While there are many positive aspects to religion from both the social and personal perspective. even in the face of impossible feats. so much power over those men that they honestly believed that they were doing something right in the eyes of God by hijacking 4 airplanes on 9/11/2001 that were full of hundreds of innocent passengers and taking them to their final destinations that is now a part of permanent memory for the rest of the world.” a place of belonging. or that in one way or another suffer from feelings of being lost or lonely in a demanding world. uneducated. By having strong convictions and offering a “home. It is terrible to think that something as powerful as faith is being used as a manipulative political weapon that knows no boundaries. weak. The modern state is always entitled to create a parallel frame to organise the private life of the people aside from religion. By guilting congregations into believing that they are not true members of a certain religion unless they hold specific views. This is a very thorny question but we have to face it.” he sent young men to their deaths to prove a twisted political and religious point. we now live in a different time. and it deepens this dualism. সমসযা জয় কের সামেন এগিগিয়েয় জাবার সুমন্ত্রনা কিঠিন িবপেদ আশার প্রদিদপ জ্বালা এগবং িজবনযুেদ্ধের িনরন্তর সংগ্রাম ধমর িবষেয় আমার অনুভূিত খুব সষ িবশাসীেদর আিতক উৎকষর সাধেনর জনযই ধেমরর উৎপিত পািথরব জীবেনর কষ র েন অনুেপ্রদরনা এগমনিক সামািজক এগবং বযািক্তি জীবেন ধেমরর ইিতবাচক অেনক ভু িমকা অিতক্রম কের কািঙ্ক্ষিত লক্ষি অজ সেন্দেহাতীতভােব প্রদমািণিত প্রদক ৃ ত ধমরিবশাসী মানুষ দুঃখী দুবরল িবপথগিয়ািম মানুেষর জনয েরনপ্রদরনা এগবং প্রদাত্থনার অনযতম উৎস ধেমরর মুল উেদ্দেশয মানবতার জয়গিয়ান ধমর এগবং রাজিনিত সমূ ণি র পৃথক দুিটি সতা রােষ্ট্রের প্রদয়জেন রাজিনিতর আদশর এগবং র নশীল ধমরীয় িবধান অপিরবত র নেযাগিয়য খুব সাভািবক ভােবই রাষ্ট্রে এগবং ধেমরর উিচৎ উভেয়র উভয় েরনথেক নীিত সদা পিরবত দুরত বজায় রাখা এগর মােঝেই উভেয়র কলযাণি িনিহত ধমরেক রাজৈনিতক হািতয়ার িহসােব যেথচ্ছ বযাবহার গিয়িহর ত অপরাধ এগবং িবশাসীেদর সােথ প্রদতারনার সািমল ধমরীয় জমােয়েত রাজৈনিতক প্রদচার রাজৈনিতক ক্ষিমতা হাসীেলর উেদ্দেেশ প্রদিতপেক্ষির িবরেদ্ধে ক ু ৎসা রটিনা ফতয়া জাির এগবং তােদর িনেদর িশত পেথ ধমর পালন না করেল অমঙেলর আশঙা এগবং পাপেবাধ সৃিষ করা মানিসক িনযরাতেনর সািমল অপরাধ প্রদকৃ তপেক্ষি ধমর এগবং রাজনীিত পারসািরক সমকর হীন ধমর দাড় করান ক্ষিমাহীন মানিবক অপরাধ ঈশেরর সােথ সমকর যুক্তি রাজনীিত মানুেষর সােথ িনেজেদর খমতািলপ্সা িচরতারথ করেত ঈশরেক মানুেসর ইচ্ছার িবরেদ্ধে . religion will continue to be used as a tool to manipulate unsuspecting people for political purposes. but rather. to the lost souls that Osama bin Laden came to misguide. spans across all religions. thus defeating the purpose of being religious. While religion is thought to feed the human spirit. I believe that both religion and faith are designed to enrich peoples’ souls and give them the strength to overcome whatever obstacles life throws at them. We should resolve this challenge I thought about what religion and faith mean to me. It's nearly unfathomable to think that he had so much control. These so-called leaders use religion as a mode of control and having power over others.

অিধকার আধুিনক রাষ্ট্রে এগবং রাজনীিতিবদেদর প্রদথম এগবং প্রদধান দািয়ত সকল গিয়ণিতািন্ত্রক িরিতিনিতর সংরক্ষিণি সাধীনভােব .প্রদায়াত সামিরক শাসক িজয়াউর রাহমান বাংলােদেশর রাজনীিতেত ধেমরর অনুপ্রদেবেশর অনযতম রপকার ধমর বযাবসািয় রাজিনিতকগিয়ন বঙবনু র মিহরহসম বযািক্তিেতর কােছে অসহাই িছেেলন িজয়ার মত ধুরনর এগকজেনর এগকথা বুঝেেত কষ হইনায় েরনয ধরম বযাবসািয়েদর সমথরন সহজলভয ধমর বযাবসািয়েদর প্রদিত িজয়ার প্রদতযক্ষি মদেদর অনযতম উধারন মুিক্তিযুেদ্ধের কারাজক্রম গিয়নতািন্ত্রক িরিত িবরদ্ধে অজ্ঞ ধমরভীর প্রদগিয়িতর আেলা বিঞ্চিত জনেগিয়াষ্ঠী জামােত ইসলািমর প্রদধান পরািজত শিক্তি জামােত ইসলািমর পুনবরাসন প্রদিক্রয়া জামােত ইসলািম শুধু যুদ্ধোপরােধ অিভজুক্তি সংগিয়ঠিন নয় এগর সকল রাজৈনিতক িশকার জামােতর রাজৈনিতক েরনকৌশল েরনহাল এগই জনেগিয়াষ্ঠীর মেন ধেমরর ভয় সৃিষ কের তােদর মিস্তিস্ক িবক ৃ িত ঘটিােনা এগবং তােদর রাজৈনিতক অসৎ উেদ্দেশয হািসল করা ধেমরর নােম অধেমরর বযাবসা করা ধেমরর নােম ধমর িবশাসী মানুষেক প্রদতািরত েরনকাের সমেদর পাহাড় েরনগিয়ােড় তু লা েরনদলয়ার েরনহােসন সাইদী এগর প্রদক ৃ ষ উধারন এগককােলর এগকজন বযাবসার সবেথেক ভয়ঙর রপ েরনকািটি টিাকার বযাবসা এগবং সমদ রক্ষিা করেত ছোত্র িশিবর েরনজ এগম িবর মত সন্ত্রািস মুেখ েরনঠিেল েরনদন আর িনেজরা সন্তান সন্তানািদ িনেয় বসবাস কেরন শীততাপ িনয়িন্ত্রত কেক্ষি র ীেত পিততার দালাল রপান্তিরত ধমর বযাবসািয় গিয়েড় তু েলেছেন সমেদর পাহাড় জামােতর ধমর সাধারন িদনমজুর পরবত সংগিয়ঠিন সৃিষ উনারা িনেজেদর সমদ েরনভাগিয় েরনকারেত ধমরভীর এগই সকল েরনছেেলেদর িবপথগিয়ািম কেরন এগবং িনিদর ধাই মৃতুযর ৯১ এগ গিয়নতেন্ত্রর পথচলা শুরর পর েরনথেকই বাংলােদেশর রাজনীিতেত যেথচ্ছ ধেমরর অপবযাবহার লক্ষিণিীয় আওয়ামীলীগিয়েক েরনভাটি িদেল জাহান্নােম েরনযেত হেব আওয়ামীলীগিয় েরননতােদর জানাজা পরা হারাম আওয়ামীলীগিয় সমথরন স্থাপন ইসলাম িবেরাধী এগধরেনর রাজৈনিতক িববৃিত প্রদিতিটি িনবরাচেনর প্রদচারনাই প্রদাতািহক কেমরর মত বযাবহার হেয় করেল কািফর হেয় েরনযেত হেব আওয়ামীলীগিয় ক্ষিমতাই আসেল েরনদশ িহন্দেু হেয় যােব আওয়ামীলীগিয় সমথরকেদর সােথ সমকর আসেছে ঈশেরর সষ বানী সকল সৃিষেক ভালবাস প্রদিতেবশীর হক আদায় কর এগবং ক্ষিমা প্রদদশরন কর এগই সকল ধমরীয় ক ু সিক্তির কােছে েরনযন মূলযহীন ঈশর েরনকানক্রেমই ধেমরর রাজৈনিতক অপবযাবহােরর সমথরন কেরন না ঈশর মানুষেক িবচার ধেমরর নােম নাগিয়িরকেদর েরনভাটিািধকার প্রদদােন হস্তিেক্ষিপ ধমরভীর নাগিয়িরকেদর মেন পাপেবাধ সৃিষর অপপ্রদয়াস এগকিটি কেরন তার কমর সহনশীলতা সৃিষর উপকােরর মেধয িদেয় রাজৈনিতক িবশাস ঈশেরর ৈনকটিয লােভর েরনকান িনয়ামক নেহ সাংিবধািনক অপরাধ গিয়ণিতেন্ত্রর অনযতম ৈবিসস্থ েরনগিয়াপন বযালটি এগবং সকল ভয়িভিতর উরেধ উেঠি েরনভাটিািধকার প্রদদান েরনয েরনকউ এগই প্রদিক্রয়ােক বাধাগ্রস্থ করেল তার শািস্তি অপিরহাযর গিয়নতেন্ত্রর সুফল রােষ্ট্রের সকল নাগিয়িরেকর কােছে েরনপঁৌ েছে িদেত রাজনীিতেত ধেমরর অপবযাবহার েরনরােধ নাগিয়িরক ঐক্কেক্কের িবকল্প েরননই রাজনীিতেত ধেমরর অপবযাবহার েরনরাধ সমেয়র দািব গিয়নতািন্ত্রক রাজনীিত ধেমরর রক্ষিক পৃষ্ঠেপাষক নয় এগই সতযটিা উপলিদ্ধে করা এগকান্ত অবসযক আধুিনক সমাজ বযাবস্থা এগবং গিয়নতািন্ত্রক সভযতার অনযতম েরনসৌন্দেযর বযািক্তি সাধীনতা এগবং সাধীনভােব মত প্রদকােশর ভয়িহন িচেত েরনভাটি প্রদদােনর অিধকার িনিশ্চিতকরণি মুিক্তিজুেদ্ধের েরনচতনাই গিয়ণিতন্ত্র সুসংহত করেত ধমর এগবং রােষ্ট্রের পৃথকীকরেণির েরনকান িবকল্প েরননই ধমর যার যার রাষ্ট্রে সবার Lets stand firm together .