(Note: We sent this letter to the Occidental administration on May 10, 2013.

You can still support our efforts by signing our new public petition at Change.org. It's open to anyone concerned about the sexual assault epidemic at colleges around the country.) Open Letter to the Occidental Community from Alumni and Parents May 10, 2013 We, the undersigned Occidental College alumni and parents, are dismayed at the abhorrent climate around sexual assault at our beloved institution. At the same time, we realize this is not a new problem, but one that has long needed remedy. While we are heartened by recent steps to change policies and practices regarding sexual misconduct, we remain deeply disturbed that the administration displayed a lack of concern until students and faculty filed two federal complaints. We join with the faculty (Open Letter to the Occidental Community, May 1, 2013) in reaffirming the right of all students to live, work, and study on a safe campus where equity prevails. Along with the faculty, we recognize and commend the courageous efforts of the members of the Occidental community who are working to ensure that sexual harassment, sexual battery, sexual assault and rape have no place in our community. We agree with the Occidental Sexual Assault Coalition (OSAC) that there must be changes to the sexual assault policies, there must be procedural integrity in hearing board cases, there must be additional resources for sexual assault and rape survivors, and there must be significant, on-going sexual harassment, battery, assault, and rape education for all students, administration, staff, faculty, parents, and alumni. Specifically, we support OSAC's recommendation that survivors should be encouraged to report incidents of sexual assault to campus authorities and the local police. We expect when such a report is made that the Oxy administration will respond seriously, sensitively, and expeditiously, and that the manner of this response will be spelled out in policy. Furthermore, we expect that appropriate steps will be taken to protect the person making the report from any perceived and/or real threats related to the reported incident. As alumni and parents, we also expect that Oxy's administration will work cooperatively with any police investigation of a sexual assault on campus. We support OSAC's recommendation that Oxy establish a set list of adjudication options. We additionally request that the policy match specific violations to specific adjudication options. In the past, administrators have exercised too much discretion as to what types of actions constitute a threat to the campus community. Most important, to ensure the safety and well-being of assault survivors and the general student body, we demand that any student found to have violated the school's policy against rape be expelled and not allowed to graduate.

or on exchange to or from another institution. Many students have been harmed at Occidental College. '13 Mac Bakewell Parent. on probation. '83 Chris and Karen Baer Parents. '15 . we are deeply disappointed in the leadership shown by the current college administration. Sincerely. sexual assault and rape and hold the Occidental administration accountable in achieving these goals. Cheryl Allain-Mee Parent. and request that this report also be distributed to alumni and parents. we request that the President of the College make regular progress reports on the above actions to alumni and parents via the following venues: ● ● ● ● The Occidental Magazine The Occidental College website's For Parents and Alumni pages. not just the President's page Alumni letter distributed to the alumni email list Parent letter distributed to the parent email list Finally. on a leave of absence. We support OSAC's recommendation for a regular report on sexual assaults both onand off-campus. Lisa Allen. '10 and '13 Dr. suspended. To ensure that Oxy rapidly addresses its sexual assault problem. sexual battery. as alumni and parents. We vow to work constructively and tirelessly to transform the policies and underlying culture of Occidental College toward the elimination of sexual harassment. While nothing will change that fact.We recommend that Oxy's sexual assault policies make clear that they apply to all students who are currently enrolled. Care for the safety and well-being of all Oxy students should be the administration's top priority. we expect this administration to issue a formal and public apology to everyone who has suffered because of its inaction. It is unacceptable to us that it took so many years of requests from faculty and students – and finally two federal complaints – to make this issue a top priority for college officials. on study abroad.

'84 Nina Dooley. '86 Dennis and Amy Clayton Parents. '12 . '97 John and Pat Bringenberg Parents. '14 Jerven Carter. '14 Emily Dion. '92 Christine Chang.Christina Bauman. '14 Kate Dauber Parent. '83 Lauren and John Doyel Parents. '12 Kathy Cooper-Ledesma. '14 Barry Drake. '85 Chelsea Duncan. '83 Diana Birney. '08 Lourdes Olivas Brown. '79 Tom Dougherty. ‘92 Kristin Brown. '82 Dennis Dauber Parent. 2014 Sydney Coleman. '82 Jennifer Brainerd. '11 Zina Bleck.

'97 Erica Fishman. '12 Monica Girgenti Parent. LMFT.. '04 Sarah Farahat. '74 Julie (McKenzie) Eby-McKenzie. '12 . '86 John and Laurie Egbert Parents. Jr. '13 Christina (Tappan) Forst. '15 Natalya Gibbs. '12 Kristina Filipovich. '83 Elizabeth Furth.Ann Dusenberry. '11 Athena Galanis Parent. '83 Tim Eby-McKenzie. '84 Maxine Fookson Parent. '01 Kaycee Felton-Lui. '15 Veronica Goldstein. '15 Lou and Heather Galanis Grandparents. '84 Larkin Grant. '97 Jane Freudenberger. '12 Elias Gonzalez.

Kirk Graves. '92 Shannon Hurley. '10 Karlene Johnson. Parents. M. Gronert & Brian Gronert. '10 and '12 Beatriz A. '87 Kathleen Jures Parent. '13 Sarah (McDowell) Groshell. '13 Sandra (Schmitz) Hay. '81 Allegra (Kramer) Heidelinde. '14 Michael Brennan Kane. '83 Margaret Haase Former UEPI Staff Eliza Hall and Mark Mrohs Parents. '86 Michael Greenslade Parent. '15 Nancy Griffin Parent. '83 Deevy Holcomb. '84 Michael and Jacquelyn Hartney Parents. '02 Joanne Guarnieri. '93 Larry Hogue. '14 Laura Hardyman. '83 Eric Kessel .D.

'17 Lee Lashway Parent. '06 Carrie Liston.Parent. '01 Katharine Kroeber. '81 Beth McEldowney. '83 Brian McGrane. '13 and '15 Liz Landon Parent. and Janet Krovoza Parents. '06 . '88 Parent. '83 Melissa (Lostaunau) Mann. '72 Kathleen (Horton) Mahan. '86 Joe Krovoza. '15 Julia McDermott. 2015 Joan Kessel Grandparent. '14 Rodrigo Lazo. '86 Lisa Lee Parent. '13 Christine Ludwiszewski. '15 Therese Lentz. '84 Joo Ae Lippe-Klein. '85. '04 and '15 Sezin Rajandran Koehler. '01 Bret Logan Parent.

'08 Mark Ong. '10 and '13 Chris Melendez.Alex McNear. '98 Theresa & William Resch Parents. Parent. '11 & '14 . '84. '88 Beth Riley. '94 Brannon Naito. '89 Doug O'Connor Oxy Summer Drama Festival member. '83 Benjamin Potash. '85 Patrick O'Connor. '14 Rebecca Montgomery. '76 Alison Pentland. '10 Caitlin Nass. '83 Robyn Miranda and Adrian Rosenthal Parents. Perlman. '78 Summer Ogata. '11 Eric S. '05 Claire Petersky. '80. '15 Molly Rhodes. '83 David Mee Parent. '89 Clayton Perry.

'10 Gwen Gray Schwarts. '02 Monique (Wolff) Simmer. '80 Anita Whang. '81 Alice Tejada. '92 Diane E. '91 Rob & Diane Rodriguez Parents. '12 Jose Salcedo. '13 Marina Rosenthal. '82 Alexander W. '93 Norena Thompson Parent. '83 Cindy Wolf. '13 Giovanni Saarman. '12 Laurie and Mark Roth Parents. Salter. '81 Suzy Simon. '11 Suzanne (Baker) Sotelo. '93 Mary L. '90 Amanda Shaffer. '15 Ned Rosch Parent.Loren Roberts. '14 Stephanie (Fulks) Westerman. Willcox. '89 . (Clanton) Sten-Clanton.

LLP . General Counsel/Former Executive Director of Alumni Relations Barbara Avery. President Tyler Reich. Senior Associate Dean of Student Affairs Jeff Dennis. Vice President of Academic Affairs. Assistant Vice President for Alumni Engagement Carl Botterud.Ellen Woolfson Parent. Vice President of Student Affairs Jorge Gonzalez. '94. Alumni Board of Governors Associated Students of Occidental College Occidental Sexual Assault Task Force Oxy Sexual Assault Coalition Occidental Weekly Gina Maisto Smith & Leslie Gomez. Pepper Hamilton. '12 Carl Zack and Andrea Cohen Parents. '13 cc: Board of Trustees Jonathan Veitch. '12 Kenda Woolfson. President. '14 Leslie Zane and Larry Crosby Parents. Dean of the College Erica O'Neal Howard.