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Subject: Re:  ABQ  the  Plan  Facebook  ads  -­‐  suggestion Date: Wednesday,  September  21,  2011  3:48:16  PM  Mountain  Daylight  Time From: To: CC: Del  Archuleta '' '',  Del  Archuleta,  '', '',  '',  '', '',  Robert  Robeda,  '',  '', '',  ''

Category: River Linda: I  have  forwarded  your  suggestion  and  proposal  to  Jay  McClesky  who  is  serving  as  the  strategic  consultant  to the  2011  Bond  Advocacy  Committee.  Jay  is  responsible  for  all  marketing  pieces  and  target  audiences  and  has proposed  a  plan  he  is  executing  on  and  is  required  to  stay  within  a  budget  we  have  approved.   If  Jay  feels  this  is  an  effective  strategy  hitting  a  target  audience  then  he  will  propose  it  as  part  of  his  plan  and budget  and  we  would  approve.   Thank  you  for  your  input.  We  appreciate  it.   Del  Archuleta
From: Rumpf, Linda M. [] Sent: Wednesday, September 21, 2011 12:44 PM To: Del Archuleta Cc: Adams, Lancing <>; Terrasas, Amber <>; Rumpf, Linda M. <> Subject: ABQ the Plan Facebook ads - suggestion


Del, attached is our suggestion/proposal for placing Facebook Ads for ABQ the Plan. It's a quick, inexpensive way to reach folks, especially the younger audience. Below is the contact information for EFG Creative, who can place the ad and bill the MFC. Total cost for ad and EFG: $2250. This cost can vary as needed. Let us know what you think. Thanks, Linda Rumpf Project Manager Office of the Mayor office: 505.768.3072 email: web:  
From: [] Sent: Wednesday, September 21, 2011 12:34 PM To: Rumpf, Linda M. Cc: Eric Garcia Subject: RE: Cost to place 1 or 2 Facebook ads?

I would say 2 hours @ 125/hour... per ad (not sure if we are doing one or two). If it takes less time, we of course will charge appropriately.

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we of course will charge appropriately. Monday or Tuesday would be a better day for us as far as posting them. We are on a couple tight deadlines this week. Thanks Linda!

Molzen Corbin supports Albuquerque's 2011 GO Bond program and ABQ the PLAN. Please vote for both on October 4th.

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