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Plymouth, Michigan
Cellular: 734-355-8360 
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Strong Breadth & Depth of Experience to achieve peak performance in an Organization

Highly analytical VP Operations Supply Chain leader with transformational skills and multi-cultural background.
Global experience in the United States, Europe, Asia, and Latin America. Experienced in strategies /
negotiations. Demonstrated leadership in creating / reorganizing global purchasing functions in complex /
developing markets with a strong emphasis on team building / continuous improvement. German language
experience. Competencies include:
 Automotive Manufacturing, Assembly  eCommerce, IT, Facilities, Data Services
 Global Commodity Management  Integrated Logistics Management
 Near Shore - Insourcing / Best Country  Supplier Quality (SQA)
Sourcing / Systematic Cost Reduction  Startup, Merger, Acquisition, Bankruptcy
 Leadership, Coaching, Collaboration, Mentoring  Manufacturing, Services

CAREER HIGHLIGHTS

Truven Health Analytics ( IBM Watson ) …………………………………………………………….. 2014 -

(Recently acquired by IBM Watson the $1.5B flagship a Big Data/IT provider of healthcare information,
predictive analytics & consulting. We provide customers with cloud based tools & data to improve healthcare
quality and access, as well as reduce costs utilizing lean principles based on Toyota Operating Systems)
Director Purchasing and Supply Chain
Reporting to the VP of Treasury with a matrix relationship to IT provided a “Greenfield Opportunity” to
create teams, develop strategy within multiple business groups forged from disparate entities.
 Created teams & interdivisional strategy across business creating savings across teams/locations
o ( Savings Year End 2017 - 10.1% to 14.3% depending on commodity )
o Initiatives include: IT, Facilities (Maintenance/New office build), Travel, Marketing, & Finance
 Consolidated team across three regions commonizing process, systems and support within IBM

Plymouth Rock, LLC – Operations Supply Chain Consulting ………………………….……… 2010 - 2013
(Engaged sourcing teams contracted in multiple production / indirect ( MRO ) commodities reducing cost in
supply chain Manufacturing, Assembly, IT, in transplants, start-ups, & bankruptcies in multiple industries.

Sr. Director Supply Chain Practice Lead

Brazilian IT Technology Transplant - ($500M entity) – Engaged by CFO of a $650 M Brazilian held IT/Staffing
agency to access and provide transformational opportunity in supply chain to this newly acquired entity.
 System assessment, Finance/Purchasing, reorganization, training, and development.
 Initiated best practice saving 10% within controllable spend categories/ commodities.
IT Data Content Educational/Publications Leader – ($850M) – Reviewed People/Process/ Sys. for CFO
 Coached and mentored disparate business units leveraging IT leveraging savings of 11.1%.
 Launched Concur a SaaS based procurement system - Consolidated IT suppliers saving $3.1 M
Retail IT Provider to Consumer – Web / Big Box ($1.5B entity, 2nd largest) – Retained by SVP of Operations
to engage the supply chain group.
 In declining operations delivered programs over target with 159% operational savings via resourcing,
improved cash flow & payment practices in a pre/post-bankruptcy environment.
 Enabled CI initiative reducing operational costs resulting $2M savings, & $250K CI improvements
 $1.5M IT Reduction project spend & $410K change in equipment initiatives
Government - 8th Largest US County: ($2B entity) - Advising the CIO embedded in IT to evaluate county
Financial & Procurement process and systems.
 Procure to Pay Sys, Gap Analysis, Intro-Industry Practice, Process Map-$7M SW deploy - Saved $850K.
Chemical industry private equity spinoff: ($1.1B) - Embedded within IT group to develop transitional strategy
for IT agreements from former parent to new entity. Accelerated transitional agreements past due to on time.
 Ancillary to assignment leveraged new deployment saving 21% $1.2M in quality system IT acquisition.
ZELEDYNE GLASS OPERATIONS, LLC…………………………………………………… Bankruptcy ….2007-2010
(Until its bankruptcy a privately held $1 billion-dollar glass producer with operations at multiple sites in North
America. Headquartered in Allen Park, Michigan. This is a “carve out” operation - former Ford/Visteon Glass)
Director Procurement and Supply Chain
Created a multi-plant procurement with a team of 26 focused on strategic sourcing initiatives while reporting to
the Vice President Supply & Logistics. Developed team from a start-up organization mentored buyers/agents
responsible for Direct & Indirect Material, Services, & Capital across a $650M supply base.
Team Development, Start Up Operation, Developed Strategy & Successfully Deployed ERP System
 Developed team, 5% under budget, to leverage multiple commodities resulting in $11.1M in savings the
first year of operation producing product to automotive, DOD, DCAA, & D FAR requirements.
 Delivered on time simultaneous ERP deployment of QAD - MFG Pro in 4 plant start up for production.
This included the EAM module for in-plant blue collar MRO spend.
 Coached buyers in key negotiation strategies for Energy, Sand, Soda Ash, Vinyl, & Transportation
resulting in an additional $3M in savings into 2009.
 Initiated travel strategy leading to 18% reduction in car rental spend, 7% reduction in air travel spend in
a major city hub for 2010 & hotel reduction of 10% in top city pairs.
 Created Indirect Strategy & 5S Indirect Materials strategy resulting in reduction of supply space
requirements & removal of discontinued ancillary product. Returned $5.5M ( cash ) from inventory
reduction & generated supply chain savings of $556K out of $10M in spend.

GKN SINTER METALS…………………………………………………………………………………………..2006-2007

(Until its restructuring a $1.1B division of the GKN PLC. an 8€ Billion global supplier with 30,000 employees
providing products for aerospace / defense, off highway, & driveline applications. Sinter Metals is the $1.1B
division of GKN. Sinter operates globally in the Tier 1&2 environment supplying conrods, bearing caps,
transmission carriers, & other industrial products)
Vice President Supply Chain Americas
Reporting to the President of Sinter N. America with a matrix relationship to the Global Procurement Director,
consolidated & coached professional staff of 55 responsible for Direct & Indirect Materials, Supplier Quality
Assurance, & Materials Planning / Logistics. Responsible for Supply Chain groups across 20 plants in
Canada, Argentina, Brazil, & the United States. The combined annual spend was $750M.
Direct & Indirect Materials Procurement
 Restructured Supply / Chain Group by transforming organization from tactical plant based buying teams
to a center-led procurement group focused on key commodities in Americas.
 Established commodity based procurement delivering savings 25% over budget 2006. Eliminated
$1.1M deficit to budget. Doubled the savings goal for 2007.
o Coached multi-business unit buying teams in Integrated Supplier effort delivering $1.2M in savings &
a budget / headcount reduction of $250K.
o Initiated programs to improve delivery of product under DOD, D FAR standards.
o Mentored buyers and quality team to championed bulk pack recycling program netting $1.4M in
program savings, program nominated for corporate green ( environmental ) award.
 Top graded professional staff netting improvements via staff reduction 12% & reduced budget $325K.
Supplier Quality Assurance – Realigned SQA with Plant Quality
 Standardized roles & responsibilities within SQA & Quality by changing tactical focus of SQA.
 Created greater focus on supplier development, Continuous Improvement ( CI ), & VA/VE resulting in:
o Reduced supply base by 15% in 2006.
o PPMs reduced from 825 to 450.
o SQA has a new $1.5M VA/VE goal for 2007.
Logistics & MP/L
 Reduced the Logistics group by 50% utilizing reorganization with better utilization of our 3PL.
o Obtained cost reductions of $1.2M for 2007 from 3PL provider via bid & CI events.
 Reduced plant inventories 14% improving plant inventory turns.
 Initiated supplier payment terms change which improved cash position by $31M over goal of $65M.
STEVEN D. WELSH, C.P.M 734-355-8360 Page 3

TI AUTOMOTIVE ( BUNDY TUBE ), Warren, MI.....................................................................................2004-2005

(A Tier 1 & 2 Automotive Supplier fluid carrying systems with revenues of $2.4B and 32,000 employees. They
supply a variety of systems supplying fuel & fluid tubing, HVAC modules, fuel delivery, and refrigeration. TI also
hydro-forms parts through their Vari-Form division)
Director Purchasing
Direct recruited to team reporting to the VP of Global Fluid Carrying Systems, managed team for Indirect
Materials, Capital, & Logistics in Mexico, Canada, and the US responsible for creating strategies in the
center-led supply chain group on a regional & global basis.
Created comprehensive change in Supply Chain Management, Logistics Management & Supplier Quality.
 Collaborated with BUs creating center-led N. American purchasing of indirect material & services.
o Established cross functional teams targeted & reduced material cost for selected commodities 20%.
o Achieved 6% ( $11M ) savings in 2005.
 Led sourcing activities in low cost countries achieving cross plant standardization of product, leverage of
spend & savings within commodities of 5.1 to 10.1%.
 Developed global logistics concept with regional savings of up to 25%, bid resulted in savings of $2.1M.

ARVINMERITOR ( ROCKWELL )……………………………………………………………………………....1998-2004

(An $8B Tier 1 supplier with 31,000 employees, 125 plants in 25 countries. They supply products for the heavy
vehicle ( truck / trailer ), light vehicle ( pass car ) & aftermarket support)
Global Manager, MRO, Capital, & Services 2001-2004
Reporting to Sr. Director of Administration, managed group of 10 direct & 25 indirect, responsible for global
strategy for indirect spend totaling $1.3B in annual purchases. In a newly merged organization transitioned
Indirect Group globally leveraging spend in multiple commodities within MRO, Capital, & Logistics.
 Initiated global strategy & roll out of eCommerce applications during merger including standard
processes, vendor managed inventory ( VMI ), eBidding, eRFQ, eRFI, & eCatalogs.
o Launched eProcurement for blue collar orders reducing administration & headcount.
o Media Recognition – Collaborated with business units leading team to first hosted on line auction
with Covisent gaining ARM global recognition in Fortune Magazine feature article.
 Outsourced staffing initiated a bid for integrated supplier for $54M for 8 heavy truck plants.
o Saved $4.2M in first & second year. Reduced plant inventory & returned $7M in cash to business.
 Deployed to Europe - Mentored, coached, and led international team bringing centralized systems,
processes, & procedures to procurement in Europe.
o Resulted in on time consolidation of procurement from 24 plant sites to Amsterdam.
Manager, Process Improvement 2000
Manager, Process Development 1999-2000
Sr. Buyer / Supervisor, Brighton, MI - Roof Systems Plant 1998-1999


Buyer of the Year MMBDC ( Michigan Minority Business Development Council )

MBA / DBA, Lawrence Technological University, Southfield, MI
CPSM and C.P.M. Lifetime Certification, from Institute of Supply Management, Tempe, AZ.
BSBA, Wayne State, Detroit, MI., Financed 100% of college expense

Institute of Supply Management Southeastern Michigan – Board Director 1997-Present
 Institute of Supply Management Southeast Michigan Economic Survey 2004-Present
o Reinstituted survey 2004 ( used by Federal Reserve as leading indicator )
 Changed professional development program to increase commodity education.
 Education / Learning Person of the Year 1999.