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Can you please explain to me how an UNLIMITED plan, sold for an assurance of UNLIMITED usage, is now being given

a CAP? This is not only bad

xxxxxxxx NOIDA Unlimited 999 language and bad ethics, but bad business too. Why would anyone want to trust Airtel again for any other offer it makes in the future? If all you wanted
was a kaddu, why would you opt to purchase an alphonso?
least that they could have done is inform us officially. I came across this after searching on the net. their engineers are still fooling me by fiddling with
xxxxxxxx mumbai 512 unlimited
cables n modem.
xxxxxxxx chennai 384 Unlimited
Please be fair mr. Mittal. At this economic downturn, your customer service should be highest. Not to miguide and over charge. I am a Airtel customer for
xxxxxxxx Bangalore Airtel/2MBPS-3GB Plan
last 6 years. I will quit Airtel if such policies are implemented.
I would like to add that as a customer it is OUR BASIC RIGHT to have UNLIMITED data transfer on an UNLIMITED plan. if i wanted a data cap i would
Dr Jay Goyal Pune Tata Indicom 256 unlimited have paid less and opted for a limited plan instead. We need to file a lawsuit and end this stupidity once and for all. The lwasuit should be against all
companies who mave introduced FUP.
xxxxxxxx Salem Airtel-250
Yes, Airtel should improve its service, you are exploiting consumers :X First you make customers by offering cheap and high speed internet services and
Anterpreet Singh Ludhiana Airtel when people become your egular customers, you people suddenly increase the rates and cut doen the internet speed :X You must improve it if youo don't
want to lose your valuable customers
They can't cheat us. They will have to restore the speeds. We all pay money for Unlimited and not for 50% less speeds. If they cant manage to give
xxxxxxxx Nagpur Unlimited
speeds to all the should UPGRADE their systems and give us less speed. Less speeds are not a solution, it is a "runaway" from actual problem.
Arjun R Delhi MTNL Not an Airtel customer. but I'm against this blatant disregard for customer rights and dont want to see this as a precedent set and followed by other ISPs.
S.M.Jothi Raj Secunderabad
I agreed and fully support this petition. All Pvt telecom companies are cheating to customers. I used Tata Indicom 256 kbps connection and found actual
KLL Jaipur
speeed 19 to 21 kbps only.
One of my friend in US had just forwarded a project to work for home as freelancer and i was going to recommend Airtel broadband to all freelancer who
Jagatjeet Khurana ghaziabad unlimited 2mbps are joining his project. It would be sad for Airtel to loose business for these new 100 subscribers as well. If this is the kind of service airtel is going to offer, i
would switch my mobile service provider to another company as now we can continue the same phone #.
Tarini Das Bangalore Unlimited 256 Kbps Yes this "fair usage policy" is a setback to the Indian IT infrastructure.
why are you calling the plans as unlimited usage still.. put the data limit on the plans. this is like stealling from the customers. this is a worst thing airtel is
xxxxxxxx ghaziabad Home 799
doing.. at the time of recession when no other way of making money is left, start ripping off your customers.. this is what best airtel can do.
Since 2 years i had no issues, and used to received a bill of 2500, this month I have received a bill of Rs.113026, I have spoken to atleast 10 customer
support reps, and few nodal officers and they tell me the 'Unlimited cap' has been removed from my plan last month and they can offer me a discount, and
John Bangalore Airtel Business Plan UL final settlement amount i have to pay is 14,000, this is totally fraud practice by a company like AirTel. Why do they offer me a discount?? Today they have
disconnected my phone and broadband. This is affecting my business, I have called my advocate and am going to the consumer court for compensation
for each day the connection is down.
Vipul Mistry Bangalore 512kbps unlimited.
xxxxxxxx Bangalore Airtel 999 This is a great setback for broadband in India
Ravikanth Kurma Chennai 256 Unlimited This policy is totally unfair. Already airtel is costly... and we need plain rules as before with no bullshit added.
Delhi NCR Airtel 384 kbps unlimited at office, Even with the speed of 1 Mbps, I am not able to sync up with the office network in US. I was hoping for an unlimited 8 Mbps plan, but here comes the 'FUP
Basant Singh
and 1 Mbps unlimited at home monster' instead. Airtel folks need to rethink else they would emerge as the biggest looser.
Very Unfortunate indeed. Our family is scattered across India & we all use Airtel Broadband. In fact this was recommended & initiated by me for everyone.
All of us family member have 5 UL plans & get together over VOIP in the evenings. This is unfair & the system is expected to evolve in time not to degrow.
Puneet Arora New Delhi Airtel UL 256kbps Pople across world get speed in MBs we are happy with KB speeds yet that is not acceptable to the provider? who takes the responsibility? I am
summarily disconnectin all AIRTEL services across family. Airtel Prepaid: 4 Connections Airtel Postpaid: 2 Connections Airtel Broadband: 5 Connections
frns against Airtel. V disappointed that a pioneer like airtel has taken such a regressive step. Down Down Down Also recommending
I am an old customer of Airtel broadband 4+ years.this is nothing but cheating customers... if u r not in position to provide unlimited plans then just drop ur
manoj bangalore 384 kbps unlimited
plan of being broadband service provider... and u want to charge bloddy same rent for it as before when u r incapable to provide same plan now.
xxxxxxxx Chennai Airtel Broadband
George Varghese Bangalore 256 kbps I stand for it and am against the FUP policy Get that out or you will lose us all(i meant the internet connections
I am currently using Airtel broadband for 8 months. All very nice upto last month. Today i received my airtel bill for broadband service it is around Rs
sakthivelu Bilaspur Monthly 180 limited usage olan
15,372.00 and i am using in home per day half an hour only. But Airtel bill shows usage times is 32 hours per day. It is totaly wrong billing by Airtel
Pune Was 512 unlimited now 512 unlimited tata
Nitin Mukesh I changed the ISP to TATA Indicom. Hope others will change as well to show Bharti that they are not the only service provider.
Vaibhav S Dhawan New Delhi Airtel 1MBPS UL
xxxxxxxx Bangalore Tata Indicom
xxxxxxxx bangalore
Samer Delhi Airtel 899 I have shifting to mtnl now and they have no limits.i downloaded 120 gb in last 16 days.
narender sharma hjdsfgafdjghfdskhjl;gfk;hkgdph f gpfidgifdgifd gfdgbfjdgjfjgfjgklfg g f ghfkghfhgfdgfdg fdg fdjkgh fdghfd
sathish chennai 384 Will be changing ISPs if Airtel don't up their act soon.
If this is true then i better move to BSNL, they may take ages to provide connection but at least they don't cheat without our knowledge .I think being a
market leader in Mobility has made air tel believe that customers will go with it no matter what silly policy they come up with,As customers we would like to
Srikanth. M Bangalore 384kbps Unlimited
tell you we are making Air tel and not the other way around.Stop before it is too late, I have 5 connection which will all go together to some other provider,i
know it will not make a difference to Airtel, but together all the customers will bring the market share down .
Siddharth Delhi Airtel 999
Talwinder Randhawa Chandigarh
xxxxxxxx Mumbai
Pawan K Bangalore 999 unlimited 384 kbps Down with airtel's ridiculous tariff plans!
airtel is making fool of the people by not informing them the cap policy on unlimited Plan. What is the use of UNLIMITED Plan? It is unfair practice and
jagjit singh bangalore 384kbps Unlimited
breech of Trust. We should go to the consumer court to get justice.
All my grievances have already been addressed in the petition. Just want to say that this is cheating and is not expected from AirTel. This is definitely not a
Gautam Bangalore Home 384KBPS Unlimited
good approach, I am not going to refer anyone for AirTel now. And will fight for it.
xxxxxxxx Hyderabad UL 512K Did you try to look up what _unlimited_ means?
xxxxxxxx Chennai 256k U/l Airtel + Fair Usage = Total !@#$%^&*()
xxxxxxxx bangalore Airtel 256kbps U/L
This is retarded. For 4 yrs i have been with Airtel BB - I can easily move to one of the other providers if this is not re-worked. Airtel has always been a little
du Bangalore 512K unlimited behind in catching upto the market trends in enterprise and broadband world - with this it move it looks like they're moving backwards. Help the country
move forward - not backwards.
xxxxxxxx Chennai UL 256
Bhargava Hyderabad BSNL/Home500C
Even a washer mans donkey knows the meaning of 'Unlimited'; it works continuously without any time frame or breaks. Then How can we define the
Raghavendra.T Bangalore Home999 plus
Marketing EO of Airtel?!!!
Siddhartha Lucknow Airtel 799-Unlimited
Airtel has also done away with, in circles where they had a large number of consumers for unlimited plans, the Home 2222 and in come cases, all
unlimited plans. The Fair Usage Policy for supposedly unlimited data transfer CANNOT possibly limit traffic, when the speed is being stated as the
saleable. The only thing on which curbs can be placed in a Fair Usage Policy for an Unlimited Plan are (a) usage of the service to carry out anything in
xxxxxxxx New Delhi Airtel, Home 2222
contravention of applicable law, including transfer of illegitimate or copyrighted content without appropriate permissions, (b) a possible threat to National
security and (c) any service/ usage, such as international business telecalling (call centres), redistribution/ resale of bandwidth and usage for commercial
purposes (in case of residential/ SOHO connections) which is categorically stated in the Consumer Agreement of the particular plan.
Gourish Bhat Bangalore
xxxxxxxx Bangalore. upto 256 kbps, unlimited.
Naveen Samuel Coimbatore Airtel / 512 Unltd
Krishna Pal Singh Deora New Delhi 256kbps unlimited
Nitin Khatri Delhi Airtel/384kbps Unlimited
This is not at all fair because already we are using with KBPS and some are using MBPS. You can reduce 1MBPS Unlimited rates from Rs.2500 to
Ashwin Chennai
Rs.1000 to Rs.1500. That is better enough. Bring about 8 MBPS connections, by reducing the rates of 1MBPS, 512KBPS, and 256KBPS connections.
Shashank Reddy Bangalore Airtel/512kbps Unlimited
xxxxxxxx mumbai mtnl totally unfair. stop calling it unilimited. give the customer a fair deal.
xxxxxxxx Chennai 499
gurpreet delhi Airtel
Ashwin S. Ganesh Chennai Home2222
Well you should scrap the unlimited plans as it is not unlimited anymore.Instead you should say we cannot provide unlimited
abhishek mumbai Airtel
plans........................................................... Scam.......Scam.....Scam... you are playing with words stop it Its a limited Plan now ... Aceept it ....... SCAM
pradeep golhani bhopal super saver 699 sir mara net/phone connection kaharab ha aur abhi tak thik nahi hua ha please usha thik karwa
Vijay Krishna Bangalore Combo 799
This is outrageous. If Airtel wants to implement a fair usage policy then it should stop calling its plans "UNLIMITED". I think it is relative that here I should
Abhinav Anant Jaipur BSNL 500C+
mention, I "WAS" an Airtel customer and recommended it to a lot of people BUT now I cannot tell, how sorry I am.
saurabh gedam nagpur airtel is thuggery of new age.
I am on a 256 kbps unlimited plan but due to this usage policy my download is capped to 25GB which is tantamount to cheating as an unlimited plan by
Chethan Kumar Bangalore Airtel/256 Unlimited
definition should be unlimited. Request you to revoke this usage policy...
I am on a 1mbps unlimited plan but due to this usage policy my download is capped to 100GB which is tantamount to cheating as an unlimited plan by
Subir Chetia Bangalore Airtel/1mbps unlimited
definition should be unlimited. Request you to revoke this usage policy...
xxxxxxxx BSNL You guys are late ! I have already kicked off Airtel ! BSNL best hai mere liye !
sai kv kavali it is a foolish company.
Senthil Kumar C Bangalore 256 unlimitted Though i use BSNL broad band i was thinking of changing to Airtel, But after hearing this poilicy i am shocked and i will not recommend airtel to anyone.
girish mumbai 64kbps unlimited
xxxxxxxx New Delhi
Your package offerings are lousy. At least the home 2222 was marginally tolerable. Seems you have rolled back your offerings by 5 years in comparison to
Jaimin Sibal Delhi 1 mbps 2 GB limit
many parts of the world.
Unlimited == without limits. The reason I moved to 1 Mbps from 8 Mbps connection was because Airtel metering is pretty broken - and the engineers at
Mridul Muralidharan Bangalore 1 Mbps unlimited
airtel suggested it was better to do so. I dont want a repeat of the same. The service is reliable, the billing/metering is full of holes.
I am a "old" customer of Airtel (mobo/broadband) - 4+ years. I have been personally recommending Airtel Broadband to my friends in Bangalore. Till before
Saju Pillai Bangalore Airtel 1Mbps Unlimited this "Fair Usage Policy" came into effect, Airtel Broadband was the defacto choice as my startup company's ISP. Sadly, I will now have to examine that
choice against the offerings by competing ISPs.
aaditya sood Bangalore Airtel/ 1Mbps unlimited The word unlimited has a specific meaning. I'm not sure if they can wriggle out of it.
Sudarshan Ramesh Bangalore 512 kbps unlimited
like thousands of other students of manipal,I have subscribed to airtels "unlimited" plan....We will be left with no choice but to migrate to other service
Sanal Sugathan Manipal airtel/256 \\"unlimited??\\"
providers like relliance who still provide such plans without any speed caps. And we will do so in full strength.
Jagan Mohan Pondicherry Airtel Broadband Airtel Broadband/Landline: Airtel Mobile
xxxxxxxx New Delhi 384kbps unlimited
Niren Thomas Bangalore Airtel 799 Home
Vaneet K Garg Delhi Airtel/Unlimited 384 I would prefere BSNL/MTNL if airtel is fool enough to implement it.
I simply don't like this idea of telecoms. If it happens I will switch my ISP or people in my area can switch to some dedicated ISP and share our bandwidth
xxxxxxxx Delhi 384 Unlimited
T Kiran Menon Bangalore Airtel / 1 Mbps (supposedly) Unlimited
xxxxxxxx Bangalore Airtel Unlimited 384kbps
YoRaj Bangalore Unlimited 384kbps
Kaushik Chennai BSNL Home UL750
shakti singh rajput noid 799 HOME u'll suck if u do this.... got it.
Airtel is considered to be the best ISP in our country today only because of the service it offers.Such strategies will only degrade the customer base.A
Vignesh Noida Airtel 256kbps unlimited large number of college going students use the unlimited plan as it's convenient to share the rent without any argument about the usage.We'll be forced to
look for better options if such unfriendly strategies are imposed on us.
Mr. Mittal, Airtel till date has been the best service provider in India. Please dont get into these policy which will negate the whole goodwill for Airtel in the
Ashok Prabhu Bangalore unlimited 750
market. more over India needs to move forward and start looking at 1 Mbps but we are planing to go back wards which is not a good thing
New Delhi Airtel - Unlimited 1099 with Rs. 300
ajit belgaum 256kb unlimited
Jai Bangalore Please don't ruin the one thing that's enabling us to keep pace with the rest of the world.
I've been a loyal customer for Airtel for so long & wouldn't consider taking this a new connection with you (which i am going to in the next 10 days) until this
Swaroop Hyderabad Airtel/999 Home Unlimited
is resolved (I know you currently said F.U.P is only applicable to >6 month old customers, but what if you change your "policies" again ?)
I have had billing issues with Airtel but no one in Airtel cares. Even escalating to Nodal email address and then to appellate does not help. I once wrote a
K L Bhaskaran Coimbatore Unlimited broadband. mail that if I did not receive your reply, I would consider your organization to be shameless. And sure enough, no one cared to reply. It looks as if Airtel is
out to swindle monies from customers.
They have also withdrawn the service guarantee of Rs. 100/- rebate if the complaint is not attended within 3 working hours. And now this new unfair "fair
Fredrick Rodrigues Mangalore Airtel / 384Kb Unlimited
practice" from Airtel
Seriously thiinking of switching to Tata Photon HSIA. Please retract the FUP as it was not what i signed on for . Will join any Group to recover any costs
Tony Leong Bangalore 256 Unlimited incurred in the switch (including sost of losing use of modem and loss in business because of number change. You cannot change terms of contract
I am using Airtel 256kb "unlimited" plan. So far I have not received any communication from them regarding new "fair use" policy. I will be continuously
Dinesh Shah Mumbai 256 Kbps Unlimitted watching my speed. If I notice a slightest degradation in my speed, Airtel will be screwed big time. I don't like and take change in T&C lightly without my
consent. Wish Airtel all the best! ;-)
Dinesh Chanchalani Mumbai MTNL This is a really unfortunate step by Airtel.
Shravan K S Bangalore BSNL 750 unlimited @ 256kbps This is non sense. If you cannot provide a proper network infrastructure, get out of the business.
Ronjoy Borthakur Mumbai Reliance
xxxxxxxx Asansol BSNL - Rs.150 u/l downloading....
Prasannan Trichirapalli,TamilNadu 256 **UN**limited This is not right in any account. Please change your attitude else you will loose loooooooots o customers
Day by day airtel services are getting from bad to worst. Hope someone make them understand the importance of rendering services without cheating on
gomes Mumbai
the customers.
Akshay Kothari Manipal This policy is really unfair to the Airtel customers.It almost seems as if Airtel wants to reduce the number of its customers by implementing such policies.
The Policy is vague, and unfair and not well thought out. Airtel will start loosing customers and brand value due to this unless they think of a fairer way -
D*** C******* Delhi 512kbps limited
Quotas are not transparently displayed on airtel website. They are legally bound to provide info of this in their Customer enrollment forms and in every bill,
which they are not doing, which flaunts TRAI regulations.
unfair is the word i have for this i have been using airtel landline broadband and mobile for years now but guess will think about others like aircel sify mtnl
Mayank Singhal Delhi Airtel/256kbps unlimited
etc leaving airtel for good.
Rangeen Basu Roy
Durgapur None This policy is bad for increasing internet penetration.
Wow. This is really atrocious, and probably really illegal. I think I will contact my lawyer about taking them to court - possibly start a PIL, or go to MRTP
court or TDSAT or something like that. Clauses such as the whole "we can change the package / policy anytime we want without informing you" have no
Public Minded Citizen Delhi Airtel 512Kbps **un**limited
currency in the courts of law, and any half-decent lawyer will tell you will that such terms are against the very fundamentals of contract law. This issue is
huge, and isn't just the problem of a few customers!
xxxxxxxx Bangalore
Parimal Bansal Delhi Unlimited 899 Airtel is degrading its own Goodwill over here,
Ashish Anand Manipal
Mittal n peers talk about Obama's inspiration - they don't tell you he is pushing for GBps connections to take US into the tech age...we on the other hand
a manson Delhi 512 unlimited are called the Tech nation - and are heading for Bullock Cart speeds...why maybe the Snail mail will catch up once again with Aitel's progressive here goes
Ahmad Zeeshan Gurgaon Airtel / Home 999
I a fan of Bharti. I am currently using Airtel mobile connection and it works great. I am holding myself from buying Airtel broadband just coz of the FUP.
xxxxxxxx HYD BSNL
Hope it is removed ASAP and i'll subscribe to Airtel BB immediately.
Roshan Bose Chennai Tata 512 un ???limited Its either unlimited or it isnt.
Arvind Bhardwaj New Delhi doesnt matter anymore Mr. Mittal it seems wants to reverse things back to the License Raj days, this time in the garb of the fair usage policy. Which world is he living in ?
Surendra Kalahasti Bangalore Airtel
Sudev Barar Faridabad Bharti Unlimited Home
Day by day airtel services are getting from bad to worst. Hope someone make them understand the importance of rendering services without cheating on
Vinay Bangalore
the customers.
Raju Bangalore airtel
Dr . G. Alavandar Chennai airtel/ home 1149
xxxxxxxx Delhi 256K unlimited
xxxxxxxx New Delhi home 649
I am throughly disapointed. I was planning on upgrading to 1 mp line with airtel but the shock of suddenly being served with a notice that my internet will be
Govind Hari Hyderabad home 999 plus capped to 256 after a certain amount of usage was both rude and an insult to the thrust I had on your services. If this policy is not reverted I can assure
you will see a lot of customers dropping out and switching to alternate options even if they are worse options to begin with.
Shashank Singh banglore airtel / home 999
Somebody please drive some sense into them. I don't have an option right now. If Airtel does this and I have to give them up, my fallback is BSNL! One
Kishore Bhargava Gurgaon Airtel/999 and Airtel/799
step forward and ten steps back, may as well shift to a dial-up modem and restrict it at 300 bps!
xxxxxxxx Noida Airtel / 999 378kbps unlimited plan UNFAIR Policy disguised as FAIR usage
sujay Kuruvila Bangalore Airtel..777 plan It would be a wise decision if FUP is removed completely.This policy will hurl india back into the dark age again. Preposterous scheme.
xxxxxxxx Chennai Airtel 256 UL It would be a wise decision if FUP is removed completely.
I've been using Airtel connections since standard 10th, or almost 4 years now. It had always had an adequate price/kBps ratio, prompt customer care,
Abhishek Delhi 256 kbps stable connection and excellent bandwidth. Other ISPs and their plans offer a combination of these but none, as far as I know, offer all. If Airtel implements
this policy, its pretty much going to become as mediocre as its competition.
Its a pathetic and smelly sight to see Airtel implement this "Fair" usage policy! I bet; if this policy is read under the name "FAIR Usage Policy", the reader is
Ashish Nargundkar Mumbai Local Cable Operator
bound to bag a first prize in a laughter challenge competition. <_<
I have a 1mbps line and was it was just pointed out to me that this whole thing was happening. I strongly oppose this move by Airtel and I refuse to
Arjun Kolady Bangalore Imbps Unlimited 2222/pm
recommend Airtel to any friends any more. I am planning to move to BSNL if this continues.
Avik Ganguly Kolkata BSNL 1350 256kbps This policy will hurl india back into the dark age again. Preposterous scheme.
Girish bangalore airtel
Sajeev Kochi Airtel/256Kbps Not only Airtel, but Reliance also introduced the fair usage policy (just saw in WiFi plans). Hate the big MNCs. When is TATA also going for the same
Surajit Mazumder Pune 256 kbps unlimited Stop this insane policy
Fair Usage of Net shouldn't be dictated by corporates who provide the service for the customers, instead, they should aim at giving better facilities with
upgrades in their system. Whining on over usage won't help these corporate ISP providers. People pay for what they want and they are at free will to
Bharath Krishnan A Chennai BSNL- 256 kbps unlimited
discontinue and go on PUBLIC Internet providers namely BSNL, cos atleast they provide faster net than what the private sector provides to the common
Sushubh Gurgaon airtel broadband
Aaditya Nair Mumbai home 999 this is plain stupidity... they might as well call it unlimited till you cross the limit plans!!
Abhijit Kamal Bhuyan Guwahati BSNL / 1350 512kpbs Unlimited
Sreedhar K. Bangalore Reliance WiMax 400Kbps Please keep the net neutral.
xxxxxxxx Chennai 256 unlimited
Kashif Ahmed Mumbai 384kbps-Tata 'Unfair'.......and blackmail thats all that I can say.
the onLy reasoN i Use aiRteL is coz Of Its cOnstant dOwnLoad spEEd of 64-70kB/s 24 Hours coNstanLy and after 15-20 days in a month the speed faLLs
to a ROYAL 25-35 kB/s..... if oNly BsnL offered unLimited pLans with DownLoad spEEd of 150-200 kB/s throughout the day(though u get speeds like that
during the night on thaT fucked up iSp in chd) anyways i download nd uPload close 2 200 gb every mOnth and aIrTeLL make mY Net budget sweLL 2
jbjamesbond chandigarh airtell 999 unlimited
foLds coz of That Fair Usage Policy..... Anyways i Use bOth airteL and BsnL.. This " unfair usage pOlicy" is makin india go 10 step backwards ,uPgrade
the iNfrastrUcture pLZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ and stop the deterioration in ur pLanzzz i get speeds of 1000kB/s in downLoads in my states home... that 2
even without tweaking the connextiON .atleast progress in terms of tech upgradation.....everything is movin at a snails pace in IndiA :( [:(]
lol whts the point of having the word unlimited attached to our plans then??? might as well make it limited 200mb plans a day, it takes ages to create such
xxxxxxxx mumbai home 888 plan
goodwill but only 1 act of greed to destroy it
Ravi Bangalore 1 mbps UL Already the rates for broadband in India and Airtel is on the higher side. After effecting your policy, it will be total monopoly.
Airtel This is Really Shamefull..Your Service is degrading day by day and the measures you are taking day by day,you are saying to your customers "We
are incapable of providing u service upto our own previous set standards,So please pull us back down and HELP US REACH 'THE END' OF OUR
COMPANY..We ARE NO MORE THAT AIRTEL WHICH YOU KNEW A FEW YEARS BACK!!" It is the height of stupidity that you spend crores of rupees
Arjun Sharma NOIDA 999 unlimted
for getting Sharukh,Saif Ali Khan,Kareena nd others for ADVERTISEMENTS AND NOT SPENDING EVEN A SINGLE PENNY 2 IMPROVE
xxxxxxxx Hyderabad Airtel 256Kbps, Rs. 900
xxxxxxxx Delhi airtel 999 Airtel must take its step back from this policy or they could end up in consumer court and they will if this doesnt stop.
Karmanya Aggarwal New Delhi Airtel/Value Combo 749
Siddharth Chennai Airtel/256 kbps Rs 900
Anand Mumbai Airtel 1 Mbps unlimited
All the customer having a billing issue from Airtel. Airtel never send a bill in proper time. Immagine if the airtel is not giving the bill to there 20% customer.
Mushtaq Khan Delhi
you can understand there staff salary comes from the late payment fees only.
Abhinav shah Mysore Airtel/ 256 Kbps Unlimited
Nithin Bangalore 512 Kbps Unlimited
xxxxxxxx pune I support this Petetion.
Airtel is on of the best internet providers.They are creating a bad name for themselves by implementing polices like this .This policies should be removed
xxxxxxxx chennai Airtel/256UL
Pankaj Singh GURGAON Bharti/ Magic@Home This FUP is UNFAIR...............UNETHICAL, WHY WERE WE NOT TOLD WHEN WE SUBSCRIBED...............
karan new delhi unlimited 512
Respected Mr. Bharti I read somewhere that you have been inspired by Mahatma Gandhi who started Satyagraha. Now its our turn to practice same
against your policies. Today Reliance and Tata might be following what you started but sir, it's a free market competition. A day will come when either your
Tanveer Singh New Delhi Airtel/ Combo 799 new allies or a new ISP will enter, which is honest and true to its word and will cripple your market share. It is very sad to know that such a respected
entrepreneur is resorting to such cheap measures and cheating consumers, who have been more influential in building your customer base by word of
mouth than your marketing strategies. Now us, your customers who recommended your services to our friends will spread the ill word of your dishonesty.
I was planning to change from my existing ISP and move to Airtel from the next month. Now after I came across this policy of Airtel, I will be continuing with
Vishal Bhide Pune
my existing ISP, and I will not be an Airtel broadband customer until it rolls this policy back.
De growth , Airtel is now days is becoming menace doing all sort of bad policies. Instead of moving forward, you want to go backward?? this is awkward!!
Amarjeet new delhi 649 unlimited
Why do you want to be pain to the customers?? Don't put any restrictions on the broadband users! bye bye airtel.
this is the most unjustifiable thing Airtel is doing. Its ridiculously hilarious that India still has such pathetic corporate ethics. and Airtel at top of it, claims to
sourabh Poona / frankfurt Tata VSNL/ UL 1MB be an MNC. Shabby group with just their brand name.. they have anyway outsourced everything to dummy fictitious or third party entities. advert music to
Rehman Call centre (if at all it can be called that) to IBM subsidiary tower business is another pathetic mismanaged wing
It's not like Airtel doesn't have enough bandwidth - most of Airtel's fibre is unused/dark. Then why this idiotic, customer-unfriendly policy that Airtel will drop
Atul Chitnis Bangalore Airtel/2222
anyway as the competition gets hotter?
I used airtel broadband plan for an year, it was awesome, no issues... but it's been pain in the butt using Hathway unlimted for past 20 days .... I think Airtel
Gurpreet Singh Bhatia New Delhi Hathway
should roll back to what it offered a few months ago ... so that people like us dont get along with ISP's like Hathway
Puneet Bangalore 1149 unlimited
1. Always inform customers before making these kind of decisions. When we signed up, VOIP services (softphones) were allowed. You can't take away a
Rakesh Dhar MP Airtel/Unlimited portion of the service like this. 2. Inform your own staff so that they don't waste our and their time debugging the problem. 3. What's the reason for
blocking? Revenue loss? We can show you the real revenue loss by moving on to other providers for broadband.
Ananth Chennai Home899 Let airtel be an example by providing better services at good speeds. Please do not use such regressive measures
Siddharth Suvarna Mangalore unlimited 499
I have 4 airtel connections, including two broadband connections. I would have to consider changing these. You NEED to inform your customers before
Gaurav Gupta Chandigarh Airtel/ 256 // 384 kbps
changing any policy.
My number is 0484 40xx777 512 kbps unlimited is disconnected. My next number 0484 40xx999 256 kbps unlimited, will be disconnected the moment i get
xxxxxxxx Kochi 512 kbps unlimited BSNL net connection because of this stupid policy of airtel. I have already informed the customer retention gang who rang me up from Bangalore about
these issues faced by customers.
xxxxxxxx New Delhi
Varun Kaul Mumbai Tata/vsnl 384 kbps unlimited if they are going to implement international broadband company policies are they providing us same speeds and prices as them ?
First of all, this should not even be called regulation of High Speed internet. Most of us have 128 or 256 KB plan which is not considered high speed in the
Avjit Bhalla
rest of the world. Secondly, this is a direct violation of the contract signed with the customer.
Rahul Kishore Singh Hyderabad Airtel/384kbps unlimited
Whoa whoa......wait a second here. Is Airtel so bored that it wants to create a joke out of making consumers suffer? Fair usage policy....are you kidding
me? It's unfair on the consumer so how the heck do you call that as FAIR? Are you trying to make the world laugh or what? India has just moved into
Nithin Chennai Airtel/256KBPS Unlimited Rs.799 getting internet speeds like 2mbps and they are too slow at becoming common when the world is experiencing DOWNLOAD SPEEDS of 2mbps. And you
want to cut that short? I seriously hate it the way they call it "ISP having control on net usage". Why did we get unlimited then? To laugh and download
1KB per day? -_-
Instead of moving forward, you want to go backward?? this is awkward!! Why do you want to be pain to the customers?? Dont put any restrictions on the
Naga Sathyanarayana Bangalore Sify/256UL
broadband users!
Hi sir. Ur service provider is one of the best in INDIA. But the plan of launching new plan isn't such great idea. Because of this many users will switch
santosh salian Mumbai Unlimited
services. M requesting u to look into the matter. And plz don't apply this plan
Kashyap Chennai Airtel/256 kbps Rs 900 I've already been having trouble with airtel of late, and this is the proverbial last straw.
xxxxxxxx Hyderabad 386 kbps unlimited
I agree with this. Already India is living in the world of Kbps connections, and now if this happens, It will be same as India not having an internet
Ankur Khanna New Delhi Airtel/256kbps Rs 649
connection! This is just so insulting
Bangalore Tata Indicom Broadband/750 pm
xxxxxxxx Tata Indicom Broadband User. Strongly condemn the Fair Usage Policy of any ISP as a consumer!
soo gurgaon
vicky Pune 888
If Airterl is doing this to me, i gonna shift to other service providers. I am ready to approch BSNL also however difficult is to get another connection but i
Abhilash BS Bangalore U/L 256 kbps
cant stand this cheating and daylight robbery. Also i will be one amoung who suggest my friends to NOT use airtel, it sucks.
nishant bhopal unlimited 256
man!!!am afraid AIRTEL is gonna be a BIG LOSER if they bring in this policy...i will hv no option but to shift BUT not without those hundreds to whom i had
Mansoor Bangalore airtel 2mbps unltd
recommended their service...I am sure they wont continue with airtel if they come to know of this...plz better abstain
aNoop Kumar S Bangalore Airtel/Unlimited 256
Vishwas Bhisey Pune
Unlimited MEANS unlimited. Your applying any restriction whatsoever means denial of service. To top it all your representatives have the audacity to try
Priyanka Gurgaon Airtel 999 pm plan. and sell me the so called IPTV for "free" where as it is not! They never told me that my connection would be reduced from 384Kbps to 256 Kbps! And to
maintain the previous speed I would have to "topup" with 400/- per month! Is the reliable Airtel slowly becoming a fraud company?
Fair usage policy is a daylight robbery of customer...plan is stated as 1mbps while we are to pay the same amount of 2500rp(including taxes) per month
while our speed are capped after certain usage of data..please note that we took the UNLIMITED plan as we expect the plan is u imposed
the fair usage policy,the UNLIMITED status might as well be null and void and so is the contract to the customer for u no longer provide the amount of
service we payed and applied for..i switch from BSNL boradband before after hearing the good speed and connectivity ur company provide...but now im
really dissappointed about ur action on imposing the fair usage not a permanent resident of India but will be residing there till a few more
xxxxxxxx Manipal Airtel home 2222 plan im not going to touch ur politics here but i can assure u,if u take this lightly,people will act...after all,ur business growth and profits depends on us
customer...a note of advice,if ur company cannot support the amount of bandwidth the consumers required,u can either 1. increase ur Airtel bandwidth,by
all means u made more profit each year then any other ISP in India..why not invest in more bandwidth and fibre optics cable to improve ur service and
allows heavy usage of data without robbing or cheating customers..or 2. u can stop offering high bandwidth or UNLIMITED plan to consumer...(which i
think will surely be the downfall of u as India num 1 ISP)
Aveer Bilaspur (c.g) Mobile office I dun want this plan as i use net coz my studies !
Mr. Mittal, your company is making more or less 35 to 40 % profits year on year, is this not enough for you. Its these big corporations which involves
politicians to come up with policies to affect common man and eat away all his hard earned money. How much do you pay your employees huh, do they
xxxxxxxx Bagalore 384 kbps unlimited
have good work life balance? what will you and your corp do with all these extra earnings? Businessmen desires can never be satisfied, don't use us as
your bait.
vijaykumar chennai Home 799 plus Bravo!Hail ''Anti airtel fup policy campaign"
Balamurali Bangalore Airtel Try
all broadband services are overpriced here in INDIA. these giant companies are nothing but parasites.. sucking our hard-earned money.. Airtel is the
Makarand Joglekar Dombivali DATAONE, Rs.250/- HOME PLAN
biggest 'CHOR'.. even in telecom..
xxxxxxxx Hyderabad Airtel Wap What the hell is wrong with you guys and all?
ABHISHEK CHANDIGARH certainly this cheap business policy would hampers the reputation and image of AIRTEL
Vijay Padiyar Bangalore Airtel Broadband Fair usage, but unfair policy.
xxxxxxxx Bangalore Please monopolizing, harrasing the customer.
xxxxxxxx Faridabad 799 Unlimited.
please take this policy of yours back as soon as possible otherwise unwillingly me and all the people connected to me n the people whom i have
recomended airtel broadband will have to discotinue using airtel broadband
bhoopathy d.r Chennai 1 Mbps UL Airtel Unlimited Plan has no relevance if Fair Usage Policy comes into force .
xxxxxxxx Chennai 256kbps/750 This not fair cheating the customers... I will change my connection.
kulwant gurgaon unlimited I agree with the comments in general
all broadband services are overpriced here in INDIA. these giant companies are nothing but parasites.. sucking our hard-earned money.. Airtel is the
SankET Pune BSNL
biggest 'CHOR'.. even in telecom..
Bangalore Airtel/Value Combo 799 - 256kbps
xxxxxxxx Bangalore 384 Kbps / Unlimited
Abhishek Bangalore Airtel/256Kbps UL We don't want to go back to dial-up age please.
vipul patel mumbai airtel best of luck !!!!!
subodh chhabra Bangalore Airtel -256 Kbps unlimited
Sanjeet Delhi Airtel256/649Unlimited
Vishal Shah Pune Airtel _|_ to bandwidth cappers.... I'm a SifyBB user and was thinking of switching to Airtel. Now i'll have to wait a little longer....
Hi, I was recently alerted to the Fair Use Policy that’s been snuck on us by Airtel and Tata. But I was surprised when I found out that almost all the
Blogs/Sites that showed up first on Google Click! Click! were unavailable. This included 1. The Petition to Stop the Fair Use Policy - 2. 3.
SharaT Mumbai TATA/ 128 unlimited All these websites have one thing in common. They criticize Tata and Airtel. They also have complaints from users, all conveniently blocked. At this time, I
got suspicious, so I used an Anonymizer site, and Lo-Behold!! THE SITES ALL OPENED!! TATA INDICOM BROADBAND (MUMBAI) IS BLOCKING
SITES!! So, my fellow MS users... WHAT DO WE DO? This is not just illegal, they are STOPPING US FROm our RIGHT TO FREE SPEECH. RIGHT TO
INFORMATION!! Who knows what they’ll do tomorrow if we let them?
Fair for whom Mr. Mittal? This is the age of information smart buyers. By being unfair to customers through this "Fair Usage Policy", you'll only lose your
Rashmi Kakde Bangalore Unlimited 899 Plan
customers. Customers care less about loyalty and more about value for their money spent.
Sriram S Chennai 384Kbps UL Fair Use? It's probably fair to Airtel since it's most definitely not fair to me.
xxxxxxxx Bangalore Unlimited 500 plan
In this world of technology. Airtel wants to cust down on speeds. Fair usage to whom. Only Airtel will gain from this. If this does not stop i will even stop my
Sriharsha Bangalore Unlimited 899 plan
phone connections ( i have around 40) for your information Mr. Mital.
I work from home as a MT. I am presently using BSNL Broadband. However, there are times when this BB is down and 'was thinking in terms of acquiring
Airtel wireless internet. But not now. I strongly condemn there Unfair Usage Policy as detailed above. Me and my wife have Airtel cellular connections. If
gspal Lucknow BSNL Startup Plan 256 kbps 1GB number is transportability is not introduced soon enough by TRAI, we will switch over to another provider who does not have unfair usage polcies for any of
their services. The free email is another CRAP service which is mostly down and have a cumbersome process of filteration of SPAM
I work from home as a MT. I am presently using BSNL Broadband. However, there are times when this BB is down and 'was thinking in terms of acquiring
Airtel wireless internet. But not now. I strongly condemn there Unfair Usage Policy as detailed above. Me and my wife have Airtel cellular connections. If
gspal Lucknow BSNL Startup Plan 256 kbps 1GB
number is transportability is not introduced soon enough by TRAI, we will switch over to another provider who does not have unfair usage polcies for any of
their services.
xxxxxxxx Bangalore Airtel Unlimited 999
Palaniappa Bangalore Airtel
Vineet Mysore Airtel/512 Unlimited
An introduction of such a policy without customers being properly notified is also an unfair trade practice and the service provider can be taken to court for
xxxxxxxx Bangalore Airtel
doing so. If any of the signatories are lawyers, maybe they should seriously explore this option
Subhra Das Bangalore 256Kbps Unlimited This is a very pathetic step and airtel is ruining its customer base with its own hands, especially with BSNL coming in with its superb plans.
Sid Khullar NOIDA 512kbps, Commercial, Unlimited Perhaps 'fair usage' could be defined in more detail.
xxxxxxxx Chennai 700 I hope I am not too late in showing my support for this petition! This is a very important matter. It DIRECTLY invades the privacy of an individual.
ISP's are already fleecing their customers.They dont even provide good network infra nor do they take any interest in providing any type of customer
xxxxxxxx Thiruvananthapuram Tata,imbps unlimited
complaint redressal.Nobody takes any responsibility once you have paid the money.This has to be stopped.
Naman Goyal New Delhi Airtel 256 unlimited Fair Usage Policy is unfair to the very concept of unlimited broadband plans.
Sivaraman Hyderabad Airtel Hyderabad - 256Kbps - Airtel - Unlimited plan
This is not a good practice for companies to set such policies to gain financially. I do not agree and will rather have this appealed at consumer court.
Santosh Joseph Bangalore TATA-INDICOM WI-FI
Please stop such sick attitude of squezing consumer's money off.
Satya Ramachandran Bangalore 999 Unlimited 256 Kbps
Deepak Rajendran Bangalore 1 Mbps unlimited Placing a limit on an unlimited plan makes absolutely no sense. I feel this is a highly selfish move by Airtel with no transparency in the policy.
xxxxxxxx hyderabad 512 unlimited
xxxxxxxx Mumbai 256 unlimited
Mathew Augustine Chennai Airtel/384 Unlimited
Amitabh Sinha New Delhi Airtel/ Unlimited 512 kpbs
Hi all, This is really a big problem that we net users are going to face. If there is a download limit what is the use of even taking up an unlimited plan and
paying high amount. We require unlimited download at good speed that is why we are paying such amounts. Airtel is supposed to be a fair player in the
market and now has turned against its own customers. While other service providers are increasing speed and download amount, Airtel is doing just the
opposite. And we cant blame this on recession because telecom is still a booming sector and Airtel is the leader. Why doesn't the company cut our
karina,saif,sarukh and now rehman from ads and it'll save a lot of money and paying them crores for a few minutes does not give airtel the rights to collect
those from customers. Elsewhere in the world everyone is increasing infrastructure to accommodate demand and here in India companies are taxing
Basu Delhi unlimited 256
consumers instead of augmenting infrastructure. No wonder the world calls us a backward nation. With entrepreneurs like these on the way India will be
called the land of snake charmers. Its a shame and these are the very people who utter wise words in Leadership Summit, what hypocrites !!! I believe in
some part we are to be blamed as well. We remained too loyal to Airtel and should switch sides now. I recently contacted WORLD PHONE as they are
coming up with new attractive plans and I require a good speed and also unlimited download. You guys should check them out. We can only request
Mr.Mittal, rest I don't know. Probably some of us could go to consumer court as well or should request other Airtel users to quit Airtel so that no ISP in
future will do this again.
xxxxxxxx Bangalore 512 Unlimited
Nawaz Gaffoor Chennai
Arjun Bhaudhary New Delhi 256 unlimited
xxxxxxxx noida airtel
Mr. Kumar South Delhi Airtel (512kbps \\"un\\"limited) A truly regrettable policy. Airtel must realize it's not about WHAT the caps are - it's about that there should be NO caps at all!!
xxxxxxxx Dahanu BSNL Private companies only look to gain high profits, consumers are just money sources for them.
Airtel is trying to share the same bandwidth with more users - they have also gone away with their service guarantee as well.... That clearly shows where
xxxxxxxx Bangalore 999 - 384kbps
they are headed towards.....
xxxxxxxx Delhi Airtel I hate you Airtel.
Harishankaran Bangalore BroadBand
Bad move,bad policy, expect to loose many subscriptions should you go ahead with this policy.By doing this you are giving an opportunity for your
xxxxxxxx Bangalore 2222 Unlimited - Home
competitors nonetheless its a totally flawed idea.
xxxxxxxx Mumbai BSNL
xxxxxxxx Nkl Send me free mobile office gprs settings for unlimited downloads in Airtel networks
Jeevanand Chennai Airtel 256kbps
xxxxxxxx New Delhi Airtel/HOME 649
Harshal Ambani Mumbai VSNL / 128 Unlimited
Subramanian L Chennai Airtel / 354 kbps Unlimited
Shubham Saurabh Bhalki BSNL / 256kbps Unlimited I hope I am not too late in showing my support for this petition! This is a very important matter. It DIRECTLY invades the privacy of an individual.
Pradeep Simhan Bangalore 512 Kbps Unlimited
Pawan Kakumanu Pune 384kbps Unlimited
Devarajan Chennai 1 mbps Rs. 2222 Airtel has this month, before I switch back to BSNL.
xxxxxxxx delhi airtel - 999
xxxxxxxx Delhi Airtel Its setting false expectations and don't call it unlimited if it is not.
Kartick Delhi 1499 Plan I subscribe to a 512MB Unlimited connection. I do not believe that you provide me the speed I subscribe to in the first place.
Airtel Broadband, 1MBPS Unlimited plan. Its 2500 bucks a month! The last thing I am receptive to, is a threshold based throttle on my bandwidth. I am so
Saurabh Delhi Airtel 1 Mbps Unlimited
dumping Airtel if this scam isn't withdrawn.
Don't call it unlimited if you are going to put a data cap on it. I mean, if you are going to do a daylight robbery at the least don't be so shameless about it.
Anupam Delhi NCR/Gurgaon Airtel \\'Limited\\' 799
Why do you think its just so easy to take any of your customers for a ride?
xxxxxxxx New Delhi 999/Unlimited512Dedicated I'll surrender the connection if Bharti will put such limitations
xxxxxxxx bangalore 128 kbpcs unlimited
xxxxxxxx Hyderabad Airtel/256kbps
sripada kadambar bangalore
xxxxxxxx SIRSI BSNL HOME 750UL It is unfortunate that speed will be reduced for person who is prequent user of Internet using VC Etc.
xxxxxxxx Bangalore Airtel 512 kbps
sapan Hyderabad BSNL
I am not an airtel user yet and have been planning to shift to airtel...but with policies like this thats highly unlikely. In an era where we push for democracy
manak New Delhi and the only place where we get a semblance of it in the internet, these policies take all control away from the people and actually make them pay for
nothing. Really disappointing! Manak.
Sharninder Bangalore Airtel/384kbps This is utter crap ... is all I have to say. I have no clue how can the govt let this happen. A class action law suit should probably be filed against Airtel for
thinking about this Draconian policy. This is not only hindering the growth of broadband and internet in India but also the growth of our Nation !
Neeraj Goel Delhi airtel unlimited download
xxxxxxxx Chennai BSNL
Sunand Sampath Bangalore I have just shifted from other user to airtel but i now doubt your credibility.
Pradumn Bajaj Mumbai
xxxxxxxx Kolkata
This policy s*** is the saddest plan that i have ever heard of.. i have been an airtel user for the past 4 years and i wasnt even informed of this garb.. U just
Nagamohan Bengaluru 384 UL
proved to us users that you are as sad as the other ISP's out there.. God forgot to put brains in those heads of yours!!!
xxxxxxxx Bangalore Airtel/6GB per month limit
xxxxxxxx Jaipur Airtel / 999 Home Unlimited I used to be a satisfied customer of Airtel but now you people have let me down.
Noel Sequeira Mumbai TATA Indicom I'm all for net neutrality. Any internet user should be. Airtel, please take note - this might hurt you.
xxxxxxxx MUMBAI
This is so ridiculous. Why are you trying to copy the crap policies from the west when there is a hell lot of difference between the broadband situation in the
two. The BB speed in India is still only about 10-20% of what the customers in the west are getting for the same price. If you can't handle 1Mbps unlimited
xxxxxxxx Noida Airtel / 1 Mbps UL on your network then god forbid you try to even think of 8Mbps or 10Mbps unlimited connections on your network. Again, don't try to copy crap policies
from the West. The situation is different here. You have been and still are charging us way more than the ISP's in the West are charging and we still don't
have those blazing speeds that can attribute to a TRUE broadband experience. An angry customer.
I am a relatively new customer of airtel and till now its been quite good experience but if airtel plans to put bars on my unlimited BB then i will have to think
otherwise. I pay a real hefty bill every month which is nearly justified considering the prompt service but bars on unlimited usage will be tipping point for me
xxxxxxxx bangalore airtel unllimited
n there are a lot of players in the market which offer cheaper BB for the same service. Please stop this menace before you destroy your customer base.
People will not come back once they are gone and it applies to bussinesses as well so please withdraw this bad idea.
Puranjay Singh New Delhi BSNL/Unlimited I've been seriously considering switching over to Airtel for the past one week after MTNL's slow speeds, but after reading this, I'd rather stick to MTNL
Sachin Sridhara Bangalore Home 999 +
xxxxxxxx Thane MTNL BroadBand That is really a horrible policy by Airtel. Such companies which exist solely for Profit should not be allowed!!! BAN AIRTEL OR BAN NEW POLICY
xxxxxxxx Bangalore Total bullshit, all u guys care about i smaking money, atleast give some decent goddammn speeds
Sameep Kaul Mumbai Airtel Broadband / 512Kbps Unlimited
Mitesh Singh Mumbai AIRTEL
Krish Chennai Airtel 256kbps Unlimited Just received their letter stating the download limit. This is very unfair as they market the plan as 'Unlimited'
Hey although i'm not an airtel broadband user but i'm its cell user which is having a bad network.This step also confirms it non comittment to user .On one
Mahesh Poojari Mumbai MTNL / 200B Plan hand govt. speaks of freeing the broadband to help technology reach the poorest of the poor & you see this at the other end .TRAI should stricty not allow
Airtel to implement such absurd policies
I'm 100% against this new policy. If implemented, i will definitely leave airtel. Airtel has always been my favorite ISP for over two years, but if this comes
Arun Karthik Hyderabad Airtel 384kbps unlimited
true, its time to say goodbye.
xxxxxxxx Bangalore BSNL/unlimited This is a ridiculous policy. Dont implement it.
Balu Bangalore 256kpbs unlimited
Murtaza Ahmedabad BSNL/Night Plan
Shaan Hyderabad 599/unlimited 128 Kbps
xxxxxxxx HYD BSNL/UL
xxxxxxxx Dehli Unlimited 1. Deposit Rs 8000n dated 10-11-2008 Form No 804631 Till Today NO connection.2. AgainRs 500 Depost Rs 500 on Form no 1510006 Without Date.
I think it is very sad that Airtel is trying to fool its customers. Tho I am supposed to get 512 kbps, its much much slower. Now I understand why. I fully
Ranita Delhi Airtel/Multiple
support this petition.
Abdul Razzaq Nanded BSNL 750 Unlimited AIrtel will be finished as they paly with subscribers money.
Cybro Coimbatore 999 Home Plus What the hell is this ?? It is insane. No ISP should do like this. Whole of the World should join hands and fight against such thing
rotterdamm77 las vegas
sumit panipat 1499 we must shift to bsnl..lets do it.
Abhishek Gupta Ghaziabad Airtel/Unlimited Plan 899
I am an airtel subscriber telephone number 41289564. That's why i was experiencing variation in speed. On complaints they are advising us to change the
xxxxxxxx Bangalore 699/=
plan, which is unethical. Seriously thinking to change.
although i was fully satisfied with the airtel broadband service.Why would we suffer for some people.You should track only those people who are using
xxxxxxxx mohali (punjab) 128kbps unlimited excess bandwidth. This sudden change will have a bad effect on growing internet users which will ultimately affect our growth. Now rest of the world are
thinking of GBPS & MBPS speed but we are still in KBPS.It may affect many sectors in our growth.
Lewin V Joey Cochin BSNL EVDO Unlimited
I am contemplating on change of broadband services. Although, I was happy till date with the services provided by Airtel, this sudden change without prior
harish Chennai 256 kbps Unlimited notification has changed my mind. Airtel is behaving like a new age dictator. I am more frustrated in the way the communication I received signed by
Sharan Shetty (Head-Marketing). The whole purpose of getting unlimited broadband is to have unlimited browsing. The letter suggest that a few members
are misusing the unlimited broadband. We are paying airtel for unlimited bandwidth, that is what the agreement says, "Its Unlimted". Its none of Airtel's
business to tell how its customers are going to used the broadband. Airtel's customers are no thieves. We pay for the services. Countries like Japan,
Taiwan(China) etc are having 100 mbps connection with no limit. Suggesting that few users are clogging the Airtel lines is ridiculous. I am planning to
change my service provider in April 2009.
xxxxxxxx Thane 256 kbps Unlimited
Prasad Naik Mumbai
> Why would we suffer for some people.You should track only those people who are using excess bandwidth. > This FUP will have a bad effect on growing
Tapan Bangalore 256 broadband unlimited internet users which will ultimately affect our growth. > Now rest of the world are thinking of GBPS & MBPS speed but we are still in KBPS.It may affect
many sectors in our growth.
varoon nasa gurgaon 384 kbps UL
rajaraman chennai
Abhaya Agarwal Bangalore
Rates for internet access in India are very high for the speeds that we get at home or at the office. Now trying to cap speeds is just the muscle flexing that
xxxxxxxx Noida Airtel/512 kbps unlimited we do not need from Airtel. Airtel already charges a premium over its competition sighting its superior service and uptime, but this effort to curb speeds for
people with unlimited plans who work from home is especially unfair.
xxxxxxxx New Delhi MTNL/TriB 649 Combo
Hopefully this petition should change your stance with regards to net neutrality. All your draconian policies achieve is setting a bad precedent and hurting
xxxxxxxx Chandigarh BSNL 500 night UL your own image. Many a times Airtel executive come to my place promoting your limited bandwidth worthless schemes all this does is aggravate my hate
towards your company.
One of 2 things will happen: Either Airtel will have to change its stance on its FUP or I'll change my ISP. It'll be unfortunate to see my 3 year old
xxxxxxxx Delhi Airtel 799 relationship with Airtel Broadband coming to an end this way. Hell, I'll even change my Airtel mobile phone connection (I've had it since 2002) for I can't
bear to be associated with a service provider who would want to enforce its tyranny on its paying customers.
xxxxxxxx bangalore Airtel what the heck is this foolish and stupid plan
xxxxxxxx delhi airtel-799
Ajinkya Mate Pune
xxxxxxxx Delhi Airtel/Unlimited Internet Plan(Rs.1200 pm)
xxxxxxxx Belgaum Airtel/Home 1275
GnanaPrakash Chennai Airtel, 256 Kbps, Unlimited.
MohanPrabhu M coimbatore dont try to spoil you market & dont try to make Indian's as fool's,they are more clever than you!!!!!!
xxxxxxxx Delhi 256 Kbs Airtel, Come On, STOP BEING UNFAIR. BE FAIR. !!!!
Harshit Thanki Pune
Mass migration of accounts to another ISP is our only option, if Airtel does not withdraw this regressive policy, which is patently unjust & unfair to
xxxxxxxx Bangalore Airtel 1 MB UL
xxxxxxxx Ghaziabad Airtel/Home 999
For a home with 4 users the 50GB limit is unfair in an unlimited plan! For me fair use will be 50% of total BW data capacity. Approximately 200GB for a
Otto Bangalore Airtel 1MB UL
1MB UL connection.. OK.. even 150GB I'll accept.
Airtel is known to have many disgruntled users for all its services. While it is true that some administrative strength is needed, freedom that ends where
some one else steps on your rights, is now affected. Your recent alliance with an extremist political party makes this clear to all listening - the problem is
xxxxxxxx Chennai withheld
that we Indians put up with anything. As an ex-user of Airtel's services, I am tempted to ease any Airtel rep with very strong words. It is a pity that an Indian
company is unable to moderate itself as humility is true greatness, not aggressive posturing.
Let's not choke the growth. Don't forget IP is not just browsing websites, downloading software, audio/video today -- It's the future where TV (visual),
xxxxxxxx Bangalore 4444 Plan Phone (voice) and entertainment (online gaming, etc.) are converging. Instead of capping bandwidth think of providing new value-added services which
people will use and pay for!
kishore pune
I don't think the ISP has any authority to throttle the internet. You are here coz, people use your services and the day you think you can live with throtlling
Jithesh Raj Bangalore Tata Indicom 384 unlimited
you will end.
I'm just gonna wait and watch for a month.If Airtel doesn't mend its policy I'm switching to good old BSNL.Will tell all my friends about it too and discourage
Rahul Bangalore Home 2222 Plus
them from subscribing to Airtel in any way.We're gonna boycott Airtel DTH,Mobile,landline everything!!
Amit Saxena Noida
dinesh delhi unlimited@999
xxxxxxxx bangalore Airtel, 999 Unlimited
Vishal Kulkarni Mumbai Airtel / 256 kbps Support Net Neutrality !!
What a stupid idea you are trying to implement Mr. Mittal. You will go down at the same rate you have come up. I will be happy to go back to my buggy but
xxxxxxxx Mumbai Airtel/Unimited 512 (and others)
safer VSNL if you insist on following up on this. And I have 4 separate connections of Airtel.
Lazarus Cornelius Delhi Airtel unlimited
why would I want to pay more than 1000 bucks every month, only to have my BandWidth halved? I have already applied for BSNL, I will definitely deter
xxxxxxxx Bangalore 480kbps/unlimited anyone I know from taking Airtel Connection hence forth. I will also be relinquishing my Airtel broadband. Been a customer for more than 3 years, only to
get "Bulbs" now.. :(
Raghu Bangalore This is cheating. I will migrate to BSNL whenever I find chance.
xxxxxxxx Mainpuri Home UnLimited 1350 Plus
Sharatchandra h.C. bangalore
Wykrhm Hyderabad Airtel / 1 Mbps Unlimited Signed!
The internet is the new medium of communication and the new bastion of culture. We already have politicians and external business trying to control and
Amit Chhawal Mumbai Airtel 256kbps DSL contain its true potential and the ISP would be last person who would have threatened the freedom of the Internet. Your Policy will stifle innovation and will
cause stagnation in the market which is already way under developed.
Srinivas Bangalore Airtel 999 Unlimited
Hariharan Chennai BSNL Home 500 This is shocking news. I never thought Airtel wouldn't resort to such cheap techniques. This is virtually pilfering one's money! Fair usage ma A$$!!
xxxxxxxx New Delhi 999/- 380 kbps unlimited WTF !!!
Suraj Pearson Bangalore Airtel/384 unlimited
Venkatesh Bangalore I dont support Unfair practices. Please stop Airtel or any other company from doing this
Chandranshu Noida Airtel/2Mbps Unlimited If this policy is not rolled back, I'm ditching Airtel.
Vishal Parkar Ratnagiri BSNL/ 0 Rental I strongly condemn this illegal act.
yeaah !! due to this ! at the end I was wasting my time troubleshooting my home network to find out why the net is hell slow !! man !! u people are smart
Joy Sarkar Bangalore 512 KBPS unlimited
enough to fool people but we are again smarter enough to kick ur ass !!
xxxxxxxx Calicut BSNL Dial-up Cheating,cheating,and again cheating. This is the only policy that the private companies like Airtel follows.
xxxxxxxx Kolkata 999/-
Pankaj Rathod Mumbai Garuda/Tata
Srinath T K Bangalore Airtel 999 Unlimited
Kumkum Nadig Bangalore Unlimited Broadband
Anurag Singh NOIDA Broadband 256 kbps unlimited
This is outright illegal, I don't think they can do this, we have to file a complaint against them in the consumer courts of India, better still let's make an effort
Abhishek Gupta Noida Airtel 1Mbps
to not use internet and disconnect for some period of time, even if 20-30% of us do this these ISP will regret their decision.
Jerry G.T Bangalore This is highly illegal and i have come to know about this through this petition only.. your people certainly didnt mention this while giving us this plan !!
Jeet Francis Chennai Unlimited-799 This is highly illegal and i have come to know about this through this petition only.. your people certainly didnt mention this while giving us this plan !!
I have been using Airtel from last 3 years and needless to say I have not gone tired praising and admiring about their services. That includes boasting of its
good connectivity and unlimited download policy. I remmebered how I over the years I have gone out of the way in recommending to people using rival and
Deepak Narula New Delhi Airtel Turbo 256 Plan even frustrated govt. ISP facilities. But this sudden and unexpected introduction of fairgame policy by AIRTEL should either be ammended or be abolished.
before it creates a wedge between Airtels many faithfull customers and the company. How can they enact such a policy without informing to the
customers. This is soo wrong. :(
xxxxxxxx Chennai Airtel 799 unlimited
xxxxxxxx Kolkata 999 unlimited
xxxxxxxx Jodhpur BSNL/750 Unlimited Home
This is against ethics. Airtel is giving less than what they have promised and they have the courage to announce that openly. I don't use Airtel and the
reason behind that purely is their policies. (I have been a user of Airtel broadband services before, and the experience has not been satisfactory at all)
Ashish Behl Delhi BSNL
Internet usage is deemed to increase and if this is the way Airtel plans to serve its increasing user base, there would be a time when there would be no
"increasing user base".
xxxxxxxx Pune Surf 599
i am although not a user of airtel anymore.... i used to be but i guess if airtel starts this my isp will follow too.... and that is something which will not be
xxxxxxxx Pune TATA Indicom acceptable by me on any cost.... i really appreciate the efoort you guys have taken here...... and i think i will be holding up against this policy as long as it
takes...... even if termed in basic way i have a right to use wht i pay for.... n this is cheating.... thanks a lot guys for keepin me updated
Rajat Mittra Kolkata Airtel home 999 unlimited
ajay Trivandrum you are nothing but cheating customers!
xxxxxxxx Bangalore Stop trying to con the consumer.
Amit Delhi Airtel
S.Sarkar Bangalore Airtel home 999 unlimited
xxxxxxxx Bangalore Bangalore, 750 unlimited
Not only do I get unacceptably slow speeds from Airtel, I also now get capped on my "unlimited" plan? No wonder I'm already switching to an alternative
Mathew Carley Mumbai Airtel
this is not good if u feeling dat way then u shud put a downloading limit. like watever plan u take maximum downloadin limit wud be 2gb per mtn wateva bt
xxxxxxxx MUMBAI
dnt keep unlimited download. ppl pay so mch money 4 internet den how u can get der speeds less or wateva.
Though i am not an airtel broadband user but still i am against any organization that tries to cheat its customers by misinforming, not informing and using
monopolistic policies for making profits. Also i support anyone who fights against big businesses who are trying to take control of the Internet. I also have
Aseem Delhi MTNL
been recommending airtel connection to anyone in whose area the service is provided, but if they are implementing policies that fool a not-so-tech savvy
person then i will try my level best to move people away from airtel.
Nauzad Kapadia Mumbai MTNL shameful. sify did this a couple of years back. thats when i moved over to MTNL.
Varun Mumbai Hathway I fully support this petition and request, encourage and demand from Airtel that their policy be actually "Fair".
xxxxxxxx Greater Noida Unlimited 384 Kpbs Totally unfair policy! Its a Direct Cheat to valuable consumers!
xxxxxxxx Pune BSNL/Home250
You are fundamentally violating the concept of an unlimited connection. The onus is on you to provide better infrastructure and take India forward in terms
of broadband speeds. Please do not hide behind your customers(because of whom you are surviving) and fool them by putting the blame on them for
preventing fair usage. It is a customer's fundamental right to expect continued and improved services and the goal of any decent organization to show
xxxxxxxx Bangalore 384 kbps unlimited continuous improvement. You have failed in updating your infrastructure and like so many other sunken companies who have not adopted changed and
died out the moment competition came along, you try to exploit your relative and current monopoly and thereby lose all your good will. This WILL come
back to bite you. Finally, in a recessive market, people downgrading or giving up their connections entirely is a definite possibility. Even if you adopt a wait
and watch policy, you stand to lose some business. Do you want that to happen right now?
Airtel has use fraudulent billing for many years now. I have been at war with them many a times. There arrogance has reached a peak. Their Internet
xxxxxxxx Bangalore 2222 8GB 8Mbps infrastructure is a farce in routing design. No use going to Sunil Bharti mittal. We should all file a court case for fraudulent billing. They never disclose their
billing mechanism. Something we must fight against. We should call them Chortel and not Airtel.
I was thinking of switching to Airtel's 512kbps unlimited plan from my current ISP's 256kbps unlimited plan due to all the good things I've been hearing
xxxxxxxx Mumbai in2cable/256kpbs unlimited
about Airtel from so many people but now I'll have to seriously reconsider that option.
xxxxxxxx Bangalore Airtel 384 Kbps I agree with you guys. Airtel's "Fair Usage Policy" is like "screwing people policy".
m.senthilkumar dindigul 199 please sent me feb bill (mobile no;9600484181)in my email id thank you
Anshul Sushil NCR Unlimited 999 Don't even think about it...we have lot of options...would advise you to rather concentrate on bettering the customer service!
Nilesh Noida 256 UL
Mr Mittal, do u think that u can start sucking the blood of ur customers anytime...forget about it.....we have lot of alternative......go ahead with the
xxxxxxxx Mohali Airtel
prashant noida unlimited 799
xxxxxxxx New Delhi
I had been a subscriber of Airtel's 512 Kbps Unlimited plan and had recently also added IPTV on the same connection. But after reading about their plans
to limit bandwidth I decided to change over to the Rs. 999 IPTV+Broadand+Landline plan so that I am already in the 256 Kbps speed range instead of
getting screwed down to 256 while paying for 512 Kbps. I called Airtel customer service to ask them for this change but to my horror they told me that I can
not change my tariff plan to the one mentioned as the "Company policy" does not permit this. I told him to connect me to a Supervisor who was a
R Kathpalia New Delhi Airtel 512 Kbps
gentleman name RamaShankar and I told him that this amounts to the company telling me what tariff plan I have to use while TRAI directives clearly state
that I should be able to choose which tariff plan I want. He of course remained adamant that this is "Company policy". So now we not only have to put up
with their "Fair" usage policy but they are also going to dictate what tariff plan we can use and that we must stick to the plan we have - this is outrageous
and I'm seriously considering disconnecting and moving to MTNL broadband.
shankar chennai Home 999 Please scrap this fair usage policy ! For heaven's sake and for the good of the tech in this country.
KOK Chennai Home 799
AirTel FUP Down Down !! AirTel and all other ISPs must increase their infrastructure for international bandwidth and lowering the ping time on international
Abhijeet Nagawade Shrigonda BSNL UL1350Plus
xxxxxxxx New Delhi Airtel cheats mobile users and now they've started cheating Broadband customers also.Dear Airtel,your days r limited !!!
xxxxxxxx delhi I don't know why are out doing this.What's the point of unlimited then.
xxxxxxxx Mumbai 384kbps unlimited
Hemant Jha Indore
K SRINIVAS MANI CHENNAI This unfair attitude of Airtel should be curtailed, and they should not get money out of way from the Subscribers.
People worldwide are waking up to the fact that, left unregulated, businesses tend to extremes of destructive behaviour in their quest for super profits.
Ashok Agrwaal Delhi Their greed has brought the global economic system to its knees and it is not yet certain whether it will recover, or when. Airtel should learn a lesson and
stop trying to gyp its customers. I have already discontinued my Airtel BB account because of this very propensity.
Venkat Hyderabad Bsnl Home 500c
xxxxxxxx Bangalore 799 unlimited
xxxxxxxx Bangalore 256 UL I hope they get a brain and revoke this policy.. Its daylight robbery. Boycott Airtel if they dont!
Saurabh Gupta Noida Airtel - Home 2222 Internet in India was never great... now this just adds insult to injury.
kshtiij vaish Bangalore Airtel 128kbps unlimited plan
xxxxxxxx Chennai Home 1149
Aditya Manthramurthy Bangalore BSNL 256 UL Airtel must have pathetic infrastructure. I am going immediately start telling everyone how badly Airtel needs to be avoided.
xxxxxxxx NOIDA Airtel/1mbps Well airtel has disappointed me for the first time...
The broadband scenario is really worst in India. The ISPs and their tariff plans and usage schemes are completely screwed up anyways. It really hurts
when you hear ppl out side India using their b/w in MBps and when u think about doing that here it ends up in Grands of money per month which
completely is Rubbish. The broadband scenario has to be improved in India and what this new policy points out is its in old dark age where broadband was
a dream (while ppl were on dial ups 56KBps modems). This is not what is expected in the shining India. Internet is like more than oxygen needed to live
Vijay Patel Mumbai N/A
out side India and its not any different in here. This policy is really unacceptable and should be stopped with immediate effect. Here its not a question of
whether you are a Airtel broadband user or no, but the time is to sign this petition and to stop this meaningless (self benefited) policy b4 its really started by
other ISPs in India... Ppl out there, dont think that its just for Airtel.. this is gonna be like a plague for BroadBand world in India, which if it spreads then
we're all screwed badly or worse.
Airtel - 1) You guys are the best ISPs around, do not go cheap on us. 2) Maintain Net Neutrality 3) Give better speeds for lower prices. Why are you more
AS Mumbai Airtel, MTNL, Tata Indicom (All)
expensive than a US ISP? 4) Increase your coverage to areas in Bombay.
Airtel is cheating customers by doing this, they can not Mark plans as unlimited. In this era were video and audio is online and a way to communicate it is
Anuj New Delhi 512 UL
very sad.
For Airtel to renege on its contractual obligations would be in bad faith and totally unacceptable. When I asked the Airtel representative who sold us our
512 kbps net connection what 'unlimited' meant, he assured me that unlimited meant unlimited. I work out of home and am completely dependent on my
Sajan V New Delhi 512 kbps Unlimited
broadband connection. I would be forced to surrender my Airtel internet and go back to good old MTNL/BSNL if Airtel did something so uncharacteristically
unethical, which I sincerely hope they won't. So far, their internet service has been very good.
Sanjiv Gambhir Gurgaon 256 kbps - 999
xxxxxxxx Ghaziabad 256 kbps Unlimited I fully support this motion against Airtel and any other ISP which tries to curb the customer rights.
James New Delhi 512 Unlimited
Ankit Ajmani Delhi Airtel 256 KPBS Unlimited This is a total failure on part of Airtel to update its infrastructure and provide reliable and efficient service to its subscribers.
This is totally unfair. I will definitely discontinue using Airtel Broadband services if this illogical "Fair Use" policy is not rolled back. Am definitely not going to
Sambhav Bangalore Home 999
recommend Airtel to anyone. Airtel if only learn, if we hit them where it hurts. There are enough options now. Wake up Airtel!!! Regards, Sambhav
xxxxxxxx Gurgaon Airtel / 256 Unlimited
xxxxxxxx Bangalore 256 KBPS Unlimited
Anukul New Delhi 512 kbps Unlimited
xxxxxxxx bangalore Airtel 256kbps unlimited Bangalore, 256kbps Unlinited
Being disappointed with the gross failure of my ISP to meet the promised speed consistently,I was contemplating switching to Airtel,which I thought stands
ajay bakshi Bangalore Tata Indicom Wimax out in the croud,in terms of service and customer care.However this article seems to be an eye opener for me,and I'd certainly hold my plans to switch to
Airtel till it rolls back this 'fair usage' crap.
xxxxxxxx delhi airtel/256k 649 Airtel 256k 649
Gurpreet Singh New Delhi Airtel - 1499 Please refer to
Touzeen Hussain Chennai Airtel 386 \\"Unlimited\\" When demand increases,Increase Supply,Dont try to Reduce Demand.
Vamsi Krishna Varma Hyderabad 256 unlimited Dear Mr. Mittal If this is true, you are degrading your intangible assets while saving on your tangible ones. Please be sure of what you are doing. Rgds,
xxxxxxxx New Delhi
Karan Tilak Kumar home 799
sasha bose new delhi
xxxxxxxx Bangalore Home 2222
Shantanu Dutta New Delhi MTNL, triband unlimited
Vishnupriya Bangalore Bangalore Airtel 256 kbps unlimited
xxxxxxxx Bangalore
Kunal Lagwankar Thane Triband
xxxxxxxx Bangalore BSNL 256 kbps unlimited
xxxxxxxx Delhi Airtel 256 kbps unlimited It is bad to know that the company which has earned name for providing very good service, is planning to curb on the same.
xxxxxxxx Delhi
xxxxxxxx Bangalore Karnataka 999 unlimited
Gautam John Bangalore Unlimited 1MB It's a sad day when a company such as yours stoops to these levels...
xxxxxxxx Mumbai 1MBPS Unlimited
Why you have to stoop to such low levels, Mr. Mittal, which gives only BADWILL & erosion of brand you are so carefully tring to build( or did i mean
Nawal Singal Pune BSNL/ Home 500
Subir Singha Balurghat I want to download everithing with maximum speed of internet
Hey!!!!!!!!!! What the fuck is dis!!!!!!!!!!! You charge me Rs.2222 per month for 1mbps unlimited plan and u create barriers!!!!!!!!!! it makes no sense!!!!!!! then
Chaitanya Bharat Chennai Airtel/1 mbps unlimtes
why the heck is it called "unlimited"
Shubhamoy New Delhi MTNL TriBB 599 When you are selling it as Unlimited Plan, then what is the need of putting a cap over it? It's really ridiculous!! BR, Shubhamoy
Ashish Modi kolkata Home 1499 unlimited
xxxxxxxx Chennai 384 kbps unlimited 2 weeks time for airtel to revert. should be enough time to find a better alternative. bye bye airtel, hello 'REAL' broadband
xxxxxxxx Bangalore home 1499 unlimited 51 kbps
And I was just considering putting up a post on my blog telling everyone how good the experience with Airtel Broadband has been for me. Guess I'll hold
Tarun Yadav Noida 512 kbps Unlimited
off on that until this is resolved.
xxxxxxxx Bangalore Tata Indicom
Dharemender kumar karsog
Litu Varghese Chacko Bangalore 799
xxxxxxxx Bangalore 384 kbps unlimited
ANISH NAMBIAR HYDERABAD BSNL/UNLIMITED was plannin to go for airtel. now i dont think i will. this is all in addition to the bloggers gettin hammered by the courts. viva la democratia!
Tarun Gupta Mumbai 256 Kbps unlimited
xxxxxxxx Bangalore
Shiva Bangalore Home 999
dhrampal gatam mandi h.p airtel
subburathnam pitchai Chennai Airtel unlimted 799 If un addressed, we shall have no option but to switch over to other ISP
I understand things are hard, but in tough times, 2 things become very important. Reducing costs, and keeping customers. One should not emphasise one
Chetan Kumar Delhi 999 Unlimited.
over the other.
Ashish Vashisht Delhi Airtel, 256 Kbps unlimited If this comes into effect, I will switch to another ISP
xxxxxxxx Chennai Airtel / 1MBPs unlimited
Rahul Varma Mumbai 1 MBPS Unlimited
xxxxxxxx Bangalore This is a very bad move on part of Airtel. They have no rights to police and decide what we must and what we mustn't do!
xxxxxxxx dehradun bsnl unlimited
IM Bangalore 384
ramram hyderabad Expecting such incidents with majority of private operators including Bharati Airtel Ltd., I dont suggest anyone to go for such ISP's.
xxxxxxxx Cochin Airtel / Unlimited 2222
Karthik Chennai They think consumers are fools.
After 5 yrs of being with Airtel, this policy change seems most unfair. Reducing snail paced speeds to something even slower is unjust. If all customers had
2Mbits speeds and after reaching the download limit under their plan and then speeds were reduced to their respective plan speeds would make much
more sense. For eg. someone on a Rs 1499/- may have higher download limit than one on a Rs 999/- plan, and after reaching their limits the speeds
Mohak Singh Bijral New Delhi Airtel Home 999 @ 384kbps
would be reduced to 512kpbs and 384kbps respectively from the orignal 2Mbit speeds. Make plans and policies which gives customers breathing space,
taking away of what little they have now isn't going to help broadband grow in our nation. Making such a policy makes us feel very vulnerable as customers
and also shows that Airtel doesn't care about its customers over its profits. Please reconsider and stop consumers from moving to other providers.
Gaurav Bangalore Airtal / 1mbps unlimited
xxxxxxxx New Delhi 256 Kbps unlimited
xxxxxxxx bangalore 384 kbps unlimited Well if its goin to happen that way then i think i start lookin for another isp
xxxxxxxx Chandigarh ul 512
This policy is surely suicide for Airtel. Cant believe a company with such market experience can implement such a stupid policy without accessing the
Nishendu Krishna Pai Bangalore Airtel 256 kbps Unltd799/-
consequences. Calling out to Reliance, Tata, BSNL.. this is your chance to change the ISP Status Quo..
xxxxxxxx Pune 1mbps Unlimited
Rajesh Dogra New Delhi AIrtel 649 This is unfair, defeats the meaning of BroadBand.
Gomtesh Upadhye Bangalore 512KBPS Unlimited
Abiram Bangalore 699 unlimited.
BP Bangalore Unlimited 384 If this does not change very soon , then move over to BSNL and Railtel if they are in your area. Choose anyone except the Airtel.
sanman parvalkar bangalore 512k unlimited the fairusage policy is a dampner to the quick access and resolution to doubts @ speed of light
Fair Usage Policy would be fair if you charge me as per what ever plan your server gives me, else its not just unfair its cheating and unethical. I wont get
xxxxxxxx Bangalore
associated with businesses which cheat public and would move on to other rational and honest providers of Internet and Telephony.
A bloody shame that they had to implement such a cheap policy to loot people of their hard-earned money by offering them the bare minimum. Why the
xxxxxxxx Chennai 256K Unlimited
hell do they still call it UNLIMITED !? Airtel is GOING DOWN alright !!!
xxxxxxxx Chennai Home Unlimited 2222
xxxxxxxx Chennai
xxxxxxxx Bangalore Home 999 UL Airtel Customer care informed me that this has been approved by TRAI. Difficult to fathom why ?
xxxxxxxx Tvm
Prakash Chennai This policy is really ridicules.
xxxxxxxx Bangalore 799 value plan
xxxxxxxx Bhopal unlimited 799 plan
I.SOLAISELVAM chennai unlimited
Rajvir Singh Bangalore 799 Value Plan
Rajvir Singh Kolkata Home Plan 799 UL
xxxxxxxx Bangalore 512 kbps unlimited plan I suggest we ALL call Airtel helpline and request for disconnection of services! that way they will realise the power of consumers !!
Disappointed Customer Bangalore Airtel 384 kbps unlimited I might have to look for another option...I will also ensure that this is conveyed to all the employees in my office and to the people in my Tech Forum
I was one the first 100 people who took airtel phone line + the 'narrow'band connection. But this policy is not justified. I will look for other options rather
xxxxxxxx Gurgaon Airtel 128 kbps unlimited
than pay for 50% of the services. If it stays like this, it will be Bye bye Airtel for me.
Pranav Malewadkar Mumbai I never will have anything to do with airtel unless they revoke this stupid policy.god knows what they might introduce next!
I will soon shift from Airtel if they are not forthcoming in the speeds they are giving their customers... I am not paying Rs.1499 per month to dance to
xxxxxxxx Bangalore Airtel 512kbps unlimited
Airtel's tunes... I want the speed I am promised!
Nitansh Ambala
Rohan Faridabad UL 512 We need to find some alternate if this continue.
This FUP is not fair. I will not hesitate to shift to BSNL if I find myself affected by this. In the long run, Airtel will take a hit by alienating its loyal customer
xxxxxxxx Hyderabad Airtel 384 kbps unlimited
This is quite unfair. What is being done is actually finding way to hide their inability to cope with the users demand. Just think if we get 42% less than what
we are paying. Then what is the difference between Airtel and those shops who are resorting to unfair means? its just the same except for they are legally
xxxxxxxx Hyderabad 160 kbps cheating. I think if this is not curbed right now every service provide ( and not only internet but others too) will join them and legally give you less than what
you have paid. It wont be far away that you will pay for the whole month for cable/DTH subscription and you will be asked to watch only 8 hours a day
stating something or other. Hence it should be stopped right now.
I am very disappointed with AFUP. I am just waiting for aitel to remove the AFUP. If this doesn't happen soon, i will have to shift to some other provider. I
Vikram Chaitanya P Chennai Airtel / Unlimited 256 Kbps used tataindicom before and was satisfied with it. But after the relocation, because of aitel's reputation i went for airtel broadband... too bad i have to shift
again to tataindicom.
shafiq Ahamed chennai 512 Soon we will terminate the airtel connection.
Harihara Sudhan Bangalore Airtel Fair usage plan is unfair corporate practice.
ashim mehta New Delhi Airtel 999 home UL Airtel is not the only ISP in delhi. If they go ahead with their plans we'll simply move to MTNL.
This unfair policy is now official and posted on the airtel website. Go to the below URL and click the fair use policy button at the bottom.
xxxxxxxx Bangalore Airtel 448K unlimited
U know what is gonna happen.. its jus that people are gonna keep their comps on longer just to get what they want... maybe airtel has something going
Praneet Chaudhry manipal Home 1mbps withe the various electricity boards... I generally download/upload for 10hrs a day average.. i am jus goin to do it for 20hrs a day once the cap comes into
play.. simple and effective.. dont ya think?
there are some new rules has been introduced that who are all using the scheme unlimited broadband users. it's ridicules. i m totally against on this
xxxxxxxx chennai
Nithin D Bangalore 512kbps unlimied Totally Unfair! This defeats the very purpose of even providing an option to customer of an unlimited usage plan at the bandwidth that you wanted!
Aditya Deshpande Mumbai Home 1 Mbps Unlimited You are essentially cheating me by charging me for an 'unlimited' plan and then making it limited. You are completely unfair in your 'fair usage' policy.
இது ஒரு மநசநா஦ முன்னுதாபணம், எந்த அ஫ிவுப்புநில்஬ாநல் ஥டைமுட஫ப்஧டுத்தினது. வாடிக்டைனா஭டப
xxxxxxxx coimbatore 599
முட்ைாள்ை஭ாக்குவது என்஧து ைண்டிக்ை தக்ைது.
Ankur Puri Greater Noida Unlimited 256kbps plan
Ankur Verma Greater Noida Airtel / 1 MBps Unlimited
Abhishek Mishra New Delhi 599 unlimited
We are a group of students in Amity University. We were loyal to your service but if you continue to act like a retard the way you are acting now, we
Ketan Warikoo Noida 256 UL X 5 solemnly swear, (believe us we will shift to tata or bsnl the moment u implement this 'fair' usage shit) to discontinue using your services. It will be Bye bYe
to a whole lot of business. Trust me.
xxxxxxxx Chennai 256mbps/unlimited What is Unlimited plan? By this fair usage policy, you are only trying to convert it into a limited plan policy. I am totally against it
Balaji Bangalore 880 I am using the unlimited plan for the past 3 years. I hope you don't want me to change the ISP. Please review FUP policy.
xxxxxxxx Bangalore BSNL It is a vicious circle.. Dont start this... Will destroy the Industry...
Please tell your marketing guys that using fancy terms like "Fair Use Policy" doesn't make the policy any less draconian than it really is. Marketing won't
help you when you've lost the goodwill of your real advertisers -- the people who recommend your services to others. This is more applicable to service
S Kujur Bhopal BSNL/Unlimited Business Plan
providers than manufacturers. You have built your company by providing services, and you already know how fragile is the foundation that is supported by
customers' goodwill.
xxxxxxxx Bangalore 384 KPBS UNLIMITED
Kolkata Dataone Home 500 2.5 GB 2 Mbps night
Kartik Sharma Delhi Airtel combo 499
Uday Ananth Bangalore BSNL/UL750 I was going to opt for airtel from the next month.. This is a shocker!
xxxxxxxx Bangalore 512kbps Unlimited
xxxxxxxx bangalore home2222
Nirmal Chennai 384 / Unlimited
xxxxxxxx Coimbatore I expect AIRTEL to be fair to its customers in their approach.
xxxxxxxx chennai Unlimited 256 This was no way good and even they increased the charges for 384 Kbps plan
varun khanna chennai airtel 256kbps
Karthick Chennai Airtel/Mobile Office Mr. Bharti, yours is the largest telecom company of India. ENSURE it remains so
Akash Bangalore 384 kbps unlimited
I think so Airtel has the habit of committing, taking money for the same and then not doing anything as per commitment. Cheating is the motto of the
xxxxxxxx Chennai Airtel 799/- Unlimited Plan
The text of this petition is very docile. We need not furnish the reasons why we need our bandwidth. It's probably a good time to remind ourselves that we
Sagar Bangalore Airtel / 256kbps unlimited are paying money for the service and are hence entitled to our rights, without furnishing any excuses as to why we expect the QoS to be good. Anyway,
TRAI is quite powerful and should set things right, if Airtel doesn't act soon enough. (If TRAI doesn't address this, Airtel's competition will).
Srikanth M Hyderabad BSNL 700 I am currently using BSNL and thought of switching to Airtel this month. This decision certainly makes me to back out. Please reconsider.
If you can't provide what you advertise then whats the fun of advertising and fooling people. Please don't think that people can't understand the things. If
you don't have the infrastructure to provide bandwidth then why you people launch new tariffs like unlimited( If you people don't know the meaning of
unlimited then please go to a school and ask a 5th standard kid and get meaning from them ). I saw on the Indiabroadbandforum site and learned the thing
Sampath Hyderabad Airtel 512 unlimted
that in JAPAN people have gbps lines for just 250 rupees or so we call our crappy 512 ...ohh sorry 256 kbps as broadband and still we are paying
1684 rs as me and still loosing 59gb with the effect of FAIR USAGE POLICY. We are rightful owners for each mb we are paying but our ISP don't have the
value for our money.
Satish HYDERABAD DataOne I am totally against such a policy.
Sudheer kumar kappara Chennai Home 999 384kbps,Unlimited
i thought to switch to d airtel unlimited plan.... if costumer satisfication is nil then u n ur company will pay for it in future... if u dont know how to deal with
DRAGON HIND BSNL/256 kbps unlimited
it.....then plz plz shut down ur company soo called AIRTEL.......
xxxxxxxx bangalore Airtel
tushar delhi unlimited
Saurabh Mumbai What is Unlimited?? By this fair usage policy, you are only trying to convert it into a limited plan policy. I am totally against it.
robin bangalore airtel 799 unlimited
Is this policy a copy work of Virgin's "fair usage Policy" in UK.I have used Virgin's broadband 10Mpbs and Have to content with this "dead" 256Kbps so
Amit Sharma New Delhi Airtel/Unlimited 256Kbps called broadband and now I am told it will be "Capped" too This is one of stupid thing airtel will do and follow if implemented. Its effect will be surely seen in
balance sheet of the company. May god Bless Internet Users in India
Manish Misra New Delhi Unlimited 799 No Way... this can't be true! If it is i will switch.
mizbaul mazid guwahati bsnl broadband
xxxxxxxx Mumbai Airtel Ludicrous
Prashant B Pune BSNL 256 unlimited This is very disappointing.
Great move !! I am very happy to see such type of movement. Although I am not a subscriber of Airtel, I had experienced such a "capping" action from my
xxxxxxxx Mumbai In2Cable ISP. The technical manager of my ISP told me that since I have download an "X" number of GB, my bandwidth was capped. I am an unfortunate
subscriber of their so called "Unlimited Plan".
I have read the full Protest petition about the Airtel restriction over many services and i fully agree with it, although i am not a Airtel user i am concern about
Nasir Haque Nagpur VSNL Broadband 348kps
online community hence i would like for the Airtel not restrict these services in order of Betterment of Online Community.
Yuvraj Sharma Chandigarh Home 999 I request TRAI officials to look into this matter immediately if Airtel executives are not at all bothered on their customer's problems.
xxxxxxxx Bangalore Airtel 1299
If there are these kind of bars on unlimited plans then it defeats the purpose of having it. If no action is taken by Airtel, I would certainly discontinue Airtel
Nandhakumar Chennai 512 - Unlimited
services & stop recommending it to people as my protest against this policy.
Vinod Bangalore
Abhishek Rai Noida 999 It is highly unfair of Airtel to charge high rates for a sub standard connection and then try to milk the cow by putting the cap.
Rohan Kulkarni
An Unlimited download plan with a (proposed) cap is a Limited plan - there is no ambiguity about that! However, while it would be thoroughly unfair on
existing subscribers of Unlimited plans (like me), if we too are affected by this proposed 'limiting' policy change, this move may perhaps be illegal on the
Deepak K Bangalore Unlimited 799 part of Airtel the service provider, ie. to change the very nature of a subscribed plan to a Limited plan, whilst still calling it by its original name - Unlimited?
India is still expensive for Internet usage, from a global standpoint, with still narrow 'broadband', frequent network failures and tricky billing - so, to further
squeeze their subscribers in such a fashion is downright unethical too, if Airtel proceeds with this policy.
xxxxxxxx Bangalore 560095
I was planning to take up airtel unlimited plan on the recommendation of my friends but now on hearing this Fair usage Policy I may switch over to some
Abhishek Chaudhary Faridabad other ISPs like BSNL.I fully regret this policy . I hope airtel would take appropriate actions so that its customers don't get disappointed. I would take surely
take up airtel unlimited plan if this policy is removed.
This will be a huge dent to your Brand Value..... Because not only you lose your hardcore customer.... But also I will drag at least 10 others whom I have
Sujay Ray Gurgaon 799/- Unlimited Plan recommended Airtel Broadband.... Also in future I will do only negative PR for your company..... Mind you Mr. Mittal this is not a threat..... Its the naked
truth as there are thousands of people like me who are your staunch customers but they are upset with decision of your company......
Gautam Krishnankutty Bangalore
Vivek Khurana Delhi I am disconnecting my airtel connection if this policy comes into effect...
xxxxxxxx Banaglore Sify BB
Varun Satia Delhi Unlimited 799 plan
I used to envy my colleague who has an Airtel. I would have subscribed to Airtel if it was available in my Area. But now I feel sorry for my colleague and
xxxxxxxx Mumbai Tata Indicom 512 Unlimited moving to Airtel if and when they do come to my area is out of the question. Wonder if Mr. Mittal is gong to introduce a FAIR BILLING VALUE to their
mobile subscribers so that after a monthly usage of say Rs. 1000/- rest of the month is free.
xxxxxxxx Noida 799 unlimited plan If this is implemented surly I have to look for some other service provider.
manjunath bangalore home 1199 i fully Agree,support this petition . the airtel "Fair usage policy" is not fair for the customer, its only fair for airtel.
xxxxxxxx Chennai 256 unlimited This is NOT ON!!! I will have to switch if this is implemented.
Rishi bangalore 999 Unlimited Plan I have an airtel broadband connection and WILL discontinue and switch to another provider if this policy is implemented.
xxxxxxxx Bangalore Value Combo 799 Forget about 8MBps broadband speeds. First give us a decent and truly unlimited 256kbps connection
Sachin Jain Bangalore Home 2222 Plus
I Support for complete usage and not only the fair usage. People take unlimited download with a high speed so that they can download the contents or surf
Mohit Bangalore
or play online without any limitation.
vivek yaji Bangalore Airtel/ 384 kbps unlimited plan Fully support this petition. Thanks to this forum who have taken steps to file this petition.
Jaishankar Marathe Bangalore NA I agree and hereby filing the petition.
Navaneeth Bangalore
Ashish Bangalore 312 Kbps Unlimited You guys can not change the definition of "Unlimited".
Vidya Menon Chennai Multiple Dear Airtel, Your fair usage poilcy is unfortunately not fair at all! Do revise or we will reverse!
I have been using the service from AIRTEL for the last 5years. And if they are going to implement such a policy, I am sure I may have to look for other
Dinesh Kochi 256 unlimited provider services. I mosty used to recommend my friends and others bout the betterness and the quality of the services Airtel provides but this policy of the
company makes me feel bad by putting them in trouble too. Hope n believe AIRTEL wont go forward with such negative policies
xxxxxxxx Hyderabad I fully support this petition
Geeta Santhosh bangalore It's unfair to change the policy with out keeping the customers input. Pls revert to unlimited plan without reducing the speed.
Ashish Vikram Bangalore I have an airtel broadband connection and WILL discontinue and switch to another provider if this policy is implemented.
I support this petition. If there are these kind of bars on unlimited plans then it defeats the purpose of having it. If no action is taken by Airtel, I would
Vikash Kumar Pune Airtel 256 kbps Unlimited
certainly discontinue Airtel services & stop recommending it to people as my protest against this policy.
Rohin D Bangalore Unlimited 512 kbps
xxxxxxxx bangalore Unlimited 256 kbps Dear Airtel, Please do not impose the Fair Usage Policy.
I have been using Airtel broadband both in the individual capacity and as a corporate client. I feel its a shame that a brand like Airtel is coming up with such
Paritosh Sharma New Delhi 799 unlimited plan by Airtel tactics...this is the time when big brands like Airtel should come forward and support upcoming entrepreneurs by providing them access to better services
and not grade down. Cheers, Paritosh Sharma
xxxxxxxx Bangalore DSL Broadband
Shivam Vij New Delhi Airtel/512 kbps
V. Sethumadhavan Kochi VSNL unlimited
xxxxxxxx ahmedabad Raise the ethical bar,please.As it is we are far behind, and a lot of catching up to do.
xxxxxxxx New Delhi
I the plan doesn't change, then I surely would to some other provider. As per TRAI, 256 Kbps is the minimum connection that should be qualified as
xxxxxxxx HYD 256 UL
broadband, now in a plan of 256 UL (that I use), you reduce it to 128 and then you still call it BROADBAND, now that is breaking the code of TRAI, right.
I agree that if the consumer has subscribed to a plan, then Airtel CANNOT differentiate between users on the basis of the amount, time of use, content of
xxxxxxxx GURGAON COMBO - 512 Kbps
Aashim Chandigarh BSNL
Umer Bangalore Airtel 512 Kbps unlimited I think its time to shift to DATAONE
Please look into the matter & let the equity & good conscience come into play. Airtel has a reputation to uphold and i expect you to take it seriously.
Mandeep Singh Gurgaon Unlimited 2222
alok chennai i m in support
xxxxxxxx mumbai
Andesh Alibaug 799
PRADEEP.C BANGALORE AIRTEL / 750, 256 unlimited This is unfair, Airtel must get more Bandwidth form outside instead of cutting the bandwidth form Your valuable customers
Pavan Chennai 256kbps Downloaders ki jai!!
xxxxxxxx bangalore Absolutely anti-consumer move. Will have to look for alternatives. I support this pitition
This is a criminal act, not out of innocence or ignorance but intentionally fleecing the customers under garb of morality. Instead of morally policing how
much people are downloading, folks at Airtel should stick to their core competency of providing good broadband services, something they've been
Rahat Bangalore 999/384 kbps UL
efficiently doing over the years. The next thing they would perhaps do is start taxing their phone network; obviously a heavy voice would vibrate copper
more than a squeaky voice, "So please abide by our fair decibel usage" ...I feel so despaired, i wish i had the time to take Airtel to consumer court.
Amey S Kulkarni Pune BSNL Home UL750+
vikram amritsar
This is a criminal act, not out of innocence or ignorance but intentionally fleecing the customers under garb of morality. Instead of morally policing how
much people are downloading, folks at Airtel should stick to their core competency of providing good broadband services, something they've been
Rahat Bangalore 999/384 kbps UL
efficiently doing over the years. The next thing they would perhaps do is start taxing their phone network; obviously a heavy voice would vibrate copper
more than a squeaky voice, "So please abide by our fair decibel usage" ...I feel so despaired, i wish i had the time to take Airtel to consumer court.
I am a Developer where i have to do testing with a lots of builds of trial OS. So the size of one of the Build would be around 4333.8 MB*. I need to test it
with various builds. So i think this limit is a not a fair option to do so. If they are limiting speed they need to reduce the billing price as well. Limiting the
xxxxxxxx Bangalore Airtel 512Kbps Unlimited
speed shows the incompetance or non capability of the ISP provider to upgrade their infrastructure and Network. I would say "IF YOU CANNOT DO IT
xxxxxxxx Bangalore Airtel 725 Plan
This is just another way of making money.. If companies like your's don't have the bandwidth to provide service, you should just pack-up & leave, rather
Lokesh Mumbai Airtel - 1 mbps Unlimited
than looting customers of their hard-earned money; by introducing such UNFAIR USAGE POLICIES.
xxxxxxxx Bangalore 799 This is bad taste. I have always loved Airtel but this thing might just change my view
Kishor Rao Aroor Bangalore 799/-
Harish K Chennai Airtel/999 UL
I have been with Airtel for 3 years now and has 4 connections under my name. If this comes into effect, I shall discontinue Airtel and go for some other
Shine Bangalore 512 KBPS
ISP. I think this will be an opportunity for a lot of parties to pitch in and come up with better plans.
anchal kakroo new delhi 799 unlimited
Chris chennai Bsnl Airtel pls be fair
xxxxxxxx Mangalore Airtel/384 kbps UL
As lot of people has already commented on...i wud like to reiterate the fact that capping will not help Airtel OR its user in any aspect and WILL ONLY cost
xxxxxxxx BANGALORE AIRTEL/384 UNLIMITED Airtel to loose its clientbase. I strongly urge other users to SWITCH TO A DIFFERENT SERVICE PROVIDER IF AIRTEL DOESNT REVOKE THIS
Jagwinder Singh Chandigarh
Satish Viswanathan Bangalore 256KPBS
xxxxxxxx Trivandrum
goutam d Kolkata BSNL/750 Home UL Plus I can't but hope the resultant situation verges on a win-win for both the affected parties..
sendhil Pondicherry Boycott airtel for one month or mass surrender of broadband
Rahul Sood Delhi airtel
Mukesh kumar bangalore 799
Please bombard mails to (Sunil Mittal, Chairman),, (CEO, Bharti Airtel),
Karthik S Bangalore Airtel/ Home 999 (CEO, Bharti Telemedia, the subsidiary that offersbroadband services). This crappy policy needs to be changed.
xxxxxxxx Mumbai
Ram MOhan The CTO and CEO of Airtel has to be sacked. HOpe this gets enough media attention
It is sad on the part of Airtel that it is enforcing such a policy. The company assumes that those who have heavy usage of bandwidth as leeches. Though
not a supporter of such enforcing of usage based bandwidth limits, I think that the company is looking for its own well being in these times of hardship.
Devendra Bangalore BSNL/Home 500
Note that this policy is enforced in the US by a popular ISP and is under hot legal debate. My answer to this is to switch over to our 'government' ISPs
(BSNL, MTNL) where no such restrictions exist. And it is highly unlikely that BSNL will implement such a thing.
Such kind of policies are really atrocious in nature to say the least. The charges for bandwidth here are already pretty high. And on top of that such silly
Ashish K Mumbai MTNL
policies are really degrading the image and usefulness of ISPs like urself.
xxxxxxxx Mysore 2222 Plus
Krishnakumar Nair
Dhruv Bhutani Delhi Airtel
Disappointing move. Have been with Airtel for more than 3 years. Now if my usage is hampering internet usability of other subscribers, I would be more
xxxxxxxx Hyderabad Airtel / Home 2222 plus than happy to discontinue the connection and go for another service provider. And once the portability of mobile number comes, will boycott Airtel brand
completely. Airtel have just doubled the tariffs in name of their "Not so fair usage policy"
Shreelesh Kumar Bangalore BSNL Why are you calling it an Unlimited plan when you are going to cap it? Change the plan name and provide a consistent and flat-out connection speed
without such caps. This is nothing but a brilliant way to cheat customers. Whats with the name anyway? What has the cap got to do anything with Fair
Use? If anything, Airtel should be employing Fair Use policies on themselves and not on customers.
jagadeesh chennai 512kpbs please give up this plan
UNFAIR "FAIR USAGE POLICY" So we are going backwards and I thought Internet would take us forward. And ISPs continue to fool us. Lets spread the
xxxxxxxx delhi mtnl unlimited
word against this crap.
Wow! gr8 news. India will soon become like the one US is now. And that "soon" will come in a time of 2-3 million years. haha. Airtel is always a joke. with
high call rates, unsatisfactory billing, costly plans, and now what *CAPPING* - I never went with Airtel because i always knew these guys are not trust
worthy. The are just for money earniong, not into providing better cheaper sevice. increasing call rates , decreasing free smses, duping customers with
Jatinder Pal Chandigarh Bsnl 750 ul tricky bills, this is all they can do. they are doing business. really a tricky business, cheating people and pocketing money. Airtel is such a company that
wont let others rise. they showing a path to declining India and hey everyone here, keep in mind, if u have airtel connections , my advice is to not wait for
them to say sorry, just get other getter ISPs connections (I would recomment BSNL) and show these airtel guys that India wont tolerate cheaters. Lets
teach them a lesson.
drlalitv Hyderabad Tata indicom unlimited
Mr Mittal, after this move i suggest why dont u change the company to Craptel and how about providing good old telegraph services rather then claiming to
anurag gupta manipal 256kpbs UL
be a BROADBAND provider. Maybe u wont have to limit the number of dots and dashes so as not to overload ur bandwidth.
Kalmact Bangalore Home799 Plus
xxxxxxxx Bangalore 512MB/Airtel
Nailesh Jacob New Delhi Airtel Hi All i would like to say is down with private nepotism
Umesh dewal Mumbai MTNL Triband 256K Unlimited
I strongly support the undersigned persons for leading the protest against the airtel "Fair Usage Policy" which is meant to cheat the people rather than
xxxxxxxx Chennai Chennai, Airtel @256 Kbps Unlimited
providing fair services to its valuable customers.
Apoorv Singhal meerut BSNL/500 And i was thinking on switching to airtel....but i guess i will stay with BSNL coz they don't cap speeds.
swapnil pune Airtel 128kbps unlimited Please dont do this.If you do so i will disconnect the connection.Also i will tell my other friends to follow me.
xxxxxxxx pune Airtel 128kbps unlimited Please dont do this.If you do so i will disconnect the connection.Also i will tell my other friends to follow me.
This is simply unacceptable.If this policy continues, we will be forced to move away from Airtel Broadband. Kindly note that the quality of all services of
Abhishek Gupta Bangalore 799 Unlimited
Airtle has been decreased "drastically".
Gaurav Khurana New Delhi Airtel/ 2200 Im paying Rs. 2200 for 1 mbps and if they gonna cut the speed whats the point paying so much money?
Hareesh K Bangalore Airtel, 512kbps Unlimited
xxxxxxxx delhi aritel
airtel user for 3 years. I am an open source developer and regularly use modern file-distribution tools to access and distribute open source distributions
a shankar New delhi airtel 1mbps unlimited Rs. 1999 such as Linux and OpenSolaris. This is a retrograde step that will stop me from recommending airtel to my friends ( at least 20 people have gotten airtel
connections via my recommendations) and will force me to switch to other connections.
xxxxxxxx Guwahati BSNL I fully support this petition.
Manojit Banerjee Kolkata 888 unlimited
Mr.Mittal why don't we just pay you upfront for the whole year and you just don't give us anything but just a land line connection? Why not kill Internet in
Bhopal 888 unlimited 256kbps in day 512kbps in
Punit Manik India altogether? I have a new motto for Airtel broadband "Lets push India back to the dark ages of communication". You use our hard earned money to
the night
pay Kareena, Saif and Sharukh, why don't you imply fair usage policy to your advertising budget?
I am an airtel broadband user and I would feel terribly cheated if this is implemented. An 'unlimited' plan should be exactly that - 'unlimited'. And if you can't
Manisha Singh Noida Airtel
support it then take it off and do not mislead.....
xxxxxxxx Bangalore
xxxxxxxx Bengaluru 384 unlimited
MambaXL Hyderabad Airtel / HOME 999 384 kbps Please dont do this.
As said by many if you can't support unlimited plans what is the use of putting unlimited plans . We pay for the bandwidth so it is very much in
murlidhar Visakhapatnam BSNL 256 unlimited plan responsibility of such a big company to satisfy the customers to whom you have promised unlimited plans. If you can't support unlimited bandwidth then
remove the plans and charge as per the data consumed by the customer. Let's see you much can you really give bandwidth to them then.
Asit hubaneswar BSNL-750 Unlimited Though not a AIRTEL BB user, but still protesting these type of anti-user policies. These policies should be withdrawn as soon as possible.
xxxxxxxx Cochin 999 I'm an Airtel broadband user for two years. This policy is not going to do you any good.
As an independent financial advisor, I am a heavy user of internet and unlimited plan suits my requirement well. You have to be transperent about the
Narendra K N Bangalore
limitations of usage otherwise, there could be a public litigation to disgourge the charges collected.
Chennai Airtel/Home 999 (Used to be unlimited, Extremely Unfair, Deficiency of Service. Will they restrict CUG (Closed User Group) Calls if people talk to their colleagues????? Even that is unlimited.
really I m nt Joking) The senior executives should not talk for more than 150 words per day else their connection might be suspended. LOL
This move will certainly not go down well with the increasing broadband users in India. Airtel is a reputed company and I would expect it to behave
xxxxxxxx bangalore 999 combo
ram bangalore business unlimited Please reconsider for better india regards ram
xxxxxxxx amritsar
xxxxxxxx Bangalore 299 Limited Plan I have observed the same in Reliance Wi-max and did not know what to do about it ! I was facing this problem when I was having the Unlimited plans !
There is one more type of fraud that is possible from the ISP side that is unnecessary transfer of data to your pc/laptop which gradually and invisibly
reduces your download limit !
Very disappointment from AirTel. Other countries are providing 4mbps-10mbps-100mbps-1gbps speed on unlimited basis and it includes small countries
vijendra Mumbai MTNL 849NU also; so, how affordable to these countries providing internet to people. I think Govt. and TRI has to wake up to deal with these companies profit making
policies which affect countries people and it's Development. And time to time make variation in broadband policies regarding Bandwidth and infrastructure.
Sid Bangalore Unlimited 799 Your services have only worsened offlate.. Crooks like Rel Comm will also soon surpass you..
xxxxxxxx hyderabad home 799 plus you are offering good service. it will be much better if you set right the deficiencies as stated in the petition
Dear Mr Bharti Pls make sure that you enforce restrictions on the downloads of music, unauthorized movies and introduce a quality of service parameter to
block these kind of content. Point is, as a genuine business user, I need unlimited plans to continue to work, but the neighbors next door, may not need,
except the rich, brats who use it to download music, xxx, unauthorized content. Because of them, why should I be made to suffer. Therefore, I would not
xxxxxxxx Gurgaon Airtel / Unlimited 999
like my internet usage on the unlimited plans restricted. Also, you can always choose not to enrol anymore subscribers to ADSL, if you run out of
bandwidth, to ensure quality of service. Why make consumers suffer by not adhering to the terms of service provided by you. MTNL/BSNL always ensure
QoS by not allowing more users, if their bandwidth is exhausted. Else, for genuine unlimited plan users, you can always increase the charges.
Aakash Agarwal Mumbai MTNL Triband Night unlimited - 2 Mbps Please do not follows the footsteps of the ISPs in the US. Both of us know that we have numerous options.
xxxxxxxx New Delhi Airtel This is the very good step.
Jay Mishra New Delhi Airtel 512 U/L
xxxxxxxx Bangalore
George Varkey Kochi BSNL/EVDO
Bangalore 384 Kbps \\"Unlimited\\" (so called, if Unfair to the core!! I'd really look forward to Mr.Mittal to address this issue in a positive manner. When every other country is giving 4Mbps lines for 2K INR,
they implement the policy) we get only 1 Mbps for that price. It'll be atrocious if they cut the speed citing their Infrastructure problem.
Afsal C Majeed Bangalore BSNL Home Unlimited If you charge customers for unlimited plans - ensuring enough bandwidth at your end is your responsibility.
I'm an Airtel broadband user for almost 3 years.If something like this happens, I might consider getting details about lodging a case against Airtel in
Ankur Rastogi Delhi Airtel (Delhi)/Home 699+
Consumer Forum.
Hyderabad Beam Cable, Unlimited 256Kbps, This is not fair, Current Scenario is not taking us any where in technological development while others are leaping fast-paced in bettering their
850 Rs Per Month infrastructure. Pay more, Get more was OK but Pay more, Still get less is unbearable... God Save Indians.
Siddharth agarwal Bangalore 384 kbps unlimited i thought airtel was the best until this.. its really sad that they are stooping to such low levels and misguiding customers
xxxxxxxx Pune BSNL, thank god I am not surprised by this move. Airtel has always been looking for ways to cheat their customers. We should push for a stronger and meaningful regulator.
R. Ghosh New Delhi Unlimited 512kbps If this is true, I'm switching. And Airtel will lost not just a Broadband customer, but a landline one too.
xxxxxxxx Mumbai Airtel I don't have airtel connection but i have airtel mobile connection. I would stop this if airtel goes through its policy
xxxxxxxx bangalore bsnl
Determination of Fair or unfair usage and policy thereof should be left to the users. Please do not enforce YOUR view of fairness to the customers. That is
Atanu Ray Kolkata BSNL, Home 500
unfair trade practice.
Nazir Ahmed Chennai BSNL
Vasanth Kumar Bangalore Home Plan 2222
Mr. Mittal Sir, I have been a loyal Airtel user in Bangalore, since the time 64kbps "broadband" connection was introduced. My mobile phones are powered
xxxxxxxx Bangalore Unlimited 256kbps by Airtel. I am extremely fond of Airtel brand. Recently I was thinking of upgrading to 512kbps unlimited plan; now I have put it on hold. These practices
really shakes our confidence. I trust that you will reverse these steps to restore our faith in Airtel. Thank you in anticipation.
This is absolutely ludicrous. I am shocked that a company like Bharati should want to behave in such a dishonest way. Pl. drop this idea immediately to
xxxxxxxx Pune
maintain the reputation and credibility you have earned so far.
S.Paramasivan Bangalore 512KB/s UNLIMITED *sic* What is fair in "Fair Usage Plan"? How can it even be considered as fair? This is totally unacceptable and I'm already looking to other ISPs.
The TelecomRegulatory Authority of India (Trai) on Monday directed Internet companies to provide the minimum required bandwidth to customers. Trai
pointed to complaints from subscribers regarding inadequate broadband speed. The regulator said that non-availability of promised speeds to subscribers
deteriorates the performance of applications run by users, which, in turn, restricts the utility of broadband connection. The body said that it is not coming
out with a regulation since any regulatory burden in the present economic environment may increase the cost of service and will adversely impact the
growth of broadband. Trai said it prefers least regulatory intervention while providing greater flexibility to service providers to ensure better quality of
service to customers. The body said operators must ensure availability of the minimum required bandwidth in their network as per the maximum contention
ratio suggested by the regulator for different services based on the number of customers. Contention Ratio is defined as the number of users competing for
Vishal Verghese Bangalore BSNL Home 500 plus the same bandwidth. It can also be defined as the number of subscribers sharing the same bandwidth capacity. For home users, the contention ratio in
case of broadband should be more than 1:50. This, according to industry experts, means that if at a gateway 2MB is available, than not more than 50
people should be competing for this bandwidth. Presently, some service providers have a ratio of 1:80, which means 80 subscribers are competing for
2MB. However, industry experts say that even the new criteria set by Trai is not sufficient enough. “The contention ratio set for home users in case of
broadband will give subscribers the speed like that of a dial up connection,” said a service provider. The contention ratio for business users should be more
than 1:30. Trai said that all service providers, as a good business practice, must provide adequate information to subscribers regarding broadband
services offered by them. “Enhanced emphasis shall be laid to transparent subscriber communication, education and awareness to facilitate better
understanding,” said the regulator. Source :Deccan Chronicle
Rahul Jawale Hyderabad Airtel / 384 kbps unlimited
anish kumar s bangalore Airtel Home 999+
Bani Delhi Airtel- 128 kbps unlimited
xxxxxxxx New Delhi Airtle
I don't know why some 'corporate' suits are so hell bend on taking India to medivial times, when they boast of "India rising" and whatnot in public. If India
Mahesh Aravind Cochin HAS to rise, shed your dumb brains and set up the infrastructure for it. You brag in lound mouth about CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility), come out,
and show that you really care about India by giving people what they want. Than taking from their meagre share of net bandwidth.
xxxxxxxx Bangalore Home 799 Plus unfair.
madhavan chennai
xxxxxxxx Mangalore Combo 777 This is nothing but a jiant step backwards. Mr. Mittal, please don't bring this policy to life and destroy the goodwill for Airtel in India.
Jagadeesh Rayala Bangalore Airtel / Unlimited 799
Airtel, you cheats! If Airtel sells an "Unlimited" plan, they must know that there will be some subscribers who will download 24 hours a day for all the days
in a month. That is why people sign on, because you give them the option, even though most would not, to use your service ALL the time. It's like going to
eat in an all-you-can-eat buffet, and being told that since you eat more than the others, you will be served portions that are half the regular size. If Airtel
xxxxxxxx Bangalore Airtel Unlimited!
penalizes subscribers because they do what Airtel said they could do, the Airtel, and Mr.Mittal is a cheat. Maybe a cheat with a billion dollars in the bank,
but a cheat nevertheless, like the illustrious Mr. Raju. I am look at changing my landline to BSNL, and changing my mobiles to another company as soon
as the number portability thing comes through.
Wow wonderful move, congrats airtel, for whoever suggested this so called **INTELLIGENT PLAN**, should be getting his Pay also being structured like
this. STUPIDS, u know on how much speeds is Singapore getting upgraded to?? Do u have any idea to whats there in Japan oe US?? Fools, go back to ur
caves and stop doing business. What r u trying to fool us? I hope u loose millions by **WINNING** this lawsuit and at the same time, lose all your
customers!! Genuine internet users like me can download upto the capped limit to in jus less than 2 weeks in a month. Good customer service cannot
imply that u can feed on r meal whatever u r serving. I hate these STUPID business minds which claim they r trying to improve r country.. do u guys really
Car Hik Key An Bangalore Home 799 plus
know the meaning of internet? unlimited? etc? we r just a small base here, but we r the small ones, who made u get that larger base, by suggesting u to
others. Cap the internet usage, and we make sure ur customer base is also CAPPED!! I m going to other ISP's... I dont care if u take back this foolish
reta_rded Fair Usage Policy - FUP (I have better name for tis, FUCK U PEOPLE). Ps: do u know that Capping is followed in many other nations as well?
And have u heard how capping is implemented and for wat reason?? Go read from the forums and other open discussion areas. Get urself updated.
Connection speeds will be very high, cos none of us, r going to be wit u again.
initpidzero gwalior airtel 350 u/l i have tried three service providers and all sux, i am sure airtel wont be any better.
xxxxxxxx banfgalore BSNL / 750 plus. This is very bad..... what does this fellows thing... if u guys want to stay in masket upgrade ur self... if u dont upgrade, shut ur business and sit at home.
xxxxxxxx Bangalore Unlimited 999
Moolchand Faridabad
Worst practice from AIRTEL. If implemented, I will request all AIRTEL users to join hand to teach lesson to AIRTEL, and shift to BSNL or any other good
Amit Kumar Bangalore Reliance
available services, So other company can dare to make such worst policies in stead of improving there infrastructure.
Sandeep Gopinath Bangalore
Unlimited: 1: lacking any controls : unrestricted 2 : boundless , infinite Please read what the word says in whatever dictionary that you have on your desk
Mr. Mittal. Such regressive policies will only ensure that you lose customers and on account of that your market capitalisation as well. Now that would
Prakash Mangalore Airtel Home 599+
create problems in raising money for your new Retail Venture's wouldn't it?? I'm not an Airtel Shareholder, but will start shorting your stock and make
money as it's going to fall with policies like this. Thanks in advance for helping me make money :)
If u limit bandwith u limit india GDP. This is what u said in ur own interview with money control Mr Mittal. come on let india grow. its high time. In us they
Sadik Mumbai Pacenet 512 unlimited
getting 12 MBps in same price of 512 here.
Ajay Kumar Gurgaon
Teah..It is annoying in more than one way.. that Airtel-because of its BrandImage in the market place - thinks it can act like this ..Further on Mobile that we
naraynan sethurao chennai unlimited multipleDSL use, whether we connect the required number or not, a voice mail is sent to charge 0.75 ps on that call-though NOT CONNECTED to the intended
Yes , when we had signed up for Airtel we were unanimously sure we had chosen the best. But it seems a certain 'business sense' is making Bharti
Praveen Sharma Bangalore Bharti broadband
neglect the very reason for our choice.
I completely agree with the petition. Kindly look into it asap, else customers would be forced to try other options. The saddest part was that Airtel did not
xxxxxxxx Bangalore 384 unlimited plan
even bother to inform their customers. -Abhishake
Unlimited word itself suggest that they are selling product without limitation, it also mean that I can utilize it upto 100% of its ability. This policy is not being
Gokul Bangalore Airtel 256 kbps explained to the existing / new customer through e-mail or phone call. Hiding the truth is a crime. I left tata indicom due to its poor service after waiting for 6
months. If this continues with Airtel then i will switch to another ISP. And lot of people like me will switch.
xxxxxxxx coimbatore 512 kbps coimbatore/512 kbps
xxxxxxxx Mysore Airtel/512kbps
S.G.V.Ramanan Bangalore Unlimted plan
Laxminarayan G Kamath A Mangalore Airtel 256kbps You are giving the westerners yet another reason to call us "slum-dogs".
shikha saxena delhi
This is what happens when you make number crunchers make business decisions. I will stay away from all airtel products now. Just waiting for the Mobile
D Joseph Kochi Tata Indicom
portability to be in place before moving out of the cell phone connection.
xxxxxxxx Hazaribag Airtel Gprs Its not fair
xxxxxxxx bangalore 1 MBPS unlimited
Unlimited word itself suggest that they are selling product without limitation, it also mean that I can utilize it upto 100% of its ability. Then how can they say
Kalpak shah Ahmedabad that if I use above say 50% of capacity they will cap my usage? For such thoughtless act I left reliance. I think airtel too wants its high revenue customers
to go somewhere else. Consumers should not be penalized for operators inability to invest in infrastructure.
Mr VG Krishna
vimal chennai
Tanveer Arkate Mumbai Exatt We need to put an end to companies fleecing customers!!
If we are ready to shell out exorbitant rates for our 'unlimited' plans every month,it is only because they are providing the best possible internet service out
Bedanta Gogoi Delhi 1mbps unlimited there. But if they have decided to fleece us further mistaking our good faith as a weakness, then it is time we take them to court. We want Airtel to realise
that we will not take anything lying down.
Deepak Gupta Delhi Worldphone/512 Kbps Unlimited
Hitendra Verma Vasant Kunj 384kbps unlimited When they say its unlimited, it should be. If they want to cap the speed, they should prorate my bill too!!
xxxxxxxx Mumbai Hathway Total unfair trade practice.
xxxxxxxx Bangalore 384kbps unlimited
rajiv Bangalore BSNL We settle for nothing now...We ll settle for nothing later.. FUCK YOU
This petition I am signing does not limit to Airtel's broadband services, but to whole Airtel services which Includes GPRS, Mobile Text Messaging, Voice
Hemal Shah Mumabi Airtel
xxxxxxxx bangalore 384kbps unlimited
Airtel should start comparing their rates and plans to international ISPs. Rather than putting a "fair use" policy. When they say its unlimited then its
Aditya Kar New Delhi MTNL 750 NU
unlimited. How is personal downloading against fair use? If this petition doesn't work then let's take them to consumer court.
Satyakam Bangalore
Vaibhav Agarwal Jaipur Unlimited Plans This is cheating. Airtel Sucks when it comes to bringing india closer to the international pool of knowldge for us Indian's to grow.
karan prasad new delhi airtel
Dear Mr. Mittal, if u thought at any point of time that with the men you are employing, you can fool us-the-consumers, then please allow us-the-consumers
to remind you that everything is decided by the market forces and we have the right to reject your service if it is bounded by harsh rules and regulations
Anindya Sadhu Kolkata BSNL Home 500p
from your side.We also have the backing of consumer forum and negative word of mouth advertising which I am sure we will do it very effectively, given a
opportunity by your company. And what will happen to your Billionaire position, if we start rejecting services provided by your company???
xxxxxxxx Pune Airtel Learn to treat you customers fairly first! Let the policies be the way they were before. You change it, we change our connections!
Jagadish R Trivandrum Airtel
xxxxxxxx Bhubaneswar against consumer rights,should file a complaint in Consumer's redressal forum
xxxxxxxx Mumbai NA Kindly improvise your cellular service also please. I am literally fed-up with the quality of CSRs you have at your back-office.
aww .. common now wtf is dis .. m already bored of these slow speeds .. and now they wanna put caps in those slow speeds .. i say WOW .. u guys .. u
know what lemme get this straight ... SUCK !!! People are using freaking gbps plans that too unlimited .. and u guys put a cap of 256kbps .. complete
Meherdeep Tata/2mbps
bullshit .. god knows what will happen to this country .. i feeling so damn angry .. i wish i could KICK ASS of whoever gave this bullshit idea of capping ..
xxxxxxxx Mumbai
xxxxxxxx ernakulam
Wat d hell they mean by fair usage??? users who wanna dload heavy content pay them for y dey saying dey need to take care of all customers by
Pawan Mumbai TATA/2mbps
capping d speed
Mukesh Goel Delhi
vinay kr vaid new delhi combo i am agree with the above petition and vote for the same.
raj Ranchi Airtel GPRS They have even ended their unlimited GPRS plans. already switched to other provider.
As it is, broadband (which is a joke since even 256 kbps is considered broadband) is 5X as expensive as any other place and now they are going to meter
Gopal Srinivasan Hyderabad 448 UL
it. Shame on Airtel.
So finally airtel has shown its true colours..If they impose this rule they will be the first ISP to be thrown out of houses.I m gonna tweet all my friends 'bout
Swapnil Bhosale pune Airtel/256-ul
xxxxxxxx New Delhi Airtel
xxxxxxxx Delhi Airtel
Gokul Raj Chennai BSNL UL750 PLUS They must provide what they accepted to give. Else they should say initially.
Needless to say, if this limit is put in place, I will stop recommending Airtel to friends and relatives and will most probably discontinue your services
Rahul Amaram Secunderabad 384 Kbps unlimited
sometime soon.
If this really true, then Airtel will be the biggest loser in times of 3G mobile services. This will only pave the way for BSNL for capturing a large sect of the
xxxxxxxx Chennai Airtel 256 Kbps unlimites
internet market.
xxxxxxxx bangalore airtel / 256 kbps SHAME ON YOU GUYS TO BE DOIN THIS>> thats all i can say..
xxxxxxxx Bangalore Airtel Unlimited *Conditions apply is a lousy thing!
Adhavan Chennai BSNL UL750 Unlimited I would never ever recommend airtel broadband to anyone.
xxxxxxxx New Delhi Delhi Home 999 Unlimited Airtel has become worst provider from best provider after implementing this policy.
Hardeep Mohan Bangalore 999 Unfair policy!
expected these sort of thing as these are prevalent in most private owned telecom companies in US .While we blame BSNL for every thing under the sun ,
at least they dont get such brainwaves to skin the subscribers alive in the name of " Services rendeered"
Sreehari Bangalore 256 kbps unlimited If it is the case I am going to disconyinue my Broadband connection with Airtel.
Abhishek Manipal ION
I believe that even if we leave everything else, all arguments aside for a while we are still left with an important consideration. That of what you promise
vis-a-vis what you deliver. If you are selling an Unlimited package on hefty charges then it should stay exactly that, unlimited that is to say. The moment
xxxxxxxx Hyderabad BSNL you try to put in an artificial cap on an unlimited connection you are reneging on your contract to sell an Unlimited pack to the customer. As it is Airtel has
removed the Night Unlimited plans and suggest users that they should either buy a pure unlimited pack or else it will always have a cap. Now to say even
an Unlimited pack will come with a cap is nothing but just shortchanging the user.
Praful Bangalore 999 unlimited
This is not a fair use policy, this is UNFAIR CHARGING POLICY. As being a respectable and reputed company, we hope you will live up to standards and
Manish Kumar New Delhi
our expectations.
Amritpal Sandhu Panchkula Chandigarh BSNL/UL750+ Unfair Trade Practice
If this policy starts developing then it would surely hinder the growth of Internet Development in India. This totally means cheating customers and looting
Arkadev Kolkata Delhi 256kbps unlimited them to the maximum possible extent. Atleast try to learn from other countries where the provide double the speeds at half the rates and if this tries to take
it's roots in the Airtel industry I am sure that it will be boycotted by all.
This is really not done.... If u r paying the whole amount, y should the speed reduce???? I think Airtel needs to increase their resources else they'll lose
Pooja V Sawant Pune
their customers very soon.
rahul bhise nasik bsnldataone home500combo if you give more you will get more. this is the law of nature.
Srividhya Chennai 999 unlimited
Pandurangan K Vellore Home 799 If there is any adverse change in the plan, I will definitely switch over to some other ISP.
xxxxxxxx Bangalore Airtel
kannaiyad This was not expected from Airtel. With the kind of talent-pool and financial resources Airtel has, it could have offered better alternatives.
xxxxxxxx Pune The letter speaks for itself.
xxxxxxxx Bangalore Airtel 512 Unlimited
Ashish Verma Bangalore Airtel 777 I support this petition fully!!!
xxxxxxxx Pune 384 Unlimited. You are out of your mind. You will lose all your reputation and a huge customer. I dont Mind shifting to BSNL again.
xxxxxxxx Bangalore Airtel Home 1499
Meghan Mangalore BSNL 256 Unlimited Airtel sucks for going this extreme! Everyone please condemn this act! I hope airtel provides better service!
xxxxxxxx Delhi 256kbps unlimited Why are you doing this. You will lose all your customers.
Balshine Singh Delhi Home 999
Devakumar Chennai
veeresh bibra kolkata
Kunwar Jalandhar BSNL - Unlimited 750+
Romit Misra Greater Noida Airtel/256 UL
xxxxxxxx pune BSNL U/L 750
Krishnababu Bangalore Bangalore 384 Unlimited I am going to surrender the Airtel connection and get a new BSNL connection. Even if BSNL is going to bring the same policy, I am fine with that.
Satheesh Chennai 256 Night unlimited This is not entertained, if this continues i will change the service provider and also educate my friends and cousins about this.
Prashant New Delhi Airtel - Home 649
Dr. Anil Kumar H R Bangalore Unlimited 750
The charm of net was the fact that we can choose and access information as per our liking.. monitoring that is a crime and violation of customer -Airtel
Meena Iyer Bangalore Airtel
Drsandy delhi MTNL Triband Please respect the real business ethics don't try to be like Ambanis.
xxxxxxxx Delhi MTNL/Unlimited Absurd Policy! Restrictive and an unfair trade practice.
Siddharth Gurgaon Airtel Home 799 - 256 Unlimited
U have no Right to Cheat Your Customer. As per policy and ur word "Unlimited download plan" means ur customer can download 1 mb to unlimited
Rajesh Thane Hathway 128 plan
download in a month. if one download 1mb than u r company is benifited than why for unlimited u cut off the speed after certain heavy download. if it doest
recover ur expenses incurred for running ur internet business than please charge more rates for unlimited download plan but do not charge low rate as
compare to others ISP rate to survive in this ISP competitive market. if u dont have marketing stratergy and creativity for ur advertisement please "DO
lokesh bangalore Airtel - Unlimited799
Pryank Noida Airtel / Combo DSL
Anubhav Priyadarshi Delhi Airtel i cant believe this multimillionare company is acting this cheap.
iam an airtel broadband user . even though iam getting less speed comparitively to bsnl i choose u because of better customer service . if u still reduce my
ravi teja hyderabad 128kbps
speed i will be compeled to my network thank u
xxxxxxxx bangalore Airtel-384unlimited
xxxxxxxx Mumbai Hathway This fair usage policy is the worst crap I have heard!! Down with it!!!
xxxxxxxx Bangalore Home 2222 With 3G on the horizion, I may not stick to airtel if they are going to implement this policy.
This fair usage policy sucks , I have to pay for 1mbps and get speeds of only 512kbps after the limit . remember we are paying more than others for
Arun Prabhu 1Mbps Airtel
unlimited usage . im gonna change the isp soon if you are no gonna cancel this ..
xxxxxxxx Bangalore Tata Indicom
Ateesh dwivedi Gurgon Airtel - Unlimited 799 (128 kbps) Unfair usage policy!!!
xxxxxxxx Bangalore Unlimited 456 Kbps Its highly unfair for people who have opted for unlimited download
xxxxxxxx Indore Airtel/Unlimited The speeds are VERY low as it is. For the same price we pay you can get almost 4 times the speed at unlimited usage around the globe.
Ahmad Delhi Airtel/256kbpsUL I'm against the airtel policy.... treat us fair....
xxxxxxxx Pune home 384 kbps
Since Airtel has gained popularity, it thinks it can twist anybodys arms. Sorry Indian people are aware of their rights and can do the right thing when
xxxxxxxx Pune Airtel
I'm an Airtel broadband customer for more than 3 years. Though my usage is less and I'll not be affected by the fair usage policy, I feel that this is an unfair
Balaji Rajappa Bangalore Combo 500 Night Unlimited
practice and makes Airtel an EVIL ISP.
V MURLI New Delhi Airtel Broadband I truly think this is wrong on airtel's part to limit consumers' bandwidth.
mr marfatia Mumbai 512 unlimited please take consumers seriously, the consumer courts pass judgments in less than 1 year.. which will add to your problems.
xxxxxxxx Kolkata 500/unlimited I fully support this petition
Udayan Dutt
Mayank Bangalore Airtel 512 Unlimited
Rajendra Deo Shukla New Delhi Multiple
xxxxxxxx Mohali
xxxxxxxx Bangalore Home Plan
pradeep madhavan Chennai 512 This is unaccetable and airtelwould loose most of its valuable customers including me..
Deep Halani Bangalor Broadband - Unlimited
Dinesh Myneni Bangalore
xxxxxxxx Bangalore Hathway/128 KBps unlimited
girish Udupi 999 Unlimited If implemented, I will make sure a case is logged in consumer court to make airtel desist from using the word 'Unlimited' in its plan.
Purostar Delhi Unfair business practice.......
Ankit Sabharwal Delhi Airtel / 256 KBPS Unlimited Let's get some sense into the system, Mr. Mittal!
manish k mumbai fucker plans fuck you bharti
xxxxxxxx Delhi Plug to Surf This is not to implemented.
xxxxxxxx Bangalore
jagannathan chennai airtel 256 unlimited these type of policies shouldn't implemented
This is very wrong that Airtel is doing with its customers. I think this will pose a huge danger on airtel service's demand and will lead to a reduction in the
Himanshu Garg New Delhi Home 499
number of its subscribers. Airtel should withdraw this policy if it wants its demand to be increased.
xxxxxxxx Chennai 512 Unlimited
Nikhil Goel Bangalore Airtel / 512 Unlimited
Achintya Agarwal Pune
Airtel Broadband fair usage policy is like MURDER IN BROAD DAYLIGHT. This is indian company behaving like the British Raj trying to supress the
netizens of India.These guys are going to loose all their customers. FULLY SUPPORT THE PETITION. Also wrote to TRAI in this connection all you guys
Shiv Kumar Mumbai Airtel 512K unlimited
can also do the same. JAI HIND!!! TRAI Complaint Sudhir Gupta, Advisor (MN), Telecom Regulatory Authority of India, Mahanagar Doorsanchar Bhawan,
Jawahar Lal Nehru Marg, New Delhi-110 002. Tel. No.011-23220018, Fax No.011-23212014 E-mail : sudhirgupta at Authorized to Issue:
Advisor (MN) Shri M.C. Chaube, Advisor (QoS) Ph: 011- 23230404, Fax No 011-23213036 Email: advqos at Sh. S. K. Gupta, Advisor (CN),
Tel.No.+91-11-23217914, Fax: +91-11-23211998 or email at advcn at or cn at DOT GRIEVANCE REGISTRATION FORM
xxxxxxxx NEw Panvel bsnl
Nachiketa Bangalore Speed 1199
xxxxx kolkata bsnl 500 ridiculous
I'm an Airtel subsriber, I have an Airtel prepaid mobile phone, my brother has one, my mom has one & I have a 512 Kbps unlimited Airtel BB plan. If Airtel
xxxxxxxx New Delhi Airtel 512 Kbps Unlimited goes ahead with such a plan, making a fool of all it's subscribers, I'll make sure I don't have anything in my house that says 'Airtel', and make sure my
friends do the same. Go ahead with this plan & you will have no customer to apply it on.
harsha Pune HOME 512Kbps unlimited Airtel Sucks..!!
Dear ISPs, Before teaching setting forth a fine example of 'Treachery' and 'Cheating', You people need to learn the true meanings of terms 'Unlimited' and
'internet'. Maybe Mr.Mittal bunked the 5th grade english class and he does know. Unlimited just means limits-
ram jalgaon BSNL Home UL750
Speed,Amount,Content...whatsoever. My dad happens to be an english teacher and you're welcome to come and learn some truth. I bet he won't cheat as
you people do......
Umashankar Bangalore Home 999
Thanks for bringing down the already pathetic internet services to the dogs (or Rabid dogs i must say!) You cheats expect Indians to pay for 512kb/s and
Aspen GeekDo0m BSNL Home UL750
give 256kb/s. This is nothing but daylight robbery. Thumbs down to Mittal.
Ankit Chowdhary Bangalore 256 unlimited Give us faster speeds for a better price then implement a cap. Ridiculous.
Deepak Gupta Greater Noida 256 kbps plan Another problem i pointed out, they don't have very decent plans for home users in NCR areas.
xxxxxxxx Ahmedabad A\\'bad 512 mbps Reliance This is simply ridicules bcose every company will try, how to cheat customer in technically
kantilal maru mumbai Relience 299
The only reason I'm using AirTel is because of their superlative speeds and services. However, if this is the way in which AirTel is headed, I will not
hesitate to look elsewhere. It does not finally boil down to money. What it does boil down to is freedom, and not having to constantly account to some
Palash Mukhopadhyay Bangalore Airtel 512 UL
higher authority. The net is a free place and should remain so. We are willing to pay for access, but we refuse to be monitored and shackled in bounds.
Unlimited should be truly unlimited! And yes, I will recommend to everyone to switch to another ISP should this happen!
xxxxxxxx Gurgaon Airtel // 256kbps Unlimited
xxxxxxxx Mumbai
xxxxxxxx Bangalore Airtel / 999 Plan
xxxxxxxx Bangalore Airtel
Vatsalya Bangalore 1000 Plan Hello Mr Mittal this is unfair. pleaseimprove service quality and after sales service. Prices are already high , u need to reduce them to be mor ecompetitive.
Dhiraj Kaile Meerut Airtel/999 UL Plan
xxxxxxxx Bangalore Airtel / 2222 - 1MBps plan
xxxxxxxx Bangalore 749 rental Yes i Agree on the above petition. i shall remove the connection, if this is not taken care by airtel.
xxxxxxxx Delhi Airtel/256 kbps Unlimited if his will happen, I will condemn using Airtel services forever.... This is a great way of loosing customers for Airtel.
Nikhil Delhi Mtnl 256 kbps combo
xxxxxxxx Bangalore Airtel-2222
So, here is Airtel's "Limited Unlimited Plan". Dear Airtel guys, please increase the tarriff for your plans, that would perhaps cost you less money and
headache (in going to courts, lawyers fees, corporate meetings...) isn't it? Oh.. but wait!! If you do increase the charges, people would opt for other ISP.
Hmm.. so what do you do, quietly cap the bandwidth. Actually thats a really good idea. There are few other fair use policies.. 1. Fair Use of Conveyance/
xxxxxxxx Pune Airtel GPRS U/L
travel infrastructure: People who travel a lot, should be prevented from using modes of conveyance 2. Fair use of water : plus size people should be
prevented from bathing 3. Fair use of Babes/Dudes: People with more than 1 girl/boyfriends should be prevented from having more of them. As such sex
ratio in India is low, not enough gals for boyz. .. And then call it "Fair"???
Providers like Airtel should be pioneering Internet usage in India rather than these kind of tricks. This is so much in contradiction to your new Ad - "Aapka
xxxxxxxx Bangalore Home 2222
ek vishwas, ki hum aapke saath hai..." Hoping airtel won't break that 'vishwas'.... and roll back this FUP. Thanks
If this Policy is infact implemented it will result in massive losses for Airtel in Broadband market, really sad to see things going this way especially when
xxxxxxxx Hyderabad 512 UL
prices of Broadband are being reduced globally.
Subramanian Sundaram Bangalore Airtel Unlimited 256 KBps
xxxxxxxx Pune 256kbps unlimited
xxxxxxxx Delhi airtel / 384 unlimited
Bangalore Airtel / Home 999 - 384 kbps
xxxxxxxx Chandigarh BSNL Home 1000 I dont wish to opt for Airtel Broadband.
xxxxxxxx delhi 512 kbps i m totally against it ... plz help us to curb this monopoly
Though i am not an airtel user,shall support the cause lets go to court,we should have their licences cancelled and the company be thrown in indian ocean
sharanu Bangalore Tataindocom ,let them hatch eggs sitting on their cable.they dont deserver to be in business(mobile,DTH etc as well). All general airtel broadband users can carry out a
coordinated attack equivalent to Pearl Harbour .Just cancel all the connections ,file a case in consumer forum Signatures or petition will not help ,you need
to bring them to their knees to make them realize ,even TRAI needs to taken to task.
Hi, Im using Bsnl EVDO card, which already offers me only 144 kbbs for 250rs per month. But its a unlimited plan. I dono how far the above said thing is
Prakash Chennai Bsnl EVDO true but the fact, that this kind policy will almost decline the internet usage and will hide the future users from seeing the internet for what it is made for. Yet
i strongly appose the new policy that AirTel is said to be planning. Regards, Prakash.
xxxxxxxx New Delhi Unlimited one GB This is a reward for your loyalty folks.
gopinath bangalore airtel 1199
Baishampayan Ghose Mumbai Airtel/256 kbps Unlimited
sravan Guntur BSNL broadband ISP are dealing with iron hands They r seeking for profits not on services I request all the users of any ISP to condemn such net nutrality acts
xxxxxxxx Nellore BSNL/Home 500
Comments: I am using bsnl broad band but I strongly feel(as you said) that if this policy is implemented, it will not be long when bsnl follows the suit.
ashok lucknow 525/- combo Thanks for making me aware about this "un"fair usage policy and I am willing to extend my full support to the extent of participating in a demonstration if
need arises.
xxxxxxxx Chennai 256kbps
xxxxxxxx Chennai BSNL I also extend my support to this petition against "FUP"
xxxxxxxx guntur bsnl please consider this issue seriously and provide some good service.
This is very very unethical and we request you to review your new policy and help india march towards high standards in broadband usage and
Ramkumar chennai Airtel/1Mbps Unlimited
Anita Delhi hathway/unlimited I support this petition.
I was on teh verge of going for the Airtel Unlimited account when I heard this and decided against it. If you want to give users a package that has a monthly
xxxxxxxx Mumbai MTNL/849 NU
limit, then call it a limited account. Dont use the word Unlimited and limited to xx GB in the sentence please.
The "fair usage policy" rule is something that really isn't required as firstly that internet speed that India gets is compared much lower than US or UK and
Alan Rodrigues Mumbai Sify 256d and 512night UL. we end up paying approximately the same that they do (please check their ISP websites for more info and putting a cap even on that is totally disgusting..
being a prospective customer I really don't think that this would tempt any non-Airtel customer to shift to Airtel,especially a heavy downloader...
parvez diwan Mumbai
Imran Kazi Kolkata BSNL I fully support this petition.
I"ve been using Airtel ever since thier dialup days.. Switcehd to braodband as soon as i could and have been an airtel supporter for a long while. But this
policy just plain sucks. I'm sorry but Airtel has clearly changed form being a customer friendly company to one that simplyl works for its own profits. I'm still
Bhopal/Vellore AirTel 256kbps unlimited at
Rahul Singh Chauhan using the 256kbps connection at home as speeds are still fine. As soon as i get even the slightest hint of low speeds its bye bye Airtel for Good. This is not
home/ 2.4mbps BSNL EVDO @ hostel
what i expected out of Airtel. And quite frankly i would really like to know what kind of bandwidth problems you're having when even Tata Indicom BSNL
AND MTNL are supporting 2 MBPS unlimited plans even on wifi connections and giving them away as cheap as 550 per month for BSNL EVDO..
xxxxxxxx Bangalore 512 kbps unlimited Thank you for listening! Will appreciate if you do something about this soon.
I am using MTNL triband but I strongly feel(as you said) that if this policy is implemented, it will not be long when MTNL follows the suit. Thanks for making
Arpit Agarwal vashi, navi mumbai MTNL triband
me aware about this "un"fair usage policy and I am willing to extend my full support to the extent of participating in a demonstration if need arises.
vinod goenka ghaziabad 384kbps unlimites. This is "not at all fair" usage policy. In plain words this will be a CHEATING with their own "unlimited" plans.
abhishek Bangalore So we are going to internet DARK ages..I was planning to take airtel BB connection, but now rethinking..
i totally, fully support the petition and we all netizens should "nip it in the bud" regardless of our ISP or else it wont be long when others will follow suit and it
Aditya patel silvassa Bsnl home 500C+
ill be internet dark ages
Dr Sharadkumar Pai Raikar Marcela GOA 403107
Karan Choudhary New Delhi 512 Unlimited I am shocked and appalled at this move by Airtel and shall not stand by and see a my right to internet be curbed controlled or put a cap on.
It is high time Internet service providers woke up to what is happening across the world. Step by provider like Airtel will spell doom for the Internet users
shuja shakir Aurangabad BSNL/500
because it's likely that other providers will also follow suit. Users must protest and not let such retrograde measures become effective.
Arun Mumbai
xxxxxxxx Delhi Airtel / 1mbps Unlimited
This "fair usage" policy if implemented would peril us back to draconian times. I use unlimited plans in my offices and home for sole purpose if round the
Atul Mohan New Delhi 512 Unlimited clock always on connectivity with our servers in US & their daily synchronization with off site development servers. What this policy will do is make our cost
effectiveness zero in these already tough times. What is the point of bandwidth/data cap if you call a plan unlimited ?
Hi, I am a user since 2005,i think this policy is bad since i usually use my connrction for downloading religious cotent which is free and usually big in
Sarabjit delhi 799 unlimited sizes.this policy will effect me surely.These company makes it sure that their has to be gap between haves and havenots. I used Mtnl net at my brother in
law place the speed was awesome airtel is nowhere in comparison to it besides my plan is costlier than his plan.
pingle sita reddy hyderabad unlimited 512 mbps
xxxxxxxx Bangalore
This "fair usage" policy if implemented would peril us back to draconian times. I use unlimited plans in my offices and home for sole purpose if round the
xxxxxxxx New Delhi 512 Unlimited clock always on connectivity with our servers in US with daily synchronization of development servers. What is policy will do is make our cost effectiveness
zero in these already tough times. What is the point of bandwidth/data cap if you call a plan unlimited ?
Vidya V Bangalore Unlimited 799
xxxxxxxx bangalore 999
Sandeep Bangalore Airtel/777 Completely agree with and support this petition
howzzzat Mumbai 512 kbps Unlimited What next?? Traffic shaping?
Senthil Chennai Airetl/256Kbps
Debansu Bangalore 999 - 384 kbps Unlimited
i have 2 connection at home and office first is airtel and second one is MTNL but i will go for mtnl at both locations the reason is speed if i am paying full
Trinkal Delhi Airtel & MTNL Unlimited
amount then i want to get full speed. if u want o cut ur speed to halfs then cut your customers first
This is absolutely ridiculous and unfair. As such, we lack proper internet infrastructure in India, when compared to other countries, where normal home
users have high bandwidth speeds at much cheaper rates. This policy would surely degrade the growth of internet in a developing country like ours. Isp's
should be try developing their infrastructure to cope up with the latest technologies to provide better services than bringing in meaningless policies. This
Janardhan Pune HOME 512Kbps unlimited
policy on limiting the bandwidth usage after promising unlimited usage is unethical, unfair and has to be strictly condemned in the view of future growth of
internet. Hope, the governing body of internet and the government would bring in proper acts, to provide fair services to consumers and restrict Isp's in
implementing such policies.
I absolutely support this petition. I hope someone does file a petition against these people wherein they barr the customer service for a paticular customer
Rohit Sharma Delhi 512kbps unlimited
in case the person calls them more than three times a day. Its an absolute contempt of a customer. Regards Rohit
Manish Kumar Bangalore 799 - 256 kbps unlimited I completely agree with this petition.
Valmiki mumbai youtele i support this petition.
Hussain Shafeeq Chennai I am against the Fair usage policy and urge Airtel to stop the same. a loyal Airtel customer Hussain Shafeeq
Gowtham Narasimhaiah bangalore Airtel/512 kbps
No where but in India, we resort to such back hand tactics. It's time everyone wakes up and acts on issues like this. As a customer, we have a right to
Ashok Bathija Mumbai MTNL/Combo Broadband deserve and get what we paid for. The response should be swift. If Airtel is trying to set a precedent, others will naturally follow. Let's send a strong
message - if they are trying to change the rules of the game, we are not playing anymore.
Arijit C Bangalore BSNL
xxxxxxxx Kolkata BSNL It is really unfair to the people who want to download more and have opted accordingly.
Pankaj Gupta Delhi MTNL 512 UNLIMITED
samrat Bangalore Airtel/256 kbps UL This is quite honestly a disgraceful attempt by Airtel to swindle money out of its customers while denying them the very services that they are paying for.
Rajeev Gollapudi Bangalore Airtel 512 KBPS unlimited
Vivek Ravindran Bangalore 1 MBPS When the world over, net neutrality is still being discussed, what is the precedent for Airtel to rush this out of the door?
xxxxxxxx Delhi 3300+Tax Unlimited Usage plan
That's HARSH and Unethical from Airtel. I'm Subscribed to an unlimited connection and if ever they are going to CAP it, there CANNOT be any way for me
Varun Lucknow Airtel
to pay for an unlimited connection.
dhiren indore broadband unlimited
Rajat Bhasin Delhi Home 999
Madhusudhan Bangalore unlimited 512KBPS I am completely against such an unfair policy and i sincerely hope this petition opens up the eyes of the Airtel management.
This is not what I had asked for while opting for the Unlimited service. What do you mean by Unlimited when you are going to limit it. I have not been even
informed about this by your company. You are sure to loose customer with this. I will be the first one to change to some other ISP if this policy is ever
xxxxxxxx Bangalore Airtel/256 kbps unlimited realized. If you cant update your infrastructure with the changing technology, you have no right to call your self the biggest Telecom Company in India. And
now stop bragging about the largest customer base in india as you are going to loose one big chunk. Most of us were with Airtel Broadband because of its
speed. You Limit the speed and you limit your customer count.
Prabha This is back door harassment, give us what we pay for.
xxxxxxxx Pune BSNL 750 UL
Girish Nimbhorkar Chennai Airtel/448KBPS Unlimited Airtel 448kbps unlimited. This is absolutely unfair on part of airtel.
I had encountered this stupid thing while using Sify some years ago. That's one of the reasons I shifted to Airtel, and have been very very! pleased with
Abhishek New Delhi 512Kbps/UL their services till date. This news just annoys me though...terrible terrible move by Airtel if it really is true. I use the bandwidth mainly for my VPN usage
when I'm working from home and it's just criminal to charge us more for that.
Ramu Aravindan Bangalore Airtel 256kbps unlimited
xxxxxxxx MUMBAI
I hope Airtel will not lead the nation to an era which defeats the very purpose of our constitution and democracy. I do not want to see the name of Airtel in
Pranay Kant Sahay Bangalore 512 Unlimited
the history books as the culprit that created the Internet firewall in India and led to stiffling of creativity
Manikandan Chennai chennai bb None other than India These kind of things happening. wake up India
xxxxxxxx Bangalore 384kbps unlimited This is absolute back door harassment. Give us what we paid for !
xxxxxxxx Gurgaon Airtel / Home 999
KM Bangalore 384 kbps unlimited This is extremely unethical and I have been a loyal customer of Airtel, even though it is the worst in terms of price / utility vs. other providers. While Airtel
does remain the best in terms of availability and customer service, such moves will further expose the cracks that exist in your product. Urge you to take
care of this urgently.
This is very unethical. You Airtel guys offer Internet at Kbps which is Kilo Bits and not Kilo Bytes, which would bring the download speed for a 512kbps at
52-60Kilo Bytes/Sec. And over that, you shut down your service very often, giving reasons such as Maintenance or Server Down. I have been using your
services for over 3+ years and I do appreciate about your quick resolution of connection problems, etc. But this move of reducing the download speed after
Pavan Mysore 512kbps-Unlimited limited usage is very INADEQUATE and Horrible move. It is not that the Govt or any governing bodies has restricted your Services. When you promise
your customers to provide unlimited services, you should be able to cope with the increasing number of users and their Usage !! And I know nothing comes
free, we do pay a huge amount for what we use, because till now AIRTEL was a GOOD SERVICE PROVIDER. I still respect Airtel, don't let me or anyone
down. Please don't lose your customers.
xxxxxxxx Bangalore UL448
Why to advertise something as unlimited, when it is truely not unlimited. This is a worse business tactics I could say, and may degrade Airtel's image in
Vaibhav Agrawal Bangalore Airtel/Unlimted 256
internet broadband world in no time. If we can make a company a big brand, we can also demolish it.
Sourav Basu Bangalore 448 kbps Unlimited
Rishu Mehrotra Bangalore Airtel 384kbps unlimited
xxxxxxxx Jalandhar 512 I agree and sign the above petition.
Sanjay Dutt New Delhi Airtel/256kbps Unlimited
xxxxxxxx Hyderabad Airtel / 256 kbps unlimited Mr Mittal, If your company wants to be called a service provider, then let them provide the service.
Leela Vinodh Chennai 448 - Unlimited I strongly support this petition, and request Airtel to consider this, and revert the FUP.
xxxxxxxx Ahmedabad Unlimited unlimited means unlimited if unlimited becomes limited i will have to shift my services to someone who deliver what they promise
Simran Singh New Delhi Airtel /256 kbps unlimited
xxxxxxxx Kolkata airtel 128 kbps unlimited
We should not longer be slaves of bandwidth anymore, if the number of users are increasing and more bandwidth is being utilized then the most obvious
Anat Grover Hyderabad Airtel DSL / Home599
solution is the upgrade infrastructure instead of restricting users, that too for bandwidth which they are paying for.
xxxxxxxx Faridabad Airtel / 2222 It will not yield you any benefits but will help you loose your customer base and in the result your business..
Ritu New Delhi Airtel 384 kbps unlimited
Vishal Hyderabad Airtel Its very sad on part of Airtel to be implementing this kind of stupid policy.
xxxxxxxx Mysore 384kbps unlimited
this policy is not only against the practices of business but is in a clear contradiction of agreement for unlimited usage entered by the company with its
Kuldeep Delhi
ujjwal sagar gurgaon airtel-384kbps UL
It is totally childish on part of Airtel. Its sad that they cannot upgrade their infrastructure so re finding short way out of this. If you do not have bandwidth
Parag Mumbai MTNL/night unlimited
then why do you give more connections than your capacity????
xxxxxxxx vijayawada Myguru
I am one of the very loyal users of Airtel and I did receive this communication on 1st March 2009. It is pretty sad to see that one of my most beloved Indian
corporates has stooped to such low levels. Understand one thing, the day is not far and this has happened before that huge corporations have broken
A. Martin Francis Bangalore HOME 2222 down to pieces due to such customer unfriendly customer policies. Though I would hate to see that happen to Airtel, I am pretty sorry and depressed to
see that happening right before my eyes and unfortunately to me as an Airtel Customer. Mr. Mittal, you've got to remember that you are one of the richest
guys in India, why the world because of small customers like me who pay your bills in time and use your services ardently!!
xxxxxxxx Bangalore 448
I seriously support this petition, and request Airtel to consider and think twice before implementing such rubbish unethical concepts. India is growing fast in
IT field, we have started from meare 36kbps speed and are moving towards pure speed throughoutputs---512kbps, 1mbps etc. and very soon we might get
T1 T3 lines too. But if such ISPs are on their way of doing unethical acts, then its a real threat to our development, then even though we might have hi
speeds available bt whats the use??? we cant use them the way they r meant to be. People might soon shift to the past then...36/56/64kbps.... Moreover,
Nirmal Mumbai eXaTT net @ 128kbps its customers choice whether he really needs hi-speed unltd connection or simply low bandwidth download criteria. Packages are independent and its WE
to choose for and not THEY. No one simply pays hi amounts for unltd packages, its a matter of use. A professional animator or designer will definitely opt
for 2mbps unltd speed becoz his work demands it---huge downloads, uploads, tranfers, software upgrades etc. If such crappy things r implemented then
where will such people go then???? ...and finally i sincerely hope that no other isp shall try to do this to their customers..tata, reliance, bsnl, mtnl, vsnl,
hathway...n others in loop.
If we are paying for unlimited usage there should not be any case where the speed should reduce automatically.If that is done you have to reduce the
Jyotis Hyderabad Tata indicom Unlimited 512
charge also for that period.or stop giving service.
Ravi Agrawal Bhilwara BSNL Unlimited Plans should be "TRULY" unlimited. That's all.
Arupa Mumbai mtnl triband DSL 2399
Vikram Dinesh Bangalore Airtel 1mbps unlimited How would they like it if I paid a lesser amount for the restricted download speeds?
xxxxxxxx Nagpur BSNL/ Home Plan 1000
People should be made aware of the speeds that are available in ALL the other countries. Then let the people decide how shitty the Indian ISPs are. We
xxxxxxxx Mumbai Home 999 Plus
should spread the information about the speeds offered in ALL the other countries.
Bijal Patel Pune This is ridiculous. Whether the plan is unlimited or not, I pay for 512kbps and no matter what I should get 512kbps. And if my plan is unlimited at 512kbps
there is no logic that can be put forward by AirTel that will convince me that they can reduce my speed to 256kbps while still expecting to charge me for
512kbps? I already have been feeling the pain as my line at home suddenly gets really slow. I am giving AirTel another month to fix their policy or I'm
gone, and with my home connection will go my office and 3 other home connections of directors in my company. I am only a small consumer in terms of
AirTels massive base, but its us small guys that make them money. I wonder who comes up with these hair-brained ideas.
arnab c bangalore Airtel Postpaid
This kind of cheap tricks will be detrimental to customer service. After waiting one month to get the BSNL broadband, to got Airtel Braodband in 2 days. So
was happy. But looking at this news, looks like i need to change my perception. this kind of activity will be a cheating the customert seems you are not
karthi chenai
willing to upgrade your equipment, yet continue charging for services which you are not in a position to provide. Would you pay for something like this
suneet bangalore unlimited 799
This kind of cheap tricks will be detrimental to customer service. After waiting one month to get the BSNL broadband, to got Airtel Braodband in 2 days. So
xxxxxxxx Hyderabad Airtel 499
was happy. But looking at this news, looks like i need to change my perception. this kind of activity will be a cheating the customer
Chirag Bangalore
xxxxxxxx Vidya
Aditya Bangalore Airtel 999 Unlimited
samira new delhi
xxxxxxxx CHENNAI HOME COMBO 499 i never had expected such an useless move from AIRTEL and i now feel irritated to be an AIRTEL cust for introducing
Naveen Hyderabad BSNL
Our freedom depends on free and unfettered information traffic. We cannot let any organisation, governmental or otherwise, take this fundamental right
xxxxxxxx Bangalore Airtel 999 Plan
away from us.
xxxxxxxx Bangalore 256 Unlimited Plan I find it extremely unfair to pay for a plan that is supposedly unlimited.
This step of Airtel is regressive in nature particularly when other ISPs such as BNSL offer speed upto 2 mbps if BW is available even one has taken lower
Col JAS Diaz (Retd) Chennai 512 kbps
speed plan. I will not hesitate to surrender my connection if Airtel implements this policy.
xxxxxxxx Mumbai 256 Airtel has changed the way we do business as there Internet Connection is Rock Solid.. ALWAYS ON. Pls dont change what has been set with us now.
xxxxxxxx Bangalore Airtel / 384 kbps Unlimited I strongly support this petition, and request Airtel to consider this, and revert the FUP.
xxxxxxxx Thrissur National Internet Backbone
Navi Mumbai Sify 256 Kbps & MTNL Triband 1
xxxxxxxx I second Vivek Jain's comment below.
xxxxxxxx Hyderabad 399 unlimited plan internet is very slow and some times it will not work but i'll be reciving avery month full bill. in spite of intimation many times still the same continues.
Tarakkumar Shah Pune Tata Broadband Unlimited 512K I am not an Airtel user but I would not like have this one started for any provider.
Please consider ur compititor HFCL Connect in punjab seriously. it has taken away more then 100 customers after it has launched its new plans. Try to be
xxxxxxxx Luhdiana airtle 799 unlimited
xxxxxxxx Bangalore Aritel Unlimited 256kbps I had respect for airtel, please dont loose it
xxxxxxxx Bangalore 799 This is too bad. Please be transparent with your policies. I would nt have taken the 512 unlimited if I knew this before
xxxxxxxx Mumbai MTNL/999 Unltd
dinesh bangalore Airtel/1mbps unlimited
xxxxxxxx Bangalore BSNL unlimited
It is a retrograde step moving towards 17th century. It is a shame that we are still in 2-3 MBPS range where even countries like Hongkong, Taiwan are far
xxxxxxxx Chennai BSNL Home 500
ahead in internet speeds
xxxxxxxx Bhubaneswar Airtel GPRS
FUP is as good as saying, you have a unlimited plan but limited to certain amount of download or upload you do. Which itself is ontradictory to the
Vivek Jain Bangalore Unlimited
meaning of "unlimited" If Airtel wants to have such kind of limitation then why call it a "unlimited" plan
harini dhandapani Chennai Unlimited 256
xxxxxxxx chennai bsnl
Abhishek Roy 110019 849 unltd
Josin Cochin This is an absurd policy!
Ganesh Sankaran Pune Pune BSNL / Unlimited @ 2 Mbps
Nisar CHennai airtel 448 Kb/s unlimited plan airtel is worth,don't go to worst
Poonam New Delhi Plan 499
This is completely stupid. I mean - its not that these guys are offering us a 5 Megs per sec connection (like in ALL the other countries) 512 Kbps is chump
Saurabh Jain Pune BSNL / 5 Gigs @ 2 Mbps
change and if you can't deal with that, I think its time you guys shut shop and let someone more competent run the show around here.
Kanagaraj.T Karur BSNL BB I support this petition, do not allowed to this kind of changes.
what is being done right now in India is day light robbery.For the same tariff you can provide 3G in sri lanka its shame that there has been speed cap set to
bharathi Chennai 1Mbps
unlimited package.If you are not going to remove it,the users will migrate to some other ISPs.
arun hoshiarpur dataone thn why term unlimited
arjun Delhi 512 unlimited
senthil coimbatore REliance unlimited Pleaswe do away with your policy.
Abhilash Kumar Mumbai Airtel / 2mbps
If you can't provide what you say on providing internet service, either your turn off this service or fix a charge considering usage of your customers. If we
Shadab Ahmad Dalkhola BSNL BB, Unlimited / Aitel MO
find it cheap we will use your service otherwise we will opt for other one.
xxxxxxxx Ahmedabad TATA 512 unlimited
xxxxxxxx Bangalore
Capping usage or accessibility should never ever be allowed. Let the Govt. decide which actions are criminal using international cyber law guidelines and
Sanat Mumbai MTNL Unlimited 512kbps
let that be that. If these telco's can't handle the usage then bow the F out and let someone competent take over.
xxxxxxxx Bangalore Airtel/777
Sowmith Mukund Chennai Airtel / 512 unlimited
xxxxxxxx Shimoga BSNL / B 5000 We want a fair internet policy
Zubin Bangalore Airtl / 1 MBps / Rs. 2,222
Aditya Dugar Hyderabad Airtel / 2mbps
Sivakumar S Bangalore Airtel 256Kbps Unlimited Unlimited should mean Unlimited.
Puneet Darji mumbai MTNL -- Monthly 200/-
Shubhamay Banerjee Gurgaon Home 699
Ashish Rastogi New Delhi AIRTEL DSL 999 Plan Unlimited
Ajit Bangalore Airtel/ I too support this petition.
My organization and myself are the users of all Airtel products for the last 5-6 years.This is the only compnay that we respect and if they resort to such
Jaideep Merchant Pune Airtel 512 Unilimited
tactics then we will have to switch to ther service providers.
xxxxxxxx chennai Airtel/unlimited
Brooklyn Time Warner/ Unlimited 10MB/sec
John Karian India is already extremely backward when it comes to internet bandwidth. Don't make it worse Airtel.
This policy is unacceptable. In case this policy continues, I can assure you one thing. You will lose your valuable clients. Most of them have switched over
Naveen Bangalore Airtel - 384 kbps UL
to Tata Indocim Wimax already. We never had any regrets using Airtel, but, with this policy, we are regretting.
xxxxxxxx Bangalore Airtel/1 Mbps I fully endorse the petition.
xxxxxxxx pune airtel gprs
Namrata Kotwani Delhi Unlimited broadband Shame on you Mr. Mittal, for thinking that you can hoodwink customers in so underhanded a fashion.
Venkata Satish Mumbai Youtele
Ranjit Nair Bangalore 999 (Unlimited)
Mohan Patil Kalyan(W) BSNL Yes this is not fare... AirTel Sucks
Right time to move to BSNL which has better infrastructure, willingness to upgrade it further and fair policies. Lets be away from cheats. I am applying for
sanjeev Bangalore Airtel 256 unlimited.
BSNL asap.
Ravi Modi Mumbai MTNL/ MOnthly 199
sachin Bangalore bsnl I endorse the above petition
Ellimist Kolkata BSNL/ Home Plan 500 This policy is simply unacceptable. This will be a discouraging move which will surely make a lot of customers more to other broadband service providers.
Vinod Sharma NOIDA Airtel unlimited Rs 799
Raj Gopal Menon bangalore 256 kbps
Kiran Bhanushali Bombay Airtel Don't make an ass of yourself and your company by acting like a damn fool.
I believe in maintaining fair play and justice in all commercial deals even if we are unfortunately the voiceless consumers. In this case, I feel that
M.B.Nataraj Bangalore BSNL simultaneous petition to TRAI and relevant consumer forum- national consumer grievance redressal forum for example- may be more effective than relying
on Mr Mittal's conscience or generosity.
Pavan Kumar G Bangalore 256 kbps unlimited I support this petition. We cannot have these kind of stupid things. Govt. should not allow for this.
xxxxxxxx porbandar
Varun Jaswal Gurgaon 256 Kbps Unlimited I raised a complaint with airtel every alternate day last week for the same problem. I totally agree with this petition.
This is dictatorship. Let me school you the meaning of word unlimited directly from 1. not limited; unrestricted; unconfined: unlimited trade.
Uttang Dawda Mumbai 2. boundless; infinite; vast: the unlimited skies. 3. without any qualification or exception; unconditional. This definition of unlimited internet no where iterates
the deceiving advertisements and hypocrite marketing techniques used by your company.
Anil Kumar Kollam BSNL i support the motion
xxxxxxxx Nadiad MO! This is really profiteering!This will not work now!Mr.Mittal,you will have to change your decision!This is not fair!
Mr Mittal it is like you promise something and then turn your back to your own words. It wrong as per business ethics. Instead of growing you are curbing
Diana Bose Mumbai 512 kbps unlimited plan your own power to grow. If this continues to be the case you will loose out to your competitors. Your customers are well aware and know what is best for
them so act promptly
The whole concept of halfing the bandwidth of unlimited plans is retarded. We pay a lot extra to get unlimited connections. If the speed reduces past a
Daniel Ribeiro Goa Bsnl 512kbps unlimited
certain limit how is it truely unlimited ? I can certainly say that i will never recommend airtel if this fair usage policy stays in effect....
xxxxxxxx Bangalore 1 Mbps unlimited Fair usage Policy ? WTH !
xxxxxxxx Hamilton really think you should get with it it is the 20th century
wecaz Gurgaon Airtel Home 999
Ajit this is wrong... totally wrong
The "Fair Usage Policy" is a horrible joke and the only thing it will achieve is prove that Airtel does not care about its customers. I have been happy with
Nitin Sagar New Delhi Airtel the excellent customer support provided by Airtel but instead of remaining loyal and paying full price for half service, I would rather look elsewhere for my
home usage and encourage my company and friends to do so as well.
I have been using Airtel Broadband for a year and a half and i am really happy and proud to use Airtel Broadband. But if this "Fair Usage Policy" comes in
Karthik M Bangalore 256 kbps Unlimited Plan to effect i will surely look for a different Broadband Service Provider, i have been a loyal customer and have recommended Airtel to lots of People in this
past 1.1/2 years and will not hesitate to tell everybody to never get Airtel Broadband if they implement this policy.
Andy Mumbai MTNL/NU 849
I am a current Airtel broadband customer and have not thought twice in the past before applying to Airtel for its services, even though the price demanded
by Airtel quite a bit on the higher side; simply because I trust the quality of their products. This (i.e. the Fair Usage Policy) is, however, outright cheating
and has definitely shaken my faith in Airtel as a customer friendly service provider. As rightly pointed out in the above letter, such acts are seriously going
Ambuj Sinha Mumbai Airtel Broadband/Home 799 to undermine the word of mouth publicity enjoyed by Airtel till now (I have strongly recommended Airtel Broadband to family and friends till now, but am
definitely going to refrain from doing so in the future). The most annoying aspect of this is that Airtel charges quite a bit for its services, and then hits back
with such underhanded tactics. I was also shocked to see all Unlimited data transfer plans scrapped on the Airtel website. I whole heartedly support this
petition and hope that Airtel once again resumes its services in its old customer friendly fashion.
Nagendra P S Vadodara Relience Please stop these monopolies!!
Sujith Mumbai Mumbai Airtel 512 Unlimited Are you joking guys? Really "Fair Use Policy". Wonder who came up with the idea. Please shoot the guy.
parmjit singh chandigarh bsnl i am using bsnl but this policy if implemented will make certain that i will not go to airtel for my broadband needs....
Ashish Chaudhary Thane, Maharashtra sify
Amrita Karnik Mumbai Pacenet/unlimited
xxxxxxxx Hyderabad Beam Cable wtf
Abhilasha Singh NEW DELHI Airtel
Vivek gupta Pune Airtel gprs
Hello, This is a matter which should be taken seriously to prevent monopoly of few telecom giants. I personally think that this Fair Usage Policy is less
xxxxxxxx Lucknow 1499 Business DSL (1:1)
policy and more monopoly. It should not implemented to help increasing the internet penetration in India.
This is a complete joke of an unlimited connection, by implementing such a policy not only will no one opt for a unlimited connection, but at the same time it
bhuvan chowdhary pune Airtel,Indicom
will create a negative marketing aspect for your brand. sales and market value will decrease very soon
I hope you will look into this matter with the utmost seriousness and not divert all the petitions to your "SPAM" folder. You might be the provider, but we are
Mumbai Pacenet (as of now) 256 Kbps /
Sooraj Kashiapan the users who keep the providers in business and I think it is only fair that our view be considered by you and your team before you make / bring in any
reforms. Thank you for hearing us out. Yours sincerely, Sooraj.
Got an airtel unlimited 512kbps connection last week but after this (un)fair usage policy.will call customer care an get it disconnected tommorrow
Ravi Mumbai Airtel 512 unlimited
This is ridiculous, first they lure us into buying the "fastest" and the "best" unlimited connection,then they'll tell us that we can't use enough. Its like ordering
xxxxxxxx New Delhi AIRTEL
a pitcher of beer , then not letting the diner have it all, 'coz all of it is not good.Who the hell they think they are?
india is a super fast developing country and indians dont need thug like policies from airtel or any other company.. either u shut your 512 ksps scheme or if
Shahab Kalim Kolkata sify/512 kbs unlimited u have it continued,then give us what we are paying for... i thought i would get an airtel line for my office,but all i can see is CHEATS written all over the
new planning of airtel regarding reducing internet speed ..shame...
ashutosh Chennai 750 I admire airtel for thier services, but if they really are going to do these things then it will only degrade their brand value
Airtel was India's top ISP, and now with such pathetic restrictions, you are only tarnishing the company's image and brand, I was proud to have an Airtel
Jaskaran Narula Chennai Airtel 384 Unltd plan
connection, pls dont do this, seems like we are taking 2 steps back for every step forward, really disheartening.
xxxxxxxx mysore BSNL
Rohan new delhi airtel/1499 Its aweful and not at all good, i hope airtel take this back else i am sure all are ready to disconnect the connections
New Delhi Airtel Broadband - 256 Kbps
Alok Jain Absolutely Disgusting if this report is true.
Abhinav Delhi MTNL 749NU Well ,this is ridiculous .
Ankit Chitnis Mumbai In2net 512kbps Unlimited Plan
manish jha pune bsnl 750 plan
Shantanu Mukherjee
sivagurunathan Coimbatore BSNL HOMECOMBO 500 Wake up Indians!! Itz de lasting time for us....! Wake up!!!
xxxxxxxx pune Tata Indicom 384 unlimited
Andy Gurgaon Airtel/ 2222 1 mbps unlimited
xxxxxxxx Bangalore Reliance / UL600
xxxxxxxx Bangalore This is ridiculous and shame to India
Dheeraj S P Bangalore BSNL DataOne/256k Unlimited
dayani chakravarthy mysore a policy where i will pay the same even though the service is halved is an unfair one. i protest such policies coming into order
manuj kansal delhi mtnl/unlimited 256
xxxxxxxx pune unlimited 256 crap. TRAI wake up.
Bharath Kumar M.R Chennai BSNL 500 C+ Rise against any hindrance to our growth in Business, Entertainment and Knowledge ! ! ! I'm glad to know that there are others like me.
xxxxxxxx Faridabad Airtel
xxxxxxxx Airtel/256
I think the only way to win against government politics is to refuse co-operation. I think this petition should request all users to deactivate/boycott all
Akhilesh Chowgule Mumbai 512 kbps unlimited.
services from Airtel. Trust me, this is the only way this petition is going to make any difference.
Devang Shah Ahmedabad Reliance / 2MB
MUMBAI 888 Plan 256Kbps (6:00 a.m. - 10:30 There should not be any capping on the agreed bandwidth, at the most ISPs can play with TRAI norms of 20% or 30%(not sure)drop in the specified
xxxxxxxx P.M.) and 512 Kbps(10:30 P.M. - 6:00 A.M.) bandwidth(due to technical reason). Then why one should go for airtel ? Customers will have choice as there will be many other service provider, muscle
Unlimited flexing is not the option. At last i feel, if its implemented then deifinately i will quit airtel service no other option.
After using Airtel for 3 Years, I switched over to Tata Wimax, and feel so much relieved of Airtel's B.S. (and I don't mean B.S = Broadband Service) Airtel is
Anand Prasad Bangalore Tata WiMax 512 Unlimited now suffering a slow death due to its bad customer service and policies such as this. I have no plans of switching back EVER to Airtel, but would definitely
never recommend anyone to take their services in light of these new developments.
xxxxxxxx Mumbai BSNL/UL750
I'll REALLY need to re-think my decision, to shift over to Airtel over my previous ISP! This is MADNESS! This is a free country! We're freakin' Paying for
Ashish V Sawant Pune Airtel / UN 128Kbps 699/month
the whole deal, not the 'crippled' version. This is the start of a 'Dictatorship' Era. Airtel will SURELY Fall!
narayana guduru visakhapatnam BSNL ban the fair usage policy
xxxxxxxx New Delhi bsnl
xxxxxxxx Bangalore 384 Kbps unlimited ... 999 plan Disappointing newz.... Totally unacceptable. Cheatinggggg ...
Mr. Mittal, I have been a loyal Airtel (Mobile) customer for past 6+ years and am proud to be on Airtel. Only 2 days back I was watching all the TV ads that
Bharti/Airtel have come out with in the past few years and I was deeply moved by the inspiring ads like "Proud to be an India, Proud to be Bharti" or the
Souvik Mitra Kolkata BSNL Dataone Home-500
"Speak up, Speak Out - Express Yousrelf" ad...I am hoping that you and your company wouldn't let the message in those ads be just some marketing ploy
which you don't believe in...I hope you take the right decision regarding this FUP so that we can all be Proud of Bharti!!
I shifted to Airtel from Sify because Airtel offered better customer relation than Sify and ofcourse your unmatchable quality standards. The 'Fair Usage'
policy while being fair to you as a service provider is very unfair to us consumers as we are paying for a service that is sold as being 'unlimited'. I urge you
Aditya Samaddar Delhi Airtel / Home 799 to follow the precedent set by other internet savvy nations around the globe and concentrate on upgrading your infrastructure so that it supports more
consumers and higher speeds. I am proud to be an Indian and would love to brag about the blazing speeds i get in my motherland to my friends in Taiwan
or the Netherlands for that matter.
xxxxxxxx Bangalore 256 kbps unlimited
Aditya Raj Verma DELHI AIRTEl /256 unlimited
Sundararajan.K BSNL 256/Unlimited I wanted to changeover to Airtel, but will never do this mistake. Airtel should not force such policy against against their valuable customers.
xxxxxxxx New Delhi 749 256 kbps unlimited plan
Gaurang Sinha Pune 512kbps unlimited
Manish New Delhi 256 Kbps UL
anjan sarma kolkata 256kbps unlimited
Jatin SEO Delhi Mtnl 512kbps Unlimited This Policy is absolutely wrong
xxxxxxxx mumbai unlimited 699 sir, being an bhartiya company u r doing a day light robbeery . internet in other countires are checp then us u should try to increase speed
Rajesh Bhaskar Bangalore BSNL DataOne C500+
yes,this is a truly a matter of high importance,it is we the people who make this telecom company work,and it starts to ditch ,then we all have to do is
Niyamath ullah khan bangalore 256kbs unlimited
unsubscribe airtel services .......
Amitava Das Kolkata Aliianze Unlimited @256kbps What Airtel is trying to do is against IT laws...
This is not good, people (incl. myself) would definitely switch to their local internet providers. If this is really necessary, they should take steps such that
xxxxxxxx Delhi Airtel, Home-799
only the people who keep downloading 24x7 get affected. Also, they should upgrade their own infrastructure to meet current demands.
xxxxxxxx Bombay BSNL/UL750
Adwait Patil Pune Airtel 384kbps Unlimited As long as i have known Airtel is the best ISP for their good speeds, tariff, and service.Such a policy is unfair and it would be worst if Airtel is leading it.
Raghavendra Nayak Mangalore Airtel/Unlimited 256kbps I am Airtel broadband user since last 2 years. This new policy is making me to think about shifting my broadband connection to other ISP.
Noshir Pandole Pune I am totally against any limits of any sort on anyone, unless someone infringes on your fundamental rights.
vipul gupta noida 999 unlimited it is wrong to do such cowardly act.......... it is against our rights
xxxxxxxx Bangalore 384 kbps signed
gautam varanasi airtel 799
These are all bussiness tricks. ONly when we do a thing like this is when we had fallen in trouble. I had also tried to complaint like this for an night
unlimited plan from bsnl. After that i understand that complaining is no good. If you want to complain complain to TRIA. We all need is unlimited plans at
Tharun kottayam BSNL/Home 500 good speed. Don't worry it is comming soon after 3G. EVDO currently with BSNL offers unlimited internet og 2.4mbps in some areas for just Rs 550. When
other operator gets 3g competitions increse and price go down like what had happen to our local and std call rates after entry of private telecom. So be
happy. TRIA is always trying to reduce rate by increasing competion. Also reliance and tata gets gsm and reliance has put under ground wire across india.
Ishan Qureshi Noida UL384
“Airtel Fair Usage Policy” is not fair in any sense. Airtel charging the same amount for curbed or rather crippled service !!! Shame Airtel! your cheap
Saptarshi Bagchi Kolkata BSNL 2Mbps HOME500
business policy will only cause your downfall. Ready to loose trust and respect of consumers ??? Go ahead and implement your unfair policy...
Rishi Agarwal Pune Airtel - Unlimited 384 kbps
pratik shah pune airtel 512kbps unlimited plan
Nishant Gupta Delhi MTNL 599 UL There is No limit when it comes to Internet!!!
xxxxxxxx Bangalore Airtel 512 Unlimited
Gautam singh delhi airtel 799 unlimted
Rohit bhargava Hyderabad
Sarath Menon Bangalore Airtel DSL/512 UL I totally support this. Lousy policies from Airtel :(
harsha bangalore Airtel/386ul very slow speeds--- bad
I should get what I was promised. I am not willing to pay for something that I am not given. And also I was wondering, if you are going to do this, don't you
Satheesh Kathamuthu Chennai 256 kbps UL
need the customers acceptance in the first place.
vidyut jain ujjain unlimited
Nisheeth Upadhyay New Delhi Airtel/749NU
I am totally with the above email...and the people behind it. It would be a bad example to other ISP's like BSNL, MTNL,Hathway.... By the way, I am a
xxxxxxxx Chennai BSNL - Combo 500+
BSNL user... Even I would not recommend this move by Airtel. They can instead increase the bandwith of the internet cables.
xxxxxxxx Delhi Airtel Unlimited 256 kbps Come on man Unlimited means NO LIMIT !! You can't just say that and put a small * sign in the end which says conditions apply !! That's just bull shit ...
Apaar New Delhi 999 unlimited
Dr Shital Kiran D P bangalore Home 700
Shrikant Narasimhan Mumbai Reliance - 600 kbps unlimited Unlimited means unlimited! Don't say it if you really mean "Up to 50 gb" (or whatever other number)
buddy no matter how bad bsnl is in terms of customer care but they never cheat like these. They simply blackmail clients. I would request you not to
ashutosh Patna BSNL Hme plan / evdo
surrender against any of private isp be it airtel, reliance or anything else. BSNL zindabad all other ISP MURDABAD. BSNL KI JAI HO.
Vikas Sidana Gurgaon 256kbps Unlimited This is against the spirit of Internet.
Binayak D. New Delhi Airtel/799 Unlimited plan
Ashirvad Lobo Mumbai Hathway I support Net Neutrality. Dont put limts on usage on speeds.
xxxxxxxx Erode Airtel/512UL Dont do this ! People deserve what they pay for money !
Salil thane hathway/unlimited
Vikas Nigam Delhi Sify N512 Well.. , I didn't switched to Airtel last month. My Sify Connection is still going damn strong. It's a little costly but at least the services(in my area) is good.
Chinmaya Mishra Chennai 603209 Please remove all plans and just keep one plan unlimited 1 mbps/512 KBps
Puneet Barjatya Mumbai Airtel / 256 ul PLEASEEEEEEEE dont do this !!!!!!!!!
Gaurav Goyal New Delhi MTNL 749NU
Thanks for sending the already pathetic internet service to the dogs! And maybe thats an understatement. India,world famous has one of the worst ever
Sparks Jalgaon Bsnl ul 750 home internet services and you blame on economy?? How the hell you expect to force people to pay for what they don't get? Shame! Shame! Be it airtel, tata,
reliance, or bsnl they're all the same !
xxxxxxxx Chennai Airtel/HOME 2222 Airtel plans have rocked since the beginning. By bringing in the FUP you guys would be ushering in a new end! Don't implement it!
xxxxxxxx Pune Airtel/2 Mbps 6GB download
Vivek Noida Airtel/512UL I support the petition. We shall get what we pay for.
Manini Mehrotra Mumbai
Completely against this silly plan. Will move to the next best alternative and drop Airtel across all the services I use from them - mobile, landline and
Karthik S Bangalore Home Unlimited 999
addanki harish bangalore 799unlimited
xxxxxxxx Virudhunagar BSNL/ HOME600
Girisha KC shimoga airtel 256 unlimited
Pavan Govinda Bangalore Unlimited @ 256 kbps
Gil Gbzy Ipe chennai Unlimited 512 kpbs
xxxxxxxx Chennai Airtel/256Kbps-Unlimited
xxxxxxxx Bangalore BSNL HOME750 The same applies to BSNL Dataone. There seems to be a permanant cap on Unlimited plans to curb download/upload speeds.
Sameer Gupta New Delhi Airtel/512 Unlimited
xxxxxxxx Mumbai 256 Unlimited Dont put profits over customer service.
xxxxxxxx New Delhi Airtel/ Home999
Syed Shahnawaz Ali Chennai Airtel/256 unlimited
Jaladhi Valsad BSNL DataOne/Home500
Shame on you AIRTEL. Mister Mittal you are supposed to provide the services for what you are paid for and not the policing over fair usage or poor usage.
It seems Mr Mittal, that the short time success has gone to your head and now you are dictating? There is no need to convince an arrogant company and
Yasho KOTA BSNL/Unlimited especially a person like you regarding the mode of usage of Internet, you are a businessman and are supposed to provide the services for what you are
paid for?? This technology is not your home grown stuff, it is invented and developed by very intelligentsia of Human race and people like you runs shops
over them. So come down to earth and do what is your job.
Jayaprakash Chennai BSNL/256 Unlimited Telecom companies can better beg rather then finding such cheap ideas to milk money!
xxxxxxxx Chennai Airtel/256 Kbps Unlimited Already we get only 75% of the subscribed speed... If its halved, definitely we will move to some other ISPs.
xxxxxxxx Bangalore
This seems like a new way of cheating customers and making more profit out of same service (which is anyways over priced). The day this plan is
xxxxxxxx Hyderabad Airtel/256 KBPS Unlimited.
introduced, I will withdraw my subscription.
I'm a user of not one but 2 Internet connections. The idea of Bharti being the only genuine people in the industry has now gone!! Change your views.
Nikhilesh Hyderabad UL 512/1Mbps
Upgrade your equipment, not degrade your customers.
Oswald Bombay MTNL Triband I've got an MTNL Triband con. But I support this petition together with the Indian Broadband community.
I am using a BSNL broadband that crawls, thanks to the unlimited tag. Earlier I had a 250 plan, the speed was better, but I was conned into paying over
Rs. 3000, remember I do not do any explicit download of software. Everyone takes us for a ride. It is a downright dishonesty on part of ISP to have a
Yogesh J. Khandke Khopoli. BSNL Unlimited 750 variable speed , which would automatically limit Internet access, it is like going for an unlimited lunch, you start with 2 chapatis, the next 2 come every 5
minutes, 2 more every 15 minutes, 2 more every 30 minutes, and 2 more every hour, so if one needs 10 chapatis he has to eat for 0 + 10 + 30 +60 + 120 =
220 minutes, since an average person would only eat for 15 minutes the unlimited lunch would only be of 2 + 2 = 4 chapatis. Cheap trick.
Hi If a man steals a back-pocket on the road for Rs 149/- he is likely to be jailed. However Vodafone may be trying to steal millions of consumers back
pockets by insidiously sending SMS messages falsely claiming that we the consumer have made a request for itemized billings. I have received such a
Sidney D\'Souza Mumbai Tata Indicom
message sent by Vodafone on my mobile at 09:58:22 on 18 June 2008 for a request I never made. Pleease investigate With best regards Sidney D'Souza
Viceroy Park Tower B #D Thakur Village Kandivli (E) Mumbai 400 101 Tel: 022-2846 3385 Telefax 022-2846 3385 M- 98205 14509
Geetha Bilaspur
xxxxxxxx Pune BSNL/HOME500
Narendranath.Rayavarapu Bangalore This Fair Usage Plan is Piece of crap...It is better to swith to other net providers if Airtel doesn't rollback to its previous plan......
vismay mumbai Airtel has added another unethical practise...
xxxxxxxx Kolkata BSNL/Home250
If my bandwidth is lowered, then I should technically be liable to pay at a reduced rate for the lower bandwidth, upon exhaustion of my higher bandwidth
Airtel User Bangalore Airtel 2222 Plus - 1 Mbps entitlement. If that is not the case, Airtel is cheating it's customers ! Anyway, the telecom/ISP are cheats; all they do is fleece money from unsuspecting
xxxxxxxx Mumbai
Jay Mody Mumbai MTNL Triband/NU549 This is only going to start bullying of consumers by the telecom companies, in any case they arent too far from cartelization of the whole business.
Airtel, please re-consider on this obviously outrageous decision of yours - you will be having your customers migrating away from otherwise a very
Hari Nair Bangalore Airtel Broadband unlimited 512 kpbs
reasonable and reliable ISP !!
xxxxxxxx LKo. sify sell all airtel stocks make those bastards bankrupt
This policy doesn't make any sense whatsoever. The broadband infrastructure in our country is already bad and this policy makes it even worse. We don't
Karan Kapoor Delhi Airtel 512 UL
even have good speeds hee and on top of that Airtel is limiting it further. This is not acceptable!
WHT NON-SENSE is going on with AIRTEL, you are the wrost internet provider on earth. Fucking all the customer's bill is the first thing thy do. Please
Raj bangalore Reliance 400kbps
everybody join hands and lets teach these bastards a lession by not renewing the internet provide and by canceling the service. Raj
Animesh Singh New Delhi Airtel 256kbps Unlimited
xxxxxxxx Mumbai
xxxxxxxx chennai broadband plan/unlimited 799
xxxxxxxx Chennai Airtel / 256KB UL This not fair
Vivek Kumar Ladwa BSNL/Home-500C This is ridiculous.
Anil Balram Mumbai mtnl/Unlimited
xxxxxxxx Mysore Unlimited 999(384 kbps) If they use this on me, i'll just "ditch" them and go to some other!!!
what's the difference between limited and unlimited accounts if they're going to cap it anyway? I just crashed my computer and had to download windows
7, office 2007, windows streets and maps, vmware etc ~15 GB. everything I downloaded I did from the official sites and are paid for. How can airtel specify
Siddharth Krish Bangalore
how much i can and can't download. besides this my bro's in the US a lot and my parents are constantly with him on the net, talking or on video! all this is a
perfectly legit use of the system and the reason why I've taken an unlimited connection in the first place.
Zerna Karian Mumbai Roadrunner (Time Warner Cable)
xxxxxxxx Mumbai Airtel 512 Unlimited
xxxxxxxx Hyderabad BSNL We are going backwards.
This cannot be termed 'policy' - it is PLAIN customer FRAUD. I am currently a 2MBps Airtel subscriber paying more than Rs 2500 per month for
Tarun Ramakrishna Elankath Bangalore Airtel 2Mbps unlimited broadband. They are already on my bad books by silently censoring multiple IRC sites that I cannot access any longer. If they persist in this policy, I am
giving up my subscription and would gladly spend the money saved in contributing to any legal action.
xxxxxxxx Delhi MTNL If Airtel wants to keep their places in the heart of million subscribers, then they need to rollback their decision.
Amit Kaple pune BSNL This is unfair.
v.c.joseph bangalore I was an airtel user who fed up with the company and escaped from their clutches .and i wholeheartedly support this cause
pankaj mumbai airtel if airtel does nt rollback their decision then i ll not use airtel nowonwards
Abhijit Anand New Delhi Airtel Home 999 (384 Kbps)
xxxxxxxx Bangalore Airtel Mobile/ BSNL DSL Have a request pending to switch to Airtel Broadband for home. Will refuse connection.
xxxxxxxx Lucknow Airtel
Its a Shame on You Airtel. You spend millions on stupid TV ads and you quietly cheat people of their rights. Just see your mobile internet rates-Rs16 for
By this type of policy you make the future of INDIA in dark.Today most preffered communication media is internet and all Netcafe are running on unlimited
Anil Ku. Murmu Bhubaneshwar BSNL/Unlimited 256
plans, by implementing this policy you could make some of them closing there cafe for huge bill for less datausage.
xxxxxxxx Bangalore 999 You're evil
Nirupam Biswas Kolkata Airtel 999 Unlimited This is ironical. "Fair usage policy" is very unfair and "unlimited" is now limited.
it seems you are not willing to upgrade your equipment, yet continue charging for services which you are not in a position to provide. Would you pay for
xxxxxxxx Pune Tata Indicom
something like this yourself?
As it is, the bandwidth cost is one of the highest in India. Airtel might be violating regulations by reducing speed to less than 256 kbps on a so called
Gaurav New Delhi Airtel - Home 1399 broadband connection. Further, it is penalising power users who utilise all the facilites promised to them. It probably wants customers who remain ignorant,
do not utilise what they are paying for and keep contributing to its profits without it having to work on upgrading its networks.
yasaswy hyderabad beamcable 160kbps
Amit Grover New Delhi 256 Kbps unlimited
The BLACK HAND Pune BSNL home 500 This is garbage....
Ankit Gupta Ghaziabad 256 Unlimited Y do V pay more as v r paying wht the AIRTEL asked before joing us as a custmer, THIS IS TOTALLY MONOPOLY
Dont try to fool anyone by reducing the bandwidth after few days.. U must have thought tht everyone wil use unlimited to heavy use.. if u now feel.. its ur
xxxxxxxx Chennai Dataone/ Home 500 mistake.. for tht u must do something on ur side.. rather than on your customers... "If u have thought of it before.. u wouldnt have introduced unlimited
plans know??"
This is not fair.. Although it may not hit me since i am not a user who is used to heavy download but i feel i should have freedom to what i pay. Ravi P
Ravi Ramesh Bangalore Airtel-750(unlimited)
I think Airtel and the other BB providers should look at the QOS prevalent in advanced countries, with out prejudice.... a status they want Bharath to
J. Ashok chennai airtel BB
xxxxxxxx Mumbai-Malad Airtel 512 Unlimited this ridiculous!!!
Suhas Hyderabad Hyderabad BSNL 500 home
Ujjwal Wadhawan Delhi MTNL
xxxxxxxx Kochi Airtel 2222 unlimited
xxxxxxxx Mumbai 256 Unlimited This is not fair. Either don't provide the service or provide it reasonable and not unacceptable conditions.
Implementing such a net-biased policy may bring profit to Airtel in the short term, but it will most certainly cause a setback in the penetration of high speed
Reema Patel Bangalore Airtel/Unlimited 512 kbps Internet in India eventually eroding the investment that Airtel has made over the years in infrastructure. This is a retarded business decision. Airtel should
repeal it. Makes no sense in this age of Web 2.0 where video and audio, more than text, is the distribution channel.
Jagannath A Chennai Airtel - Home 256 UL
xxxxxxxx Pune NA its height of insanity & selfishness.. how can someone be so greedy?
Dear Mittal, I was expecting an upgrade this year from Airtel and you give us this. Just because you are the leader you cannot set rules which may set a
Lakshmi Narayanan B Chennai Dataone/750 Plus UL(?)
bad precedent for other ISPs and in turn affecting the whole internet broadband scenario in India. I am waiting for the day when TRAI or DOT makes at
least 1Mbps as the minimum speed of a connection to be called as "broadband" and heavily penalize telecom companies which do not follow suit. Even
though it sounds unrealistic, for the "general good", TRAI or DOT should mandate that internet connections which are not "broadband" should cost more!!!
K.Kaameshwar Chennai 256/Unlimited I too have experienced such problems with my connection. please its high time we do something about it.
Prashant Saxena Delhi 512Kb / Unlimited Please don't start this monopoly and make business out of it for it can have reverse effects too. I like airtel broadband. Don't make me leave it.
Mohankumar Chennai Home Plus 256 UL
Mr. Mittal, One thing is for sure. If this policy is applied I, along with a few thousands of my friends, will quit Airtel and move to other 'greener pastures'.
xxxxxxxx Noida Home 999
Please heed this as a warning. Thank you.
xxxxxxxx Pune BSNL 500 home
This is really unfair. If Airtel is charging normal rates for unlimited downloading, then how can Airtel place a limit on our downloading capability? This just
xxxxxxxx Bangalore Home 1499 Plus
disillusions its consumers. I will not recommending it to other people around if it goes ahead with the Fair Usage policy.
Victor Prasad Chennai Airtel 256kbps Unlimited
I have already paid for one billing year. This was based on the unlimited download plan. Now, if you plan to change this then there is a clear violation of the
xxxxxxxx Bangalore Home256 (HP Airtel offer)
contract and I am being cheated by Airtel. Please act.
Dattatreya Bangalore BSNL startup 250 Please give something big to next generation.Don't take away what we already got.
xxxxxxxx Bangalore Airtel 256UL
xxxxxxxx bangalore 256Kpbps Unlimited.
Hyderabad AirTel Home 999/ 384 kbps
Khalid Chennai BSNL
I have been recommending Airtel BB to my friends and colleagues. This "Fair Usage Policy" is totally ridiculous. If Airtel does not withdraw this policy, I
xxxxxxxx Bangalore
shall start recommending everyone to switch to other ISP's; which are more reasonable.
Sabir Shaikh moti Thane 256 kbps
Giridhar Shyam Hyderabad 256 kbps unlimited Try to be "Fair" in your "Fair Usage Policy".
I have always been a big fan of Airtel broadband, wholeheartedly recommending it to friends and family, and in fact making many switch over from BSNL
Amit Bansal Bangalore 128 Kbps unlimited to Airtel. If Airtel continues with this policy after all good-faith attempts fail, I am willing to support a class action suit in the Consumer Forum (I have much
experience with Consumer Forums.) Thanks for driving this.
I am preety much sure now the Airtel users will consider switching to BSNL broadband services like DataOne, EVDO. EVDO which gives you speed upto 2
MBPS in just Rs 550 Per Month. Then why to spend thousands of rupees on Airtel (Un)Limited plans. Think on it!. Ravi
Mr. Mittal, please refrain from indulging in these shady tactics. You may venture to experiment at the expense of loosing a major share in the subscriber
Chirag.N.R. Bangalore Bharti/2MBPS Unlimited
base & needless to say image.
this is shocking to me i dint know it ... i am on aitel 512kbps unlimited pakage this sucks they should have make more bandwith then cutting down like this i
hemant hyderbad AP Airtel 1499 plus 512 unlimited am with u guys this is very shame for india that isp finding a way to fool people where bandwith is still expensive and people paying so high and now
getting caps on unlimited this is too much!!!!
I hav personally recommended AirTel Broadband to many of my friends & colleagues. I'll stop doing it right from today. I would also urge them to
xxxxxxxx Hyderabad
unsubscribe to AirTel Broadband if Bharti doesn't tidy up its act.
Hi Airtel, You have been pioneering in bringing up good telecom product. My suggestion that is do not carried away by greed flaunted by politicians thus
voicing against 'Net Neutrality' ( If you voice against Net Neutrality, the effects are simply clear, as from the
Deepak Kumar Vasudevan Chennai Multiple ISPs
recent 2008 Elections of US. When it could have a pronounced effect in US itself, you should act with little more diligence rather than taking whimsical
steps. Deepak
xxxxxxxx coimbatore 999 good but
Anil M K Bangalore BSNL/512KBPS Plz dont cheat people, provide them what is promised, BSNL gives what is agreed upon. Change if you are not satisfied.
Amit Lucknow BSNL HomePlan UL Good work done Broadband Forum. I am with u
Airtel has been one of the best ISP's in India, and if it will do these 'pathetic' things then us customers have nowhere to go. First they block the Undernet
Bhaskar Delhi 256 Kbps Unlimited
IRC network and now they're limiting bandwidth of customer's of their unlimited plans, what 'evil' thing are you going to do next Airtel?
Deepak New Delhi Airtel 384 Kbps unlimited
xxxxxxxx Chennai Airtel - 1Mbps
Bharatwaj Appasamy Chennai Airtel, 1 Mbps Unlimited You already charge a premium for unlimited plans Airtel. Enough of this. Provide customers what they are paying for.
Salman Mumbai Vsnl/ 512 Unlimited I know these Theives from my Airtel Prepaid and i am a Vsnl Fan and i think everybody should shift as quality of service is excellent.
Rohit Srinivasan Mumbai Mtnl Trib My Support To You! Cant let them to stoop down to levels of Sify
V P Mohammed Thrissur Once u enter into an agreement u have to abide by it.u agrre to 512 then provide 512
Anirudha Dutta Greater Noida Airtel / 256 unlimited If i get a reduction of 1kbps in my 256 unlimited plan due to this then I'll immediately shift to BSNL or MTNL.
It is always quality of work and not quantity of work, remember customer is king of the company and he cannot be a money minting machine! it is the
Melroy Rebello Bangalore 750
quality of service he pays for and not quantity of service which one provides!
linda pandole Pune BSNL Broadband
amar gandhi Gondia Bsnl/750+ ul
xxxxxxxx Hyderabad AP Airtel
Jason Bangalore BSNL
Pallavi Sethi Ghaziabad Airtel
Kartikey Mumbai MTNL TriBand Well Done Broadband Forum. The country already under various forms of repression; we don't need this.
xxxxxxxx Delhi Airtel This is wrong. Unethical!
xxxxxxxx Littlehampton orange unlimited
Jaspal Singh Sutdhar Ghaziabad Airtel Broadband / Home 999
VIJAY chennai airtel 256 unlimted once it was "airtel" = "fair-tel" now "airtel" = "grave-tel"
Rakesh Barman Guwahati BSNL BROADBAND/HOME 500
S.K. Jain
Vishal Mehra New Delhi Tata Indicom Broadband Don't set a bad precedent AIRTEL.
xxxxxxxx Chandigarh
Rahul Tayal Gurgaon 799 UL
Jennifer Mumbai Airtel unlimited 256 kbps
Hasn't there been such an issue in Texas (or the mid-South US? sorry my meory fails me!) a few years ago, where it was rumored that the companies
jointly lobbied against the right to classify what is 'fair use' and what is not? Essentially, they can say that one or more of your activities is junk. Checking
email? Fair use. Googling for a cure to rabies or resaerch on cander? Possibly Junk, beacuse it might involve downloading pdfs and videos. This sort of
thing should never go through.
I have been on Airtel ever since they rolled out their services in Gurgaon and also have recommended Airtel to all my friends, family and neighbors. I (and
K.S.Jishnu Gurgaon Home 2222 UL all the people i have recommended Airtel too) will discontinue if they impose this policy without any hesitation as I/we find the policy absolutely ridiculous
and unfair to all the existing unlimited plan users across India.
Gagandeep Singh New Delhi Airtel 512kbps unlimited plan Where the world is offering better speed plans to heavy users, Airtel is discouraging us to use Internet at all? Shame Mr. Mittal!
xxxxxxxx Gurgaon Airtel/999+300/- Top Up
Madhavi Jha New Delhi Multiple/Unlimited
Urvashi Asthana Lucknow Airtel/256 Unlimited
Since last a month or so Airtel Broadband is already facing lots of issues & hiccups, doesn't work properly. If this Fair Usage Policy is implemented I would
xxxxxxxx NCR Airtel / 256 Unlimited
definitely switch to another one, atleast they will give me unlimited internet...
The very act of putting curbs, later, on something which is charged for, in full, is a hindrance to progressiveness. Indeed, be true to what is offered and
Utpal Tijoriwala Mumbai 1mbps Unlimited
stick to it!
xxxxxxxx Bangalore Airtel/Home 999
xxxxxxxx Bangalore Airtel/Home 999
xxxxxxxx Bangalore Airtel/Home 999
xxxxxxxx Bangalore Airtel/Home 999
Saurav Adhikari Gurgaon 999 Unlimited Airtel services are any case on the downhill slide...this is one more reason to migrate when the inevitable alternatives emerge...
Vishal Das GURGAON 256 unlimited I am one of the first people to join Airtel when it launched its internet service in Gurgaon, and remain faithful to this day.
xxxxxxxx Kolkata/Hyderabad/Kollam BSNL/Airtel I use Airtel mobile phone services and would surely drop it if this is the kind of service they intend to provide
After being amongst the first customers of airtel braodband in two areas in Delhi/Ncr, its comes as quite a blow. If this actually does go through I will most
xxxxxxxx Delhi & Noida 512 & 256 Unlimited connections
certainly get rid of both my airtel connections including my packaged postpaid mobile connection.
xxxxxxxx Indore airtel 256 unlimted trying to be another SATYAM............
Shahad AV Calicut Dataone 500c+ This measure is going to destroy the AIRTEL Company itself.Withdraw it or else see what happens.
ravinder Hyderabad 999-384 Unlimited
I always wanted to get Airtel Broadband at my home but could not as the service was not available in my area. Due to this, I had to use MTNL Unlimited
Dr. Abhay Kedia New Delhi MTNL 256kbps Unlimited package but personally I have convinced at least 7-8 people to get Airtel Connection, wherever it is available. If this is the kind of policies Airtel wishes to
adopt, I really feel bad for my friends/relatives. This is nothing else but CHEATING!
xxxxxxxx Bangalore Airtal Unlimited 2222
xxxxxxxx Bangalore BSNL Unlimited Yes I completely support this petition
I use Airtel for all the legitimate purposes listed above. But I also use it for many illegitimate purposes viz. pornography, piracy etc. I don't need Airtel's or
someone else's permission to decide my usage. Its my prerogative and I intend to keep it mine. I assume that Mr Mittal isn't a f***g moron who does not
understand the legitimate and illegitimate usage of internet. Its just that he intends to curb the load on his infrastructure while making us pay for something
Rahul Bangalore Airtel/1 Mbps unlimited we don't use. I would have still understood if the charges would have been adjusted accordingly but then how would he have his cash registers ringing
then? He isn't an idiot not to understand the motives and implications of the policy. We are acting stupid by filing petitions and threatening to discontinue
with Airtel. As a consumer, we have certain rights and this amounts to gross violation of it. We should be filing a PIL against this. I don't have any exposure
to legal world. I would appreciate if someone related can take the initiative.
Wow, I used to believe that Airtel BroadBand was the best. If this continues to be in place, I am surely switching out to BSNL or Reliance who have now
improved their services quite a bit. Where all over the world, people are using 1mbps+ unlimited plans as standard, our 256 and 384 kbps plans being
Shubhangam Agrawal Kolkata Airtel Broadband 384 kbps unltd. heralded as revolutionary is shameful in itself but this Fair Usage plan has gone beyond all normalcy. I pay for Unlimited Usage to download however
much I want at my discretion, and this model basically serves as a total opposite of that objective. Airtel will be made the laughing stock of the world if this
xxxxxxxx New Delhi Airtel Withdraw the policy or I will never ever use or ouch any Airtel service or product.
xxxxxxxx Delhi
steve richards Kullu unlimited Having draged India in to the 21st century please do not let limitation happen. High speed internet is esential to the tourist industry of the Himalayas
I just recently switched to MTNL from Hathway because Airtel couldn't get the permission for wiring up my building. If this usage cap comes into effect, I
Aalaap Ghag Mumbai MTNL TriBand 256k Unlimited
must consider myself lucky for not getting Airtel!
Uditvanu Das Mumbai Airtel 1 MBps Unlimited
Dr Sushrut Arora Bareilly BSNL 250
Aniket Mumbai airtel/128kbps unlimited It really is not fair, i thought airtel would become the best service provider in a short spam of time, this is just sad!!!!
Hey Airtel, Let the greed of things not make you destroy Airtel India. Your customers have been loyal to you so far. Companies go out of their way to
maintain customer loyalty. Please do NOT let silly managerial stunts ruin this relationship. There is no way that I would continue using the Airtel service if
Rajat Rana Delhi 256 kbps
the so called “Airtel Fair Usage Policy” (Verbal Stunt) is put into action. I request the chairman not to get swayed away by silly suggestions like the “Airtel
Fair Usage Policy” that is being suggested by the mid-level management or worthless consultants. Yours Sincerely Rajat
Sanjay Navani Pune Airtel/ 384 Kbps Unlimited
xxxxxxxx Pune BSNL/broadband
Dear Mr. Sunil Mittal , I think the so called recession has affected your prestigous organisation. In order to please your shareholders and improve your
balance sheet you have started to " Play these Dirty Games ", by introducting the so called " Fair Usage Policy " . If you cannot improve on your
xxxxxxxx Mumbai Air Tel 300 Kbps....
infrastruture , please do not be in he business. As it is the service provided by you is one of worst in the industry compared to your peers. If this does not
work then you will loose most of your customers... Best Regards. Ramesh
If this plan comes up for real then there is no way i am going to continue with Airtel.I have been very impressed with their service till now but such a
Vinayak Chennai 384 Unlimited
restriction as mentioned above might make it impossible to use Airtel in the future. Hope this doesn't happen.
Kartikeya Bhalla New Delhi Home 999
chandra vijayaraghavan chennai One cannot take policies which curtail our freedom in the middle thus amounting to robbing us of our said rights
xxxxxxxx Mumbai MTNL Triband 849
xxxxxxxx New Delhi Airtel
mukkala vrajbala tejaswi hyderabad
arun caashyap chennai
This is absolutely ridiculous..! I think any kind of monitoring, surveillance, traffic shaping derides the internet from being the free medium it is today - indeed
Ashok Noida UL 999
the ramifications can range from limiting bandwidth(which reeks of high-handedness in the first place) to harming the free speech...
Chandan Singh Mumbai Airtel
saksham katyal ludhiana HFCL Connect Avoid it to avoid the consequences.
Arun Kumar Saha Hyderabad Beam Cable
Rudra Kalyan
I remember, SIFY once had such a Cap and within a day I disconnected my internet connection. With such policy, Airtel is actully fooling us. before taking
this connction I had called up Airtel to confirm about this policy and the person told me that "there is no such policy and what I see on the website is wrong
Mayuresh Vaidya Mayuresh vaidya 1599 - 512 kbps \\"unlimited\\" and they would be removing it soon". I think they are not only fooling us but also bluffing just to meet up their sales targets. Such policies are pathetic in
nature and indirectly they are providing us with appx 384kbs or less speed for 1599 Rs per month. While proting the same plan as 512kbps UNLIMITED @
Rs.1599 ! LAIRS !!
Although I am not an Airtel Customer, I was thinking to change to Airtel in the near future. Moreover my brother is an Airtel customer and I will be informing
Bobby Thomas Trivandrum BSNL/UL 256
him regarding this.
Till now I was having Airtel connection, though I did have some issues when I keep everything for download with this information now I know that what
K.Sunil Raghu Vamsee Hyderabad Airtel
makes such incidents happen. I will definetly remove Airtel now and move some other better connection.
xxxxxxxx Pune 600kbps Unlimited Reliance Was about to move to airtel, but that will NOT be happening anymore.
airtel is bloody insane, it's really shameful of them to come up with something like this, first of all charging a hefty sum of money everymonth frmo the
VARUN NANDA Delhi airtel/home649 subscriber's pockets with such substandard services and then justufying how much an ulimited plan user can download.this is daylight robbery. no doubt
such companies have no morals.
Rajaraman Bangalore UL 256-Rs 799
Ramnique Singh New Delhi AIRTEL 384kbps unlimited This is why India is still, and will continue to be, a developing country. Sad...
Raul Pune 384 Unlimited
Prasanna Veeraraghavan Chennai Airtel, 750
xxxxxxxx Chennai BSNL Home 750 Plus If they didn't change their tariff then they would surely loose lots of valuable customers. I strongly condemn this tariff policy.
Soumyadipta Pal Chandernagore BSNL This is an outrageous proposal & is not acceptable at all.....
xxxxxxxx Mumbai Tata 1mbit unlimited Look at foreign companies offering ever increasing blazing fast speed Airtel time to implement ASON rather than cut speeds
Sandheep Bangalore Airtel
Brendon Fernandes Mumbai MTNL In my opinion Airtel is the best ISP in India. This move makes it one of the worst.
xxxxxxxx mumbai hathway
This is a very cheap play from Airtel. They are looting our money thru many hidden charges. Now they have come up with a plan to loot more. I once used
Azhar AS BSNL Airtel postpaid connection. My mobile got stolen and I made a police case and told airtel to stop the service. After 6 months, I got a notice from an
advocate, asking me to pay the rent for 6 months. They are surely cheaters. We shuld try to boycoat companies like this.
This Policy is totally anti customer and uncalled for. Don't try to make profit by unjust policies instead try to gain customer confidence and loyalty and than
Mayank Minda Secunderabad Airtel/Home 999 Plus
grow that will take you places.
Sathya Naidu Bangalore UL 256kbps-Rs.799 Will have to look for another ISP if the same Unfair policy continues
Ajay Bangalore BSNL
I fully support this. I think any kind of monitoring, surveillance, traffic shaping derides the internet from being the free medium it is today - indeed the
Ramaseshan Hyderabad Airtel - UL 799 ramifications can range from limiting bandwidth(which reeks of high-handedness in the first place) to harming the free speech regulations, which is
Binoy Hyderabad 256 kbps unlimited
xxxxxxxx Lucknow Airtel/Home 799
Deep Mohan Chennai Hathway
Rajesh Govindan Mumbai xxx Fair Uasge Policy...huh....Then we'll resort to Fair Payment Policy... The day you restrict our usage...we'll shift to BSNL/MTNL..
xxxxxxxx Pune BSNL/Unlimited I was going to shift to AIRTEL when one of my online friends told me about the service but with this policy coming into place I would re-think...
Deepak Noida Airtel/384UL
Prashanth Bangalore Most Importantly - Airtel is stopping the growth of the Internet In India!!!
Ambar Dhesi Gurgaon Airtel/1mbps
sankaranand Pondicherry Airtel `28 kbps unlimited my full support...
Ankit Arora New Delhi Airtel 128KBPS UL Very sad. I am disappointed after seeing this. Especially when it's coming from airtel.
Ganesh Prabhu Mumbai Reliance / Unltd This is insane...why not just withdraw the unlimited plans if you can't provide them?
xxxxxxxx Pune BSNL / Unlimited Home 750 I offer my wholehearted support to this movement.
xxxxxxxx Bangalore
Arunkumar M Trivandrum BSNL 512 Unlimited I'm not an Airtel user, but this really reeks of profiteering.
a jain indore airtel 1600 unlimited this is totally unacceptable if it is true
Abhro Gupta Vadodara Youtelecom
Mario Alvares Mumbai MTNL 849NU
Vidyadhar Gadgil Goa
"Just imagine what a billion of us can do", is one of the closing lines in a recent Bharati Airtel advertisement. Perhaps that is the idea? Airtel wants a large
number of us Indians to download little pieces of content we need and then combine it offline? In this age, the ad is quite hypocritical, how does an Indian
Brian Fernandes Pune BSNL Home 1800 do/create the next big thing when he's at such a disadvantage when compared to the rest of the world? Can we really use the Internet freely with this
policy? "When you stand for what you believe in, you can change the world" is what the ad ends with. Perfect, we're doing that part right here, right now.
These ludicrous limits have to go, Airtel; or we will start believing in another ISP...
This policy is not at all fair. The most cunning idea i have ever seen. I am totally against this policy. We want the palns to be as before. No cap on the
xxxxxxxx Hyderabad UL 256kbps
downloads or net usage.
Bhushan Tiwari Mumbai 256kbps UL
Vinod Ponmanadiyil Bangalore Airtel Please let us have a liberal yet responsible usage of Internet.
parag mumbai i dont get the policy. its unethical.
In the end it proves that BSNL and MTNL are the fairest companies. If you impose this crap of me I will disconnect the very same day and shift to BSNL. I
know that you will give stupid excuses like "oh! due to recession we're doing it" and crap like that, it will be better if your turn off the service completely if
you're getting poor by providing it. Really common man like us are the fools, every private company, bank, service provider etc. is trying to fool common
xxxxxxxx Chandigarh Airtel 256 U/L
man in one way or another but we're so dumb asses that we can't see it coming. Instead of stopping it we're encouraing this system. If people's company
start doing this crap to their own people then there's no point to invest in this company anymore. I think investors should exit from this company and let
them know who's in control.
This is madness.We are,already,content with such low internet speeds as compared to other European or American countries,still these policies are being
sanchit kumar ghaziabad Airtel/999 unlimted
implemented to undermine the quality of internet services in India. This shows the prevalent bureaucracy India is still facing!
Pranav Prakash Bangalore 384kbps Unlimited
Shubham New Delhi Home 999
xxxxxxxx Tamilnadu
Ankur Kanvinde Thane Non-Airtel
Senthil Coimbatore Airtel/ 2mbps ight UL This is daylight robbery...
Chari Bangalore
xxxxxxxx Noida
S.Prasad Chennai Airtel/256 UL Don't cheat your customers by introducing such policies. Please revert it back.
ThinkFree Delhi
xxxxxxxx bangalore
Ashish Singh Bangalore 799/ 256 kbps Unlimited
A perfect example of companies trying to mince all the money they can by fooling the customer. These companies have traditionally taken the Indian
internet consumer for granted since most of their base does not have the more technically inclined audience. Well things are changing! Airtel has been
making profit out of consumer pockets for the last decade or so by being the most succesful telecom company in the country, and now when the consumer
xxxxxxxx Delhi MTNL Triband/256kbps Unlimited
demands some of THEIR OWN money to be invested back into the infrastructure, the executives at AIRTEL would rather keep their own bank accounts
rich and drive their mercedes. Shameful and just a reflection of what is happening in our country today. People just filling their pockets with money at the
expense of the common man.
Gopichand Pai Bangalore Airtel Unlimited This simply can not happen!
Dheeraj Lucknow Airtel BB UL@256kbps
Abhinav D Mumbai
Sanjiv Talreja New Delhi 1 Mbps unlimited Unlimited plan should mean an unlimited plan. Otherwise, please don't call it an unlimited plan.
Srikeit T Bangalore Hathway 256 kbps Unlimited
xxxxxxxx Mumbai
Chandrasekar Dayanandam Chennai 999 Unlimitted
This is utter nonsense. I was a big fan of airtel connections till earing this. I used to recommend it to my friends. But hereafter i wont recommend it to any of
Mithul C Mathew Bangalore 512 Unlimited
my friends. Its not fair to do this. Afterall we are paying the money which you guys asked, for the connection.
I've been using airtel broadband since about 2.5 years! And been recommending it to everyone. Today I'm having thoughts about changing my ISP
Rajat Rathore Delhi Airtel Unlimited 999
because of this. Ofcourse I'm not comfortable with someone straining my neck when I'm trying to work!!
Nishant Chennai 256Kbps Unlimited A step backwards in today's broadband scenario. Shame on you AIRTEL !!! Why called it UNLIMITED,if its limited in more than one way!?
UK is working towards increasing bandwidth to 100Mbps to every home And here in India our ISPs are
Jahangir Bangalore Hathway
doing just the opposite. When will these companies start to think more about the country than their profits.
Nishant Chennai 256 Unlimited A step backwards in today's broadband scenario. Shame on you AIRTEL !!! Why called it UNLIMITED,if its limited in more than one way!?
sandeep bangalore BSNL If U(Airtel) cant compete in the race better stay out of it rather adopting policies to make cheap profits .....
xxxxxxxx Bangalore 700
I sincerely hope that Airtel chooses not to implement this regressive policy and instead invests in the infrastructure that is required to offer ever better
xxxxxxxx Mumbai MTNL 2 mbps / 16GB p.m.
services to the Indian consumer. In so doing, the company will derive immeasurable good will from its customers.
Sandeep Nagendra Dharwar Bangalore This is very Cheap of them. Never expected Airtel to lower themselves to this Level
Ramandeep Singh Delhi Mtnl / 256 Unlimited Combo
Suraj George Goa Home 500
xxxxxxxx Mumbai MTNL Yes I do agree.
Sandip Dedhia Mumbai Reliance/Wimax820 We want Net Neutrality.
This policy is against what has been promised by Airtel and/or our rights. If US or anyone else want to control pirated applications, Music, Movies or any
other data they have all access and controls of all servers around the globe. Moreover 90% of servers are in US only. So, it not very difficult to control them
Vipul Kataria Chandigarh Airtel/1Mbps Unlimited
why we should suffer due to someone else mistakes? If this continue further I am sorry but I would like to shift and/or switch to low bandwidth plan but not
of Airtel for sure. Though, I like Airtel services and do not want to switch over but I am sure they will not force me to do so.
Shrey Delhi Home 999 This is customer exploitation we dont jus pay a premium for the quality of service ,but also for the service itself. As a customer I am shocked!
Hello Sir, I totall agree and standby with you on your petition. I am sure you wil have support of many more like me who wish unlimited freedom,
Rajiv A Mishra Indirapuram Hathway
underunlimited plans. thanks for setting this up. tc n may god bless you and unlimited plans.
ajay singh bedi mumbai pacenet/512 ul/1798
This is a perfect example of myopic business planning. If Airtel is recurring losses due to "overuse" of internet, then the plan should be to upgrade all their
Dev Bangalore BSNL 750 Unlimited equipment and offer better services than their competitors and hence attract more customers. That's the way of making money and staying ahead in
business and it's pure common sense. Sheesh!
xxxxxxxx Ahmedabad BSNL 256kbps Unlimited
Arun Saini Gurgaon Airtel 256 Kbps unlimited
Milind Padhye New Delhi Hathway/256 kB Unlimited Elections are round the corner. Send petitions to TRAI & communication minister & Opposition parties (read BJP) to take this issue.
Kunal Manelkar we expect 2x speeds, rather than 1/2
xxxxxxxx Mumbai MTNL Please don't do this. We have a great respect for your company. Dont do this for cheap profits thereby reducing the credibility of your company!
Yogesh J. Delhi 1 MBps Unlimited
Justin Delhi 1 MBps Unlimited
Akash Deep Singh Delhi Airtel/256 kbps unlimited
Mohan K.Pillai Bangalore Hathway
xxxxxxxx Jaipur Airtel @512 + BSNL HomeUL Foolish decision.. Are we going back to the Dial Up Days?
Pratyush Mittal Lucknow Airtel 799 Doesn't that violate the basic condition set by TRAI which defines a broadband connection as a connection with minimum 256kbps speed.
Lynel D\'souza Bangalore Airtel 512K UL
Please continue this campaign even for packages where they have a limited access during the day and unlimited access during the night even for
Aditya Umrani Thane Sify/256kbps Unlimited for 3 months
unlimited plans.
This most unfortunate where airtel is trying to drive the market in wrong direction. One side TRAI is making all efforts to make broadband popular, in
Ranjeet Kumar New Delhi MTNL 256kbps unlimited combo plan
another side Airtel seems crushing this dream. This act of Airtel is completely roadblock for Indian growth and thus anty-India development.
V Dev Trivandrum BSNL/500C Yes, net neutrality is important and Airtel should not try to impose any fresh conditions on a subscribed plan unilaterally.
Mohd Haider Khan Lucknow UL 799 Airtel BB user for 2 years..will switch 2 BSNL if implemented in UPE
Anubhav Mathur Hyderabad Airtel Such a policy will give a major blow to downloaders all over the world.... Please do not try to kill the power of the internet... regards, A faithful Airtel user.
Amogh Prasad Bangalore BSNL/ 256 UL
inv3rse Bangalore 512Kbit Unlimited Keeping in mind the utterly useless speeds you guys provide, you just cannot put caps on the so called 'Unlimited Plans'.
jatin singh ludhiana reliance broadnet
Aroop Kumar Chennai Broadband
Akshay Ahmednagar BSNL HOME500
I have been using for the last 3 yrs, mobile and broadband. I am almost on the verge of shifting to BSNL due to this (un)fair usage policy. Have already
xxxxxxxx Chennai 256 unlimited started advising friends not to go for Airtel. I wish you would remove this Fair Usage Policy so that we can continue to use Airtel, whom we was one
company that thought about consumers.
Abhishek Patna Airtel
The average broadband speed in the UK is 3.6Mbps. In US it's 5.58 Mbbs. In India you sell us 128 and 256kbps connections, call it "BROADBAND", and
Siddharth B Bangalore Airtel 512kbps \\"Broadband\\". STILL start putting CAPS on them? It was shameful enough for a country called the IT hub to be having such pre-historic internet services, the "Fair Usage
Policy" of your takes the pathetic internet in this country to new heights(or lows)!
I believe that one of the greatest achivements of the internet is the free flow of information and abhor the idea that the freedom it provides to those willing
Sumant Sethi Ghaziabad Airtel to use it should be in any way made less availible. And just to prove that I am not a kid downloading movies I would like to inform you that I am an IIT
Kanpur Computers Electronics and Electrical Engineering alumini 49 years and some one who uses the net extensively. Regards Sumant Sethi
Sad pricing first of all , look at other countries. You get 8Mbps Unlimited plans for like 1000 bucks. And here we are getting 512 Kbps which you are
xxxxxxxx Delhi 512Kbps Unlimited Rs 1499 planning to cut down further if we use too much. Seriously you guys are just money minded. What are you gonna do with so much money? Your country
will still be far behind! Do something with the money you have Mittal !
This has to be stopped. If not, every other ISP will start to follow the same suit. And, finally it will turn to be the block stick for India's growth and
surendar chennai BSNL/500 combo Plus development in Infrastructure. Already, we are lagging behind in every aspect of Infrastructure. Now, it is the time that every Indian should wake and fight
for their rights.
I'm using Airtel for a long time, and very much satisfied with it services. Suddenly, this week I got this so called fair uses policy news, which is heart
breaking to me. I wish Airtel, continue to provide good services what It was doing without doing this type of cheap activities. While I'm waiting for a month
xxxxxxxx Bangalore 256
for It's decision, I already started looking for different Internet providers (BSNL, Reliance etc.)in case Airtel don't change It's mind. I hope Airtel don't want
to loose faith & user base. All the best. cheers, Vishnu
Dr.Topon Narzary Silchar BSNL Home 250 Plan
xxxxxxxx Coimbatore Airtel/1000
We have opted for high-speed plans for unlimited usage. So curb our freedom is more than curbing our freedom. Please don't implement this "Fair Usage
Sree Vinayak Chennai Airtel Broadband/512kbps Unlimited
i use to be airtel loyal customer ,but if they are going to adopt this policy. I say goodbye to airtel and heelo to mtnl which is equally good. We want unlimited
vickyarora delhi home 659 unlimited
free download : just fuck off with your fair usage plan
xxxxxxxx Pune Sify-256 Unlimited
This is insane!!! Please ensure net neutrality. I always AIRTEL was the best in broadband services.. Please do no spoil you image and dont trouble the
Satya Bangalore Airtel
Dear sir, We can already see a fall in the speed and degradation of your service. As a person working in IT sector, Internet is my bread winner. Now it is up
Arun Ramachandran Bangalore Airtel 256kbps UL
to you to decide to help us or we would leave you for something better.
Deep New Delhi Airtel Plan 999 Wireless Internet I plan to go for DSL Broadband again as the wireless internet is very slow. But if Airtel throttles speed, the ISP is not going to be Airtel.
Depak chennai Airtel i fully support this petition.. looking forward for the change immediately..
xxxxxxxx Hyderabad
Babu James Bangalore NIB I strongly disagree with this step taken by Airtel eventhough I'm a BSNL user. We should not allow anybody to control our internet activities.
balaji BANGALORE AIRTEL/1599 all in return we are asking the govt is its co-operation & bringing a know good plan to JUSTICE !
xxxxxxxx new delhi airtel / 649 UL
dolly bindra mumbai airtel we pay money so why the blocks do we tell you how to do bizz with your money
Harsh Sheth
xxxxxxxx hyderabad Tata VSNL
Dhruv Parpia Pune 2Mbps UL / 17999
I support this petition as this is sheer looting where in name of rationalising you put limits that are too low to be achieved in 2-3 days straight while charging
Rohit Gurgaon Airtel
same amount for rest of month.. Either raise limits to reasonable levels or reduce prices of these so called unlimited plans..
Rishi Mumbai Airtel/ 999 airtel guys service is degrading and the caps are just unacceptable
Manoj TaTa
ANIL PRABHU BANGALORE AIRTEL/1mb/unlimited I had always thought that AIRTEL was a "FAIR" player.I guess DNA will out.
Adarsh K NOIDA Airtel / 899 UL
Rohan D. Sankhe Thane AIRTEL CUG
xxxxxxxx Pune Airtel/1599
Don't do this. You'll ruin yourself. If this is passed, then I will make sure I recommend anything other than Airtel to anyone who asks me for my advice
xxxxxxxx Pune
regarding broadband
I have been following the net neutrality debate in the US- providers like Comcast have been criticized for blocking torrent downloads and similarly
Rex Bangalore Airtel 1MBps unlimited
restricting their so called unlimited plans. I really hope Airtel doesn't go and do the same thing here.
Ankit New Delhi Tata Hi, Please do not go ahead with this draconian step, it will only cause people to switch from their favourite ISP Airtel.
In the days where cloud computing is gradually become the order of the day, curbing the bandwidth limit is surely gonna take india more lagging in this fast
GaryGarfield Delhi Variable/Variable
Sudheer Reddy Hyderabad BSNL 750UL/256kbps
This is extremely sad and least expected from Bharti-Airtel Ltd. If Airtel continues with these policies, what will follow is Nationwide Consumer
Disobedience Movement, where all signatories, including me, will cease to be a Airtel Consumer for any of their services. May it be broadband, telephony,
Anshul Adhikari Mumbai Airtel - 384kbps UL Digital TV, or any other service offered by the Bharti Airtel Ltd group. Internet is one of the only surviving uncensored form of media. Corporates controlling
this, control your freedom. Its high time the Indian consumer get better broadband services, rather than being cheated so blatantly. This is extremely Unfair
Mr. Sunil Bharti Mittal.
Sakthiraj Sethu Chennai Airtel 256Kbps Unlimited
Imran Sayed Mumbai Please roll back your "unfair" imposition policy or be ready to face the consequences both is terms of losing old customers and legal suites.
Rahul Biswas Calcutta
xxxxxxxx Mysore
I have been a loyal customer to airtel, which is not very loyal in return. This is to inform the Airtel MD, that I have already discontinued my services with
Satish Kumar Chennai Airtel/Unlimted Pan 799 airtel, and I am on my way to discontinue my mobile services with airtel. I would defintely do a propoganda of airtel's FUP, to the other airtel customers and
would try hard enough to make them move to another ISP, if the airtel is quite stringent with their newly introduced FUP. Regards Satish Kumar
Atul Ramchandra Bangalore Airtel 256 Unlimited (384)
We had the same problem in Europe. ISPs lost a lot of customers to their competitors upon introducing their fair use. They are now waiving hands saying
xxxxxxxx Mumbai / Delhi 512 unlimited
sorry, we didn't mean it. Now they advertise with "Real flatrate-unlimited".
Swapnil Pednekar Mumbai freedom 299
xxxxxxxx Bangalore Airtel - Unlimited 512 kbps
Abhishek Bhattacharya Delhi 256 kbps unlimited This is against fair play. Please don't mislead customers else you will lose out on your business.
xxxxxxxx Hyderabad BSNL/750 UL Dear Mr. Mittal!! I never expected this type of policy of yours. Now, I need to support this movement.This will ruin the real meaning of internet freedom.
xxxxxxxx Chennai Airtel AIRTEL this is ridiculous. You are digging your own grave!
xxxxxxxx Pune 256 Unlimited
This needs to be reconsidered. In countries like U.S I used to pay only 20$ (1000 RS) for unlimited internet usage and that to at 2 mbps (the quest dsl
Rohit Joshi gurgaon 512 unlimited
service) and 30$ for unlimited 6mbps speed for comcast(cable internet)
I am strongly against the Airtels,s Fair Usage Policy. Even though i am a non-airtel broadband customer, i am against this unfair attitude of Arirtel, since
xxxxxxxx trivandrum BSNL
others(not all) may also follow this type of wrong practices.
Prof Datchana Mourthy Pondicherry Tamilnadu Airtel
xxxxxxxx New Delhi home999 I think Airtel is probably the best Internet provider in India or at least in New Delhi . Please don't make it like others.
xxxxxxxx Kolkata Dataone/ Unlimited I was planning to migrate to Airtel for its great service and recommendations but now i am very doubtful.
xxxxxxxx Ghaziabad Night 512 unlimited simply we support this mail & request please do not apply the policy which is not user friendly.Regards-Vikas
In the first place, if they can not afford the current services with the current price, they should not have offered the services. This type of backtracking by
Anurag Patil Dombivli (Mumbai) BSNL/UL900 companies is not new for consumers anyway. To attract new consumers companies start a great new plan/service and after consumer has taken that
service and has no choice but to continue with it they just increase the price or degrade the service. Shame!
PRATEEK AGARWAL delhi airtel
Mohammed Abdul Sajid Hyderabad We should strictly stop all the connections which provides such a fraud connections. I asked the airtel to provide the connection they said there is no
connection in your area. In such main areas they say they dont have connections. its a shame. anyway all providers are the same.
xxxxxxxx salem no hi...
I am an Airtel User, and as described above, I use the unlimited plan for Linux and VOIP related activities. And that is why I applied for the unlimited plan in
Ankit New Delhi Airtel
the first place - because it was 'unlimited'! Obviously, I am not going to stick with Airtel if the Fair Usage Policy is implemented.
Santhosh Kumar Chennai Airtel/256 UL With all Due respect FUCK YOU Airtel... I dont wish to pay for a LIMITED Unlimited Connection.
rahul ghai Mumbai MTNL/NU
This is what called as LOOTING.... If u say "UNLIMITED 1Mbps" it has to be the same not "Unlimited 64 Kbps" or anything. Aren't we paying the "MONEY"
xxxxxxxx Mumbai IN2NET
you asked for? Are you ready to make possible "Free calls to any number in world" without asking for a penny?
Sanjay Garg Bangalore Totally against it. They should not be called infinite plans, if there is a cap of any kind.
Prateek Singla New Delhi MTNL Airtel UNFAIR Policy!!!!
This is some kind of perverse joke! When the whole world is moving towards greater bandwidth and speeds, Airtel wants to go the other way. I have found
xxxxxxxx Bangalore Airtel 1mbps unlimited
that Airtel Broadband has the best customer service you can find in India today; but if they do this I will quit. And I will sue.
very unfair and unjust to their customers. A surprise retro step from a seemingly progressive company leading us back to licence raj of the 80's and early
xxxxxxxx Bangalore 1MB UL 90's.Please revert the modofied plan to original. Customers will be forced to change their ISP even if it means compromising little on excellent customer
care from Airtel.Theactual procudt and offering cannot be compromised just for customer care.
As it is, unlimited broadband is so expensive in metros compared to smaller towns. What do you think your customers will do? As if they don't have other
xxxxxxxx Mumbai Unlimited 999
choices? You'll lose customers Airtel, as simple as that. Clearly, this speaks a lot about Airtel's infrastructure.
Arvin Mumbai Airtel 999
Anjali Pai Udupi BSNL 250 Rs
gaurang mumbai reliance / 600kbps unlimited capping download speeds will just not be tolerated Airtel u better think again else all users will dump u .. totally against this !!
Stupid move. Why are they charging for unlimited usage when they are limiting usage? Make fools of themselves. I am calling 121 and am registering a
xxxxxx bangalore unlimited 999
complaint also.
Raja Sahney Bangalore KAR / UL 1499 Stop putting un-necessary controls, if you are charging you need to serve.
Karthik chennai Reliance I condemn this act
Roshan Bangalore Home 999 This not fair, You give us the service, we pay for the service. You cannot regulate us, In turn WE might regulate YOU. Watch your step!
xxxxxxxx Mumbai
Ashish Batra Bangalore Unlimited1499 Please rethink on your policy..
Harsh Puri Delhi Airlet / unlimited 999 WTF ??
This is worse than throttling a connection. This WILL set a dangerous precedent. Lets not encourage greed. this is just a means for keeping the
theanalogkid Bangalore Reliance 1MBPS Unlimited
infrastructure mediocre.
Suketu Talekar Pune BSNL/512 kbps unlimited
ashwin palakkad BSNL/500C how can this be fair???? they are unfairly reducing the speed and they call it fair????
Limiting usage on unlimited plans is patently unfair. I have the 512 Unlimited plan, and usually for many months use only for browsing not downloading. If I
do sometimes use for downloading and then the company caps my download, its really cheating. Does Airtel charge less for persons who don't use all the
Vivek Sharma New Delhi Airtel 512 unlimited
bandwidth!!!! All over USA and Europe unlimited plans at 8 MBPS are a lot less than what we pay for 512 Kbps in India. This is a retrograde Step by
AIRTEL and should be opposed at all costs!!!
xxxxxxxx Pune
xxxxxxxx chennai Hathway/256
Sandeep Kaul New Delhi MTNL Please read
We cannot allow this, as if one operator starts such policies, others would follow. The internet-users of India should boycott such ISP's completely. Oh, and
Jagdish R Nashik BSNL 512K Unlimited
never thought it would start with a provider like Airtel, now I have lost complete faith in this company.
I whole heartedly support this petition and hope that Mr Mittal takes cognisance of it. It makes me feel bad that I had been recommending this company for
Anup Sharma Bangalore Airtel/384 unlimited
its high standards of service till recently.
Pranav Thadeshwar Mumbai Pacenet
xxxxxxxx Lucknow 256 UNLIMITed This is ridiculous. what were they thinking while jotting down such a policy? Do they really think we are going to tolerate this?
xxxxxxxx Secunderabad Home 999
xxxxxxxx Bangalore
xxxxxxxx Mumbai Hathway 256 Unlimited
Malay Keshav New Delhi MTNL 256kbps UL
xxxxxxxx Mumbai
Shakti Chennai Airtel 1Mbps U/L The reason I have Airtel is its service - if the same service is denied to me - Its not a justice. I am a heavy downloader. I am affected by the Policy
I always admired Airtel for its customer friendliness and paid more if need be, over others to have a airtel mobile and broadband connection. I would rather
Prakash Hyderabad 256 kbps Unlimited
change my ISP than continue using such a outrageous plan if it comes out.
Vaidhyanatha Balaji Cochin Cochin Airtel Home 1199 UL Plan This is the height of stupidity, hope Airtel reverts its Draconian policy back.
Mehboob Sadicote Mumbai Net9online/ That ethical trade practices have not been adhered to by these service providers right from the time of soliciting applications for Internet Connection is in
no doubt, as any Internet user will testify, and i request that this be read with my earlier tirade. I would especially like to add Reliance Broadband as a case
in point. I could go on about it from thence but space does not permit. The sales representative they send over always has an ID card with a Disclaimer
saying that the company is not responsible for any representations made by the bearer??
"Fair usage policy" ??? its more like "Unfair usage policy!!" I prefer airtel broadband than any other provider cause its good!! dont make me rethink bout my
Umang gurgaon 799
broadband provider!!
sabyasachi mukherjee kolkata BSNL
Ashmit New Delhi Airtel i'm totally against such poicy as it limits our downlaod speed,this policy must be terminated as broadband in india is already expensive
Thiruvananthapuram Tata Indicom/ 384
Vimal George
xxxxxxxx Bangalore Airtel/UL 384
Airtel is still showing that we have not moved out of the license permit system. Instead of showing constraint, they should upgrade the infrastructure to
xxxxxxxx Bangalore 999 Unlimited
become even better company. When its unlimited then why there is a cap.
xxxxxxxx new delhi home 799
Harsh Vardhan Singh Gurgaon Airtel 256K/unlimited Never thought Airtel would use such unfair means instead of trying to solve the problem at their end. Either they are too lazy or too dumb technologically!
xxxxxxxx bangalore bsnl remove this kind of rules and regulations
Koushik Paul Kolkata Don't worry folks, go for BSNL. At least they won't cheat like AIRTEL.
Imran Ghaziabad 999 Unlmtd
harish bangalore 999 Please rethink on such policies...
Ashutosh chandigarh airtel/ 128k unlimited
Sujit.V.Jain Mysore Airtel 256kbps Unlimited This is ridiculuous. Instead of providing good service, they are upto these s**t policies.
This was a sad news two year i used airtel but now use bsnl evdo about 280 per month(unlimited)now a days airtel was not profitable so all disconnect
xxxxxxxx Kannur
Dinesh Mahadevan london airtel
ISPs should provide their customers what was promised at the time of conduting the sale. Fair usage policies curb the usefullness of the internet and will
xxxxxxxx Mumbai Tata - Unlimited 512
ruin airtel's rep. A concerned shareholder.
I am against such policies which fool the consumers.Thats the reason I am sigining this petition and helping my friends who are using airtel broadband
Dhilip Kumar Pune Vodafone Mobile Connect/ 499
Abhinav Gupta Durgapur
Nimish Bhatnagar Bangalore Hathway
xxxxxxxx Bangalore Bangalore Home 2222 Plus I think its time to move to BSNL. AirTel's attitude is become worse day by day
People are used to the internet the way it is now. Putting them into such a restrictive environment will only make you lose customers. Come on, Internet is
Saurabh Roy Delhi MTNL - 649Combo
just starting to boom in India, why curb its growth???!!
Ujjal Bose Bangalore Airtel/925
Ashutosh Singh Rawat Mumbai Tata Indicom
Dhaval Gohil Mumbai MTNL Few of my friends were going to subscribe for Airtel's service. I'll sincerely ill-advise them to do so after reading this.
Kolkata Tata indicom 512 infinity, bsnl 1350 ul
Prabir Sarkar
xxxxxxxx Ghaziabad 384 kbps Unlimited
xxxxxxxx New Delhi Airtel 256k Unlimited
xxxxxxxx Hyderabad Airtel 512kbps/UL
g jai prakash naidu new delhi mtnl triband "this is putting an end to the freedom of netizens of india, which will not be tolerated in a democratic country like ours"
Partha Sarthi Burman Gurgaon Airtel Broadband ,512kbps,unlimited.
If I'm paying for an '512kbps Unlimited' connection, I'm supposed to get a '512kbps Unlimited' connection. Providing anything less than that means
Hardeep Singh New Delhi MTNL 512kbps Unlimited
defrauding your customers.
Pramod Hyderabad 256kbps unlimited This is ridiculous AIRTEL, it needs to be removed as soon as possible. unless you want your loyal customers to go for other alternatives.
srinivasa seshachary hyderabad BSNL/256Kbps unlimited airtel should be driven to court if they implement this policy. how dare they curb the unlimited usage customers?
Deepak Bangalore UL 299
xxxxxxxx Mumbai Airtel
Vinay K Bangalore
xxxxxxxx DELHI MTNL/256 UL I strongly support this movement.This will ruin the real meaning of internet freedom.
Persoonally, i dont use airtel but a lot of my friends do and i dont want them to suffer because of this policy. Also, this policy will lead to other ISP's
Avish Hyderabad Tata/512 Unlimited
following airtel which would be disastrous.
Debayan Banerjee Gurgaon Youtelecom/Unlimited 196 Kbps plan I strongly and wholeheartedly support this movement. It is time that the companies are reminded about 'consumer first' policy. It is unfair that all the
companies want to do is net in profit, but are shy of improving their services and equipment. You can find these instances in free talk time / night calling
rates, where you actually cannot access any call at that time. The company also puts caps over mobile airtime usage. It is time that the companies realize
that we cannot be taken for granted and it is better that they listen to us and give us what WE want.
Smita Rangesh Bangalore Airtel /512 kbps unlimited
xxxxxxxx Bangalore Airtel /512 this is bad and not fair to reduce the speed and we in India pay more for broadband and yet they cant even handle this shame on our isp
myself have 2 connection of airtel broadband at different places. such policies will only make a negative impact and i would opt out of airtel which i have
Ramesh Jain Bangalore Airtel 256kbps ul andd 512kbps ul
been a customer of for more than 7 yrs now.
Never expected from Airtel. All these years, you were very user friendly. You have accumulated great amount of customers because of this attitude. I am a
Kris Bangalore 799 U/L specimen for that. I disconnected my BSNL to for for Airtel. My telephone bill runs to 1500/- every month. I donot mind to shed my Airtel line if this sort of
policy comes. Or is this a marketing technique where you want to promote your IPTV product and in return make more revenue..?
xxxxxxxx Mumbai airtel 1mbps unlimited Policy is absolutely wrong
Its a serious threat to the internet penetration in INdia, Already there are less internet users and over it Airtel is trying to create an obstacle in the
Salil Mumbai MTNL 256k UL development of the country by putting such shit. If they cant handle the needs of their customers they should shut their company down, instead of looting
the people.If serious measures are not taken to stop them from doing so then other ISPs might implement it too and then....
Kurian Abraham Chennai Airtel 512 Unlimited
Arun Chander Chennai Airtel 256 Unlimited
osama bangalore airtel 384 UL jehad on airtel !!!
Navjot Singh Delhi MTNL 256Kbps UL Please stop doing this. Don't underestimate us. Unlimited means Unlimited. Don't cheat with these policies.
This is absolutely ridiculous; Bharati's refusal to upgrade their own infrastructure in the name of "fair usage Policy" is a serious dent in the India's Telecom
Hyderabad Growth; Already India is lagging in the 3G deployment and the "fair usage policy" Sounds Scary !! What if the Number of internet users keep on increasing
Sree Harsha
BeamCableSystems/384kbpsunlimited ? would Bharati force all the consumer base in India to restrict themselves to 256 kbps surfing & remove all their other plans ? May be we cannot dream of
2-6 Mbps Speeds (current de-facto speeds for US Home Users) in this lifetime atleast in India. :(
xxxxxxxx Bhubaneswar
Airtel has gone even worse than Pacenet! I was actually planning to switch to Airtel Boradband next month, but Airtel's new policy made me change my
xxxxxxxx Mumbai Pacenet 256
let us consider for a moment that this "plan" of Airtel gets executed and users start getting affected due to it, i call upon all present Airtel users to boycott
Wasim Delhi 256kbps unlimited Airtel and right away SNAP your subscription!!! straight forwardly because this attempt of "Airtel" to limit users of their bandwidth is straighaway "stealing"
and "depriving of user rights", which i am totally against! so i request all to rise against this plan!
Kunal Shetye Mumbai MTNL 2mbps NU This is shear stupidity & I don't want to fall victim to Monopoly!! X-(
Rishi S Mumbai Airtel 512 Unlimited
Setu Garg Noida BSNL/512 kbps unlimited I was an Airtel 1 Mbps unlimited user for the since the past 3.5 years. I have shifted to BSNL due to this policy.
This is one of the many reasons I don't use Airtel Broadband. I use BSNL Broadband and I am very very happy with it. AIRTEL - Time for you to learn
Parag Kalra Nagpur BSNL / 750 UL
something from Government organisations.
Rakesh bangalore Airtel Thats not fair
Divyansh Aggarwal Ghaziabad UL799 This is complete opposite of what we expect from Airtel. Kindly reconsider.
xxxxxxxx thane
It is quite clear that Airtel is blindly following in the footsteps of some well known ISPs around the globe. But they fail to realise that broadband in India is
Ankit Dayal Delhi MTNL 749 NU
still in a nascent stage. If this policy comes into effect, it will spell doom for Airtel Broadband.
xxxxxxxx Chennai 512 Please do not bring any limit to unlimited access and call it unlimited!
Karthik V Mumbai MTNL/NU 849
Jatinder Kalsi Mumbai MTNL
Dhruv Khandelwal Noida Home 799
xxxxxxxx New Delhi
Rajendra Kumar Bangalore Home plus 2222 I am considering moving to another service provider.
Seriously, get of your lazy butts! Stop cutting corners in an attempt to increase your profits to an extent that you are negatively impacting technology in
India. I'm not asking for an all jumbo GigE plan for a dime. I understand that bandwidth comes at a premium price in Asia even though the quality is under-
par. But at the same time if the providers don't take any effort to reduce pricing and increase capacity, your directly effecting all other efforts to make a
better India in terms of technology availability(heck, a good part of the world for that matter). I'm pretty sure that Airtel is spending a horrible amount of
Ganesh Rao Bangalore Home 2222 Plus
money in upstream transit. Instead, if they tried and made IDCs more affordable in India; you would soon see a lot of websites hosted in India which could
drastically reduce the overall transit fee. Name one Tier-1 provider from India? How about a Tier-2 or Tier-3? ALL the ISPs in India pay for upstream
bandwidth. I doubt there is any ISP in India that has a peering relationship directly with an International transit provider. I most certainly believe that Airtel
can make a positive change in India's Internet experience.
xxxxxxxx New Delhi Airtel
anant trivedi new delhi unlimited
Manu Ullas Bangalore Airtel/256 kbps Unltd.
xxxxxxxx Mumbai 1Mbps 1) The terms of my contract say 1Mbps. Anything less than that and you're liable, no? 2) This isn't much of a connection to begin with, so why reduce what
little we've got?
Rajesh Kumar Mumbai 512 Kbps, unlimited
Bharat Patel Gandhidham To be Applied Shame on Airtel for stooping to such levels.
Ramanathan Chennai Airtel/384 Unlimited I am a big time fan of Airtel BB. Now, please do not force me to break the bondage of 6 years by this crap called 'fair usage policy'
xxxxxxxx delhi mtnl 790 nu
Udit Agarwal Kolkata Airtel/Home 1499
Dear Sunil Mittal, In an era where broadband speeds in western countries touch 48 MBPS, adding draconian restrictions on paltry Indian "broadband"
Nicholas Bombay speeds (8MBPS is the max what Airtel offers) is medieval and will curb progress in India. Please do reconsider, and upgrade your infrastructure instead.
Ujjwal Delhi MTNL 256 Unlimited I was considering switching to Airtel, now I am certainly not going to do so unless Airtel revises its policy.
Divya Chennai Airtel 512 Kbps unlimited
Outrageous. Not only do we get second rate service (UK and Europe have 8mbps lines as standard and 50meg available!) you're now trying to effectively
Justin Evans Gurgaon 1mbps unlimited
fine us for using what small bandwidth we have! I'm certainly going to look for another provider for my landline, broadband and 4xmobile phones.
M.S.Guru Senth Madurai Airtel 256kbps unlimited
Please do not implement this policy, as this goes very much against the reason behind having an internet connection. I am not an Airtel customer, but as a
Navi Mumbai YOU TELECOM 256kbps
Prithvijit Sarkar 'heavy net user', I download loads of useful resources from the Net regularly. If you cannot afford to provide 'unlimited' net connection, then SAY SO!!
Please not conceal your unpreparedness for the vast customer base by introducing illogical policies, and thereby encouraging other ISPs to follow suit.
I've been using Airtel for almost 3 years now. Always had excellent service - consistent speeds, very little downtime and prompt resolution of issues. So
much so that I singlehandedly convinced my entire locality to shift from BSNL to Airtel. Now I guess I'll have to undo all of that... There's no way that Airtel
xxxxxxxx Kolkata Airtel 512UL
can get away with this 'fair usage policy'. I'll personally ensure that whatever goodwill I had built up for Airtel over the past 3 years gets shattered in the
next 3 months, if they don't take this policy back.
Gokul Sukumar Bangalore Airtel 456kbps Unlimited Airtel has been so good in providing quality customer service. But this comes as a big disappointment for me. I hope Airtel scraps this nonsensical policy...
I was looking forward to speeds like 8mbps as we have in usa/uk, but here it looks like the telcos are more interested in backward compatibility to bring
india back to the dark ages of kpbs limits. when will there be a day of true speeds, and freedom of unlimited or broad limits for downloads as long as we
xxxxxxxx Bangalore airtel, 512kbps, 2gb
pay a certain fee for use? another good example is the mobile office. its priced at 399 for 100mb and 599 for 1gb. now how can this be called fair pricing?
another term for this is money laundering. airtel has been first in many things, why not reducing this fee too?
If your servers are unable to give us what we are paying for, then discontinue providing the service. This is legal you didn't even gave a notice to your
Prateek Jain Indore 256 kbps unlimited
customers and are fooling us, by making us pay more and get less. TRAI will definitely take strict actions against this.
Abhishek Baxi Gurgaon Airtel 256kbps unlimited
Partha sarathi Bhubaneswar DataOne
Sonie Thomas Bangalore Airtel 384 Kbps Unlimited
Pune Airtel 888 (256kBps - Day/512kBps -
Not fair at all !! Which way are we progressing with broadband in India ? With India too going the 3G way, this move sure is anti customer. How can our
Joey Joseph Bangalore Airtel
telcos hope to achieve broadband penetration like in the western world if repressive policies are attempted to by service providers.
xxxxxxxx Kochi Mobile Office
xxxxxxxx Bangalore Airtel 512 Kbps Unlimited
Pranav Koli Mumbai Hathway
What kind of practice is this?? Is this the company that claims to be at the forefront of Indian mobile providers? It's sad to see potentially illegal practices
K Kumar Mumbai 1 Mbps, unlimited
becoming part of the Indian ethos. In their greed to make money, Airtel have prostituted their reputation.
Pune Airtel 888 (256kBps - Day/512kBps -
Ravi Shankar Bangalore 2 Mbps, unlimited
Ramasubramanian.T.K Chennai 456 kbps
Madhu M Bangalore 512 Kbps, unlimited
JohnC Bangalore 512 Kbps, unlimited
Bindu Sajan Bangalore 1 Mbps, unlimited
Ranjit Bangalore 2 Mbps, unlimited
I've been a fan of Airtel's BB and mobile services until now, but this policy will make me an opponent. I used Airtel's unlimited 1-2 Mbps BB across multiple
Kunal Mumbai 1 Mbps, unlimited homes and offices in multiple cities, but this policy will force me to cancel all of them and move to a different ISP. Airtel, wake up and smell the BS you're
shoveling! This policy is unfair, unethical, ridiculous and customer unfriendly!
Even the cost of their non-unlimited plans have been increased and speeds decreased. They also charge different rates in different cities unlike their PSU
xxxxxxxx Bangalore Airtel/Combo 499 competitor that charges uniform rates across India. Plus TRAI should increase speed of Broadband in its definition to something decent like 512kbps. Then
these 'bogus' broadband plans will stop.
This is the most unfortunate business oriented idea which could shatter the industry depending on internet as backbone and airtel as major player.I thought
VIJAY KUMAR hyderabad BSNL-500C
airtel is true nation lover company providing ads which inspires India on other hand plays cheap business politics..A true shame indeed.Better take steps
which could benefit India and bharati too..
Srikanth Koka Hyderabad BSNL 500 Combo Plus
I wonder if the fine print in the plan you already have says Airtel is allowed to make these changes? If so you have no legal stand. MTNL clearly states
xxxxxxxx Mumbai MTNL NU Plan
their plans give 256 kbps to 2Mbps so they are covered in this way.
Prashray Bangalore Tata/384 UL plan So not cool. power freaks have to go down in this age. they wont be able to get away with this.
xxxxxxxx Mysore Airtel/256
xxxxxxxx Lucknow 2222
Mehboob Sadicote Mumbai Hathway/128 kb/s unlimited Desist, you thieves!
Gopal Srinivasan Hyderabad Airtel Unlimited 256Kbps
I didn't expect this from Airtel! This is nonsensical and is similar to Comcast's throttling in the U.S. and other countries for which it received a lot of flak.
Though I'm not an Airtel customer (because of its unavailability in my area despite my futile attempts at getting them to serve my area for years now) I fear
that other ISPs may only be happy to follow suit because they 'unhappily' followed Airtel in announcing new plans to the public to keep up with the
Karthikeyan R Bangalore BSNL 750 UL Plus
competition. TRAI has to do something about this. Such control of Internet and dependent services leads to a "Matrix" like world and humans hate control
and we know the grave consequences. So, this kind of FUPs should be nipped in the bud. Hope to get a lot of signatures down here... Come join the fight.
Thank you.
Vikram Kumar new delhi home 999
Lal singh sundi Chaibasa, jharkhand As we know AIRTEL is known for best telecom & internet provider in india. But implementing this policy it can loose so many subscribers.....
Prateek Dayal Bangalore Airtel 512 Unlimited I completely agree. Internet is a way of life right now. Please don't do such things
Vikram Bangalore UL/999 AirTel cannot take customers for a ride. When they have said Unlimited downloads for say 384KBPS then why this rule now.
Shivaranjan Chennai Airtel/UL 2222 I will surely unsubscribe from airtel in this policy is implemented.
Mumbai Airtel 888 (256kBps - Day/512kBps -
xxxxxxxx Chennai Airtel/ 256Kbps unlimited
Tony Kuriakose Kochi Airtel-384 plan
sudeep Chennai BSNL Home UL 1350P
Srinivasan Thittai Pune BSNL, UL/750 These kind of bullying tactics have to be eliminated at root. Organizations like Airtel have to realize that they cannot take the customer for granted.
This is getting quite crazy...shows the need to rethink strategy and capacity planning during implementing such services. This only shows that BSNL is the
Muthiah Chennai
undisputed leader, with no frills plans, unlike the Private players
WOW, These fools want to take the world backwords! When they should remove the CAP off Data Limits forever and increase speeds to 5-10 Mbps akin
Meherdad Mumbai TATA/ 512 Unlimited. to US or South Korea, they want to stick their faces under their buttocks and want to cut down data packages! Kudos Airtel! U Finally Proved to be a "Delhi
ka Thug" Company
Ramachandra BK Bangalore Airtel - unlimited
leela sinha new delhi i will surely switch to some other connection, if this will happen
Mukund Vasishta Gurgaon Airtel/2222
Saikat Roy Kolkata BSNL Dataone Home 500 And this the same Airtel which is symbolised by the "Express Yourself" ad!! Ludicrous and disgraceful.
Pankaj Sharma Bangalore UL 900
Hi All, Instead of doing all this talking. You guys should start acting now ,switch to other ISP's and you can see the effect very soon. This company is lala
company since from beginning. This Guy used to take 16 RS/ min once for mobile services. It only came down when other like reliance started price war.
My advice would be to switch to other company and don't use any of its services e.g mobile etc. And these kind of protest start from home. I would expect
Rajendier saini bangalore BSNL who ever have started it must have switched to other vendor and all who are writing in this blog and fwding this message must have followed the same.
Let's tech these guys a lesson so that in future no one can even think about it. It is buyer market guys wake up and make your choice. Instead fearing the
other will follow the suit let's kill this company just by stopping it services and other will learn the lesson. Guys do not feel helpless always!!! so act now
Ajin T.Raju Thrissur, Kerala Kerala, BSNL DataOne Let's hope airtel will be loyal to it's customers.
Vikalp Chauhan Meerut Dataone Home 250 This is a pathetic policy.
ghulam rabbani bokaro broadband i will surely unsubscribe from airtel in this policy is implemented.
Liby Johnson Trivandrum BSNL
Parnil Urdhwareshe Bhopal Home 999 This is quite honestly a disgraceful attempt by Airtel to swindle money out of its customers while denying them the very services that they are paying for.
Ian Hopper Chennai BSNL This is embarrassing to India.
This should be stopped at once and as I support this cause,I also request every other fellow citizens to come up and stand against this damaging policy
Arnab Ghosh Durgapur BSNL Home 500
being formulated by Airtel.
xxxxxxxx Coimbatore Airtel BB 384 UL
I am not a Airtel Broadband customer. But if this Fair Usage Policy comes in effect or continues, the complete growth of telecom will be stunned. So please
Elvis Tirunelveli BSNL
consider all of our reviews and take necessary steps to overcome this problem.
This policy is exact opposite of freedom that Internet represents. If this policy is not removed, I might consider changing my ISP from Airtel to some other
Naveen Rawat Bangalore Airtel/384 kbps unlimited
service provider.
xxxxxxxx Delhi MTNL/256
Jay Mathura BSNL 500 2mbps Mr. mittal we doesn't expect this from you.Play fair
This is just wrong. We are already paying a very good amount to these companies and now they wants us to suffer more. I stand against this decision of
Mohit Bhardwaj New Delhi Sify Unlimited-256/512
xxxxxxxx jaipur bsnl
Sarath Bellamkonda Hyderabad Airtel unlmited 512KBPS plan Dear MIttal, Please play fair games with people.Don't come with cheap policies which may run you out of business. Thanks Sarath
Surendra Bangalore Unlimited
xxxxxxxx Greater NOIDA Airtel Value Combo 899
chandan Delhi Airtel This is cheating the customer at its best
Bharatram Rameshwar Bangalore Airtel/1MBps unlimited
xxxxxxxx Udupi
Rajan Bangalore Airtel 448 kbps unlimited I always thought Airtel was the best ISP...hope you keep up your reputation.
D. Arya Chennai Airtel BB If what this petition says is true its the begining of the end.
I am not a Airtel Broadband customer as of now but soon was gng to be. If this Fair Usage Policy comes in effect or continues, then I have got to look for
some other providers like tata, reliance etc. Its unimaginable to see this downgrade in speed instead of an upward growth like other developed countries.
Kapil Delhi NA
And then Airtel is looking to set up their businesses in other countries as well. This won't work for them. Find some solution to increase the internet speed
instead of this frickin FUP!!
TRAI is actually silent when it comes to big players. If you are aware of Tata and Reliance, these players had got some govt. policie s changed only for
xxxxxxxx Gurgaon Airtel / 799 Unlimited their interest. Airtel has also become a big player, and if there is no such clause, then you will see this added to TRAI policies. I am against all these
practices, and hence signed the petition.
xxxxxxxx Chennai TRAI would show you the door :-)
Swaminathan V Chennai Airtel/256UL This must be stopped at any cost. If this is true, it spells the beginning of the end for our internet freedom.
Ram Deswal Delhi I fully support the cause of internet neutrality.
essempee Chennnai Airtel
xxxxxxxx Ahmedabad unlimited
xxxxxxxx Chennai
Ashni Wills
xxxxxxxx Lucknow Airtel 2Mbps Limited (4GB) Airtel BroadBand services are getting horrible day by day and instead of improving your services you are implementing such an outrageous policy.
Airtel and Vodafone are like big daddy of industry they do whatever they think its is correct for them as in monetize part.They also did the same thing with
Ashwin sms where a small mumbai based company which was giving free subscription for cricket and sensex as compared to theirs 30Rs per month.They tried to
stop it by stopping all their incoming to short code indefinitely .
Prayag Verma Noida Airtel/256 Unlimited This policy shouldn't be implemented
xxxxxxxx bangalore Airtel
Ramesh C Bangalore BSNL/Unlimited
Dr.Sukumar Chennai Airtel/ 256 unlimited It is an outrage. 'unlimited' ceases to have any meaning.
xxxxxxxx Chennai Unlimited
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx chennaai 512 kbps
sourab ranchi BSNL 500C this will further hamper the growth of internet user India, which has meager 1% internet penetration.
xxxxxxxx Pune BSNL / 750 UL I hope such a rule is reconsidered, as it cannot be called progress.
xxxxxxxx bangalore Airtel UL 512kbps
Dr Deepak Bhatti Ludhiana BSNL Home 900 Let us maintain the pride which we have in our telecom system, which is more user friendly than in several other countries.
Mahesh Raghupathi Bangalore BSNL / Unlimited please stop implementing this policies
These companies, once they grow to a certain big size, start to think that they're the kings and can now start 'Ruling' the Stupid Common Man. There has
Mithun Kumar Bangalore Reliance Wimax
to be a tab put on these autocrats to check them from exploiting the idiots in us.
xxxxxxxx Vadodara Airtel needs to concentrate on honoring their committments
Vishnu M. Alappuzha BSNL/EVDO
Jener Sharma Delhi home-999-ul
xxxxxxxx new delhi combo 899 I am shocked after knowing that Airtel is again started their dictatorship. Airtel is one of the companies who leeches their consumers.
Naman noida 1 mbps please dont let this policy continue
xxxxxxxx Ludhiana BSNL broadband/ 500C plan I am shocked after knowing that Airtel is again started their dictatorship. Airtel is one of the companies who leeches their consumers.
Other service providers such as BSNL are also providing unlimited plans at a much higher bandwidht. So in case of such tough competition, lowering your
bubul medhi Chennai Airtel/384kbps unlimited
bandwidth may result in loosing customers.
xxxxxxxx Hyderabad 256 unlimited If my speed is brought down, I will not hesitate to disconnect my connection and go to some other service provider who delivers what he promises
i have 3 aitel mobiles and 1 landline action like this will make me go to BSNL or other. i already have one VODAPHONE (yes i gave up one of my airtels
Tushar Kapila Bangalore airtell unlimted 9980009953 a bangalore number in Dec 2008) so dont make me give up the others. {all in Bangalore same address. 2 some pre paid , 1 post paid still
active + land line}
What is this airtel ? Until yesterday you were one of the most respected ISP/Mobile service provider in India. If "economy is tough / too much bandwidth
Vamsee Bangalore Sify consumption" you have to find new ways to make money by providing value added services not by crippling your core service. It has become fashionable
to import US telco mafia policies but not the quality or speeds of the services provided by them. Look at Korea, look at japan we should be ashamed.
Gautham Ganapathy Bangalore Airtel / 2222 Unlimited 1 Mbps plan
xxxxxxxx Delhi MTNL
V.Avinash Gurgaon Please stop controlling us....
V.Avinash Gurgaon Please stop controlling us....
Gaurav S Bangalore BSNL This policy is not good. I hold Airtel Postpaid connection, and I was planning to shift to Airtel broadband, but if this is the case I will drop that.
I am user who uses Work From Home option in my company and i need high speed internet for using vpn/remote-desktop/vnc. I am currently out of
Chennai, i am shocked to hear this 'Fair Usage Policy'. If this policy is true i would opt for another ISP (still i would be the fan of the 'old Airtel' which was
giving excellent customer satisfaction) as it would affect my work. Also, i am a player playing online games mostly and i definitely need the high speed
internet. If the internet speed is halved in the middle of the month when my usage has exceeded certain limit, i would really feel upset. Till now i have
Saravanan Obulisami Chennai Airtel/384kbps unlimited
recommended my 3 friends to use Airtel and they have subscribed to Airtel and they are happy with the service. If this policy is implemented i would
definitely ask them also to discontinue Airtel and i would stop recommending Airtel to others in future. In a place like chennai, if this policy comes then it
would definitely spread to all ppl within one day and all will start thinking of new ISP. Heard that chennai BSNL have upgraded, and the ping delay to my
office was just 50ms from chengalpet using BSNL and 70ms using Airtel
d.prabakaran coimbatore Airtel i agree. please stop this.
xxxxxxxx Hyderabad 512 KBPS Unlimited
xxxxxxxx Pune
S Das Mazumdar Chinsurah Huh India just keeps going backwords!! Thanks for helping in that AIRTEL!
Saurav Shukla Jagdalpur BSNL/Unlimited Please don't kill the internet.
subhash Bangalore BSNL/Home UL Plus
This is really bad. No developed country has this kind of restrictions. I connect to my office using VPN and the speed is already pathetic. Instead of giving
Achinth Gurkhi Bangalore BSNL better speeds at the same rate you guys want to reduce the speed further? Shame on you guys. I am using BSNL for my broadband connection but use
your mobile phone service. I will certainly disconnect it if you implement this stupid policy!!!
Sanjid Chogle Pune Tata 400 Unlimited I was under the impression that Indian broadband services were moving up towards respectable position... Until now.
Uday Sikand Noida Airtel / 384 UL It's about time broadband service providers stop taking us for a ride.
xxxxxxxx Pune Tata
Nikhil Singh Mumbai Airtel It's about time broadband service providers stop taking us for a ride.
The only reason i use airtel is that you give the promised speeds and have very few connectivity problems. If you implement these stupid measures(face it
they are stupid), airtel will no longer be the 'best deal' available to me and many others out there. I will be better off going back to Reliance broadband. I
don't want that and i'm sure neither do you. Please come to your senses. Countries around the world are heavily investing in their internet infrastructure.
Bez Mumbai Mumbai Unlimited 999
What passes off as 'fast here (512kbps+) is laughable when compared to most developed and developing countries. What you are about to do is take a
huge step backwards after having crawled an inch forwards. As of now i am no longer recommending you to any friends. That includes 2 who i had been
talking up your services to.
Gaurav S Gurgaon 512 unlimited
ISPs in India are no where offering the kind of bandwidth available to other countries to starting thinking of fair use policy. Please get your act in place
Vaibhav Mumbai Tata 2 MBPS night unlimited
before you lose all your customers.
Vibhanshu Abhishek Philadelphia This is not only illegal but also economically bad for Airtel.
More to that you may also add, in any GPRS data cards with fixed MB downloads Airtel is unfare to deduct minimum GBs for each login irrespective of
V Venkatesh Mumbai
quantum of downloads.
xxxxxxxx Mumbai Unlimited 999 Please reduce the prices.
Airtel has become a hopeless company. Their support is pathetic to say the east. Un-helpful customer care, freuent call drops & 1 can go & on. The only
Manan Mumbai Airtel/256 UL face saving Airtel had was their internet service which so far was appreciated by all, now you plan to mess that up as well. Go ahead. Dig your own grave.
if you think people won't consider the govt. entities like MTNL & BSNL, take you chances. ;)
Aman Trehan New Delhi Tata Indicom
Sunil Sambtani Kolkata Unlimited 999 I think this policy is utterly rubbish. There is no such policy anywhere in the world and if this is okayed by Airtel, I am definately changing my ISP.
Sparsh Pondicherry Airtel 256 UL Seems like Airtel guys DO NOT UNDERSTAND the meaning of "UNLIMITED " Retards!!!
Nishant Khatri New Delhi 1 mbps U/L This is utter bullhit. I'm surely going to find another provider if this is true. I've 5 airtel mobile connection and 2 bb connection, will disconnect all
somanshu kalra Gurgaon BSNL 750 unlimited
was thinking of switching to Airtel,in the near future because of the service offered.But after this,I would ask all my friends and relatives to stay away from
Kshitij K Parashar Calicut Reliance
Airtel Broadband.
pam matharoo ludhiana 256 ul using 256 unlimited
anwer sadhath chennai 384 unlimited
xxxxxxxx Mumbai 386k UL
I have been a broadband user since 2004 moving from Reliance Netway Fiber 2MBps(previous residence)to MTNL 256kbp Night Unlimited and then finally
Airtel (Since they were the first to offer unlimited broadband at a reasonable rate in my current residential area, beating Reliance by paying money for the
first right to get in our housing complex) They now seem to have lost their customer savviness. I have been with Airtel since 2006. Now all of a sudden, I
Mumbai AIRTEL/ Home 799 Plus (Unlimted am loosing my patience with them for: 1) Blocking VOIP (DNS lookup OK, but 100% packet loss to all the major VOIP servers) 2) This shoot yourself in the
Himanshu Singh
256Kbps) foot skullduggery (of arbitrarily reducing bandwidth) that the AIRTEL marketing team has devised This is just the sneaky kind of thing that a company does
when it takes its customers for granted, and wants to make a quick buck. Sorry Airtel, I will move my business elsewhere. As a comparison, the US (which
aspires to be like Southeast Asian countries like Korea and Singapore in terms of broadband infrastructure, availability and penetration) monthly rates for
6MBps download (2Mbps upload) COMCAST cable internet connection are .99 per month (Rs 1000 approx)
Hemanshu Bangalore Airtel / 384 Uncalled for move by Airtel
Bhanu Pratap Singh Slathia Bangalore AirTel/256 unlimited
Abhishek Dhir Panchkula Airtel /384 Kbps unlimited Airtel needs to revoke this policy if it wants to retain its customer faith and goodwill
xxxxxxxx U.P. Airtel 256kbps UL Wow! Such a reputed company, Airtel, going the Satyam way! Cheating customers. Oh, Satyam was also reputed.
xxxxxxxx kolkata 700078 i totally agree with this petition ,
Lucknow Airtel Telephone + Broadband 512
xxxxxxxx New Delhi 256 Kbps Unlimited Airtel would become the most hated ISP of India in no time if this policy is not revoked. Why did you have to screw it all up Airtel? Why?
Saravanan Veeraraghavan
rucha gurgaon 512 ul
xxxxxxxx Bangalore Airtel 2222
Adithya Chennai
xxxxxxxx Lucknow BSNL i used airtel once and it sucked
xxxxxxxx Hyderabad BSNL DataOne I support this petition. This move by airtel is an indication that India is on "negative development" in telecommunication Sector.
No way i am gonna take Airtel if its capped i Used it for 3 years in Bangalore and for 1 Year in Chennai right now i am back to Bangalore and was shocked
xxxxxxxx Bangalore 256K Unlimited
to hear that there is CAP on speeds so applied for BSNL .Bye bye Airtel for now
Shariq Delhi Airtel 256 UL Very Very bad policy...
Im an online professional gamer ,who plays online gaming almost 6-8 hrs a day and the unlimited plan favours me alot and i was shocked after hearing the
plan thinking dat my gaming career has 2 come to an end and all entertainment we had with online gaming is going 2 be stopped .Almost all gamers from
xxxxxxxx Chennai Chennai value 799
chennai prefer Airtel and now its not going 2 continue we used 2 say with pride that we hav Airtel 2 other broadband users no its time we allow them 2 let
them laugh at us cos of this so called "Fair Usage Policy" . I hope this petition brings a change 2 this problem...
I've been using Airtel for a couple of years now & I've been recommending it to everyone for its excellent service. But this isn't something that I expected
Deepak T Chennai Airtel 384kbps UL from Airtel. Not just the Policy but the way things have been handled to force the policy on the users. Its hard to find a good ISP for gaming in Chennai but
I'm ready to start the hunt (again) if Airtel is determined to go through with this policy.
xxxxxxxx mumbai
I have been a longtime customer of Airtel and I have enjoyed their services. They have constantly been releasing new and improved plans and I must say
that their speeds are pretty good. There latest move though have pissed me off. Though I haven't faced it as yet (download speed cut in half), I am sure if I
Sahil New Delhi 1 MBPS UL
do, that will anger me more. I hope Airtel can change their policy and if they don't do quickly they are going to lose most of their customers unless all other
ISP's also follow suit.
Though I am a new Airtel customer, I was immensely impressed with the level of professionalism shown by your people when setting up my home for the
connection. Once connected, I never got an opportunity to complain - this is something I had been hearing from my friends and colleagues, and it was
xxxxxxxx Chennai Value 799 great to experience it first hand. Alas! With this new 'Fair' Usage policy, which sounds anything but fair, I am beginning to doubt the very intention of the
company. Much has already been written about how and why this is detrimental. Without adding much to it, I just request you Sir, to roll back this unfair
move, and let the flag of Bharati fly high!
Ive been a satisfied customer of airtel for 5 years now.. but this once incident has pissed me off so much tht im already enquiring about other ISP
connections. This scheme from airtel just shows that they are just trying to fool customers and exploit them. Why do we have to pay full amount for half the
xxxxxxxx Bangalore Airtel
bandwidth.. Is it fine if we pay half the amount once they cut the bandwidth by half?? OFCOURSE NOT.. they will never agree to that.. they are just a
bunch of scammers.
xxxxxxxx Mumbai Exxatt/IOL The tariff plans and the bandwith scene and support need to improve by quite a margin. Also, sometimes there are problems with stability of the internet.
Surbhi Bahl New Delhi
Archit Kumar Noida 1mbps unlimited wake up airtel..for how long can you keep this farce up?
Im Strictly against this FUP. Thumbs down to Airtel & Mr. Mittal. Do these guys think we're stupid or something? Instead of increasing bandwidths they
Kshitij Sinha Mumbai Tata Indicom/Infinity 256kbps
want to decrease it? Man this really pisses me off to an extent I cannot express in words. Feel like murdering these assholes.
xxxxxxxx bangalore Airtel/ 384-unlimited not going to tell anyone to get airtel connection anymore. i would not mind if the data caps were half decent also like 150gb or more. but 25 gb is just too
less in an age where we are downloading HD content at almost 1gb a file and watching and Youtube videos and sharing Pictures. People in india can now
also forget about so called "Cloud Computing" because for us that is going to in the clouds only - a dream. And also when i pay a premium for unlimited
bandwidth i have every right to use it to download at that speed for 24 hours a day and 30 days a month. If Airtel does not have the infrastructure to keep
up with demand then it is their job to get more hardware that can handle it. First download caps. then they are going to start packet shaping like Comcast. i
would urge anyone who is reading this is to look at what comcast and other ISPs are doing in America and Europe. This is just the first step to avoid
putting in place new infrastructure and Hardware.
Vishnu R.Nair Bangalore Airtel/256UL I'm hoping this would do something about it.Sincerely hoping.
Abdul Razack Bangalore 512 Banglaore I'll soon be changing from Airtel if u dont change!.
WTF is going on u A$$ hole Mittal. Ah I gave u little info about Railwire. Ah! dey are providing 2Mbps UNLIMITED connection for just 1200. Ah! U fuck U
Rishi Delhi Use to be Airtel switch to Railwire u will save ur A&& bill. And Oh! As soon as u implement ur Moron Policy Remember 2 cut of My connection ASAP. No Sorry For Abuse.
U deserve It.
Praveen Hyderabad Airtel/256UL Please do not implement the Fair Usage Policy.
xxxxxxxx Gurgaon Airtel/384 UL We will meet in a few months Mr. Mittal and I look forward to hearing your reasons (or that of your team) for this move.
Gaurav Sharma Chandigarh Airtel/ 256-unlimited
xxxxxxxx Hyderabad Airtel/UL448
A Broadband connection ceases to remain unlimited it there is a cap on its limit. Having a cap is fine, but with prior notification to customers so that they
HariharaSubramanian V Bangalore Airtel 799, 256kbps Unlimited
have a choice of whether they want to migrate to some other ISP.
Shashi Bangalore Airtel/256kbps Shame
i thought in few days i can get 512 at better rated like the MTNL doin ......well much better than that in every aspect .......also waiting for 2mbps - 8mbps
Vishal Delhi Airtel 256Kbps Unlimited ultd. at affordable price but this seems to me an utter nonsense approach ... if it implements and create problem the second day ill quit Airtel ---- which
honestly i thought i never have to be..all in all i m absolutely AGAINST THIS so called "Airtel Fair Usage Policy".
Dinesh Malhotra Navi Mumbai Airtel/2mbps shame on you airtel..
fucking airtel bastards. why do indian ISP's have to always cheat customers? if this policy is implemented, people time to drawback all ur fucking FAILTEL
Pushpraj R Pradan Mumbai
connections, that should teach them a lesson, fucking $$$ greedy bastards.
Alekh Khanna Lucknow
rasmeet singh new delhi 384kbps unlimited
Abhisheik Dahiya New Delhi MTNL. 512 UL
The guys at Airtel need to start making use of their god given brains more than their retarded and unbelievably greedy asses. That is the need of the hour
and that is how it should be. If this policy does come into practice, the UL subscribers should withdraw their connections and cancel their subscriptions to
teach these greedy ISP people a lesson or two. Plus, if Airtel does intend to follow this policy, it will have to double the existing bandwidth for every UL
Anmol Kapoor New Delhi 1 MBPS Unlimited
subscriber so that it all gets nullified. Why the fuck should I settle for anything less after paying all that money? Seriously, I will never be able to understand
as to how and why the big corporates who indulge in billions of dealings can settle for such pathetic broadband plans and tarriffs. Come back to your god-
damn senses, Airtel.
Madhav New Delhi Tata and Airtel/ 512kbps unlimited
Yugank Delhi 799 Plan - 256kbps unlimited We all have been using the connection since years, please don't force us to low down the monopoly. Thanks
rana hyderabad airtel 256 kbps unlimited
Anmol Delhi Airtel 256kbps UL STOP THIS..THIS IS UNFAIR...
xxxxxxxx Pondicherru 256K Why this guys again taking us to stone age... Noone working to improve the things, working hw to cheat people...
rajkumar ghaziabad airtel
Udit Agarwal Gwalior Airtel/256K Ultd.
chennai airtel
Mohammed Mujthahid Masood Bangalore if this is going to happen it is bye bye airtel
anand Ghaziabad Home 649 This is another case of consumer harassment and should be dealt with strictly.
This is really not fair policy...With the developing technology indians are waitng for better speeds but still it proves the same by implementing these idiotic
Mohamed zubair chennai Airtel - 256 kbps unlimited
policies...I hope airtel reverts it back and also it has to try catch the world speeds broadband
Paritosh Aggarwal Delhi Airtel/Home 649
aritra Kolkata This is unfair.
Aravind Chennai 256 u-l
this is totally against net neutrality principles.I hope airtel reverts this.India a to do a lot to catch up with the West in broadband tech.BY having FUP in so
xxxxxxxx ggn 999UL
slow plans it will sound the death kneel of the internet.
Mayank Delhi
xxxxxxxx new delhi Freedom plan
I have a 1mbps home dsl line.I pay rs 2500 including taxes.I heard limit for my line wuld be 50gb a month.What the hell ? I m sure i wont pay rs 2500 for
Dinesh Singh mohali/chandigarh Airtel 1mbps @ rs2222 50gbs@ 1mbps and then for 512kbps. i wuld rather change my plan to 2mbps limited one....then download everything on internet running my system
24x7.And when u will send me a bill of thousands of rupees, trust me i will deep fry it.
"Airtel Fair usage Policy" this is not fair at all. You said and I paid for unlimited so it should be. and even now u are charging more from us comparing to
Hussain Indore Airtel other countries for same speed and better plan. So Pls don't implement this. and get some more better plans comparing to other countries rather just
competing to Indian "ISP". and obviously on cheaper rates . Thanx for reading and will appreciate if accepted.
Another point I would like to make apart from this petition is that what about families where there are 3-4 users using a wi-fi connection in one house. They
Gaurav Pathak Delhi Airtel 384kbps/unlimited would use up the caps within 10-15 days. Just because the West has such a policy, does not mean we ape them and use the same policy here without
thinking about its effects!
I have been using airtel for more than a year and I am not satified customer. Their plans are first of all very high and unlimited plans in delhi are very few..
xxxxxxxx new delhi HOME 649
This is really bad . I support this petition and hope that they can change their plan structure or other wise I am going to other ISP
Angad Chandigarh Airtel/384 Unlimited This is insane. We're moving backwards.
Please Discontinue this action.i hope you give value to you users need.Or else i'am sure your network is going to die out of massive plan canceling.Please
xxxxxxxx Thrissur
make sure you do your best
Akshay Delhi This is pure crap and is simply unacceptable. Flabbergasted to see such a move from Airtel.
This is a typical example of companies taking their customers for a ride. Not only are we supposed to pay on time, but now we are expected to just bend
Aqshat Balbir New Delhi 512 kbps Unlimited over as well. Airtel has forgotten how it has reached the position it is currently at in the market. Mr. Mittal, please don't forget, it is because of us that you
Rachit Mumbai
xxxxxxxx Bilaspur, Chattisgarh BSNL/ HUL 750+
Sunil George Bangalore Airtel/384 Unlimited
xxxxxxxx Bangalore Airtel/512kbps unlimited
rakesh c sharma New Delhi UL 799/- Surprisingly unacceptable for a consumer. Cheaters should be learnt a lesson.
rashi bangalore 512 UL
Pradeep N Pune Airtel 256 UL
Why is everyone so intent on keeping broadband in India in the stone age? When Korea is assuring its people of 1Gbps broadband connectivity to
Aritra Kolkata Airtel NOP
everyone by 2011, we dont even get to fully use the measly bandwidth that we have.
Amit B Chennai BSNL Home 500 C No ISP should ever implement such Fair Usage Policies, which can be attributed to poor infrastructure. Well Said.
Heck! Why does Airtel even care about "Fair Usage". The consumers pay money for their "unlimited plans"... so its upto consumers to decided theor usage
Disappointed Airtel User bangalore Airtel 1Mbps Unlimited
patterns... even if it means using the entire bandwidth for every second of the billing cycle. I am terribly disappointed by this move.
Very unprofessional, and unethical.. We even use Airtel for corporate internet services and this has definetly dented our impression about Airtel... Wake up
Rajesh Bangalore
Neeladri Sen Kolkata BSNL DataOne / UL 750 Plus Please rename your plan as "Limited Unlimited"
Pandiyaraj R Chennai 256 kbps UL Rs.799 Airtel........grow up............
This is really unacceptable, and reminiscent of the "unlimited" plans of Sify where they would dock one day of internet in a month if you went above 150MB
of usage in a day. I believe Sify was taken to court and was rightfully penalized for the same. If Airtel wants to be honest to its customer, then it should call
Vaibhav New Delhi Airtel 1499 (512kbps UL) the plans by what they are: e.g. "512kbps unlimited" should be "256kbps unlimited with 512kbps for the first 3-4 days only." Then we'll see who will
subscribe to 256kbps unlimited for Rs. 1499 + tax!! Here's hoping that for all the accolades awarded to Mr. Sunil Mittal, he is responsive to the feedback of
his customers, and dissuades whoever thought of this truly regrettable policy from ever coming up with nonsense like this again.
xxxxxxxx Mumbai Airtel/256 kbps unlimited I wholeheartedly support this petition and want Airtel to revert this policy ASAP.
xxxxxxxx Bangalore 384 Kbps Unlimited Unfair policy from Airtel.
I have, for years, boasted about Airtel's good uptime and service and recommended it to many many friends even though it was always a bit expensive.
Airtel should solve the problem of viruses though education of users and penalizing virus infected machines and not legitimate users. I am Free Software
Sunil Mohan Adapa Hyderabad Airtel 384 Kbps Unlimited (GNU/Linux) user and I never had to worry about viruses. If Airtel does not revert this "fair use" policy and remove its intruding ads, I will not only move
away from Airtel (thankfully, there are other ISPs how are very close to Airtel's quality and really fair) I will spend a good amount of energy campaigning
against Airtel. Airtel shall remain blacklisted for years to come.
Raghu T N Bangalore 512KBps unlimited This is not an acceptable policy . Please remove it .
This FUP - is completely unfair. Come on look at other countries around the world , they have broadband speeds upto 8 MBPS and have unlimited
Chetan Hooli Bangalore Airtel - 1MBPS - Unlimited
downloads. We dont want any FUP any where cause its Bull shit
I have been a proud customer of Airtel Broadband service until the Fair Usage Policy has been launched. And the worst part is that i have not been
informed about it. This is just denial of service. Thanks to Airtel, now i can't attend those conference calls, online business meetings, can't even work from
hasini Hyderabad 256 Kbps (128 after cap :( )
home... This is real bad guys... I can't even imagine why are the subscribers not even given a chance to use atleast 50% of their allotted bandwidth????
Now this is not unlimited... also its not broadband... its a narrow band... Its Serious time that you people at Airtel take a decision on this...
xxxxxxxx Bangalore BSNL/512Kbps Unlimited Please get rid of such policies.
xxxxxxxx Bangalore 1MBps Unlimited I just lost all respect I had for the company.
Well this happens with all companies when they know there is no one else in the market who can offer better services....they get greedy...and back it up
with nice sounding reasons which are a bunch of BS. Who cares about customers in india anyways....thats why theses companies can thing of getting
xxxxxxxx New Delhi 512 KBPS Unlimited aways with murder.... Although I have signed up on this petition, i still have doubts....on what can actually be done if Airtel decides to go this way.....will all
of you sign up with BSNL....for your broadband connection......i guess not.....cuz you their services are shit.... So all the best and we customers of Airtel,
who have agreed to enter the Airtle vendor trap, hope for the best for us, justhope against hope... Regards,...
I've been using Airtel for almost two years, and currently pay them more than 2000 rupees a month. This is shameful and is making me rethink if it's worth
Kartick Vaddadi Bangalore Unlimited 1mbps
it or if I should move to BSNL.
xxxxxxxx Airtel
If you implemented this policy, please be sure that myself and all my friends and neighbors are going to disconnect "all airtel services" and recommend the
Jayanth Bangalore 384 Unlimited 999
same for anyone we know.
Mumbai Not an Airtel BB User but ALWAYS with
xxxxxxxx Take back this policy or just pack your bags and airtel
xxxxxxxx Bangalore 512kbps unlimited
john Bangalore
xxxxxxxx Pune 1mbps unlimited
xxxxxxxx New Delhi 2222 unlimited
Shaan Mumbai Thought Airtel you are the BEST....But you proved me WRONG!!!
When airtel says that people are overusing their usage, they should understand that we are paying for it. If they say 128Kbps unlimited, then I am entitled
Manish Sinha Manipal, Karnataka 128 Kbps unlimited
to the bandwidth possible in 30 days when using it 24 hours. The Fair Usage Policy is actually Unfair.
xxxxxxxx Bangalore 512kbps unlimited How can you do this ? you are forcing users to look for other options besides Airtel
xxxxxxxx Bangalore Airtel Home 1299
xxxxxxxx NEW DELHI home 999 / 384kbps unlimited The whole point of providing unlimited usage gets violated if you plan on restricting the download and upload limit and the speed.
Avinash Puranik Bangalore Airtel/ 256 unlimited
Sir , I have opted for Unlimited plan only to have a relief of mind .. not bothering about the caps or restricted use of MY usage of the Internet. When i pay a
xxxxxxxx Chennai Airtel / 384 Kbps UL premium fee to get the service I want , then i really mean I WANT ... and your FUP is only making me to shift to other ISP`s.So please consider our plea
and rollback to once great unlimited plan.. \ We love airtel and dont make us hate you...
Airtel: you suck. Unfortunately, you are the best of the worst and you are taking advantage of a small monopoly. You can't even provide decent speeds
xxxxxxxx Bangalore Airtel/256k unlimited and decent services. You will gain more customers by improving your products and plans from a technical standpoint rather than by doing this asshattery.
Go fuck yourselves.
shreya bangalore home 999
Richeek Dey Hyderabad Airtel/256 unlimited
Stop fooling us, we had enough of inept governance and terrorism. Please stop this mindless consumer exploitation just for increasing your worth in
Pradeep Singh Bangalore 384kbps unlimited
sanket desai Hyderabad Airtel/512 UL This policy is totally against us users and if this continues I will definitely be shifting my ISP. Hope you do something about this.
Suresh H Bangalore Airtel
Ankur Arora Bangalore Airtel/256Kb \\"unlimited\\"
The fair usage policy is unacceptable. We don't use Airtel's services to be bound by such restrictions. If Airtel doesn't retract this policy, they're going to be
Abhishek Nandakumar New Delhi 999
giving other service providers our business. Should we give them some time limit?
Roshan Mangalore Airtel
Sahil Muthoo Noida Airtel 512 kbps unlimited
Srinivasa Pothuri Hyderabad 384KBPS \\"unlimited\\" Airtel has not communicated this new policy to customers, prior to implementing.
Bangalore Airtel Home 999 384 kbps unlimited
xxxxxxxx Mumbai
xxxxxxxx Tirupur 256 Kbps Unlimited
xxxxxxxx Ludhiana Airtel Broadband/ 256kbps Unlimited
xxxxxxxx Noida
xxxxxxxx chennai i am a good boy
xxxxxxxx Cochin
This is very disappointing on Airtel's part. I shifted from MTNL to Airtel just for their top notch service and excellent customer support. But this step from
Airtel's side has hurt me deep. Though I use 1Mbps plan with 150 GB limit but what about those with 256K or 512K plans? Just 15GB and 25GB for them?
Sunny Chahal New Delhi Airtel/2222 1 Mbps Unlimited
Do you call this fair? Then it's more fair to kick Airtel's arse and shift back to MTNL and suffer the pathetic service again or wait for Airtel to wake up and
see what people want.
Having good ads on television is useless when in reality you start games like these. If you continue to introduce senseless restrictions like these get ready
xxxxxxxx Mysore 256Kbps unlimited
for a MASSIVE airtel user fallout.
karthik salem student I support the cause, and hope Airtel reverts this consumer hurting policy.
SilverL@nc3 chennai Airtel/256UL Airtel is sure gonna lose customers coz of this crap idea.......!! i too support this petition........
This is perfect, we were just expecting something like this. First of all thanks to the topic starter. Airtel cant just do this to us... Limiting the download for UL
Gdn_Maximus Chennai Airtel 256/UL
users? What does the word Unlimited mean? Dont try something new and end up with a flop show.. ty ^_^
Madhur Delhi mtnl/256 ul although im on mtnl, this still sucks, boycott airtel
Pathik Mumbai MTNL UL Airtel sucks. Down with you, idiots! Switching to MTNL soon. I will also flush your SIM down my toilet and switch to Reliance GSM.
Santhosh Bangalore +1
Vignesh Chennai 384kbps UL
Shantam Kullu BSNL Home UL750 I support this petition.I was thinking of leaving BSNL and joining Airtel but will not due to the implementation of FUP.
Ashok erode 3 year good
tarunesh pasuparthy bangalore 384 kbps UL
Siddhesh Parulekar Mumbai Currently on MTNL 256KBPS UL Fuck Airtel lol.
Arunava Kolkata Airtel rocks, but going through with this stupid policy shall shatter hearts of many and droop your reputation.
xxxxxxxx Chennai BSNL/UL Well said.
xxxxxxxx New Delhi
Sathish Kumar Chennai BSNL / Unlimited 750 Well drafted..
Airtel indeed has cheated upon its customers by not informing about this rules beforehand and also the Customer Care was not knowing about this, they
Atul Nivrutti Kawale Chennai Airtel/384Kbps Unlimited 999 Plan played around me for over 15 days to inform me about this.I wasted about 2 hrs daily for about 10 days calling to the Airtel Supervisor of my region and
Customer Care. I am completely dejected by this act of Airtel and now I am sure that I will never recommend Airtel to anyone.
Make unlimited download plans for common man more affordable and put no cap on it otherwise airtel will lose the market.Airtel is best ISP till date so
Sumit Gupta Noida Airtel/799
keep the status quo.
Bhavin N Desai Bangalore 1 mbps unlimited Day light robbery by Banias
S Krishna Bangalore Airtel - Unlimited 999 plan This is surely unfortunate, for Airtel to have come up with such a plan. Hope they reverse it soon...
xxxxxxxx delhi
Sastha Chennai Tata Indicom 386kbps I was considering moving to airtel, but after this dumb policy, I will never shift to it!
hemant dua delhi MTNL TriB UL Combo ye kya baat h speed kam karne ki? matlab unlimited internet maa chuda raha h india me? bhenchod desh ko backward le jana chahte ho? maa ke lodon
Chinmay Dhandhania Gurgaon Dataone/256kbps UL This is indeed a selfish act from a reputed ISP.
Prem Chennai home799 totally unfair !!!
Manikaran Singh Mahal New Delhi Airtel UL-512kbps This is very disappointing. Im paying 1500 bucks for this plan. And now, I am not even getting the promised speed. Airtel is a fraud.
xxxxxxxx Chennai UL 2000
This policy is ridiculous. Just a way for Airtel to reap even more fatter profits without improving their infrastructure for the raising demands but want to get
Sateesh Bangalore Reliance/1mbps UL
new customers. I already shifted to reliance
xxxxxxxx New Delhi Home 777 This policy stinks of licence raj. Do get rid of it at the earliest. Thanks.
R Shyam Sunder Chennai Airtel/Unlimited
jothi murugan.g chennai airtel broadband-256 Kbps unlimited fair usage ?!?!?!
Abhinav Bansal Bangalore Airtel/home 799 STOP CHEATING AND STEALING money out of our pockets in BROAD DAYLIGHT
Bangalore Airtel - Home Combo 999 (384kbps
xxxxxxxx This is wrong and goes against everything that we as a developing country should be striving for - a free and fair internet. Airtel!! Hai Hai!!
xxxxxxxx Chennai 512 KBps UL Plan
Anand Yadav mumbai airtel
What in the world ! We are in the age of Gbps and Mbps, and look what crappy broadband plans that too for a hefty amount we have. Adding salt to the
Vinodh Chennai Airtel/UL 999
wounds,is this (Un)fair usage policy :x
xxxxxxxx Trivandrum BSNL H500
xxxxxxxx Ghaziabad Airtel / Broadband unlimited Please stop fooling the customers
This is highly unacceptable. Its weird that one will only get half the bandwidth of what one is paying for. We have to do something about it as if this goes
xxxxxxxx Chennai TataIndicom Unlimited 384kbps unchecked now, this "Fair Usage" Policy can be replicated by other ISP's as well. And if that happens we would not even have the option of changing the
sanjay r chennai home 2222 Exactly as the above mentioned statement !!
xxxxxxxx Bangalore 999 Fair usage policy sucks!!!
Sumit Bhardwaj Noida Airtel / 256 Kbps Unlimited
Prateek Bhargava New Delhi Airtel Home 699
How can this be called fair usage? Don't the unlimited users pay a huge premium for lower bandwidth just to get rid of the transfer limit. This scheme is just
Hyderabad Airtel/512kbps unlimited (Home to make more money for Airtel. I'm also thinking of canceling my Airtel mobile connection and I urge other people to do the same. This is blatant cheating
1499) on Airtel's part and I have lost all trust in them. To the people who do not have other broadband choices please leave your PCs on 24x7 after the speed
cap has been activated and help seed Linux torrents.
Airtel has outright cheated us. Daylight robbery on our face. This policy is hopeless, does not give a shit about the customer. Its data for god sake its not a
tangible item why is airtel screwing most of its customer base like this. First they give us good internet once we all build confidence, they figure theyve got
K S Rao New Delhi 512 Unlimited their market share and screw the present customers? We stuck with airtel since it cared for its customer if this policy is permanent bye airtel welcome to
BSNL. Absolutely hopeless for big company like Bharti to implement such outright "Cheap" policies to screw its loyal customers whove supported them in
last many years with mobile, tv and broadband. Airtel should realise thyre big today since we supported them when they were nothing today they rather
than returning the favor are downright robbing and screwing its customers up. Get some MORALS airtel and grow up. Make internet better in India not
Rohan Kaikini Bangalore Unlimited 799 Not expected from Airtel!!
I just want to say that, why don't you guys directly call it High-Speed-Dial-Up connection instead of broadband!! When people over the world get more than
Amol Patil Pune Hathway / 256kbps unlimited 10mbps speed we here in India are struggling to get even 256kbps UL! What is this! If you can't provide that much service too why are you still in business
Someone ought to make a formal complaint to TRAI. I'm going to email them a link to this page. If someone can contact TRAI or knows someone who
works for TRAI, please contact them and ask them how you can file a complaint against an ISP. BTW, Airtel is also intercepting HTTP requests and
Ankur Sethi New Delhi Airtel Home 799
showing huge, full page ads before they let you continue to whatever website you wanted to browse. AFAIK, this is happening only if you visit plain HTML
pages which contain no POST data and no GET queries.
Sandeep Mangalore BSNL/UL750
There is a legal problem with AIRTEL's move to restrict the speed of 'Broadband' connections. As per the TRAI, Broadband in India is defined as 'Internet
access with a minimum speed of 256 Kbps from the Internet Service Provider’s (ISP) Node to the customer premises equipment (CPE)'. Even by this really
New Delhi AIRTEL / Combo 899 2mbps 3GB old slow definition of Broadband in India, does it mean that if a consumer has a 256kbps connection, and uses up the allocated data by a certain day of the
Rajeev R. Singh
plan month, the connection ceases to remain a 'Broadband' connection for the rest of the month? This is absurd. How can a person with whom AIRTEL has
signed up a contract to provide a 'Broadband' connection not provide that 'service' for the entire duration of the contract period, whatever the pretext may
Mayank Agarwal Delhi HOme649 Oflate, Airtel has been resorting to cheap profiteering tactics.. this is highly uncalled for from a giant like Bharti!
Deepu Thomas Bangalore Airtel 1 MBPS
Jai Suresh Vellore BSNL/B3000 I do say so.
I can't believe this. I have phone, DSL and everything is Airtel but now this is what I get after all :o(. Shame ! If Airtel is not going to change, I have the
xxxxxxxx chennai Airtel/499
option of moving other ISP. Airtel, you setting a bad example for others.
this is insane thing that is happening. we are paying around 1000 buck per month that too for 256 kbps unlimited broadband , now it has some "FAIR
Prateek Sarkar New Delhi Airtel / 799 unlimited
USAGE POLICY" its totally insane,
How this is not looting when I'm paying a premium price for unlimited bandwidth, and being served half the bandwidth for the same price is something I
Balu Vaithinathan Chennai Airtel Value Combo 799 would like Airtel to explain. I'm thoroughly disappointed with this move, just when I was beginning to think Airtel was so much different from its incompetent
I used have think that Airtel is the best company in India offering the best service & plans but after this I my faith in you has broken. Now I have switched to
Shivam New Delhi 256UL some other ISP providing a Plan which is much faster & is also unlimited! Right now other ISPs worldwid are trying to increase there speed & giving out
better plans & moving towards d Digital age whereas you are going backwards towards the stone age. :|
I've been with Airtel for a long time now. Started with their 256k unlimited line and kept upgrading every time a newer plan with more bandwidth came out. I
Ashwath Ravee Chennai Airtel 1Mbps Unlimited. even stood by patiently when my internet line was down for more than a month because of the excellent service given by them in the past. However, if this
restriction continues, it'll be time to get out and look for another ISP.
Looks like we are going backward instead of forward as far as broadband is concerned. Countries like Korea are introducing GB's of bandwidth plans and
monty delhi Airtel
here we are capping already mediocre bandwidth plans.
Priyank Piyush Bangalore Airtel 750UL Have lost faith in Airtel :-(
Kalyan Hyderabad Airtel/256UL Airtel is being unfair with this fair usage policy. I will wait for a month and switch my ISP if this doesnt change.
Rahul Mysore Airtel/256 UL Totally unfair policy sir!
Ananth Acharya Mangalore Home 999 - 384 kbps \\"unlimited\\" Good bye Craptel
WTF AIRTEL is doing.... Fu@#ing its customers... PROPER.... They have enough bandwidth to provide affordable 1-2Mbps connections to all its
Tehseen Ali Bhopal AIRTEL Home 999
subscribers but still they want to squeeze their customers like anything... TRAI should see that they put a leash on AIRTEL's unfair trade practices....
Sundeep Dev Singh Bangalore 699 Unlimited This is utterly nonsense. We don't accept this type of weird rules. What's the point of calling this plan an unlimited plan.
Nisheeth Upadhyay New Delhi 799 Unlimited Unfair.
Chaitanya Purandare Pune Airtel 999 Plus (384 Kbps UL) Limits on unlimited plans? Wasn't expecting this from Airtel.
Ashish Gupta Noida Airtel Home 999
Shrinidhi Rao Mangalore BSNL/UL750 Bharti has its own fiber backbone if I'm not mistaken. Why become so stingy all of a sudden?
Vivek Mahajan Delhi
Sujoy Packrasy Nagpur 256 Sir Please use fair policies against your customers or else days of airtel will come to end soon.
samret singh Ghaziabad 512kbps Unlimited Every word said above is true, I have been using AirTel BB for 4 years now and I can not believe Airtel could do such a thing to its loyal customers
dear sunil, you've lost total 12 potential customers to your service since i came to know about your policy. i intend to make this number as huge as
aditya bangalore airtel/ signed for \\'256 Unlimited\\'
possible. thanks
Gaurish Sharma This is a restrictive trade practice and it should be stopped
Shashank Mysore Airtel/256 kbps Unlimited
Vinayak Dasgupta New Delhi Airtel/799 Unlimited plan
who came up this absolute bull$hit idea? man, airtel is surely going to loose customers for this and they are not going to get any new subscribers as well. i
Abhijeet Deb Bangalore 750 UL
say fire that guy/gal who came up with this cr@p of capping unlimited plans.
xxxxxxxx Bangalore Airtel/384 kbps UL M goin to BSNL if Airtel changes its plans.
xxxxxxxx mumbai reliance 300kbps unlimited
This seems to be unfair usage policy. These policies take us back to stoneage with the media content growing so fast & we need faster & limitless access.
Magesh Chennai Airtel
Please consider to remove the cap.
xxxxxxxx adsasd asdas
A unlimited plan means fully unlimted but not like cutting the speed to half.Just to let u know Airtel intentionaly pressed its destroy button to blow away all
Abhijit Dash Bangalore Airtel/384kbpsUnlimited
reputation it had built over the years.. I have disconnected Airtel and now am on other ISP happily downloading...
xxxxxxxx Mumbai Airtel / 256 kbps Unlimited
My father has the same cellphone number of Airtel since the day GSM was launched in India. Our internet and landline is Airtel. I hope this counts enough
xxxxxxxx New Delhi
for loyalty
Abhilash Nair Navi Mumbai Please look into the matter as it is just not fair to consumers.
xxxxxxxx mumbai
Jeba Singh Emmanuel Delhi Airtel, 512 kbps Business UL
Seshank Hyderabad Airtel/256UL
Mr. Mittal, should someone keep whiplashing you to get back to your good ways, so that your current scheming mind stops (atleast) temporarily? If you
xxxxxxxx Bangalore BSNL Home 500
can't afford to give your customers unlimited plans, then I advice you to stop these plans so that there are only capped plans.
This is a really shameful act of selfishness from a well known and highly respected ISP. It is time that the consumers fight back the foolhardiness and even
Mehul Ved Mumbai Hathway monopolistic behaviour exibited by some ISP's. Airtel, please reconsider your Terms, the consumers is what matters. It is not wise to loose long term gains
offered by your consumers for short time, short sighted gains.
I would really hope that Bharti Airtel actually wakes up before it gets too late. The players like BSNL stand to gain immensely, and I'll soon be shifting to
Prakash Narayan Pandey Ludhiana Airtel 512K \\"Unlimited\\"
BSNL 512K Unlimited plan.
Apoorv Sharma New Delhi 256 Unlimited The reputation of Airtel built with its excellent customer support is left meaningless after this move of theirs!
Siddarth Chennai 384UL Airtel is a name to reckon with in India. Please dont dilute the customer confidence in it.
i m discontinuing my connection after 15 days either shift to reliance or tata indicom and remember that no one of my will take airtel connection for sure.....i
V.Avinash Raju hyderabad airtel/256 kbps unlimited
will be there to guide them to other connections
Aditya Sangli BSNL / HOME UL750
xxxxxxxx FBD 555 cant go in new plans if this continues.Now is the time for competition and tarrifs must reduce. But this policy worsen effects.
Prerna Lal Noida Airtel Home 699+
Bengaluru/Trivandrum Tata Indicom Not a subscriber now. Was planning to switch to AirTel by March beginning. Now, decided to stay with current ISP. Planning to change mobile as well as
Unnikrishnan V.G.
WiMax/512kbps Unlimited since the number of dropped calls are very very high.
Sameer kumar Manipal 799 Internet service should be free from such policies.Nothing like this is visible in developed countries.We just want the return on our money.
arun noida airtel/799
Currently subscribe to Airtel Bband connections at home and office, plus two cellphone connections... Following this policy, plan to disconnect all four by
Arun Srinivasan Madurai Airtel Freedom 550 Plan
going for alternative providers
I am not using Airtel, but i sure can protest. If this is indeed what Airtel plans to continue with, i ll continue to discourage ppl from taking up Airtel BBand
connection. I already have made 4 of my frnds to stay away from your connection and God knows how many ppl those 4 will effect. Seriously .. if Airtel
Airtel Better Wisen Up noida Why Do u Care ?
cant make out that they been stupid.. its time for all of us to be wisen up and dump this pathetic provider. We all know how u guys achieve the target in ur
mobile phone division.. falsely assigning Hello tunes etc. What a Shame Airtel!
anonymous Delhi 256kbps UL GG AIrtel,you guys are gonna die put soon enoough.
It's simply atrocious & unacceptable that they are limiting an UNLIMITED connection and halving the speed !!! There plans are among the priciest too..
Nishant Nambiar Chennai Airtel/256Kbps Unlimited
They better do something or they'll lose customers day by day ! And to imagine the broadband scenario is improving !?
Fiarosh Delhi Airtel/1499-512UL
xxxxxxxx Surat Airtel - 512kbps UL I use Airtel, Havent faced the issue much but am totally against the policy. Airtel is going down if they continue this
Fahd Malik Delhi home 799, 256kbps UL I am against AFUP. Capping speeds of ~K|b|ps is just not acceptable!
Mahesh Mumbai Airtel/384 kbps unlimited ?! I will be definitely giving up all my Airtel connections (landline+mobile) if this policy is in fact implemented.
Setu NIket Nodia Airtel/256kbps UL Go ahead Airtel, see you in the court of Law..! You will lose atleast 2 dozen customers in this month from my apartment itself.
Anomit Airtel/So-called-unlimited 799 Think forward
xxxxxxxx Bangalore AIRTEL/384kbps UL Till now i used to suggest AIRTEL for my friends when it comes to braodband but this policy has changed everything.
Internet has been an important part of life, to connect with my friends and relatives, to keep myself updated with happenings around the world, to share
xxxxxxxx Bangalore 384kbps/Unlimited knowledge with friends and of course, to do my work from home without any trouble. No one cannot inflict a fair usage upon it's users, who themselves has
to determine how they use the facilities in a fair way.
Ashish Goel Delhi Airtel Not a gr8 move to keep the customers....
This is looting.i am on an unlimited 512kbps connection for over a year,i paid for an unlimited connection of 512kbps speed.say 2 months back if my speed
xxxxxxxx chennai AIRTEL
was like 256kbps airtel would require me to register a complaint with them stating the low speeds i am getting.and would rectify if i download more
than 40+gb they reduce my speed to 256kbps but still collect RS1500 as the charge.does airtel think indians are fools .may be who knows.....
Haven't seen such a Fcuking retarded attitude of any tech company towards the people of India in a long time. First you grow big because of us and now
Pradeep Kumar Panda Hyderabad Unlimed 256Kbps
your desperate fcuking attempt to grow bigger by robbing the general public also starts. Grow up you dumbos and let unlimited be purely unlimited
I too support this petition, AirTel broadband is now india's best ISP, but dont go like such downgrade, and everyone knows that we customer in India
xxxxxxxx Mumbai 256kbps Rs.900pm paying you 100times extra money for wht you giving.... SG u get 2mbps unlimted = Rs.500 for 2mbps unlimted.. LOL WTF ! regards, Ajinkya Mumbai-
AirTel : 022-4003xxxx
Anirudh Gupta New Delhi 256kbps unlimited This is completely insane. For your personal gain u r cheating ur long time trustin customers.
Koushik P S R Bangalore Airtel 256kbps unlimited You couldn't have put this in a better way, Hail the loyal subscribers. Dethrone Airtel in all its forms..
Srinath Chennai Airtel 448kbps Unlimited I have been a loyal customer for more than 5 years, but THIS is totally unfair! I do hope good sense prevails, and you withdraw this unFair policy.
Why on earth we are going backwards ? If Airtel is not able to provide upto the needs of customers then please pack your luggage and go out of our
jit Pune BSNL/750UL
country. Why blame us as thieves by saying that we are leeching bandwidth and then applying a shitty policy.
I used to be a satisfied customer of airtel but now you people have let me down. You people already overcharge us for this service because there was no
Ishan Jain Dekhi Airtel
other ISP like you and now this policy. It make me think that you are taking advantage of being the best in india.
Sandeep Chandy Cochin Airtel/256kbps UL
Airtel you have been good to us, but now what the hell you think of us. Are we your slaves or your customers? Thinking that imposition of any
xxxxxxxx Delhi Home 650
descriminating policy can't take over the brand image you have put up on our minds.
Gajendra Bangalore Airtel/256KBPS Unlimited
Shame on this private company. Instead of providing more and more attractive offers, de-motivating the people to how India is competing with other similar
Vikram Mysore 256Kbps UL
developing countries...Shame on the company.
I have had this connection since the days of Touchtel. Never had an issue with the service until now. Why stoop down now when you have been elite
Vijay Kumar Chennai 512Kbps/Unlimited provider for 6+ years? 6 Years of trust broken just to save some bandwidth. It's like being forced to move to another ISP. Great business strategy. Guess,
it's time for me to move on.
chetan shah Coimbatore Airtel / 256k unlimited
lovejeet singh damanjodi, orissa bsnl / home750ul+ unlimited plans should be unlimited...capping of download limit is not tolerable.
Saurav Srivastava Lucknow BSNL - Home Unlimited. Either declare the plans as bandwidth limited instead of Unlimited, or reduce the current tariff to half.
you used to me no.1 ISP but now making unlimited plan limited . what happened to you . instead you should be providing 1/2 mbps plan for 1000/ month
Arvinder Singh new delhi 384 kbps so called unlimited
by now but uyou are going back 2-3 years by making unlimited plans limited. I am sure you have lots of money but use it for ur customre benefits
xxxxxxxx Thane/Mumbai Airtel/384Kbps-Unlimited The policy is not at all fair, we, who have paid for and unlimited connection, want the connection to be truly unlimited...
Abhijit Dutta Kolkata Alliance/256kbps UL
Abhishek Pancholi Bhopal Airtel 256kbps UL I did not pay a premium for an unlimited plan to have a download limit. This is an utterly bizarre decision, almost as bad as fraud.
Tarun Brari Mandi UL 256
I am not going to recommend Airtel to anyone until Airtel takes back its Fair Usage Policy... I will ask my friends and relatives to discontinue Airtel Services
~Hami~ Chennai Airtel 256kbps Unlimited (broadband, mobile, DTH). If Airtel doesn't withdraw fair usage policy in one or two months, I am going to discontinue its service and look for other ISPs.
Thank You.
V. Kumar New Delhi Airtel / 512kbps unlimited
Vladimir Sukhov Bangalore Airtel 1mb UL Burn in a rotten hell you communist bastard airtel, you deserve it. I'm changing ISP next month.
Kalpik Nigam Delhi Airtel 384 kbps UL I support the cause, and hope Airtel reverts this consumer hurting policy.
xxxxxxxx chandigarh airtel/home 799
We pay a premium price to you compared to other ISP's because Airtel's service is great. But with the implementation of such unfair policies, we are forced
Deep Bangalore Airtel 256kbps UL
to rethink and are searching for options with other ISP's. I hope good sense prevails over Airtel and it takes the right step to get rid of the AFUP.
Manish Nagar Noida 2222 RS /1mbs unlimited This is absurd. I've been on the 1MB/S unlimited plan for a month, and now they're taking the joys of high volume downloads away from me.
Aniruddha Mitra Noida Home-384kbps(unlimited)
Milind Bangalore Airtel/448kbps Unlimited
Vedant Lath Noida Airtel/Home 799 (UL) This might force me to switch to another ISP here. 256 kbps already feels slow. I cannot imagine being on a 128 kbps connection most of the time.
quite an irony consistently low speeds finally came over it switched to mtnl. High time aitel should pull up there socks face the reality they dont have
Madhur Garg delhi airtel/ 256 kbps unlimited
monopoly over the market, if not increasing the customer base should atleast maintain it. waiting for your reply and favourable action
xxxxxxxx Faridabad Airtel 2222 unlimited have to look for alternatives. never expected this from a company like airtel. i think airtel is the new reliance
Arbitrary and unethical step taken by Airtel. This will negate the trust and goodwill built up over the years. Surely did not expect such a narrow-minded and
Kunal New Delhi Airtel Home 649
regressive move from Airtel.
I subscribe to airtel broadband at two places my house and work. I opted and changed both internet to airtel specifically for unlimited downloads with less
down time as i need constant video conferencing for my business presentations. I do not understand how airtel can pose such limits on us. For god sake
unlimited means unlimited for the whole month without cutting our speeds in half outright robbing us. There is a reason me and so many other people are
Satish Rao New Delhi Airtel - 512UL, 1MBPS UL with airtel, i will be changing my internet if this policy is implemented permanently and so many other people will follow suit. I must have till date
recommended airtel to atleast 50 people personally they are going to curse me because of this and would not recommend airtel to their freinds/relatives.
Airtel please show some respect towards the customer and not commit daylight robbery like this.Otherwise sadly many of us will change to BSNL and trust
me airtel this is not going to be a strategic move for in the long run as you will suffer more than gain in the long run. If you implement such rediculous
policies outrigh screwing the customer up the ass we would lose trust in airtel in all three areas including mobile, dtv and broadband. Airtel your up there
because of us loyal customers who believed in your services and kept sticking to your company may it be mobile, tv or broadband. Dont screw the whole
faith up by making such unreasonable robberies towards the customer. Customer is KING remember, i though your company preached that as compared
to others..... >???????
xxxxxxxx Delhi Airtel/256kbps UL Absolutely anti-consumer move. Will have to look for alternatives. I work from home and do a lot of online courses. This is a great discouragement.
Sushubh I support this petition. Airtel Broadband cannot go down to the levels of Sify Broadband!