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Transcendent Man Film Trailer

How do you think he proposes that it is possible to live forever through merging with technology??? I
realize that (technology out of the picture in this), to live healthily, organically, naturally, chemical-free
(as much as is possible in the midst of a biological warfare by our governed leaders - following the
psyoptic proddings of the (dark light) Illuminati BTW - still doubtful of your motives - sorry*),
radiation-free (ie microwaved foods partiularly) along with being free of a few other health zapping
radicals, we can easily extend our life exptancy. But how can we 'live forever'?

The only way I can surmise is that we get implants that would duplicate certain bodily functions when
the original organ falters and dies. But I am sure that that process is full of limitations no matter how
far down the road of ingenious technocracy 'we' venture. It would only post-pone the inevitable.

*With regards to ascension... the reptillian agenda of that branch of Illuminati does not wish for us to
ascend due to fear and jealousy. It has to do with our DNA. WE have 12 strands - which make
ascension possible. They only have 11 - which does not make it possible. Therefore having claimed
lordship over us just because they possibly were around a little longer then us they do not wish for us to
rise above what they could not possibly attain themselves. That would be indignifying and humiliating
to them. Therefore to prevent that from taking place is their aim so that they can maintain the
immaculate control over our beings that they currently have had for thousands of years. As well, if
something catastrophic were to happen to our universe then we (as beings of the light - descendants of
star matter - who have ascended the lower dimensions) can and will survive in another realm just as
certain light beings from Atlantis (and previous worlds then that even) did! Whereas they will continue
to be stuck in the lower dimensions and thus still be trapped on this planet.

The only reason they have any control over us is by keeping US stuck in the 3rd dimension while they
have knowledge and control in the 4th, 5th, 6th (and possibly as high as the 10th or 11th dimensions -
BUT NEVER THE 12TH, surmising that that is where the 12th strand of DNA comes in).
In the flood of Noah's day, the time of Atlantis (which I think may have co-related to the great flood
actually when the oceans became deeper due to the massively escessive weight of waters) or any other
era that may have existed, these Illuminati demon creatures - Annunaki , nephilim, sons of corrupt
angels or whatever they wish to be titled - have the organics and the technological/intellectual
advancements to know how to survive anything the natural and physical world will throw our way
BUT do not have the ability to ascend as we do. The theory I have as to why they cannot is that when
their fathers forsook THEIR natural places in the spirit realm and took humanoid bodies for themselves
they could only create 10 or 11 DNA strands in their bodies. This was miraculous in and of itself but
the father of the spiriit creatures (former angels of heaven) alone had the formula for the 12th strand of
DNA. Without that strand there is no way for them to learn/earn ascension. They forsook their proper
place and were not allowed by our heavenly father - the Originator of life as we know it in all forms,
dimensions and parallel dimensions (etc) - to ever have that privilege again. That was their punishment
to their offspring - the descendants of the demons which have physially survived to this day without a
soul basically.

Part 'b' of the same theory says that perhaps Satan 'owns' that 12th strand as payment to him for having
limited imortality. It is limited in that they no longer have spiritual immortalty but only the ability to
live forever in physical bodies - unless God himself or Satan so choose to kill them, but they don't b/c
they have some sort of binding contract which allows them so many milleniums or aeons (one or the
other) to see what they will do. If during these eras of time they can turn around and repent of their evil
and wish to leave their dark light behind to return to the pure light of love and truth they could redeem
themselves. If not then at the end of the contract a final battle would ensue where the angels of our
Creator's (YHWH's) armies will battle Satan's (AKA Lucifer who is probably just the mirrored
reflection of Satan - for from my understanding of being in the spirit world they 'create' versions of
themselves that have shape-shifiting abilites within the physical realm which are really just reflections
and not really there, 'simply' illuminative reflections of the light of love life from which/whence they
came. But by so doing - creating a new light being in a physical body they sacrifice the spiritual love
light being they once were.) In this final battle is when the verdict of complete death is presented to
these rebels who wish to enslave humans. They will not even have access to physical life as they have
used up their last opportunity to return to the love light or the white light for making it clear that they
prefer the dark light of chaos which is absent of the rules of the white light that make life possible to
continue eternally. Being rebels of authority and advocates of 'Me-ism' which they pass on to us
humans as 'Humanism' (which branches off into Materialism, Evolutionism, Individualism and other
self-seeking, love quelching philosophies/belief systems/isms) they prefer and have grown accustomed
to negative, dark and hence evil patterns which are really just helter/skelter blue-prints of chaos and
dis-order. In so doing it has sealed there fate. They do not wish to go down alone so that is why they try
so hard to enslave us so that we will not have the mental and spiritual capacity to see beyond the
distractions that their 'Illuminati' wish to put before us. The Illuminati are merely bullies who will not
allow us to see what is in the 'chamber of mirrors' or the world of pure love and light where we can
reflect back and see where we originate (from our TRUE creator - of love light) because if they allow
us then we have the ability to ascend and go where they cannot. We will have immortality when they
no longer deserve it. We have the potential. They forsook it so they want us to do down with them if
they can make us selfish too and choose me-ism over love for others. What they fail to realize is that to
be concerned only with one's self is of no consequence unless you have love for others first. The reason
for this is b/c we feed off of each other - being as 'one'. Love is the source of life, the source of our
potential to ascend to higher life energies and therefore is essential to express in order to receive love
an life in return. It is no different then any other cycle of life - like the water cycle or nitrogen cycle or
the orbits in our solar system. Without the circles of life continuing to flow life ceases to feed itself.
Without giving back what we have received (love essentially) we will run out of love/life just as the
'Annunaki' have no love left either and therefore are imprisoned in their dark and spiritual void - de-
void of light, love and eventuall life as their 'batter' type contract will inevitably expire after not being
re-charged for far too long!

Tell me what you think of my theories. They are based on both my physical and spiritual experiences of
life as to what I have perceived in reflection back. Also if you can tell me where you stand with those
that lord it over us - the Annunaki - I can see where your motives originate. Like I stated in my theory
of things I believe this to be a time of testing for the 'Annunaki' branch of the Illuminati - and in
extension, all of us. The other branches of the Illuminated ones have made efforts to return to the love
light and are therefore the dark light agents' enemies b/c they are the ones that are helping the rest of us
'mere' humans ascend above the mereness of our enslaved existances under the scrutinized control of
the SELF appointed ones and their reptillian technotic/hypnotic computer and satellite 'eye'!

Phew! What a mouthful! Well that is the best I can describe my view of the 'games' we play presented
to us by the 'beasts that be' the 'powers that be'. How do YOU see it? Where is YOUR standing? Do
you claim to be with the agents of love light OR with the agents dark light???

- With Respect, Dignity and Love Light (either way you walk)
=> Fire Fly in the Dark!