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Japanese Language Kit

The Apple Japanese Language Kit there is no need to store an addi-

contains everything you need to tional system on your hard disk. The
easily add Japanese to your docu- Japanese Language Kit also contains
ments. The kit can be used with Kotoeri, the same easy-to-use input
your Apple Macintosh computer method that is included with
to run Japanese applications and KanjiTalk.
Features include Japanese text in letters, Almost every major software
presentations, and reports. You program has a version that has
• Create documents and presentations in can even work with files created been localized for Japanese. All you
both Japanese and English, or Japanese
and other languages supported by your
using KanjiTalk, Apple’s Japanese need to run them is the Japanese
system version of the Macintosh operating Language Kit and System 7.1 or later.
• Produce promotional materials, foreign-
language textbooks, bilingual educational
system. You can even use nonlocalized
materials, and more Whether you’re a desktop pub- programs that take advantage of
• Insert Japanese text into letters,
presentations, spreadsheets, and other
lisher or business professional, you WorldScript, such as Nisus Writer,
documents can use the Language Kit to create WordPerfect, and WorldWrite.
• Boost language learning by using inter-
active practice drills and other learning tools
materials such as brochures, posters, WorldScript simplifies the way in
Ease of use
business cards, presentations, and which a single operating system
• Installs quickly and easily restaurant menus in Japanese. can support multiple languages.
• Easily create, edit, and print Japanese
• Comes with an input guide that includes
Students and teachers can use it to The Japanese Language Kit
instructions in Japanese and English run interactive Japanese-language comes with three Kanji TrueType
Compatibility programs and produce compelling fonts, that produce high-quality
• Runs applications that have been localized
for Japanese, including WordPerfect, Aldus
term papers in Japanese. Although output from any Macintosh
Persuasion, FileMaker Pro, and Lotus 1-2-3 the Japanese Language Kit does not compatible printer. Documentation
• Recommended for all QuickDraw printers;
also works with PostScript-compatible
translate text, it does let you easily is provided in both Japanese and
printers input, edit, and print in Japanese. English, and you can type using
• Runs on all Macintosh compatibles;
68020, 68030, and 68040 processor–based
The Japanese Language Kit works either the roman or the kana
computers; and Power Macintosh computers as an extension to Mac OS software keyboard layout. These features
Flexibility version 7.1 or later. It also allows make the Language Kit easy to use
• Comes with three Kanji TrueType fonts: you to run Japanese applications. whether you’re a native speaker or
HonMincho, MaruGothic, and Osaka
• Lets you display, edit, and print files Because the Language Kit uses the just learning Japanese.
created using KanjiTalk, the Japanese operating system you already have,
version of the Macintosh operating system

Japanese Language Kit
Technical Specifications • The Japanese Language Kit can be used with many
nonlocalized programs that employ Apple WorldScript
Compatible applications software technology. These programs include:
• The Japanese Language Kit can be used with a
– AllPage
variety of applications localized for Japanese. They – AllScript
include: – Logo Vista E to J
– Acta 7 J – Nisus Writer
– Canvas J – WinText
– ClarisImpact J – WorldWrite
– ClarisWorks J – WordPerfect
Ordering Information
– Director J Note: Apple has tested a limited number of applications;
Japanese Language Kit – Eg Word J these lists are not intended to be comprehensive. Many
Order No. M1648Z/C – FileMaker Pro J nonlocalized applications that do not employ WorldScript
• Japanese Language Kit on thirteen 1.4MB – FreeHand J software technology may provide limited functionality and
floppy disks and CD – GreatWorks J allow input of Japanese characters.
• WorldScript II system extension – HyperCard J
• Japanese Language Kit Installation and – Illustrator J Printer support
• Recommended: QuickDraw printers, including the
User’s Guide – Lotus 1-2-3 J
Apple StyleWriter line, the Apple Personal LaserWriter
• Macintosh Japanese Input Method Guide – MacDraw Pro J
– MacWord J line, and the ImageWriter line
• PostScript-compatible printers, including Personal
– MacWrite II J
– PageMaker J LaserWriter printers (although PostScript printers can
– Persuasion J produce Japanese, performance may vary)
– Photoshop J System requirements
– Premiere J • Apple Macintosh computer with at least 5MB of RAM
– QuarkXPress J (8MB recommended for multiple applications)
– SoundEdit J • Hard disk with approximately 30MB of RAM available
– SuperPaint J • Apple SuperDrive floppy disk drive or CD
– WordPerfect J • Apple Macintosh System 7.1 or later

Japanese • An application that is localized for Japanese or that

uses WorldScript software technology
Language Kit
The easiest way to add Japanese to your documents. TM

Sample Fonts

TrueType outlines can be displayed and printed in any type size or shape without distortion.

HonMincho (TrueType)

MaruGothic (TrueType)

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