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Power Macintosh 5400 Series

for Education

With its state-of-the-art RISC-based Multimedia audio is made lifelike

processor and advanced multi- through the built-in stereo speakers
media capability, the Apple Power enhanced by SRS 3D surround sound
Macintosh 5400 series computer is and the Macintosh 16-bit stereo
ready to help you learn, create, sound system.
and communicate. Built-in Ethernet connectivity
Features The computer is available in two (included on the 5400/200, optional
High performance
versions—choose either a 180- or on the 5400/180) lets you access the
• PowerPC 603e processor running at 200-megahertz PowerPC 603e proces- Internet—including the World Wide
180 or 200 MHz
• 16MB or 32MB of RAM
sor. There’s plenty of power to let Web—through your local Ethernet
• 1.2GB or 1.6GB hard disk drive you run an abundance of Macintosh network.
Multimedia applications—and there’s plenty of If you need compatibility with
• Multiple-scan 15-inch color display
(12.8-inch diagonal viewable image size)
room to store them on either the MS-DOS or Windows software–
• Built-in tray-loading CD-ROM drive 1.2- or 1.6-gigabyte internal hard based computers, you’ll be able to
• CD-quality digital sound with SRS 3D
surround sound
disk drive. share floppy disks and files easily by
• Front-panel volume control and headphone/ The Power Macintosh 5400 series using Macintosh PC Exchange and
speaker jack includes multimedia features that Macintosh Easy Open software (both
Connectivity and expandability are expensive add-ons with other included).
• Ethernet network connector (5400/200)
• PCI expansion slot computers, including a CD-ROM If you need more capabilities in
• SCSI interface drive for multimedia applications the future, expansion is easy through
• Serial port
and a 15-inch monitor (12.8-inch the industry-standard Peripheral
Features Built Into Every
Power Macintosh diagonal viewable image size) to Component Interconnect (PCI) slot
Fast, easy setup display vibrant colors. There’s also and built-in SCSI support.
• Simple to set up and learn; your system is
ready to go the first time you turn it on
a built-in microphone to directly The Power Macintosh 5400 series:
Mac OS 7.6.1 system software
record your own sounds. Performance and convenience for
• Apple Guide software for step-by-step help learning, creating, and communicating.
with basic system operation
• QuickTime multimedia software
• Macintosh PC Exchange software
• Free upgrade to Mac OS 8.0 for systems
purchased after July 1, 1997 (U.S. $9.95
charge for shipping and handling)
• GeoPort- and LocalTalk-compatible
serial ports
• Built-in AppleTalk networking
• File sharing without a dedicated server
Power Macintosh 5400 Series
for Education

Expansion interfaces
Technical Specifications
• 10BASE-T Ethernet connector included on 5400/200
only; optional on 5400/180
• PCI expansion slot for industry-standard 6.88-in.,
• PowerPC 603e processor running at 180 or 200 MHz
15-watt expansion cards
• 32K internal cache
• Apple Desktop Bus port for mouse, keyboard, and
• Integrated floating-point unit
other devices (multiple devices can be connected to
• 64-bit memory bus
each other from one port)
• 256K level 2 cache (standard on 5400/200; optional
• RS-232/RS-422 serial port for an AppleTalk network
on 5400/180)
Ordering Information connection, other networking connections, communi-
Memory cations equipment (including GeoPort-compatible
Power Macintosh 5400/180 • Comes with 16MB (5400/180) or 32MB (5400/200) devices), or a printer
Order No. M5686LL/B of RAM • SCSI interface port for as many as six external SCSI
Computer with 180-MHz PowerPC 603e, built- • Will support up to 136MB using two 64MB DIMMs devices, such as disk drives and/or CD-ROM drives
in multiple-scan 15-inch display (12.8-inch • Communications slot (used by the built-in Ethernet
Disk drives connector on the 5400/200)
diagonal viewable image size), 16MB RAM,
• Internal 1.2GB (5400/180) or 1.6GB (5400/200) hard
1.2GB hard disk, 8x-speed CD-ROM drive, and • Bay for Apple TV/FM Radio System
disk drive • Video slot (used by the Apple Video System to con-
floppy disk drive. Mouse, keyboard, and cables
• Internal Apple SuperDrive floppy disk drive
also included. nect a VCR, video camera, or other video equipment;
— Uses high-density, 1.4MB floppy disks supports both composite and S-video input)
Power Macintosh 5400/200 — Reads, writes, and formats Macintosh, Windows, • Optional video-output port (requires Apple External
Order No. M6126LL/A MS-DOS, OS/2, and ProDOS disks Video Connector) for connection to an external
Computer with 200-MHz PowerPC 603e, built- monitor for video mirroring (also supports
in multiple-scan 15-inch display (12.8-inch connection to an NTSC or PAL video-out interface
diagonal viewable image size), 32MB RAM, Built-in display
box, such as the Apple Presentation System)
1.6GB hard disk, 12x-speed CD-ROM drive, • 15-in. RGB color display (12.8-in. diagonal
built-in Ethernet, 256K level 2 cache, and floppy viewable image size) Disability access
disk drive. Mouse, keyboard, and cables also • 0.28-mm dot pitch • CloseView software magnifies screen image up to
included. Comparison to 5400/180: • Noninterlaced, flat, square cathode-ray tube (CRT) 16 times
• Faster processor • User-adjustable resolutions from 640 by 480 pixels • Easy Access software permits combination keys to be
• Larger hard disk drive to 832 by 624 pixels pressed sequentially and enables cursor control from
• More memory • Resolution can be changed without restarting the the numeric keypad instead of the mouse
• Built-in 10BASE-T Ethernet computer • “Visual beep” replaces audible system alerts
• 256K level 2 cache • Refresh rate up to 75 Hz
• Built-in base tilts from –5° to +15°, swivels a full 360° Electrical requirements and compliance
Optional Enhancements • Meets SWEDAC MPR 2 international guidelines for • Line voltage: 110 to 240 V AC, RMS, single phase,
magnetic-field emissions nominal
256K level 2 cache
• Frequency: 50 to 60 Hz
(pre-installed on 5400/200) Display support • Power: 220 W maximum (continuous)
Order No. M4505LL/A • 16-bit color for display of up to 32,768 colors at
• Includes low-power sleep mode
Apple Video System 640- by 480-pixel or 800- by 600-pixel resolution • U.S. EPA Energy Star compliant
Order No. M2894LL/D • 8-bit color for display of 256 colors at 832- by 624-
pixel resolution Size and weight
Apple TV/FM Radio System
• 1MB video frame buffer (independent of system RAM) • Height: 17.5 in. (44.5 cm)
Order No. M4586LL/A
• Width: 15.1 in. (38.3 cm)
(Requires the Apple Video System) Sound • Depth: 16 in. (40.6 cm)
Avid Cinema • Stereo 16-bit sound
• Weight: 47 lb. (21 kg)
Order No. M4561LL/B • Apple sound enhancements, including SRS 3D
(Requires the Apple Video System) surround sound Operating environment
• Built-in stereo speakers • Operating temperature: 50° to 104° F (10° to 40° C)
Apple 10BASE-2 (Thin Coax)
• Built-in microphone • Storage temperature: –40° to 116° F (–40° to 47° C)
Ethernet Card
• Sound-output port • Relative humidity: 5% to 95%, noncondensing
Order No. M4773ZM/A
• Sound-input port • Maximum altitude: 10,000 ft. (3,048 m)
Apple 10BASE-T (Twisted Pair) • Front headphone jack and volume control
Ethernet Card
Order No. M4772ZM/A
Apple AAUI (Generic) Ethernet Card
Order No. M4774ZM/A
Product specifications are subject to change.
Check with Apple for the most current infor-
mation about product specifications and

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