Your Happy Birthday 283

This month is such a special one; It's birthday-time for you. We'd really like to celebrate Your happy day with you. Zip-a-dee-ay and heigh-dee-ho, Here's something we can do. We'll sing a song that we all know, Happy Birthday to you!

Come with Me to Primary 255 (1) Oh, come with me to* Primary. (2) Oh, come with me to Primary. (3) Wherever in the world that you may be, (4) Oh, come with me to Primary.

When Jesus Christ Was Baptized 102
1. When Jesus Christ was baptized Down in the River Jordan, Three members of the Godhead Were present there in love. The Father spoke from heaven When Jesus Christ was baptized; The Holy Ghost descended As gently as a dove.

2. And now when I am baptized,

I'll follow his example? Be baptized by immersion Through sacred priesthood pow'r. Then I will be a member Of Heav'nly Father's kingdom And have the Holy Spirit To guide me ev'ry hour

The Still Small Voice 106
Through a still small voice, the Spirit speaks to me. To guide me, to save me from the evil I may see. If I try to do what's right, he will lead me thru the night, direct me, protect me, and give my soul his light. Listen, listen. The Holy Ghost will whisper. Listen, listen to the still small voice.

Help Me, Dear Father 99
2. Help me, dear Father, to truly repent, Making things right, and changing my ways. Help me each day, Father, I pray; Help me live nearer, nearer to thee.