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God's heart for Ethiopia and its

Travis Kolder,
impact on us as a house of friends House of Friends
took John Gross, Gizaw Derseh, board member,
and Kenton Higgins to Cedar grew up in a small
Rapids, Iowa to meet with members town in North East-
of the Cedar Rapids House Church ern Iowa. He was
Network. saved at the age of
15 from a life of New Age involvement
Long in the making, this trip was
and witchcraft when his mother was
designed to build vision for House dramatically healed from a form of life
of Friends’ initial outreach to Ethiopia this summer. Several Members threatening cancer. Since that time he
of the house church in Cedar Rapids will be joining John Gross and has given his life to sharing the Gospel,
Gizaw Derseh to explore a partnership to build orphanages in Ethiopia. planting house churches, and advancing
This short trip focused our hearts on the mission ahead of us. the Kingdom through strategic prayer
The whole house church gathered Saturday, February 28th to hear and intercession.
Travis' first trip to Africa was with
from Gizaw Derseh, an Ethiopian pastor who has moved to America.
House of Friends founder and board chair-
Gizaw serves as the Executive Director of Ethiopian Evangelical man, John Gross, in 2007. That trip and
Christian Association, a network of Ethiopian churches from across the subsequent experiences opened his eyes to
United States. Travis had asked Gizaw to speak on what the church in both the needs of the nations and the great
America could learn from the church in Ethiopia. Gizaw shared about opportunity to learn from the believers
the revival that had broken out in Ethiopia during (continued page 2) there. “The church in the West has a
tremendous opportunity to not only serve
the church all over the world, but we have
a chance to see what God is doing in these
lands that He is not doing in America. I
Native American Outreach directors, Dale and Jeanie love to serve, but I go frequently to have
Ritter, are gearing up for a mission trip to Pine Ridge my own Western ideas stretched and
Indian Reservation to take furniture, appliances, household goods, and changed,” said Travis.
spring clothing for the Lakota Sioux. Donations will be received for Travis and his wife Christy live in
Cedar Rapids, Iowa where they serve as
this trip up to April 15. The trip will be made sometime after the 15th.
church planters with the Cedar Rapids
House Church Network. Their vision is to
raise up Christ-centered spiritual families
that prepare the Earth for the end of the
Alma Jones, missionary, has been a great age. They meet with other young families
blessing to Abba House. She has been taking throughout the week for encouragement,
the children to doctor appointments and check- prayer, and mission-focused planning for
ing on their needs, making sure they are well the city of Cedar Rapids.
Travis is a Consumer Loan Officer at
Alma Jones, House of cared for. She reports they are doing well and
Collins Community Credit Union in
Friends missionary, sitting that the home has need of the following items: Cedar Rapids. He has worked there for
on Abba House porch with
the children during one of Blankets Mattress pads for bed wetters almost 5 years. He and his wife Christy
her weekly visits. Sheets School uniforms have two children, Ariel and Joel.
P O Box 228 · Alma, MO 64001

ETHIOPIA (continued) Communist occupa-

tion of that country. He said during that
time there were no longer Lutherans or Stacie Shaw (left) and her friend,
Baptists, but that all the denominations AmyRose (middle), at a young age,
faded and that prayer and fasting became have been called to Uganda to bring
the norm for the believers of Ethiopia. hope to the orphans. They say, “We
Gizaw was careful to state that persecution enjoy getting ourselves dirty by play-
is not necessary for revival to come, but that ing with orphans and teaching them
believers need to make hard choices when about the hope of Christ.”
they have freedoms such as we do because Their trip to Uganda is to begin
the freedoms can distract us from being working with the Uganda government
disciples of the Lord. Gizaw spoke at length to establish an orphanage with the
about the need to give ourselves to prayer long-term goal to start adoptions into
and gather together as believers frequently the U.S. They are “friends” of House
to pray and fast. According to Gizaw, this of Friends and are spending time with
was a powerful component of the revival in Abba House children and helping out.
Ethiopia. It became clear from Gizaw's Our partnership with them will expand
testimony that we have a lot of room to as they take on handling adoptions
grow in becoming disciples of Christ. from Uganda.
John Gross shared with those going on Stacie and AmyRose took on a two
the summer trip to Ethiopia—Sean, Kevin, -day project that turned into two
and Travis of the house church—that the weeks. The project was painting of the
focus of the trip is a chance to build serious inside of Abba House. It took sanding
relationships with the people of Ethiopia in walls by hand, putting on undercoat
order to help bring the gifts of Ethiopia back and then the color. With kids in and
to Jerusalem (Isaiah 18:7). out and newspaper to protect the floor
Gizaw shared first hand information being moved around, it became
about the region. Time was then spent in necessary to also paint the floor.
team building and vision casting for the trip Through their labor of love, once drab
occurring this summer. limestone became a joyful atmosphere
The team from Kansas City left the that brought on the smiles.
house church stirred and encouraged both to These young women also helped
be a part of what God is doing around the measure everyone’s feet for new school shoes which are being
world and to fulfill their calling where they purchased with donations from Kansas City Christian Fellowship
are planted. and sponsors.