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Anthony W. Batts POLICE COMMISSIONER Anthony J. Guglielmi DIRECTOR

Commissioner Batts Announces New Internal Affairs Chief
BALTIMORE, MD / May 6, 2013 - Police Commissioner Anthony Batts today announced the appointment of the new head of Internal Affairs. Chief Rodney Hill, former legal counsel with the City of Baltimore, has accepted the position which was vacated by Grayling Williams in March. “We are extremely fortunate that we were able to go ‘in-house’ for this position,” said Batts. “As a Chief Solicitor with the Baltimore City Law Department assigned to BPD’s Legal Affairs, Chief Hill has excellent knowledge of our policies and procedures. As well, with his 20 years’ as a police officer, Chief Hill brings a working officer’s insight to the job. He is an excellent addition to the Professional Standards and Accountability Bureau and will report directly to Deputy Commissioner Jerry Rodriguez.” Hill began his career as a police officer with Montgomery County and rose to the rank of lieutenant while pursuing his law degree. In January of 2006, he became an Assistant State’s Attorney with the Baltimore County Office of the State’s Attorney in Towson where he litigated more than 350 trials. In 2010, he joined Morgan State University as Associate General Counsel before joining the Baltimore City Law Department in 2012. Since April of last year, he has been assigned to BPD and has provided legal advice to the Internal Investigations Division, prosecuted police officers at internal disciplinary hearing boards, and drafted responses for motions and litigate motions hearings in the Circuit Court. Batts has put a strong emphasis on ethics, integrity and accountability since being appointed Commissioner in the fall of last year. Numerous investigations have led to charges being filed against officers accused of various criminal activities. “I will go to the mat for an honest and ethical officer who has been mischaracterized or maligned. However, this department has absolutely no tolerance for officers who abuse their powers or undermine the trust of our community. The pride of this department, and good men and women who work tirelessly every day to ensure our community’s safety, deserve nothing less.” Chief Hill will transition to his new position within the next few weeks.
For more information, contact Baltimore Police Public Affairs Section at (410)-396-2012.


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