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May 6, 2013 Dear Saint George family, Our Middle school Spellathon 2013 is here and our students

are excited and getting ready for the finale, which begins tomorrow. We have the following schedule: Date Tuesday, May 7 Wednesday, May 8 Thursday, May 9 Grade Level 5th Prep 6th Prep 1st Form Pronouncer Rebecca Zilberstein Victoria Yoh Andrew Wilson Judges L. Canham V. Yoh M. Coronado R. Dilon M.Tejeda J.Walters Visiting Class 5th Prep 6th Prep 1st Form

The event will begin each day at 8:25am and will be held in the Saln Cristbal Tejeda. Students not involved in the finale will have the opportunity to watch the event, on the assigned dates, and cheer their friends on as they display their spelling skills.

We value your participation and support in this activity. Kindest Regards Ms. K. Llenas Grade 6 and 7 Language Arts Teacher

Ivonne Guzmn Middle School Principal

Language Arts Department Leanne Canham Head of English

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