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Austin Elliott

English 1102

Prof. Padgett

April 10,2013

When given this assignment I began thinking about ow my personal writing process has

changed. My first years of processed writing came through y elementary school years, where I

learned valuable lessons such as, I before E except after C d other laws about proper grammar.

From then on everything I learned grew upon each other , just as learning the processes of math.

You must learn the basics before understanding the more complicated issues. After

understanding this basic foundation I began to learn more on the subject of writing, but it was not

until my eleventh grade year that I found the reasoning behind why I had been taught these rules.

In this year I was giving an assignment of writing a well-developed junior paper , just as

everybody in previous classes had done. I had never really "liked" English, at least the

grammatical aspect of it, but when I began this paper I became aware that I better get to liking it

or I was going to fail the paper . I struggled

for several months developing my research paper ,

and was so frustrated with it that I felt as if I should give up and say the heck with it, when my

English teacher approached me and asked the question , " are you planning on attending college

after high school? ", and my answer to that was, " well sure I am" . After giving my response she

explained to me that if I do not , or cannot excel on this simple paper I would not last doing

college work , because this paper is intended to prepare us for what we will encounter once we

enter college. After hearing this I put my bu t t in high gear and devoted my attention on learning

D material needed to complete this paper and as she said the material I will need to succeed in



college. @in g

I took her advice, because two year ! later I found myself using this valuable



information. 0~()()O<


My first semester here at UNC-Charlotte I am enrolled in one class which has tested my

abilities to wri t e critically, Intro to Engineering . Not only has this class tested my ability to write oeoI-.


technical reports, but it has also taught me how to write proper memos, lab reports , and concept


papers. All of which I have had to research topics , and build a credible paper, whether it be

through the technical report where I research a topic in order to better develop a product, or

through the lab report where I would research topic in order to better develop my own product.

The very first paper that I have to compose for this class was a memo, explaining my

expectations o f what I wished to receive from the class. As I began writing the memo I had the


intentions of developing it not only professio~l,fas the assignment dictated, but also

acknowledging the issues and material I wished to learn from the class. I spent numerous hours

developing the paper and finally had reached the point that I wished to get across with it. The

next step was to submit it and receive an A + for the assignment , or at least that it what I thought .

After a few da y s my teachers assistant sent me back the memo with my grade attached, needless

to say I was not


e ase.

\e . o-~

fter all of the hard work I had put into it I received a grade of74. - r ~~

~4u . tlWj

Disappointed , I emailed the TA and asked why my grade was so low , that I did not wish to



dispute my grade but that I wished to understand what I apparently missed that caused me to

make such a low grade. Shortly after he got back with me and explained that all though my

content was great 25 percent of the grade came from being in the proper format, and that my

paper was not i n this proper format . After hearing of this I began to reflect back on the things

that I had prev i ously learned, and questioned if they would hold true for this class. This is when I

rea lized that I will a lways continue to learn , ev en when I am at some of the highe s t educationa l

le v el s . All this said , e v en though I did not do well on this first paper I can see how my junior

pap e r has laid t he foundation for my college career , and given me something to build off of.


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