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Brian David August 29, 2010 3-English: Guy Taking Chances This was no ordinary senior year I had

expected at Sacramento High School. Ricky Covington is what they call me around here The Playmaker, The Quarterback: that type of thing. It was a warm, breezy day on the west coast. Wind in my hair, sun on my cheeks: what a perfect day until Dude, do you see Ana Shock over there? asked Kyle. Ana Shock is probably known for being the art freak over here. She wears those paint stained overalls with those marker smeared converse shoes. One word: gross! Umm yeah I do. Well, how about I give you twenty bucks if you go out with her for a few days? Kyle dared. I paused, Sure, Ill take a crack at it. As I walk towards her direction, I start freaking out like a little kid in a candy store What if she says no? What if I trip on my way there? What if I trip on my way there? What kind of question is that? Hey Ana, can I ask you something? I said in a smooth voice. She stuttered and replied, Hi Ricky, what can I do for you? I balled up and my fist and stomped, Would you like to go on a date with me tonight? Ha-ha, she laughed, Did you just stomp and asked me to go out with you? I guess I did, I sighed.

Yes Yes what? Ill go out with you, she smiled. Oh great, Ill pick you up around seven, I remarked. Okay, she said as she was starting stand up, Well, I got to go to class, see you. When I turned around, I saw the guys rolling on the ground laughing their brains out. What have I gotten myself into? As Ana Shock got home, she closed her door and slid down slowly. Oh my goodness, I have a date with Ricky Covington. I have to call Rachel! Rachel! Guess what? What? she screamed. I got a date with the quarterback of the football team! Whoa, but you know hes the most popular guy at school. Why would he ask you out? I dont know, maybe he changed Right Changed After school and football practice, I drove to her house 257825802582 there, 2582 I rang the doorbell and out came Ana, in the most beautiful sleek black dress Ive ever seen. She completely transformed from the geeky art girl to the most attractive woman on the block: it took my breath away and made my heart skip a beat. Wow, Ana I dont know what to say I lost my train of thought. What you can say is that we can go now, she chuckled. I smiled from ear to ear I havent smiled like that in a while.

Dinner was way beyond than what I had imagined, especially with Ana there. The candlelight hit her perfect, making her skin glow. I had this sensation to know her and to be with her as long as I can. I guess you can say that Im even falling for her. Everything she does is magic; every little thing about her is just so hard to explain. Things will never be the same. Hon, I have to tell you something Rachel said. Ha-ha ok, shoot I saw Ricky and his friends the day he asked you out I overheard them talking and found out that his guys dared him to ask you out and he took the dare I cant believe you are just trying to tear us apart! I know Ricky wouldnt do this to me! Youre just jealous! Thats what you are! Fine, believe what you want; just keep in mind that if youre heart gets broken, its because of him not me. The next day, I see Ana coming straight at me, with an angry and hurt expression on her face. Whats the problem? What did someone do to you? I asked concerned. She slapped my face, You Ricky! You are the problem! How could you just break my heart and shatter it to a million pieces? she cried. What? Rachel told me what happened. She saw you and youre friends making a dare to ask me out! How could you be so insensitive? she left. Rachel! Wait! heartbroken, I just let her go.

Days passed, all I could do was think about her. Ana was the highlight of my senior year: my muse. One day, I caught Ana in front of the school sitting on a bench. Ana! I yelled. Get away from me, she said in a soft and broken voice. No, Ana. Stop pushing me away, I have to tell you something. She hesitated, Fine. Ana Shock, ever since we had our first date, ever since you opened your front door to me, I was hooked. Youre different, youre funny and Youre beautiful: not just the inside but the outside too. Ive fallen for you, Ana. No, Ricky. I dont want this clich love story ending youre trying to put here. You took a dare to date me, you broke my heart. From the very first date, I thought you were different from those bonehead football guys. I sensed that you had feelings that were never let out before, love. But I guess I was wrong. Ana, hear me out, okay? I never intended to fall in love with you, but I did. High school is all about making mistakes. Taking that dare was that mistake And I regret it. High school is also about finding who you really are or who you want to be: I dont want to be just another guy who you leave on your top shelf. But most importantly, its all about starting something new. After hearing all of what you said just now, I do not know what to say but Let the chips fall where they may and see what happens. Glad you think way. Taking chances is what love is all about. If you dont take any chances or risks, what is worth living for?

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