May 6th, 2013 from Lake Havasu City, AZ #LeosPorch Report No.4 Hi Pals!

Today wuz an amazing “technology” day for me, my Lake Havasu Vets Miss Laura and Miss Shelly, the two Las Vegas Vets, Dr. Mason and Dr. Hortsman from Las Vegas Veterinary Specialty Center, and MoM. At 10:30 am we all wuz connected together via Skype. (MoM said Dr. Hortsman is young and good looking!) Dr. Mason iz English and I luved his accent! All da Vets talked and exchanged plesentries. MoM introduced me to the Vegas doctors. I meowed, of course, and immediately lost interest in being held up in front of the computer camera. MoM put me down and they started talking about how mai surgery had gone and how I have developed this “necrosis” tissue dying in mai urethra now. Since all the doctors have been talking and consulting for several days already, it wuz a re-hash of whut everbuddy already knew…I wuz bored so went out to da Vet recepshun area to see whut wuz goin on out thare. There were a couple of doggies waiting to be seen by MY Vets, but they had to wait till the Skype appointment wuz over. I felt so important making all the other patients wait! Then it wuz once again my turn to be held up in front of the computer camera and show Dr. Mason and Dr. Hortsman mai hind end! They had seen photos from previous days and last night that Miss Laura had sent them, but they wanted to see the “stuff” live on da computer! Then they asked all kind’a stuff about how I have been feeling, acting, eating, drinking, peeing and pooping. Miss Shelly told the Vegas docs that she has never seen such a personable, loveable cat in all her Vet years. Miss Laura concurred! They call me “Leo the Luv”. MoM of course got tears in her eyes and had to blow her nose! I wuz released from the strangle hold they all had on me and wuz allowed to leave the room, once again. The doggies in the waiting room had grown from 2 to 4 by then, all waiting patiently. So…after some more consultation between the 4 Vets, it was determined that if I had any kind of reconstruction or diversion of mai urethra, right now, it may cause more harm to the urethra. Since I have been peeing for a week and there is no sign of any blockage, they decided it would NOT be necessary for me to go to Las Vegas, at this time. The Vets then worked up an antibiotic schedule (different than what I wuz on) and a heavy duty anticeptic solution to be administered to mai behind 6 times a day at the surgery incision site. The Vegas Vets waved bye and blew kisses to me, wished Miss Laura and Miss Shelly success in this new treatment schedule and Dr. Hortsman said he would check in daily to see how I’m responding. MoM stayed for a little bit longer and hugged and kissed on me lots. DaD came by to see me when he finished work at noon and hugged and kissed on me too! MoM, DaD and me want to THANK YOO all so VARY VARY much for bein there for us durin this time… We LUV yoo all more than wordz can say! Till I can report again…many SMOOCHES & LUV, Your pal Leo xOx

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