Co-Curricular Event Response Sheet Name:__Alyssa Kloos__ Date Attended:__4/1/2013__

Name of _NOVA What Darwin Never Knew_ You must write a reaction to this event, and it must be typed. The reaction has several parts. Be sure to respond to all of them: emotional, intellectual, & core leaning outcomes. Each part needs to be addressed in a 50 word paragraph (150 words total). Part 1: First, tell how this event (lecture, play, presentation, field trip, etc.) made you feel. This reaction is the emotional one. The first half of the show was somewhat boring because it went into a lot of detail on Darwin and it was stuff I've heard a million times before. However the evolutionary scientist they had adding commenting was really enthusiastic which made it better. The second part of the show was much more interesting. Part 2: The second reaction is intellectual. What did it make you think about? Once it was over (or during the event) did you find yourself: agreeing, disagreeing, making connections, considering contrasts, proposing alternatives, making predictions, etc? Be specific and give examples. (50 words) This program shows genetic evidence for evolution. It made me think about all the different types of DNA mutations we learned. There showed such little difference in their sequences that can produce such huge differences in species. The show described how a scientist took a sequence the DNA that differs between humans and apes, in only 13 base pairs, and inserted it into a mouse embryo. The growing embryo showed that the genes coded for growth of our thumbs and big toe. Something else that was very interesting was that humans have a mutation that damaged jaw muscle gene which allows for our brains to grow larger than apes. Part 3: The third reaction asks you to relate this event to one of the core learning outcomes (CLOs) on your syllabus for this class. How did this event help you better understand or relate to that outcome? Be specific and give examples. (50 words)

This related to the core learning outcomes of population genetics and understanding aspects of molecular genetics compared the genes of two mice, one had inherited a mutation causing dark fur and found that they differed in only one gene in four places. "To understand how evolution works all you need to do is compare creatures genes." The show also relates to biotechnology core learning outcome. It described about the human genome project; and it revealed we have a shockingly lower number of genes then expected, less than corn.

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