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INTRODUCTION You have just been given command of the Enola Gay II, a vessel designed for colonization by the Association of Solar Systems. Your orders are to colonize a section of the galaxy consisting of nine solar systems. Simple enough..... too simple. In the early hours of May 24th, 2112, at exactly 03:23:00 AM, you receive a message from your commanding officer, Admiral Omega. It seems a vessel identified as the Mancer, commanded by Admiral Necro, has entered this section of the galaxy with the intent to colonize the very planets that YOU were ordered to colonize. The Association sees this action by Mancer as a threat. You are given following priorities: 1. Colonize a majority of the planets in each solar systems. 2. Seek out and destroy the Mancer. You are to carry out your duties in that order. Colonize first, destroy later. The Mancer is far too powerful of a ship to be taken by your colonization craft. You will need the support of the solar systems in order to assure the security of the area. If these planets fall into an empire created by Admiral Necro, then be will be powerful enough to overthrow the Association of Solar Systems. When you have colonized the majority of solar systems in the area, the Association will feel confident enough to send out enough fighters to destroy the Mancer. Until then, the Association can not be sure that the people of this galaxy are not supporters of Necro. The Association can not risk sending fighters to their possible destruction. GETTING STARTED You will first see the introduction. Press any key to bypass the introduction. After a period of time, the main program will be loaded and you will be prompted to insert Disk B of SPACE CONQUEST. Do so and hit return. (Hard drive users will bypass this prompt). Next, you will be asked to choose a level. NOVICE is the easiest level, as the Mancer will colonize rather slowly in the Novice level. The Mancer colonize at a moderate speed in the ADVANCED level. In the EXPERT level, the Mancer colonizes planets at the highest rate of speed. You will next be required to identify yourself to the Ship's Computers. The Computers will then do a Retina Scan to verify the identification. Afterwards you should set your warp for the solar system you wish to begin colonization. PLAYING THE GAME Once you have entered a solar system, you should move around the System Map. Do this by placing the mouse pinter on one of the square adjoining your ship and pressing the left button. Continue doing this until the ship reaches its destination. When you have stablished orbit (by moving your ship on top of the desired planet), you should Communicate with the planet, Scan the planet, Board your shuttle with a crew, and Launch the shuttle to the planet in order to colonize it.

you will feel the wrath of Admiral Necro. a purple outline will appear around the ship. the name of the planet and how many moons orbit it. THE SHIP . In the middle of the screen is the viewing are where an array of different things will happen. your supplies tend to run low. If you decide to Scan your ship's damage. if any. This information will be used for colonization purposes. the level of technology. will be highlighed in red. so you will need to restock your crew at the STARBASE or from the planets that you colonize. [MISS]ILES. the Universal and Galatic maps. If you choose to Communicate with the STARBASE. If your shields are on. they will send you an update on how many planets and solar systems you have colonized and how many plantes and solar systems the Mancer has colonized. After fighting the enemies and hopping about the solar systems. You may choose a solar system and view the planets within. [BAY]. Sound simple enough. the density of the gravity. Act accordingly. and helps you figure out the crew requirements to successfully colonize that planet. [STAT]US. For one. At the bottom of the screen is the Message area where important information will be conveyed to you. there will be no response. Should you even dare to occupy the same co-ordinates with this monster of a space craft. AND [DIST]RESS. several bits of information will appear on the screen: the precentage of land.Once you have colonized a majority of the planets in that solar system.ENOLA GAY II At the top of the ship you will see the Date Counter. If not. The people of the planet may be willing to help or they may be hostile towards you. several things may happen. Then there is the Mancer itself. If you choose to Scan the planet. will need to be restocked at the STARBASE. but there are several obstacles that will get in the way. If you Communicate with the planet. ( See " THE SHIP'S CREW" for more details). Your Fuel. [SCAN]. . then grid maps of solar systems will appear on the screen. or the Planet you are orbiting. you should set warp for another solar system and proceed to colonize that system. there are hundreds of fighter pilots that Admiral Necro has sent out to destroy anyone who oppose him.This function allows you to Communicate with the planet that you are orbiting. The damaged areas. If you Scan the Galactic Map. [SCAN] . AND [DRIV]ES. SHIP'S FUNCTIONS COMM]UNICATE . On the right side of the screen are the other four buttons: [DEFL]ECTORS. along with your Missiles and Beam Energy.This function allows you to Scan your ship's Damage. On the left side of the screen are four buttons: [COMM]UNICATE. the name of the galaxy that the planet is located in. If the planet has the technology to Communicate with you. then it will. Then there is the fact that you command a small ship that can only carry a small crew. the thickness of atmosphere. or with the STARBASE. a blueprint of the ship will appear on the screen.

5.This function will enable you to activate or deactivate your deflectors or shields. and so more marines are needed to protect against uprisings. These four types are as follows: MARINES . By choosing the Set Warp option. The more land there is. When the TECHNOLOGY level is: 1-4. The Engage option will. With this option. colonists.These are necessary for colonizing planets when the technology on the planet reaches a certain level. How many 3. the more advanced the people are with their weapons. [MISS]ILES . The missiles are your most powerful artillery. or select the STARBASE in order to resupply or repair your ship. warp you into the selected solar system. . the more colonists are needed. or activating. missiles are left. three marines are needed. How much 6. How many quarters. however. How many beam energy is left. marines. THE SHIP'S CREW There are four types of people on board the Enola Gay II aside from the ship's captain. however. The missile will destroy any of the fighter pilots that Admiral Necro has sent after you. COLONISTS . How much 4. and linguists are in the crew's damage has been done to the ship. 5-6. fuel is in tanks one and two.This function will take you to the shuttle bay of the ship. The higher the technology. 9-10.[BAY] . You may Set your warp or Engage the warp drive engines. or Launch the shuttle to the planet in an attempt to colonize it. This function will give you the options of surrendering to Admiral Necro. You can abort the self-destruct procedure by clicking on ABORT or pressing the letter [A]. Here you can Board the shuttle with the crew. The deflectors will absorb a lot of the damage that the enemy may inflict upon your ship. [STAT]US . [DIST]RESS . 7-8. Either one will end your career with the Association of Solar Sytems. the self-destruct procedure of the ship.This is a combat function only. There are only four missiles. you will lock your missiles on the target and fire the missiles. one marine is required.This function allows you to access your ship's drives.These are the people that will actually establish an Association colony on the planet. How much 2. so use them conservatively. require a lot of fuel to operate.This is "Last Resort" button. two marines are necessary. [DEFL]ECTORS . no marines are needed. you will be able to select the next solar system you wish to enter. if you have set your destination. On the screen will be listed the following items: 1. The deflectors. planets and galaxies you have colonized. [DRIV]ES .This fuction will give a complete status of the Enola Gay II.

but only half as well. Here is a list of what each section of the ship controls: 1. COMBAT Combat may occur in three different situations: The first would be a chance encounter with one of Admiral Necro's fighter pilots.If the LAND is: 1-25% . but the Beams are in greater supply. If the GRAVITY is less that 3. 5. 3. The Missiles are much more deadly that the Beams.These are where your Missiles are launched from. If one is destroyed. one colonist is needed 26-50% . If one is destroyed. the other will still function. three colonists are needed 76-100%. If the ATMOSPHERE is: 1-2 or 9-10. then you will not be able to use Beams during combat. and also where the shuttle bay is located. and the shuttle will be in operative. Impulse Engines . There are the Missiles which are operated through the [MISS] button.This is where the crew lives. 2. then some of the crew will be killed. the second situation would be while you are in orbit around a planet colonized by Admiral Necro. you will not be able to Engage your Warp. SCIENTISTS . the other will still move the ship. Some things may still work. and clicking the mouse button. then the other Missile will still be fired. and there are the Beams which are activated by simply positioning the crosshairs on the screen where you wish to fire.These are usually required for every planet.If the Warp drives are destroyed. but that would be a most unwelcomed encounter. 51-75% . then a Scientist and his equipment are required to colonize the planet. Crew's Quarters . If you should communicate with a planet and your linguist needs to translate the message. then the ship can not move within the solar system until they are fixed. If both are damaged.This linguists are seldom used. then you will be without Missile until they are repaired. then something will become inoperative. If one is destroyed. If both are destroyed. SHIP'S DAMAGE When your ship receives damage. 4. You have two types of weapons available to you. so interstellar travel will be disabled until the drives are repaired. If this is damaged. then a scientist is needed. and the final situation would be with the Mancer itself. Warp Drives .There are two separate impulse engines. then four colonist are needed. Laser Cannons . LINGUISTS . . then you must also send one with the rest of the crew so that the colony may communicate with the native of the planet.8m/s or greater than 14. two colonists are needed. Missile Launchers .These are where your Beams are fired from.8m/s. A scientist and his equipment is needed if the atmosphere is too thick or too thin.

They are against the Mancer empire. The Tentagens have requested Association colonization for their own protection. Communication. restocking the missiles. the Starbase will repair any and all damage that the Enola Gay II has suffered during your mission. Not because everything is damaged. These ant-like creatures should be dealt with very carefully for the sake of peace. but you may also return to the Starbase as often as you like. The Mancer will be busy colonizing planets while you are resting at the Starbase Inn. although some may be against the idea. and Linquists so that you have at least 15 of each when you depart. The Starbase provides several services for your ship: First. they require a long time to repair.The central computers control most of what you see on the screen. you will receive a full crew.This is more or less the cockpit of the Enola Gay II. (NOTE: When something is damaged. These purple-skinned creatures are generally peaceful in nature and want to resist the evil empire of the Mancer. the EMULTIONS. This will replace your Marines. Colonists. 7. you are in bad shape until they're repaired. There are the BELLUVIANS. Finally. but when systems are severely damaged. Thet fly his . These green creatures pose no threat to the Association and are considered friends. you may restock your ship. While some welcome the idea. This consists of refueling. the TENTAGENS.6. If they are damaged. it will be repaired in time by the ship's own repiar crew. STARBASE The Starbase is where you begin your mission of colonizing the planets. Scientists. and recharging the beam energy. and very diplomatic about negotiations. They are generally reasonable. Secondly. and the ALIANTS. Status. and several other options. If this is damaged. TENTAGENS are a harmless and peaceful species found mostly in the Cygnus and Xanadu systems. They control the Scan. others oppose it. ANDROIDS are the robotic henchmen of Admiral Necro. Thet are very unreasonable in their thinking and are thought to be allies with the Mancer empire. ALIANTS are a barbaric race that thrive on hate and war. then no functions of the ship will work. Pilot . A two-front war is not a welcomed idea by the Association. All these benefits have one drawback: they take time. PLANET INHABITANTS There are four major races that you will encouter on your conquest to colonize the solar systems. but because no information will be carried from the cockpit to the rest of the ship. BELLUVIANS usually welcome the Association colonization. EMULTIONS are usually split on the Association's colonization. but don't have the knowledge of war to protect themselves. Central Computers .

Therefore. you must colonize five of those in order to have a majority of the solar system in your favor. These androids have been programmed to resist any opposition to the Mancer empire. ORION . Although most welcome the Association. Admiral Necro knows this too. XANADU . The hard feelings between the Association and the Aliants is constantly building.hordes of fighter crafts and they patrol his conquered planets. Colonize with caution.The planets in this solar system are inhabited mostly be Tentagens. This system is most known for their neutral policies concerning other organizations in war. These will do tremendous damage to your ship if you stay within one for any length of time. RENAISE . OMEGA . Here is an advance scouting report telling you what is known about the solar systems you will encounter: ZETA . since these creatures are peaceful in nature. Each solar system contains nine planets.Inhabited mostly be Tentagens. Overall this is a peaceful system. and is a prime candidate for conquest by any organization since the Tentagens are harmless in nature. Again.Predominantly inhabited by the Aliats.The planets in this sytem are predominantly inhabited by Belluvians. menaces in the universe are the Black Holes. The Emultions are divided in their opinions. The tense situations may evolve into war against the Association in the future. some may be against the idea of colonization. Keepong the tenseness between the Aliants and the Association in mind. This is a weak system. the system should be easy enough to colonize. This sytem is much like the Zeta system. Be sure to communicate with the planets to determine their attitudes towards colonization. THE BLACK HOLES The silent. you may run right into it and that .A solar system inhabited mostly by Aliants.Another system that is inhabited mostly by Belluvians. but deadly. It is also inhabited by the Belluvians. you must colonize five of these planets in order to have a majority of the planets in the solar system in your favor.The Alpha system is inhabited mostly be Emultions.The last solar system in this section of the galaxy. There are also asteroid fields in each solar system. so it should be looked at for colonization purposed. LUTHORS . CYGNUS . The Belluvians in this system however have mixed feelings. SOLAR SYSTEMS There are nine solar systems in this section of the galaxy. Therefore. This system has no distinct feelings towards colonization by Association. ALPHA . If your Computers or your Warp Drive are damaged though. Remember though. it may be wise to leave the Aliant planets in peace to avoid future revolutions. There is only one Black Hole in this section of the galaxy and your Central Computers know how to steer around it.

REPORT/STATUS [S] . End. as all bullies do when they're licked. the Mancer itself and Enola Gay II will engage in a huge battle.spells the end for you and your crew. Only the use of Beams during combat requires the mouse. you will receive a message saying. then the Mancer squadrons will retreat and swear to return. The hordes of Association fighter pilots.COMMUNICATION [D] . if you lose.RESTART All commands may be choosen with the keyboard or by the mouse. Warping from one solar system to the next is a very complex process. With the support of the solar systems.SHUTTTLE BAY [C] . . Should you win. Necro's fighter pilots. KEY [B] [F] [R] COMMANDS . If one of these malfunctions should send you into a Black Hole. though for you it happens very quickly. that the Association's fighter pilots are being sent to your coordinates. the full-scale battle will be on.FORCE SHIELDS [M] .SCAN [UNDO] . and the Mancer survives the conflict. There are literally millions of calculations involved before the warp takes place. then the threat of Admiral Necro will be erased from these worlds.MISSILES [Q] . If one of these calculations is off by as little as . You will then lead them to the location of the Mancer. then you've just made your last entry in the Captain's Log. however. ATTACKING THE MANCER After you have successfully colonized all the required planets. Admiral Necro will not be able to return to this area of the galaxy.DRIVES .DISTRESS .00001%. you could end up a trillion miles from nowhere.

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