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© 2013 Symphony FinTech Solutions © 2013 Symphony FinTech Solutions EXCHANGE Triggers PRESTO SERVER AT BROKERS LOCATION Orders .CONVERT AMIBROKER TRIGGERS TO EXCHANGE ORDERS AUTOMATICALLY Just add Presto to your AmiBroker … Presto Dashboard AmiBroker TRADER TERMINAL www.

Slicing Logic.ADD CUSTOM EXECUTION LOGIC Profit-Taking/Stop-Loss © 2013 Symphony FinTech Solutions EXCHANGE Custom Execution Logic PRESTO SERVER .. Presto Dashboard AmiBroker www. much more ….

symphonyfintech.PERFORM FLASHBACK © 2013 Symphony FinTech Solutions VirtEx . PAPER TRADING Use our Virtual Exchange (VirtEx) to  Test your strategy with pre-recorded tick-by-tick historical Exchange data  Test-drive your strategy risk-free with Live Exchange feed Presto Dashboard PRESTO SERVER AmiBroker Custom Execution Logic www.

Symphony finalizes ‘Custom Execution Logic’ (if required) with Trader Symphony will integrate ‘Custom Execution Logic’ & deliver working strategy to Trader 3. Trader opens an account with a participating Broker Trader starts Live Trading with the Strategy © 2013 Symphony FinTech Solutions . 4. 2. 6. Trader does optional FlashBack Testing Trader performs Paper-Trading 5.6 STEP PROCESS FOR COMPLETELY AUTOMATED TRADING 1.

MAIN BENEFITS OF WORKING WITH US.symphonyfintech. 25 per Order  Priceless  Priceless © 2013 Symphony FinTech Solutions . 50 k-100 k  Rs. BENEFITS COST SAVED  No Hardware Cost for Algo Trading  Lowest brokerage possible  Two Pre-approved sample Execution strategies free for AmiBroker users (Slide 8-14)  Multi-Broker option (Slide 16)  Rs..

 Full fledged Risk Management System to define client-wise margins.ADDED BENEFITS…. exposures  Positional or Intra-day trading  Automatic roll-over on Expiry Day  Asset Managers can manage multiple client orders simultaneously  Live Free Support © 2013 Symphony FinTech Solutions .symphonyfintech. © 2013 Symphony FinTech Solutions .SAMPLE EXECUTION STRATEGIES PROVIDED  Presto Ami-Limit modification strategy:  Auto Limit order modification strategy  Modify automatically your AFL triggers by  Tics/Percentage/Value  User defined Modify input for time  User defined Modify input for attempts www.

com © 2013 Symphony FinTech Solutions .PRESTO Ami-Limit www.symphonyfintech. © 2013 Symphony FinTech Solutions . Slicing  Intelligent internal custom execution logic written to increase the profitability of AFL triggers www.SAMPLE EXECUTION STRATEGIES PROVIDED  Presto JobEx strategy:  Filter your AmiBroker triggers on market movement  Custom StopLoss  Custom PT.

com © 2013 Symphony FinTech Solutions .symphonyfintech.PRESTO JOB Ex www.

symphonyfintech.PRESTO JOB Ex © 2013 Symphony FinTech Solutions .

com © 2013 Symphony FinTech Solutions .symphonyfintech.PRESTO JOB Ex www.

PRESTO JOB Ex © 2013 Symphony FinTech Solutions .

symphonyfintech.CHARGES Engagement/Set-up Fee: Rs.500 Per Month (Excluding Brokerage Commission) www. 0 to Rs. 100 per crore turnover Minimum Rs. © 2013 Symphony FinTech Solutions .00.000 per month Optional Paper-Trading Fee: Rs. 2. 25. 7.000 Optional Fee to add Custom Execution Logic: Rs.000 per month Live Trading Fee: Rs. 5.000 Optional Flashback Testing Fee: Rs.

phillipcapital.symphonyfintech.sharekhan.NSE (http://www.htm)  SSKI is the largest Retail Broker in India  Composite Edge ...compositedge.All Exchanges (  GRD is among top three brokers of MCX  Sykes & Ray Equities – NSE (www.PARTICIPATING BROKERS  )  Favorite among HNIs & FIIs of India  GRD Securities.MCX ( And many more to  SRE is among top brokers of India with +400 branches © 2013 Symphony FinTech Solutions .com/)  Composite Edge is a leading discount broker with attractive commissions  Phillips Capital (Formerly known as MF Global)-(http://www.

Mumbai 400 093 Sales : (P)+91-22-40190919 (M) +91-9892032020 Phone : +91-22-4019 0900 Fax : +91-22-4019 0900 Email : info@symphonyfintech. Oppo. RETAILBROKERS ACTIVE TRADERS PRESTO OMS PRESTO MFP Unit no 11. In the last 2 years. Exchange Square (MCX).com www. Suren Road. Symphony has emerged as the leading Algo solutions provider in India. OUR TARGET CLIENTS OUR SOLUTIONS PROP-DESKS INSTITUIONAL DESKS PRESTO ATS PRESTO FUSE AB Symphony is collaborating with Top 20 Retail brokers of India to take Algo Trading services towards Active Traders.SYMPHONY FINTECH Symphony FinTech was established in the year 2010.symphonyfintech. Andheri (E).com ASSET MANAGERS PRESTO RMS © 2013 Symphony FinTech Solutions . Shreepal Complex. Ground Floor. Chakala.

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