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Environmental and sustainability

Drs. Agustinus Agus Purwanto, MM

3 E’s
– – –

Economics Environment Equity E it

Environmental Issues & E i t lI Corporate Sustainabiltity
Economic issues
– – –

Market factors
– – –

Energy conservation saves gy money Recycling can generate revenue Environmentally friendly programs can improve hotel’s image Statutes/ codes/ regulations govern design/ operation/ maintenance

Ecotourism is a growing g g market segment ISO 14000 standards Marketability as a good corporate/ global citizen

Regulatory issues g y

Waste management & minimalization
Packaging Bulk purchasing Glassware/ cloth instead of plastic/ paper Reduce plates, fl t R d l t flatware, etc t thrown away Manage menu
– –

Train in proper food prep Donate leftovers Recycle Reuse Transform

Eliminate unpopular items Monitor portion sizes

Poor energy management
High energy costs – reduce bottom line Damage reputation Association with air/ water pollution

Water & wastewater management
Limited supplies of fresh water Increasing cost of fresh water treatment Statutory limitations on usage “corporate citizenship”
Cost of wastewater treatment Cost of wastewater disposal Regulations concerning wastewater treatment/ disposal Beach, aquifer, river, stream pollution

“corporate citizenship”

Hazardous materials
Toxic Flammable Fl bl Explosive Corrosive Infectious HazMat storage PCB’s PCB’ Asbestos Reduction/ elimination

Vehicle management
Electric vehicles Alternate fuels Dual fuel Mass transit

Land use management
Reduced development/ operations Reuse of existing structures
– –

Reduced cost (in some cases) Cultural/ social reasons (downtown Memphis) Environmental i E i t l impact statements t t t t

Regulatory concerns

Benefits of sustainability management
Positive effect on bottom line Team/ family/ neighbor effect Public perception/ image

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