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A BYTE OF LIFE Monday, April 6, 2009

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150 AND ON Empowered Vote
Dilli Rathnam collects t-shirts Interview with Barun Mi-
tra, Liberty Institute


Gautam Gambhir, without a doubt Team
India’s best batsman in recent times, has once
again played a pivotal part in a Test match
setting up the opportunity to grab a historic
series win at Kiwi Land.

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02 NAMMA CHENNAI ERGO Monday, April 6, 2009

CEO backs
‘No Vote’ option
Launches website
Strict senior, grumpy
A senior police officer under the suburban
commissionerate is often addressed as the
‘sleepless terror’ by his juniors. The reason –
the khaki remains insomniac, angry and
agitated until a crime case handed over to
him is cracked. Some subordinates even
lament that the man doesn’t give them a
moment’s peace till the case is over.

Best bet
Gambling has become a regular affair in
many parts of the city, including places like
T. Nagar and Ayanavaram. Apparently, in
Central Chennai station an ‘influential’ man
and his gang are regular gambling
offenders and mostly go scot-free by paying
a minimal amount as fine to the law and a
higher amount to the khakis.

Going undercover
Police are getting ready a team of lady
constables to act as baits to nab chain-
snatching offenders as there has been a
steady rise in the number of chain-
snatching incidents in the city, especially
over the last few months. Reliable sources Barun Mitra, Director, Liberty Institute, explains the website at Press
revealed that more undercover constables Institute of India on Saturday. Naresh Gupta, Chief Electoral Officer, Tamil Nadu, T. S.
will be posted on the ECR stretch. Krishnamoorthy, former Chief Election Commissioner of India, and Era Sezhian, former MP, are
also seen. PHOTO: N. SRIDHARAN

ERGO CORRESPONDENT option gaining momentum, he during an interaction with Pakis- said it shows disinterest among tani journalists, they said the
people. The CEO also backed the ‘smooth transition of power’ in

hief Electoral Officer of Ta- No Vote option, saying, “It would India is absolutely great and the
mil Nadu, Naresh Gupta, put moral pressure on political way elections were conducted in
launched a unique website parties to field ‘efficient’ candi- India was amazing,” he recalled. dates (as many parties have nom- As the regional parties are rap-
on Saturday. Speaking at the inated contestants with criminal idly expanding their base and
function, Mr. Gupta said the Elec- charges against them) and also gaining importance in national
tion Commission has taken sev- the parties would be forced to politics, the former CEC urged
eral measures to ensure that free rethink their policies, focus on them to have a national outlook
and fair polls are conducted in developments, which will boost and work towards the develop-
the country and encourage peo- the functioning of the democra- ment of the nation.
ple to vote, in order to prevent cy.” He also admitted that there The programme was jointly or-
bogus voting. are certain deficiencies on the ganised by the Press Institute of
“Since the portal has informa- part of Election Commission, India, Liberty Institute and Frie-
tion about all candidates and which have resulted in bogus drich Naumann - Stiftung fur die
constituencies for the Lok Sabha names being included in the vot- Freiheit, a German foundation
and Assembly elections, well- ers’ list and people left out of the promoting liberal politics. N.
packaged in a user-friendly man- electoral rolls and said appro- Ram, Editor-in-Chief, The Hindu;
ner, I hope this would improve priate steps will be taken to plug Era Sezhiyan, former MP; B.S.
the polling percentage and result these loopholes so that high tur- Raghavan, IAS (Retd); Sathiya
in meaningful democracy,” he nout could be achieved. Moorthy, Director (Chennai
said. He also lauded the ‘Jaagore’ T.S. Krishnamoorthy, former Chapter), Observer Research
campaign and said such private Chief Election Commissioner of Foundation; A.K.Venkatasubra-
sector initiatives have the power India, said the EC has a mam- manian, IAS (Retd); Barun Mitra,
to reach out to voters and en- moth task to perform during polls Director, Liberty Institute; and V.
courage them to exercise their and employed 5 million people Murali, Director, Press Institute
franchise. for poll duty. “I was sent to Pakis- of India, also attended the gather-
On the issue of the ‘No Vote’ tan as an election observer and ing. ■
Monday, April 6, 2009

In full spirits
Bike and Barrel at The Residency Towers has some interesting offers for
guests. Buy one and get one select brand free on Monday and Tuesday
between 9.30 p.m. and 11 p.m. On Wednesday, the ‘Ladies Day’ get
complimentary beverage anytime from noon to 11 p.m. and on Friday and
Saturday, sway to hip hop and house from 9 p.m. onwards.

The T-shirt hunter

J.S. Dilli Rathnam met cricketer Anil Kumble there. I
used this as an opportunity to get
Yahoo! “I was running behind the
South Indian marketing head of
has a collection of Team India’s official t-shirt from
him. I was surprised when he
STAR Sports for more than a fort-
night to get that t-shirt. Similar
150-odd official gave it to me without hesitation.”
But collecting official t-shirts is
was the case of the Yahoo! t-shirt.
But I still got them,” says Rath-
company t-shirts. not an easy task, he says. “Not
everyone gives you one so soon.
nam, who says the size of the t-
shirts doesn’t matter.
And he’s looking For instance, when I approach a
company the instant answer I get
“One of the t-shirts I have be-
longs to my nephew. It was given
for more will be ‘company policy prevents
us from giving t-shirts to outsid-
to him by the Chicago Hospital,
where he was born,” he says.
ers’. But then they give me the But the one t-shirt that Rath-
V. HARIPRIYA option of getting the t-shirts from nam is trying hard to get is Nes- employees who are willing to part cafe’s. “Nescafe has a different
with it.” policy. They will never give t-

uy or barter – J.S. Dilli The next step is bartering – get- shirts to outsiders, and neither
Rathnam makes sure he ting the t-shirt from the employee should their employees. Em-
gets them by whichever and compensating it with a ployees have to give back their
means. branded t-shirt. Money is not a worn-out t-shirt to get a new one.
Come Fridays, the test lead at matter for Rathnam, who once So I know it’s hard to get. But I
HCL Technologies flaunts his exchanged a prize for a t-shirt. will get it.”
not-so-easy-to-get t-shirts at of- “Macromedia conducted a On whether his company pol-
fice, much to the envy of his col- member the day he wore the Bulls, Microsoft, Yahoo!, Bacardi, seminar and in the end they gave icy allows him to wear to office
leagues. The credit, or blame, Budweiser t-shirt the first time. “I Bosch, HBO, Pooh, Singapore away Macromedia software official T-shirts of other compa-
goes to his brother J.S. Muralidh- enjoyed the attention I received Airlines, Master Card, Volkswa- worth Rs. 30,000 to three people nies, he says, “They are okay as
aran, an employee of Capegemi- when I wore the brewing compa- gen, Red Hat, 2006 FIFA World selected by lucky draw, of which I long as I don’t wear their compet-
ni, who presented him the ny’s t-shirt. I became the star of Cup and the Indian and Austra- was one. I told them I was ready itors’ t-shirts.”
Budweiser t-shirt in 1997. Now, the day. So I started hunting for lian cricket teams, among many to exchange this software for If, by chance, you meet Dilli
this 33-year-old owns 152 t- more such t- shirts.” others. And he has a story behind their official t-shirt and I got it.” Rathnam, the questions he might
shirts, the recent addition being Rathnam is the proud owner of each of them. The t-shirts which made Rath- probably ask you are: “Which
HBO’s. the official t-shirts of Macro- “Once I went for a seminar at nam run pillar to post to collect company? Got your official T-
The techie says he can still re- media, STAR Sports, Chicago Taj Coromandel and by chance were those of STAR Sports and shirt?” ■

In the shadow
funtY for kids
T heatre Y announces its summer
training programme for children
and young adults, funtY. In addition
and as a group activity. Special ex-
ercises on creative visualisation are
conducted through solo and group
to their ongoing programmes in exercises.
acting, voice, scriptwriting and Individual assessment of the chil-
communication skills, funtY is spe- dren will be shared at the end of the
cially designed for the age group of programme so that parents and the
eight to 16. child can sustain the learning proc-
funtY is a 14-day programme ess even after the duration of the
(two hours daily) that is a blend of programme.
basic acting, voice, storytelling and theatre Y is also working towards
writing skills. The techniques are its theatre production for children
taught through fun-filled theatre as part of its endeavour to create a
exercises focusing on the individual platform to perform for the children
from funtY.
The programmes will be
conducted at studYo, the-
funtY one (April 14 to 29, excluding atre Y’s training space at
Sundays) No. 35, Mandaiveli Street,
9 a.m. – 11 a.m. – 8 to 11 years off R.K. Mutt Road, Man-
11.30 a.m. – 1.30 p.m. – 12 to 14 years daiveli (beside Mandaiveli
3 a.m. – 5 p.m. – 15 to 17 years post office). The fee for the
programme will be Rs.
funtY two (May 1 to 16, excluding 4,000
Sundays) For more details, call
9 a.m. – 11 a.m. – 8 to 11 years Yog at 9884070796 or email
11.30 a.m. – 1.30 p.m. – 12 to 14 years or 쒀 The lighthouse on the Marina becomes an umbrella for people visiting the
3 a.m. – 5 p.m. – 15 to 17 years ■ beach on a hot summer afternoon. PHOTO: S.S. KUMAR
Ergo Correspondent
04 KALEIDOSCOPE ERGO Monday, April 6, 2009

Mini Quiz
1: The coupon rate offered by Tata Capital
NCD is
A) 11%
B) 9%
C) 10%
D) 15%
2: Bonds offered at a discount are also
called as
Bond 009
Will 2009 be a year of
bonds and investments
in bonds?

A) Discounted Bond

ith the kind of negative sen-
B) Zero Coupon Bonds timents seen across the
C) Sale Bonds global financial markets it
D) Convertible bonds looks like there is a silver
Send your answers to or SMS lining in the clouds. Investors are
your answers to 92813 98889. For example, if you keenly looking at the bond market as
choose A as the answer to question 1 and B as the investment category to bet on in
the answer to question 2 type it as 1A2B and 2009-10. So, is it the good bet for you
send it. Winner will be chosen by lucky draw too? In all probability it could be.
from all correct answers and get a 2009-10 Under the assumption that interest
budget planner. rates are going to go down it seems
that bonds will rule the roost as a
Answers for last week’s quiz preferred investment vehicle for the
a) Monthly coming year.
b) Asset Under Management
Bonds for dummies
A bond is a debt instrument issued

News you can use by a company to raise capital for the

business. In simple terms the com-
pany borrows money from you (the
investor) and promises to pay you an
Nominee on bank interest (annually or semi-annually)
statement as well as the principal at the end of
The RBI has recently asked banks to print the pre-decided period. The interest
the name of the nominee on the passbooks, is called coupon and the date when
bank statements and fixed deposit receipts. It the principal is repaid is called ma-
is also being mooted that it becomes strictly turity date.
compulsory that such accounts can only be How does it give me the edge?
opened if they have a nominee named. This is Bonds have an inverse relationship
mainly an attempt to reduce the hassles of to interest rates. i.e. when interest
dependents after the death of the bread ear- rates go up the bond investor tends
ner. to lose and when interest rates go
down the bond investor will gain
Next RBI deputy governor profit.
The race to fill the RBI deputy governor
seems headed to a finish with K.C. Chakrabar- How it works
ty, Chairman and MD of Punjab National Example: Say you invested Rs. 100
Bank and T.S. Narayansami, Chairman and in a bond with a coupon rate of 10 Bonds and interest rates are inversely propotional
MD of Bank of India being short listed for the per cent. In simple terms, this means
high profile post. The final selection will be you have lent Rs. 100 for which at the the market are down by 9 per cent it Income Scheme - Growth, Franklin
done by the Finance Minister Mr. Chidamba- end of the year you get Rs. 10 as in- becomes more attractive to buy the India International Fund, ICICI Pru-
ram. terest. Now say the government an- bond, which is at 10 per cent inter- dential Income Fund - Growth, Sah-
nounces an increase in interest rate, est. More people would like to buy it ara Classic Fund - Growth, IDFC D B
Cash anytime any ATM meaning that you would get more and the price could go up to around F - Plan A - Growth, Sahara Income
Now you can withdraw money from any interest (let’s assume 11 per cent). Rs. 111.11. If you sell the bond at this Fund - Growth, Kotak Bond Regular
ATM without paying any charges to your par- This would ensure that the price of point you would make Rs. 11.11 Plan - Growth, Birla Sun Life Income
ent bank irrespective of the number of trans- your bond will reduce to approx rather than Rs. 10 and also much Plus – Growth, Reliance Income
actions. Rs.90.91 as investors will get to in- earlier than the maturity period. Fund - Retail - G P - Growth Fortis
vest at 11 per cent outside. Some well performing bond funds Flexi Debt Fund – Growth and Kotak
Conversely, if the interest rates in available in India: Canara Robeco Bond Deposit – Growth. ■

(Tax planning options you must check out. This week we have some of the government schemes)
Monday, April 6, 2009

Bulletin Board
$100 million dreams
Google Inc is forming a $100 million fund to invest in
early-stage start-up firms. The fund, to be called Google
Ventures, will be wholly owned by Google, but will
operate as a separate entity and will seek investment
opportunities to maximise returns rather than looking
for investments that strictly fit with Google’s strategic
Rich Miner, a co-founder of Android smart phone
software that Google acquired in 2005, and Bill Maris are
the fund’s two managing partners.
Google Ventures will look at a wide variety of companies
to invest in, including consumer Internet products,
information technology, health care and biotech, among
other areas.
The fund will focus primarily on companies seeking seed
funding and early stage
funding, and Google
Ventures will have the
ability to make investments
ranging from tens of
thousands to “several tens
of millions” of dollars.

Searching a friend?
The most interesting person you been searching
for all over the world (web) may be a street
away. Hard to believe! Log to That’s not just the phrase but
the goal of this new “Instant Networking Site”
that helps you discover the friend. Five friends
from Chennai have started this website, which
they say is “beyond networking”. The start-up
currently connects people in Chennai,
Hyderabad, Bangalore, Coimbatore, Salem and
Calling women Mumbai, with its team of students in each of the
cities. Why, waiting may be the most interesting
entrepreneurs person in your neighbourhood.
Is there a women
entrepreneur next door
who needs help in
restarting her business or training to improve her business
skills? If you know of interested women who run micro,
medium and large-scale enterprises across manufacturing,
services and social sectors, refer them to the TiE Stree
Shakti (TSS) initiative.
The Indus Entrepreneurs (TiE), which has one of the largest
t a r t y o u r o w n businincreafsts
networks of entrepreneurs and professionals, has launched
its first women entrepreneurship platform – TSS. Leayorunkntowo ofs a neighbour wathomisattateler nthaeds excellent
Do r th
TiE chapters across India is reaching out to entrepreneurs oking… or fo eds a little
by holding knowledge and training sessions in over 15 work, DTP, co s? The individual only ne You could
l sk ill st ar t.
manageria nance to
cities. Some of these women will be encouraged to send
ur ag em en t and some fi he r/ hi s ho me itself.
them applications for the workshop and later for the enco r bu siness from want to
sc al e he b an d
awards to be held in June. Hurry! Around 300 women help her
re d w it h th e regular jo ar ea ?
Or, are you bo fferent
gain to benefit from this initiative. ur hi dd en talent in a di l A ss oc ia tion
For details log on to or email your explore yo ne ur sh ip Promotiona re ne urial
ep re ous entrep
queries to Women Entr tr aining in vari th at best
co nd uc ts bu si ne ss
(WEPA) ow the
one could kn different
skills whereby offer training in over 40
u. Th ey
suits yo or ca
businesses. an at pr em adesikan@gm ar n m or e
(Know of any event, workshop or seminar that should interest aspiring Des ik to le
Email Prema 94440 44068/
entrepreneurs? Mail us the details to Also, ping us
with your suggestions and queries on this weekly column)
06 VILLAGE ERGO Monday, April 6, 2009

Bringing home the bacon

A farmer has adopted a dozen wild pigs as pets -
and trained them to follow him as he rides a
motor scooter.

’Hope’ the German Shepherd ’Jai Ho’

can play piano touches
Hope, a white German Shepherd, has been revealed to
possess skills that no other ordinary dog does. hearts of
The dog has the capabilities of mowing the lawn and
even showed off his skills with the Flymo at his home in Chinese
Sutton Coldfield, reports the Telegraph. The movie Slumdog
Organisers of a new talent show have also laid claim Millionaire has become
that the four-year-old, who was the winner of National a rage in China with its
Pet Month in April 2008, has the ability to play the Oscar-winning track Jai
piano. Ho reverberating
ANI across this Communist
Music maestro AR
Rahman’s anthem Jai
Now, enjoy honeymoon in Ho has won the hearts of people here who are enjoying
the rhythmic nuances of its tune even though the lyrics is
Saddam’s bedroom beyond their comprehension.
It might sound a bit eccentric, but Iraq is offering Saddam “Frankly speaking I do not know the meaning of Jai H’.
Hussein’s palatial boudoir to newlyweds to make their first But I like the song as it touches my heart,” said Dong Hui,
night extra special. a Beijing University student.
The ex-dictator’s bedroom is on offer for 150-pound a The film has been dubbed in Chinese language, is running
night. At the moment Hussein’s presidential palace, which full house in theatres across China.
includes Roman columns, chandeliers and gargantuan “It is a proud moment for everyone of us as an Asian film
bathrooms, is undergoing renovation in the town of Hillah. got eight Oscars. Since the film tells about a rag-to-rich
“We hope that many people will visit,” The Times quoted a story, it struck the imagination of an average Chinese,”
tourism official, as saying. documentary filmmaker Zhang Jie said.
Till 2005, the mansion was PTI
occupied by US troops.
However, now outlying
buildings that used to
house soldiers from Amy eyes £3m villa in Caribbean
Saddam’s special guard Amy Winehouse is planning to buy a gorgeous
have been turned into Caribbean hideaway within weeks.
luxury hotel rooms with The 23-year-old is apparently in love with a 3-million
televisions and king-size pound villa on sunny St Lucia - her new adopted
beds. home.
“I’ve been here three years “Amy has instructed lawyers to draw up contracts with
and I can’t tell you how the developers and everything is set for her to buy it.
many bedrooms or But a few days ago Mitch (her dad) stepped in and
bathrooms there are,” said said he wasn’t sure. He’s worried about the possible
Abdul Satar Naji, in charge distractions of drugs and partying on the island,” The
of security at the palace. Mirror quoted a source, as saying.

Recession hits Disney

he US economic downturn has account for a quarter of its total says.
begun to take its toll on the en- business and revenue. According to it, traffic to Orlando
tertainment industry, with gi- According to the Los Angeles International Airport, which trans-
ant Walt Disney Co. axing 1,900 Times, Disney is bracing for an ex- ports visitors to and from Disney -
jobs from its theme parks in Cali- tended downturn as people skip was down 14 percent in February
fornia and Florida. theme parks to save money. compared with the same period last
According to reports, the compa- “The recession, and the recent de- year.
ny’s Walt Disney World in Orlando, cline, has really hit the theme park Hotel bookings at the Disney re-
which is the world’s most visited industry, but it has hit the destina- sorts were also falling sharply, with
recreational resort, has eliminated tion parks more than the regional March figures down 20 percent from
1,400 jobs. parks,” the newspaper quoted Ed- the same period last year, the new-
The original Disneyland Resort in ward Shaw, an associate with travel spaper said.
Anaheim, California, will also axe industry consultant Economics Re- The original Disneyland at Ana-
300 positions. search Associates, as saying. heim near here has also seen its
The rest of the jobs are being elim- “People are staying closer to bookings shrink by 12 percent in Ja-
inated at the company’s corporate home,” added Shah. nuary-February and 15 percent in
headquarters at Burbank near here, The entertainment giant’s spraw- March compared to the same period
reports said. ling 25,000-acre Walt Disney World last year.
Disney employs about 80,000 peo- in Orlando has been particularly ■
ple in its parks and resorts, which hard-hit by the recession, the report IANS
Monday, April 6, 2009

The empowered vote

In conversation ‘actual’ voter is minimal. These
channels can only create impact
with Barun Mitra, on policy changes, but can’t per-
suade people to vote, because
director of Liberty half the Indian population can’t
read English and they are the
Institute people who go and vote, not the
elite or English-speaking section
of our society. What we need is
S.SREEJITH the help of local language new- spapers, who can take it to the
voters who matter.
The motive behind Any plans to collaborate
launching this website is to with other social
create awareness among networking websites?
voters. But Internet We are planning to promote
penetration in India is our website via Orkut, Facebook,
scanty, how are you going where youngsters meet and net-
to promote this website, so work with their friends. They can
that information is spread the information and it
disseminated to all? will surely result in more young-
“I’m fully aware about the In- sters thronging the polling
ternet penetration in India, but booths. We have also included
that’s least of our problem, as links of several civil society orga-
long as the demand for informa- nisations, who are also working
tion exists it will reach the con- for the same cause – encourag-
cerned people one way or the ing people to vote; also we are
other. During last year’s As- trying to include web links of
sembly polls to 6 States, the web- politicians, who already have
site registered around 30,000 hits their blogs or websites. We have
per day and I was stunned, as the provided the information in a
portal was not advertised or pro- well-packaged manner, so that
moted via any media. News everyone can benefit from that.
channels’ (mainly English chan- Do you think this website
nels) penetration is very mini- help securing a bigger voter
mal as far as elections are turn out?
concerned and they can’t create The website as such cannot
much impact on the voters, but lead to high voter turn out, but
“The Shiv Sena the local district-level newspap- we can convince the public, po-
does not ers found the information on our litical parties that voting mat-
website very useful, and they are Mr. Barun Mitra, Director, Liberty Institute. ters. Every one should go out
appeal to the the ones who are really capable PHOTO: SHIV KUMAR PUSHPAKAR and vote, by not voting we are
youth and the of disseminating the informa- committing disservice to our
tion to the people. For this pur- “When I demonstrated the utilised that trigger to reach out country. “Democracy may not
educated pose, we have also partnered website to slum-dwellers, they to the public,” he added. be perfect, there may be deficit
section of with several NGOs, local con- were awe-struck because of the What’s the role of media in in electoral rolls, booth-captur-
voters. I’m cerned citizens, grassroot volun- valuable information the portal creating awareness on such ing may occur during polls, but
tary organisations, who actually provided and they were least websites? we have to elect our representa-
confident of use the website and spread the concerned about Internet, We are not depending on En- tive in a representative democra-
achieving a message, encourage people to broadband or access. They just glish news channels or newspap- cy, otherwise we are
second vote.” wanted information and we just ers as their penetration to undermining our democracy.” ■

Milind Deora

VOX POP My Party’s name would be People Party. The

send your views to differences would be: The members of my party

38 Friday’s query:
would be nominated only by the public; The
nominated candidate must hold a minimum
degree, with knowledge of computer; Their
income and income tax will be under my sight,
so all should pay tax for all the properties they
Would you ever start your own; We will never say “vote-for-us, we-will-do
you-this” as it is not a democratic way; Our
own political party? campaigning style will be different, which I don’t
This can be answered only after the elections. want to mention; People will always be allowed
Let’s see what Lok Satta (the party started by to come and meet me for any grievances;
IAS, IIT & IIM alumunus) fare this election. If at Nobody can bribe my party members, etc. This is
all I start one, I would teach the people about the trailer, the main picture will be screened
the various rights they can exercise. only live.
Ziaulhaq Soofi Bala Kumaran, Sella Synergy
08 SPORT ERGO Monday, April 6, 2009

Kipruto wins Paris marathon

Kenyan Vincent Kipruto on Sunday won the 33rd Paris Marathon in a record time of 2hr
05.47min. The previous record was held by the 21-year-old runner’s compatriot Mike
Rotich, who clocked 2hr 06:33min in 2003. Kipruto, who broke away from a leading group
of 15 runners in the Bois de Boulogne, finished ahead of Ethiopia’s reigning Paris half-
marathon champion Bazu Worku (2hr 06:15).

Button wins
Malaysian GP
Jenson Button won a chaotic Malaysian Grand Prix on
All’s well in fair
Sunday for a second straight victory after the race was
abandoned when a ferocious storm lashed the Sepang
circuit. Nick Heidfeld in his BMW Sauber came second,
benefiting from pitting only once to Button’s four times
in a race that became a lottery. Timo Glock in a Toyota
was third.
It was finally halted after 32 laps as
rain pelted down, lightning flashed Chennai Super Kings have
around the circuit and visibility
deteriorated, the first time since Brazil started training at the
in 2003 that a race has been called off
due to weather. M.A. Chidambaram
Formula One supremos must take
some of the blame after pushing for a Stadium here. Despite
5:00 pm start instead of its regular
3:00 pm slot to satisfy European
much criticism over the IPL
television audiences. moving to South Africa,
With tropical Malaysia routinely
getting wild storms, it was clear that if one hit during many feel the climate
the 56-lap race they would have trouble finishing with
daylight disappearing.Toyota’s Jarno Trulli came fourth, there should do the
Rubens Barrichello in the other Brawn was fifth and
Mark Webber in the Red Bull was sixth. players good after all
World champion Lewis Hamilton picked valuable points
by coming seventh with Nico Rosberg filling out the
top eight. AYON SENGUPTA
However, the drivers and constructors only get half the
usual number of points with the race halted at less

osing a close final in the
than three-quarter distance.
first edition of the Indian
Premier League (IPL) had
been a big heartbreak for
the superstars of Chennai Su-
Azarenka beats per Kings. The team is all
geared up to do better this year
Serena Williams in South Africa. The Indian
players of the side sans skipper
Belarussian teenager Victoria Azarenka clinched the first
Mahendra Singh Dhoni and
major title of her career by beating top seed and world
medium pacer Lakshmipathy
number one Serena Williams 6-3, 6-1 in the Miami WTA
Balaji, who are in New Zealand,
hardcourt final.
are going through their paces
Williams, bidding to claim a record sixth title and third in
at the M.A. Chidambaram Sta-
a row, was badly affected by a left thigh injury, which got
dium before their departure to
worse as the match progressed.
South Africa on April 8. Former
Despite the defeat, the American was already assured of
Aussie opener Matthew Hay-
hanging on to her world number ranking for the 71st week
den also arrived late Thursday Chennai Super Kings cricketers Manpreet Gony (left) and
of her career.
night and will be the fulcrum of Suresh Raina seen during a practice session at M.A.
It was a poor quality final. The players reached 3-3 in the
the team’s batting after another Chidambaram Stadium on March 30, 2009.
first set before Serena, who had defeat-
Aussie, Mike Hussey, has ruled PHOTO: S.R. RAGHUNATHAN
ed sister Venus in the semifinals, began
himself out of the competition.
to feel her thigh, which was heavily-
While every player and critic
bandaged and which was also support-
is moaning the tournament sweating it out in the sultry ekhar says.
ing her knee.
moving out of India, team phy- Chennai summers every morn- Punjab fast bowler Manpreet
From that point on, the reigning US
sio and South African Gregory ing. The team has already se- Gony, who was a revelation last
and Australian Open champion man-
King is happy with the move. cured Durban as their base and season, also shares his view. “I
aged to win just one more game.
“This time of the year, summer will get 10 days to acclimatise made it big because of the IPL
“It was a little difficult moving to the
would be drawing to a close with the conditions there, be- and now there is some pressure
left, and a little bit to the right. A little
and the weather would be far fore their first match against to live up to it again,” he says. “I
forward was also difficult,” she said.
cooler than it is here. It should Mumbai Indians in Cape Town will give my best and try to gain
The American said she almost would
help the teams considerably,” on April 18. from the experience.”
have preferred to lose to her sister Ven-
he said, while expressing satis- According to CSK’s Director - Chandrashekhar is also hap-
us in the semi-finals, except that then
faction with the seven Indian Cricketing Operations, the py with the composition of the
she would not have kept her world
players who have joined the move to South Africa will act as side and says: “Experienced
number one ranking.
trainings. The players who are a boon to a lot of the Indian players from South Africa, like
And she had praise for her young opponent, who had
attending the conditioning youngsters in the side, who will Albie Morkel and Makhaya Nti-
retired ill against Williams after taking a set off the Amer-
camp are Suresh Raina, Parthiv get a chance to play against ni, will play to our strength. All
ican in the Australian Open fourth-round in January.
Patel, Joginder Sharma, Man- quality opposition in alien con- the youngsters will benefit
“I think she has really, really improved,” Williams said. “I
preet Gony, Sudip Tyagi, Sha- ditions early in their career. from playing alongside players
actually look forward to playing her again so I can play a
dab Jakati and S. Anirudha. “It’s a very exciting prospect for like Matthew Hayden and An-
little better and obviously do better.
The players, no doubt, will the players, especially boys drew Flintoff. The balance in
“But I think she obviously has potential and she’s going to
welcome the more pleasant who have only played at the the team will us help deal with
be a really good player.” ■
weather in South Africa after state level so far,” Chandrash- any eventuality.” ■
Monday, April 6, 2009

This one is shaping into a battle to save the match. They are proud of their performance and they
know that they haven’t played well in the first innings. This is an opportunity to go out there and
score some big runs. So they are looking forward to the opportunity.
Andy Moles, New Zealand cricket coach

pener Gautam Gambhir scored a sions, then we don’t deserve to win this
magnificent 167 to close the door Test match.”
on New Zealand’s faint hopes of New Zealand had a grim day in blus-
saving the series in the third and tery conditions in the field, although
deciding cricket Test on Sunday. their heads lifted briefly when captain
India were 531 runs ahead of New and left-arm spinner Daniel Vettori cap-
Zealand and had reached 349 for five in tured two wickets in the eight overs af-
their second innings when bad light ter lunch. Vettori toiled on from one
stopped play on the third day at the Ba- end through the afternoon without fur-
sin Reserve. ther reward but the decision to intro-
Gambhir and Rahul Dravid ended any duce the new ball 10 overs after tea
hopes of a New Zealand comeback by brought instant results.
putting on 170 runs in a second-wicket Iain O’Brien took the vital wicket of
partnership, which ended soon after Gambhir in the first over of his new
lunch with Dravid’s dismissal for a pa- spell, trapping him lbw after a slightly
tient 60. But after the cheap dismissal of angled shortish ball straightened on the
Sachin Tendulkar for nine, VVS Laxman batsman.
joined Gambhir to add another 106 runs O’Brien struck again in his next over
for the fourth wicket. with an in-swinging ball of good length
New Zealand have been on the back going between Laxman’s bat and pad to
foot since Saturday, when they were dis- smash into the stumps.
missed for 197 in reply to India’s first New Zealand’s only chance of getting
innings total of 379. back into the match was to take several
The 27-year-old Gambhir batted for early wickets but Gambhir and Dravid
nearly seven hours for his sixth Test cen- were rarely troubled. They brought up
tury, hitting 16 fours and two sixes in a their 150 partnership in the second-to-
nearly faultless display. last over before lunch, with Gambhir
He brought up his hundred by strok- taking the lead and Dravid generally
ing Tim Southee through the covers for content to play the anchor role.
a boundary in the second over after Dravid brought up his 57th half-cen-
lunch and smashed the next ball tury in uncharacteristically flamboyant
through the gully for another four. style, hitting Southee for consecutive
Despite his brilliant performance, fours behind square and through
Gambhir hung his head in frustration as mid-wicket.
he trudged from the field after being India’s charge slowed in the after-
dismissed. noon after Dravid’s dismissal, which was
“I thought it would be very special if I down to an inspired piece of anticipa-
could get a double hundred in New Zea- tion by wicketkeeper Brendon McCul-
land - overseas,” he said. “I was very dis- lum. The wicketkeeper saw Dravid was
appointed, I wanted to get a double shaping for a paddle-sweep shot off
hundred.” Vettori and moved quickly across to the
“I think if we can set New Zealand leg side, where he was in a perfect posi-
over 600 runs, they are going to be out tion to take the catch as a bemused Dra-
of this Test match and they will only be vid looked on.
playing to survive rather than winning,” Captain Dhoni was not out 16 and
he said. Yuvraj Singh was on 15 at stumps. ■
“If we can’t get them out in five ses- AFP

Gambhir makes merry

Hits sixth
Test ton, Gautam Gambhir celebrates after
scoring a century during the
gives India third day of the final Test match
against New Zealand at the Basin
Reserve stadium in Wellington.
10 FLICK ERGO Monday, April 6, 2009

First James Bond museum opens

The world’s first James Bond museum, showcasing several gadgets and
vehicles from popular Bond films, opened to public on Sunday. According to, the new 007 attraction is located in Keswick, Cumbria. Among
the exhibits at the museum are the Triumph Stag convertible from Diamonds
are Forever and the Colibri gun from The Man with the Golden Gun.

Madonna loses
adoption bid
The Malawian government, which said it
would support the adoption, does a U-turn

adonna will not be allowed to after a judge denied her adoption bid.
adopt a second child from Ma- As her lawyer broke the news, the
lawi, a 4-year-old girl named shocked singer yelled: “Whaaat?”
Mercy James, the African coun- The 50-year-old singer had been told
try’s High Court ruled on Friday. The by government officials that Mercy
ruling will please campaigners who say James was “definitely hers”, reports
authorities have given the pop star spe- The Sun. Following the decision, Ma-
cial treatment. Malawi’s government, donna, who had spent nearly two years
which came under fire after Madonna preparing to adopt the tot as a sister to
adopted a 13-month-old Malawian Malawian son David Banda, sat mo-
boy, had said on Thursday it would sup- tionless before “furiously storming
port a second adoption. off” to her room at the luxury lodge
The 50-year-old singer was said to be where she had been staying in the Afri-
“in pieces” at being forced to return to can country.
Britain without Mercy, the little girl she A worker there said: “She was unrec-
hoped would become her fourth child, ognisably angry – she seemed in emo-
the Daily Mail online reported. tional agony. We couldn’t tell if she
“Madonna is in absolute pieces. She was crying, but her daughter Lourdes
is devastated. This is the first time she ran and put her arms round her. Ma-
has not got something she longed for. donna said to her lawyer, ‘This is the
Lourdes will also be devastated. She worst day of my life’. She yelled at him,
helped get a room ready for Mercy and ‘What went wrong? How could this
chose clothes for her,” a source said. happen?’ He was staring at the
Madonna screamed in disbelief and ground.” ■
held her head in her hands on Friday Agencies

Posh Spice lands princess role in As good as it

‘Spongebob Squarepants’ gets
After Scarlett Johansson and Johnny Depp, Victoria
Beckham is making a cameo appearance on TV cartoon
Spongebob Squarepants.
F ans of Marilyn Monroe,
James Dean, the Beatles
and Cher can now get their
The 34-year-old former Spice Girl has landed a guest role hands on their own life-sized
as a princess on the hit Nickelodeon cartoon. models of the stars, as wax
Posh recorded the voice-over late last year and, representations of the icons
according to the sources, studio bosses are quiet are going up for auction in
impressed. May.
“Victoria was a complete pro and finished all her takes Executives at the
in a day,” the Mirror quoted a source as saying. Hollywood Wax Museum in
“She isn’t interested in becoming an actress, but voice- Los Angeles are selling off
over work is something that appealed. She joked that she the imitations along with
could simply rock up to the studios in a trackie and no nearly 200 other waxworks of
make-up and no one would ever know… Scriptwriters celebrities including actors Stevie Wonder, Will Smith and
created the role of a posh British princess especially for her Charlie Chaplin, sportspersons Michael Jordan and Tiger
and were blown away by what a natural she was,” the Woods, and former US presidents Bill Clinton and George
source added. “Victoria enjoyed every minute and is keen Washington, reports.
to do more. Network bosses have been in touch since, offering more work – she really does A portion of the profits from the Profiles in History sale
have her pick of projects.” will be used to help preserve Hollywood’s Walk of Fame.
She was persuaded to take the part by youngest son Cruz (4), who is a huge fan of The auction, the first in the wax museum’s 44-year history,
Spongebob. Posh’s episode is likely to air during an hour-long special this summer. ■ is due to take place May 1. ■
Monday, April 6, 2009
Pigging out on fried chicken
Reese Witherspoon says that whenever she feels down in the dumps she reaches for a
bucket of fried chicken. “I just love it. I can’t help it, though – I’m from the South. It’s
just the best and always picks me up. Then I always eat lots of biscuits, too. People look
surprised when I say that but it’s true,” the Daily Star quoted her, as saying.

‘I am NOT
getting married!’
Miley Cyrus’ plan to marry Justin
Gatson was a mere joke

eenage actror-singer Miley
Cyrus has laughed off reports
that she is planning to marry
beau Justin Gaston.
The reports began circulating af-
ter the Hannah Montana actor
joked about an engagement with
Gaston on a radio interview.
Cyrus joked that she was set to
exchange vows with the 20-year-
old on April 3.
When Los Angeles DJ Ryan
Seacrest asked her whether she
planned to spend the rest of her
life with Gaston, she had replied, Anil Kapoor to star in ‘24’
“If he gets a pretty ring.”
However, she has finally clar- with Kiefer Sutherland
ified that it was a mere joke.
“I am NOT getting married!
I’m 16 and super focused on
A nil Kapoor, after the Oscar-winning Slumdog
Millionaire, is to take a leading role in the television
thriller 24, Hollywood daily Variety said.
my career and just livinnggg Kapoor (49) will play a Middle East leader in the eighth
life! I was kidding on Seacrest!!! season of the adventures of intelligence agent Jack
Ha-ha! A joke!” the Daily Star Bauer, played by Kiefer Sutherland. The series is due to
quoted Cyrus as stating on Twitter. be seen at the end of the year in North America. ■
Meanwhile, Miley Cyrus and her AFP
former beau Nick Jonas have re-
united again, but only for work.
The duo will be joining other celeb-
rities for the making of the video
called ‘Pass It On’. Fifth sequel to Terminator
The track will be featuring mul-
tifarious celebrities and Cyrus in the pipeline
and Jonas just happen to be two
of them. The video is about kind-
ness and passion.
F ans of the ‘Terminator’ franchise have cause to rejoice
as a fifth instalment of the series is in the offing.
Filmmaker Joseph McGinty Nichol, fondly called McG,
Cyrus has revealed that there is who is helming the fourth movie, Terminator Salvation:
no ill feeling between her and The End Begins, has been lined up to direct the fifth
Nick. movie in the action series, reports
“We don’t hate each other,” The McG is eying Terminator 2: Judgment Day star Robert
New York Daily News quoted Cyrus Patrick for the
as telling Seacrest. forthcoming
“We really love each other. He’s project. Patrick
really cool, and I’m happy we’ve shot to fame for
been able to stay friends. Eve- his part as evil
ryone thinks that me and the Jonas metal
Brothers have this big feud going shapeshifter
on, and me and Nick are really robot T-1000 in
close friends now. We talk all the the first
time and he’s one of my best Terminator
friends,” she added. ■ sequel.
ANI “I love McG. He’s
a great guy... we
saw each other
I’m 16 and super and he talked to
focused on my career me about it, so we’ll see what happens. The sci-fi genre,
and just livinnggg and specifically that character, is something I’m very
proud of. It’s what broke me out big to the world,” said
life! I was kidding Patrick. ■
on Seacrest!!! IANS
12 ERGO Monday, April 6, 2009

Friday’s query: Bharath from

What’s the biggest Sify
‘bulb’ you’ve ever has nominated
his friends as
given someone? Partners in
Crime. This
To our pity HOD during a picture was
national level technical taken just
symposium before the
Hashim Allsec
capture of
One day I emptied my purse jamal pandi
purposely and kept in my pant jaggaya at Paint
pocket, my brother took my purse Ball in
without my knowledge and he Kotivakkam.
ate with his friends in a hotel, he
stayed there for half an hour
without paying the money, then I
went and rescued him
Srikanth Technip
Took a snap of my close friend
who was sleeping with her mouth
wide open
Ramkumar.M Perot System
Once my teammate commented Juanita from
about me, u are the shortest girl Ajubanet
in our gang. I told him that they has
are wearing heels. He told if u nominated
wear heels also u look short only. her friends
Immediately I reacted, if u use as Partners
Lux soap also u r black. Everyone in Crime.
in the floor burst into laughs This picture
Saranya.M Cognizant was clicked
Once a man told me while driving at Yelagiri.
bike your head light is on, I asked
him are you paying current bill
Rockfort Ramesh Technip
My ex-boyfriend changed his
number bcoz of me and he
informed to all his friends not to
give his number to me and his
friend challenged me that I will
never find his number. But in a
mater of 5 minutes I found my
ex’s number and sent him an SMS
“I’m back”
Deepa CSS

Today’s query: Deepak R from

Perot Systems
You are shuttling has nominated
his HR team as
between meetings Partners in
and line of
assignments to meet,
with no time even
for a break. How
would you control
your hunger pangs?
Monday, April 6, 2009

■ Dear Windows Mobile Malli from the Heart,

"Guruji" Vinayak from Veri- (Garjunan), M24 Team,
zon has been nominated as Iniya piranthanal Valthukkal… Financial Software & Systems (P) Ltd
Office Angel by Indru pol endrum HTC mobile-im
Lakshminarasimhan and Windows-im pola valla valthukkal… ■ Hi Divi
his team. Wish you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY J ’To this World U r someone,
With luv & prayer To this Someone U r The World’
He is our teams Oracle Dot Net Spiders, FSS Luv u loads Sweetypie :)
Specialist. He is very well Njoi de day... Wish u gr8 yr ahead :)
known for his commitment ■ Dear Sharanya Mohan, Love u loads...
and problem solving abilities. May this day be the beginning of Gayathri, Tanya, Akruti,
We fondly call him "thaatha" another special year which fulfills Anirudh, Yogesh
due to his seniority! your wish. Let this birthday bring you Cognizant
lot of joy and happiness in your life !
A Warm Birthday Wishes from All of ■ Dear Gayathri,
us! Belated Birthday wishes gayathri...
Ur friendly, Wishing u a gr8 and Wonderful
Maami Shree (HCL), Problem Krishnan Birthday!!! God bless U...
(HCL), Malayalam Bhavana(HCL), Silent Oh sorry, Angels bless u:-)
Sathish (HCL), Janthu Jasmine (HCL) Wishing u all success in your life,
may all your desires come true.
Art featured in this column will ■ Hi friend, Cheers!!!!
receive gift coupons from Fruit Bikshapathi
M of HCL we are missing you very much my Krish, Preethi, Radha,
Shop on Greams Road. Send in dear friend vardharajan, all the best Mithra, Banu and Sudha.
your addresses so that we can Technologies Ltd
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With regards, day!!! May the coming years brings
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■ Dear Friends, life.
Life is short Best Wishes,
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laugh constantly ■ Hi Packi,
And never stop smiling “Pirandha Naal Valtukkal!...”
no matter how strange life is May all your dreams come
Life is not always the party we true…B.…C……G…L…
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should smile and be grateful. anyone going faster than you is a
HAVE A NICE DAY maniac?” Happy birthday
Regards, From Team CCS-AS (HCL-GE aviation)
■ Dear BoniFace,
■ Dear Tandooo (Jaya), Many more Happy returns of this day
Wish you Many More Happy Returns Dear. May god Bless you .
of the Day. May God Bless you Non- With lots of love and prayers from our
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Intelligent Idiots
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BCoz UTI is now AXIS. D- Director’s Special Karthikeyan A,
Saravanan V, Belated B’day wishes Wipro Technologies.
14 TRAFFIC JAM ERGO Monday, April 6, 2009

Universe’s beautiful bay

Miss Universe Dayana Mendoza, from
Venezuela, has branded the prison camp at
Guantanamo Bay “calm and beautiful” in
her online blog, writing: “I didn’t want to
leave; it was such a relaxing place.”


Thriller ride!
N. Deepan of TCS,
Siruseri clicked
this picture with
his new Olympus
digital camera at
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Monday, April 6, 2009
Carrot contest Gadget for the Queen
Glenn Close proved to be a real big mouth
during a recent TV appearance – after she The U.S. President Barack Obama presented
was challenged to see how many baby British Queen Elizabeth II with an iPod after
carrots she could fit into her mouth. they met for the first time.



Ganesha finds you to be very practical, calculative
and analytical at work today. This will boost your
performance for your routine activities. Your energy
and enthusiasm might astonish your beloved. Enjoy


If you assess things in advance, you will find ease
in dealing with them. Overall, Ganesha finds you to
be very decisive and confident. Try to be very
practical when you are handling issues related to
your love life. Do not ignore your love life.


Ganesha feels that your domestic life will require
BORN LOSER special attention today. Nevertheless, your practical
and logical abilities will help you balance office and
work simultaneously. Work at office will be smooth.
Don’t enter get into any kind of arguments.
You will remain active and focussed today. Hence
you might want to go into some research and
development activities. Due to heavy research, you
might come across a lot of new information. Do not
ignore your love life.
LEO JULY 21 - AUG 20
You are in a mood to talk a lot today. Hence you
might feel like giving suggestions to everyone
around you. However, be careful with your words as
everyone might not be able to welcome suggestions.
This applies to your love life as well.
You might not be able to meet your deadlines. It is
FREE RANGE WORKING IT OUT high time you start managing your time. At work,
you will be judgemental about things. On the love
front, grace of Ganesha will keep your lovers tuned
to each other’s frequency.
Being a true Libran, problem solving and justice
come naturally to you. Hence, you might end up
spending a lot of time in problem solving. But, do
not get frustrated if there are unsolved issues. Love
life may take a back seat due to heavy work load.
Work will be easier today as office might be almost
empty. The day is favourable for you, especially on
the career front. Superiors might encourage you to
take up more challenging tasks. Add spice to your
relationship by an outing or a movie.
In the second half of the day you will be bothered
due to some technical issues related to work. Your
mindset will require a change and you will need to
learn to forget and forgive. Ganesha advises you to
try and be as nice as possible to your loved ones.
Attending a lot of meetings is on the cards today,
and these meetings might offer you new
opportunities. As far as work is concerned, you will
be able to fix your deadlines. You may devote due
time and attention to your love life.
PREVIOUS You might have to focus a lot on pending work and
social engagements. You will have to do a lot of
ISSUE’S communication to sort out pending work. However,
your work efficiency might turn some eyes green.
SOLUTIONS Love life might remain uneventful.
Emotions might seem very important as you are
feeling emotionally fragile. Do not be hurt if
someone tries to point out your mistakes. Try to
avoid any pressure or tension due to this. Happy
times on the love front.
Predictions by Bhavesh N. Pattni
16 ! ERGO Monday, April 6, 2009

Penitents take part in the ‘Hermandad penitencial de

nuestro senor Jesus de luz y vida’ brotherhood procession
in Zamora, on Saturday, as part of the Holy Week of

Actor Bipasha Basu

showcases a creation
of designer label Mona
Pali during Kolkata
Fashion Week in
Kolkata on Saturday.
The Kolkata Fashion
Week runs from April
2 to 5. AFP PHOTO/

A researcher of the Osaka University

displays the internal mechanism of a
child robot ‘Child-robot with
Biomimetic Body’ or CB2 (CB square at
the laboratory in Osaka University in
Suita city in Osaka prefecture on
March 10, 2009. Osaka University
professor Minoru Asada’s team is
trying to teach the android to think
like a baby that evaluates its mother’s
countless facial expressions and
’clusters’ them into basic categories,
such as happiness and sadness. AFP