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2 Zachary POST Thursday, October 11, 2007

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10 Reasons Why Zachary Is a Great Place to Live

By Woody Jenkins, Editor
What Makes Zachary Such a Great Place to Live? There are at least 10 reasons: 1. The Warmth and Graciousness of the People. The South is a very friendly place and Louisiana is particularly so. But there is something very special about the people of Zachary in the way that they welcome newcomers into the fabric of life here. It is an open city. If you reach out your hand, you will find an open hand and an open heart reaching back to you. 2. Safety and Security. Zachary is large enough to have a lot to offer but small enough that everyone knows just about everyone else. And everyone looks out for one another. In this environment, crime cannot flourish. People can relax and enjoy life without constantly looking over their shoulders. Today Zachary has the lowest or one of the lowest crime rates in Louisiana. 3. Great Neighborhoods and Great Neighbors. In Zachary, people still know their neighbors. But more than that. In Zachary, when youre sick, your neighbor will probably bring over a warm cup of soup, take out your garbage, and feed your dog. Zachary has strong neighborhoods and great neighbors who are also friends. 4. Great Schools. Yes, you knew I would mention this. Its true. Zachary does have great schools. The best in the state, some of the best in South, and were striving everyday to make them even better. Not because we want to be better than anyone else but because we owe it to our children to provide them with the best possible education and our children owe it to themselves to make the most of that opportunity. 5. Community Involvement. Zachary isnt just a place to live. Its a true community, where people care about one another and the future. They have pride in Zachary and they are willing to work hard and make sacrifices to make Zachary better. In Zachary, people pull together. So many places, such as Baton Rouge, have grown so big that they have lost the sense of community. But in Zachary it is alive and well and getting stronger. 6. A Unique Relationship Between Black and White. Whats so unique about race relations in Zachary is that its a non-issue. People in Zachary simply dont evaluate one another based on race. People here are more interested in what you can do than who you are. 7. Strong Business Community. The business leadWoody Jenkins ers in Zachary believe in Zachary and want it to be successful. They are positive, creative, and forwardlooking. They are competitive but not at the expense of friendship or the best interests of the community. Business people in Zachary pull in the same direction. 8. Good Leadership. Over the past three city administrations, Zachary has been blessed with good leaders. Corruption and wrong-doing are not part of our way of life here. We expect our political leaders to be honest, and they are. 9. A Strong Economy. Zachary has a strong local economy with a good housing market, good retail environment, and prospects for growth. It is a profitable place to invest and live life. 10. Unlimited Potential. Most places know their limits, but Zachary doesnt. People in Zachary have no interest in becoming a large city but they do want Zachary to be a great city, a great place to live. So far, they have achieved that goal, and its getting better everyday.

A Walk Along Main Street

CITY OF ZACHARY After due deliberation, the Editorial Board of the Zachary Post makes the following recommendations in the primary election scheduled for Saturday, Oct. 20, 2007: GOVERNOR. Louisiana has an extraordinary candidate for governor who is well qualified in terms of intelligence, experience, and integrity. He is Bobby Jindal (R), and we are pleased to recommend him for Governor. LT. GOVERNOR. We believe Lt. Gov. Mitch Landrieu (D) is an honest person but we disagree with his liberal position on many issues. He has two qualified conservative challengers, and we recommend a vote for either of them, Rep. Gary Beard (R) or Sammy Kershaw (R). SECRETARY OF STATE. Jay Dardenne, who was recently elected to the unexpired term of Fox McKeithen, is doing a good job and should be given the opportunity to serve a full term. We recommend Jay Dardenne (R). ATTORNEY GENERAL. Attorney General Charles Foti has been much maligned in recent months despite the fact that he has done a credible job as the states highest legal officer. The fact is that much of the criticism he has received has come because he turned out to be a rather conservative attorney general. We respect Charles Foti. However, we are recommending another candidate, Royal Alexander. Royal Alexander is a young man with the potential to be one of the greatest public servants in the his-

tory of our state. He has solid legal skills and an impeccable pro-family philosophy. He is articulate, handsome, and a great campaigner. He is the kind of young conservative leader who could someday be governor or U. S. senator. We recommend Royal Alexander (R) for attorney general. COMMISSIONER OF INSURANCE. Jim Donelon was also recently elected to the unexpired term for this office. He too is doing a good job and deserves the chance to serve a full term. We recommend Jim Donelon (R). COMMISSIONER OF AGRICULTURE. Bob Odom of Zachary has served for many years as Commissioner of Agriculture. Recently he was charged with abusing his office. Those charges were dismissed but more charges are pending. We believe that Odom is an honest public servant. We have made it a point to examine his personal lifestyle and have found no evidence of use of his office for private gain. Moreover, we believe he has served our state well as Commissioner of Agriculture. At the same time, we acknowledge that two other candidates for this office are also highly qualified, Metro Councilman Wayne Carter, also of Zachary, and Rep. Mike Strain. Carter has served us well on the Metro Council, and Strain is an outstanding conservative state legislator. All things considered, we find all three candidates to be acceptable Bob Odom (D), Wayne Carter (R), and Mike Strain (R).

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