Use Shareware and Web 2.0 tools to create exciting and interactive classroom resources
ATA 2008

http://www.primopdf.com/ Free PDF creator Creates a PDF from anything you can print including Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

NVU (pronounced N-view)
This a free, open source, WYSIWYG for web page creation. It is user friendly. Has a version for
– Windows – Macintosh – Linux
example tutorial

FTP Clients
FTP Explorer
– http://www.ftpx.com/

– http://filezilla-project.org/

Coffeecup Free FTP
– http://www.coffeecup.com/free-ftp/

com Picasa tutorial .irfanview.splashup.Free Image Editors • Picasa • http://www.picasa.com • Paint.getpaint.net/ • Irfanview • http://www.net • http://www.com/ • Splashup (an online editor • http://www.

dk/mikkel/porta/ example tutorial .lnk Porta Porta is an open source.Porta. hassle-free photo album generator for web pages. It maybe downloaded from http://stegmann. It is fast and easy to use.

Photostory 3 Photostory 3 is a free download from Microsoft.mspx example tutorial Digital Storytelling Class projects Individual student projects Communication of content knowledge Communication with community and parents . http://www.microsoft.com/windows xp/using/digitalphotography/ph otostory/default.

Cool Features Touch-up Crop Rotate pictures Remove red-eye Add special effects Add soundtracks Add narration Create music Use music from other sources .


Turn PowerPoint into a Interactive Learning Center or Game Parts of Plants .

Parts of a Plant Leaves Flower Stem .




fully functional multi-track audio editor http://audacity.sourceforge.Audacity Free.net/ example tutorial .

wowio.com/index.S. .gutenberg. residents only Project Gutenberg •http://www.000 free books in the Project Gutenberg Online Book Catalog.Books for Free WOWIO • • • • http://www.org/wiki/Main_Page • There are over 25.asp Free ebooks Download 3 books per day (limit of 30/month) Must register with a real domain email (no gmail or hotmail accounts • Available for U.

Google offers the ability to download and read PDF versions of out-of-copyright books from some of the world’s greatest collections. Using Google Book Search. you can find The Free Library and many other extraordinary old books. such as: * Ferriar's The Bibliomania * A futurist from 1881's 1931: A Glance at the Twentieth Century * Aesop's Fables * Shakespeare's Hamlet * Abbott's Flatland * Hugo's Marion De Lorme * Dunant's Eine Erinnerung an Solferino * Bolívar's Proclamas * Dante's Inferno .

map.com/ Free download Combines Google search features with satellite images. and three dimensional buildings to allow students to make a virtual visit to any place in the world.google. photographs. example tutorial . terrain.Google Earth http://earth.

The Controls Tilt Directions and move or turn Zoom in & Zoom out .


2) From the VIEW drop down menu. .Google Skyview ( Google Earth version 4. you can not search for the planets. select “Switch to Sky” Search the sky by names of heavenly objects (example: Orion) Currently.


Google Mars http://www.com/mars/ .google.

16.Google Moon http://www.com/ moon/ Has placemarks for Apollo 11.12.and 17 The site was created to honor the memory of the first lunar landing.15. .14.google.

MovieMaker/ iMovie What you need: – Windows Movie Maker – Photographs (and/or) – Home Movies (and/or) – Digital Video Clips (and/or) – Images (and/or) – Music (and/or) – Microphone (optional) .

com I can al ways access my bookma rk can sha s and I re with my these colleag ues.com/ Del.us/ .us – http://del.On-line Bookmarks I keep Bookmarks • www. Porta Portal – http://www.ikeepbookmarks.portaportal.icio.icio.

A wiki is a type of computer software that allows users to easily create. . edit and link web pages. Wikis are often used to create collaborative websites.What are Blogs and Wikis? A blog is a website with the entries in reserve chronological order.

com/ .Free Fonts • Simply the Best •http://simplythebest.1001freefonts.net/fonts/ • 1001 Free Fonts • http://www.

htm Free animations http://www.busyteacherscafe.com/ Flickr www.brainybetty.awesomeclipartforeducators.com/action/MenuSelection/1/39 Brainy Betty http://www.com/graphics.Free Education Images Pics4Learning http://www.flickr.com/ .gifanimations.com Awesome Clip art for Educators http://www.com/ Busy Teacher’s Café http://www.pics4learning.

Unlimited video uploads.Unlimited MB video upload space. .Teacher Tube The goal of TeacherTube.Unlimited MB bandwidth per month.com is to provide an online community for sharing instructional teacher videos. . Registration is required for uploading – . .All TeacherTube packages are FREE! .

TEEMSS The Technology Enhanced Elementary and Middle School Science project (TEEMSS) was funded by the National Science Foundation to bring the power of information and communication technology to science education in grades 3-8 by creating and disseminating valuable. . and easily implemented technology-based science learning materials and associated teacher professional development. proven.Probes .

Free software that works with most of the leading probe vendors. .


Allows students to make predictions prior to experimentation and compare predictions with data collected. .

com/ .Label Templates Free templates from Avery http://www.avery.

ntcm.org/ .Illuminations by NTCM http://illuminations.

net .http://jc-schools.




Thank You! Questions? ATA 2008 .

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