“Malala is brave and bold...

”: Malala’s friends Slug: Pakistan Malala update Reporter: Mudassar Shah Date: 16/10/2012 INTRO On the 9th of October, Taliban gunmen shot Pakistani school girl Malala Yousafzai in the head and neck. She was coming home from school in a van with other schoolchildren. Taliban assassins stopped the vehicle, climbed on and demanded that the children identify her. The Taliban said they targeted her because she was promoting secularism and western thinking because she supported girls’ education. Mudassar Shah visits her school in the Swat valley and the others injured in the attack. TEXT SFX location I am standing where militants shot 14 year old Malala Yousafzai. These local boys point out where the militants were waiting for her. 16 year old Kaynat Sarfraz was sitting next to Malala when the militants opened fire. Kaynat clip (Girl, Pashtu Language) “Our school day had finished and we were coming home in school bus and discussing about our home work when suddenly our bus was stopped and a young man climbed into our bus. I thought it is a rehearsal for a drama. I was shocked and started crying as it was unusual and unexpected. I saw gun for the first time in my life. He asked which one is Malala? And then started firing at her. I saw Malala bleeding and then I realized that I had also been shot in the hand. She was bleeding so much. I fainted.” While Malala has been taken to the United Kingdom for treatment… Kaynat and the other three that were injured are being treated at home. Like many people around the world they are praying for Malala’s recovery. Kaynat says when she recovers she will go straight back to school because education is the only way women can change their lives. SFX school children walking

this is Mudassar Shah for Asia Calling. She has received many awards and prizes because she works hard. Pashtu) “I have taught around 3000 students and in that time I have never seen anyone as intelligent as Malala. She can’t live here anymore because the militants have said that they will kill her if she survives. Muzafera Khan was in the bus when Malala was shot. Muzaffar’s sister. Aslam Zaib clip 1 (Male. Pashtu) “I was extremely sad when I heard she had been shot. What happened to her has made everyone afraid and only half our classmates are here today. The school is quieter than usually because some parents are keeping their children at home. Kohistani Language) “We often talk about Malala in our house and say she is a very intelligent girl. . She says they all admire Malala. Pashtu) “It’s very dangerous for her here. She was targeted because of this. The militants do not want girls to be educated but Malala speaks out in support of girls’ right to get an education.” Muzaffar Khan is Malala’s biology teacher. Muzafera Khan clip (Girl. I want hard to make my country better and for it to be respect around the world. After the incident. Grade 11 student Aslam Zaib was only 50 metres away from where Malala was shot. Idrees Sajjad Awan clip 1 (Male. she is the daughter of my father sfriend and she is very brave. Muzaffar Khan clip 1 (Male.” He says Malala has had a huge impact on all the teachers and students and they are thinking of her all the time. She is a peace activist.This is where Kaynat and Malala study. At first I did not believe the stories about her but after three months of teaching her I realized her potential and realized she was a genius. Pashtu) “She was looking very upset and spending more time alone and she was not joking with the other students like she normally did or being naught with the teachers. I want to be a good doctor or an engineer.” From Swat Valley.” Muzaffar Khan Clip 2 (Male. She is brave and bold like Benazir Bhutto. I want to work harder than Malala and be more popular than her.” Malala is a role model for boys and girls across Pakistan. I was afraid that geniuses do not live for very long. She was always sitting quietly lately. He says Malala and her father had been receiving death threats for some time and it was affecting Malala’s studies. I am scared for my safety because she didn’t do anything bad but she was targeted. She is an extraordinary genius.

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