Tue, May 7, 2013 at 3:52 AM Gene L <inspectionservice@yahoo.


Be warned! Some people are trying their best to hijack the union states project. These are the same people who have been holding this movement back for several months by various tactics. The latest tactics were to hijack the phone numbers and websites that were set up and dedicated to the union states project. They are associating union states with activities that could easily harm the union states movement, and could even place unwary participants (you) into harm’s way. This rogue group has tried to prevent the success of the union states project for several months now by continually creating repetitive and redundant arguments during the calls, displaying unacceptable behavior, driving good people away, and refusing to accept the fact that certain standards must be met in order to join the union states movement. Historically, it has always been necessary for a state to meet certain criteria in order to join the union. That only makes common sense. Union states is built on a process started by the Pennsylvania group in 2011. That process was improved and strengthened to assure the success of our efforts. The steps are not difficult, but they are necessary. We determined those steps after experiencing the failure of other movements for the lack of these steps. Any states not willing to complete the steps have freedom of choice to find another movement that suits them better. They do not, however have freedom to fraudulently lead people to believe they were attending a legitimate union states call after the control of the usual phone number were hijacked and fraudulent notices were sent stating that they were conducting a union states call. Of course, this call was done while the real union states call was being conducted on another number. We were locked out of using our usual number, and had to procure another number at the last minute. People who got onto that bogus call were lied to, and made to believe that they were on a union states call. They were led to believe that we abandoned them – another lie. We, the union states folks who started this movement, and have nurtured it along for nearly a year have not altered our course. That is apparently what infuriates the opposition – they cannot deter us. They were temporarily successful in slowing us down, but they cannot stop us. We only hope you can see through the deception. We have nearly reached our first mission of restoring the original thirteen states. Soon after that, the rest of the states will join the union. This attempted takeover is being spearheaded by Stephen Hance, who has been disruptive, belligerent, combative, condescending, trying to infuse confusion and chaos to derail our movement. If you have been on any of the calls the past few months, you have heard his rants. I suggest you check his record as a troublemaker in any group he has joined, including the Montana Freemen. Make up your own mind if you want to hitch up with this man, but be very careful where he leads you. He is also a documented liar. When he pulled out of the union states, he stated clearly that it was with the advice and consent of the other folks in North Carolina – not true. We have testimony from folks in that group who knew nothing of Stephens actions – they were not consulted or informed at all – a true mark of an underhanded maneuver to deceive. If you follow him, watch your back, and God help you if you dare disagree with any of his

pontifications. You will be made to look like the stupidest imbecile on earth in front of all others (who will remain silent because they don’t want to face Stephen’s irrational wrath). Gus remains in control of the skype room we dubbed “union states planning group” and “union states Friday. .”. Never mind that he said from the beginning that the room belonged to union states. He merely has to prevent people who know the truth of the matter from entering the room and others will not be the wiser. Same thing with the websites and the phone numbers, which are in his name, but which he pledged to the use of the union states. You should visit both of the websites, unionstatesproject.info and unionstatesproject.org, then ask yourself if you want to personally be associated with, and possibly be held responsible for the action Gus is attempting on the de facto corporation – a place where we have no business or authority to meddle. Also ask if it is wise to have union states appear to endorse such actions, and the actions that are being purposed by others in this splinter group. Also ask yourself if you want to associate with someone who breached his word, his trust, and his fiduciary duty by exerting unauthorized control over something that belonged to all of us. Regarding our Skype rooms: When it became apparent that someone was trying to pull a coup, and because many things were being discussed in those skype rooms that could, by association, expose the participants to serious consequences, and to protect union states and all participants, those Skype rooms that were controlled by union states folks were shut down. If you were in those rooms, you would have received a notice that you “have been removed” – that is because the room was shut down – you were not singled out. A new skype room has been set up for our purposes. You will be given instructions for joining that new room on the next call. Our new website will also be announced on our next call. We will complete this project as planned in spite of the opposition. While some have been obstructing our progress, others have been quietly working with the remaining states to achieve our goal. We will soon have the requisite number of states to affect the rebirth of “The United States of America”. Soon after that, we will see the fruits of our labor. As announced, it is time for all the completed original 13 states to mail two certified copies of their Notice package to Dean in Virginia. This must be done in order to assemble the package that will be taken to the Pentagon and sent to The Hague. This needs to be done by Friday, May 17, 2013. Any state failing to meet that deadline will, by necessity, be eliminated from the union states movement and replaced by folks who will cooperate to get the job done. Something as monumental as this movement will naturally be a target of those who don’t want us to succeed. It happened to our forefathers, it happened to many of us in the past, and it is being attempted again. Truth will triumph and we will ultimately be able to pass a new nation to our posterity in spite of all opposition. We will be addressing the original 13 union states each Friday at 9:00 pm eastern. The phone number is 218-895-1861, passcode is 1776. On Wednesdays at 9:00 pm eastern, we will be talking to the remaining states, helping to get their paperwork ready in order to join the union. The Wednesday number is218-895-1861, passcode 1787.

Please make a special effort to join the calls with the rest of us both nights and help support this labor of love. God Bless Respectfully, gene

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