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REASONIT WOULDAPPEAL? The sound effects would engage young children because it makes the website more interesting for them. Moving images make the website appealing to the target audience because it is something for them to look at so they arent bored but interested. The children will recognize the characters so will instantly be attracted to the website. They can also find out more about the characters they see in the film.

Sound Effects

Moving images


The use of bright colours on the homepage signifies that the film is happy and on the website makes it interactive Hyperlinks it also suggests The light-hearted; thathyperlinks the film is aimed at young children and for will children and gets them involved so they will find it fun interest them as they are drawn to bright colours. The home page has a lot of pictures on but doesnt have much writing which the website appealon to the Games makes it child-friendly. By makingThe thegames page on simple, it is easier thetarget eye and will audience as it makes it fun for them. attract the target audience to visit the website and make them want to watch the film. make it more appealing to the target The videos Videos audience as target it is something for them Cartoon characters are used to appeal to the audience as it to is watch. similar to the children programmes they most likely watch. Multimedia allows the films promotion to be spread around quickly before the film is even released so people know about it and will want to see it. When the film has been released people will still be able to find out about it through social networking and read peoples opinions on it. The font used is basic and bold so it is easy to read for the target audience of children. It is the same as all of the other films so it is recognisable and people will know it when they see it. If people have seen previous Madagascar films in the past and enjoyed them they will recognise it and would want to watch the new film. The target audience for this film is young children and the film is aimed at a range of different ethnicities and both genders. The actors and actresses in the film are of different races which suggest this. Pictures in different shapes around the page are hyperlinks to other pages on the website; this makes it interactive for children and gets them involved so they will find it fun to explore the website. This also allows them to play games and find out more about the characters they see in the film.
to explore the website.