The True History of India

The True History of India
From begining to the end


September 9, 2008

Posted by Mohit Kumar in indian history. Tags: universe, life, creation of universe, duration of universe 1 comment so far Universe or Brahmand The aim of creation The aim of creation is to give a chance to all the souls to become human beings and then to realize God Who is absolute Bliss. They can realize God by doing absolute good actions and surrendering to Him. Souls are unlimited in number and are in an infinitesimal ‘life’ form, having a subtle mind of their own. When they receive human body during the creation they do good or bad actions according to the discrimination of their own mind. The record of these actions, called the sanskars or the karmas, are stored in a section of the mind. The consequences of these karmas have to be fructified otherwise there would be no meaning of classifying them as good or bad, and they do fructify. Thus, these collective karmas are like a subtle semi-dormant ‘force’ which reside in the mind of every soul and become the cause of its next incarnation; and the force of the collective karmas of all the unlimited souls works as one of the causal forces to create and maintain the universe.

Duration of creation.
The duration of the existence of the universe is countless but not unlimited. It goes on perpetually in a cyclic motion, like the creation state, and then no-creation state. In the no-creation state (called maha pralaya) the creative energies and the forces remain in an absolutely subtle and dormant state, and in the creation state they evolve in the form of the universe as we see it today. There was no beginning of this ‘cycle of creation and maha pralaya.’ It is eternal.

Powers involved in the creation.
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10/10/12 The True History of India God inspires the power maya (the cosmic power in its absolute subtle form) which evolves itself into the form of the universe and the souls begin to reside in the universe in living form. A living being cannot be without a mind and the mind aspect can never exist on its own. So both stay together. all the souls. so it is also mindless. It has three characteristics or qualities called sattvagun. allknowing. negative and neutral) that appear in every part of its creation.wordpress. all-beautiful. allloving. evil and selfish. and the life aspect of a soul. are unlimited and are infinitesimal. tamogun and rajogun (pious. Maya is lifeless. Life and mind complement each other. and the lifeless maya. ugly and normal. all-kind and allforgiving to whoever takes refuge in Him. and positive. all-charming. He is omnipresent in His Divine personal form and has uncountable absolute virtues. never alone or separately. Just like. pretty. in the universe. Here ‘life’ means the living aspect of a being. Lifelessness of maya. like a toad has life not a pebble although they may look alike. God is almighty and absolutelife-knowledge-Bliss. Souls. Maya (the cosmic power) is a lifeless miraculous energy or power. He is allGracious. hindusanskriti.com 2/11 . Thus there are three entities involved in the creation of the universe. They are: God.

There are seven phases of extremely subtle manifestations of maya that had already happened before the ‘space’ came into being. present or future. (2) In the endless space. (1) Space was the eighth subtle manifestation which was. The time. that we calculate as the age of something or the passing period of an ongoing event. But the ‘force of time’ that pushes the universe to move forward is an ‘eternal energy’ that exists side by side with maya. and kal (time).Forces that keep the universe running. stay in God in an absolutely subtle form and in an absolutely dormant state during maha pralaya. Time (kal ) factor is not just the elapsed period that we count according to the calendar. and then it keeps the universe moving forward until maha pralaya. unlimited number of pockets of various sizes were created. Within that unimaginably enormous and endless-like looking space. Time (kal ) is an eternal energy like maya which is a strong force that starts the manifestation of the mayic attributes (which gradually become the universe). in fact. There are two forces that keep the universe running continuously. as described above). present or future. It is like a parameter that gives you an understanding of the period that elapsed or it helps you keep the record of an event of past. or it is a point of determining the past. as if the entire space was in a circular motion from its . maya. the first gross manifestation of the energy of maya. They became the base of uncountable sub-universes. They are activated by the will of God. They are ‘time’ (called the kal) and ‘karm’ (the accumulative force of the accumulated karmas of all the unlimited souls. Procedure of the creation of the universe. is the calculation of the aging process of something. the ninth phase of maya (called vayu) was evolved which created a circular movement in the space itself. All the three: souls along with their karmas. After certain subtle phases of evolution the first thing that comes into being is the endless empty space.

This was the eleventh phase of mayic manifestation (apah).”) None of the existing theories so far have been able to create such a model of the universe that could accommodate all the features of the known universe. Souls are already in the universe in their subtle form. at that point Maha Vishnu creates a great number of Divinely celestial spaces in the galaxies and He enters into those spaces. The functioning of a planetary system. (3) Then. Now we know that the formation of a planetary system is not a coincidental creation of nature as the cosmologists believe. The ‘already existing motion’ in the space now made it look like the galaxies were moving away from each other. all over in that space. Celestial abodes are invisible as they are in a different space (dimension). it is a controlled formation. Brahma extends the celestial space and creates celestial abodes of gods and goddesses. in every planetary system there is one Brahma who is called the creator. In this way there are a great number of brahmandas in one galaxy. On the basis of the Bhagwatam. But. Prior to the creation of the earth planet. gradually Brahma produces those souls on the earth planet in their material bodies. This was the tenth phase of mayic manifestation (agni ). When the galaxies begin to assume their normal shape. (5) Then gravity began to predominate and the basic structure of uncountable galaxies and their clusters (as scientists know) were gradually formed. One planetary system with its celestial abodes is called one brahmand. He then produces one Brahma in each section who controls the creation of the sun and its planetary system.wordpress. a certain (uncountable) number of souls are transferred to each planetary system run by its own Brahma. we have described this theory in 7 video speeches on the Brahm Sutra that reconciles all the existing problems which the scientists face in forming the model of the universe. (4) Then the subparticles and the particles annihilated to form hydrogen atoms. subparticles evenly emerged. The supreme God Who controls the creation and the functioning of the entire universe is called Maha Vishnu. The speed of this motion of the space varied in different areas of this visible universe but with a perfectly controlled synchronization.com 4/11 . Thus. this knowledge was already incorporated in the Bhagwatam that was produced by Bhagwan Ved Vyas before 3102 BC. and then.10/10/12 The True History of India central point. hindusanskriti. (The topic of creation is further detailed in “The Divine Vision of Radha Krishn. This was the twelfth phase.

that when a Divine personality Brahma who is so powerful. plants. maintains the entire planetary system. small creatures like fish and birds and then big creatures like tigers and elephants etc. We know that sometimes in the rainy weather a lot of flying insects are formed in the open space. But you don’t have to worry. The Upnishad says that first the vegetation appeared. The bodies of insects etc. are produced. One thing must be noted here. So. Afterwards it creates its own seeds. that he creates the whole brahmand. human becomes a human. Brahma produces the souls along with their body.10/10/12 The True History of India Life on the earth planet.wordpress. oceans began to exist. lion becomes a lion. are produced as a general procedure of the nature and Brahma transfers the souls into them. frog becomes a frog. Brahma produces the first pair of all the creatures big and small on the earth planet. shrubs. or that there may be some kind of evolution process involved in that. Later on. it would be highly unjust if the soul of some human being is by mistake transferred into a worm’s body or a worm’s soul is transferred into the body of a human being. The most significant thing is this. How? The soil itself contains the subtle form of the seeds of all kinds of vegetation. At this time. grass. One should not think that how did the animals just appear on the earth planet. Thus. The impracticality of the theory of evolution has already been discussed. flowers and trees of all kinds. because Brahma is Graced with the Divine intelligence so he never makes such mistakes. the ozone layer was formed. After the formation of the earth planet. Afterwards they multiply themselves.com 5/11 . He produces all the souls exactly according to their previous status: grass becomes a grass. Brahma transfers the souls into those seeds and the first vegetation grows. and the first form of life appeared on the earth planet. and so on. and remembers the identity of each and every living being of the earth planet from each and every bacteria hindusanskriti. like. that souls are eternal and they must have been living in some form prior to this creation before pralaya.

Swayambhuva Manu had two sons and three daughters. jan. bhuv. solar system. life of universe.521972 trillion years ago 155.com 6/11 . then there is no reason that he can’t create the bodies of the animals. swah (the abode of god Indra). the first creation of the animal world was done by Brahma. Bhagwan Kapil was from his daughter Deohooti and Bhakt Prahlad hindusanskriti. produces the first ten Rishis.) The existing kalp 1971. and thus. india. Indian History. hindu. indian wisdom. indian history. Brahma meditates and conceives all the Vedas and Puranas with the Grace of Krishn. Up till now 18. the Rishis on the earth planet conceive the Vedas and Puranas. (There are 14 manvantars in a kalp and in every kalp similar Divine historical events happen. tap and satya (the abode of Brahma). Devas and asuras (gods and demons) are created.000 kalpas have already elapsed. The main abodes of the gods are: bhu. Brahma produces Swayambhuva Manu and Shatroopa. life of earth.640 million years. Bhakt Dhruv was from his second son Uttampad. the first kalp called the Brahm kalp. universe add a comment 155.521971961610 in 2008 Birth of Brahma. mah. So he does. Later on the ozone layer is formed on the earth planet. His homage to Krishn at that time is called the Brahm Sanhita. 2008 Posted by Mohit Kumar in indian history.10/10/12 to an elephant and all the human beings as well. life of planets.961610 million years ago as in 2008 Beginning of the existing day (kalp) of Brahma and (as in 2008 ) first manvantar of Swayambhuva Manu and Shatroopa.An overview September 9. life. The general term for the abode of the demons is patal lok which is below the celestial abodes of gods and near bhu lok. how universe was created. indianism.wordpress. Brahma creates the brahmand. One kalp along with Brahma’s night is 8. They are called the celestial gods and the demons. and gradually the human civilization develops. origin of life.513332 trillion years ago The second kalp. 155. All these abodes are in a separate space and dimension. hinduism. Tags: brahama.

In the Bhagwatam. 1663. Beginning of Brihadrath dynasty of Magadh. hindusanskriti. Beginning of the existing (seventh) manvantar of Vaivaswat Manu who had ten sons and one daughter.5331 million years ago Beginning of the seventh manvantar of Vaivaswat Manu. 3102 BC. 1354. 3139 The Mahabharat war (lasted for 18 days). 57.024 million years ago Emperor Mandhata’s rule in Bharatvarsh. Brahma tells in round figures that Krishn remained on this earth planet for 125 years. 120. The present MANU The existing manvantar 120.144 million years ago Descension of Bhagwan Ram. 429. Surya Vansh starts from his elder son Ikchvaku and Chandra Vansh starts from his daughter Ela.wordpress.3902 million years ago Beginning of the second manvantar of Swarochish Manu.73 ± 0.1045 million years ago Beginning of the sixth manvantar of Chakchush Manu.8188 million years ago Beginning of the third manvantar of Uttam Manu.12) × 109 years estimated by scientists the age of this present universe.10/10/12 The True History of India was in the family succession of his first son. **According to the “Surya Siddhant” the astrologers have calculated that kaliyug started on the afternoon of 17th February.com 7/11 . (From 3228 BC onward) 3228 BC Descension of Bhagwan Krishn.2474 million years ago Beginning of the fourth manvantar of Tamas Manu.676 million years ago Beginning of the fifth manvantar of Raivat Manu. 39.5331 million years ago (13. 737. 18. (Brihadrath dynasty starts with Marjari so it is also called the dynasty of Marjari family. and Yudhishthir dynasty of Hastinapur.744 million years ago Descension of Parashuram. Bhakt Ambarish was in the 3rd generation of his son Nabhag.) *The Puranas mention more than 50 important personalities of Surya Vansh who were between Ikchvaku and Bhagwan Ram in 102 million years. 1046. Priyavrat.

2001-1641 Shishunag dynasty (10 kings for 360 years). 1507-1479 Bindusar (28 years). But Krishn’s descension was in the Rohini nakchatra (asterism) of the 8th waning moon midnight of bhadon (August) which is about seven months earlier.000 years). hindusanskriti. (Chandragupt Vijayaditya. or Ashok the Great.wordpress.com 8/11 . it comes to February 3227 BC. 328-321 BC. 509-477 Jagadguru Shankaracharya. Thus. 1641-1541 Nandas (Mahapadm Nand and his 8 sons for 100 years). His descension date is 3228 BC and He stayed on the earth planet for 125 years and about 7 months.10/10/12 The True History of India Accordingly. 3102.) (Samudragupt Ashokaditya Priyadarshin. 1241-784 Shung and Kanua dynasty (14 kings for 457 years). if you add 125 years to February. 3102 Ascension of Bhagwan Krishn and the beginning of kaliyug. 1541-1507 Chandragupt Maurya (34 years). 1479-1443 Ashokvardhan (36 years). 2139-2001 Pradyot dynasty (5 kings for 138 years). 328-83 Gupt dynasty (7 kings for 245 years). 2139 End of Brihadrath dynasty (21 kings for 1. and Alexander’s invasion was 326 BC. 1894-1814 Gautam Buddh. 1541-1241 Maurya dynasty (10 kings for about 300 years). 784-328 Andhra dynasty (30 kings for 456 years).

2008 Posted by Mohit Kumar in indian history. 1947 -India got Independence. vishnu stuti add a comment Before i start telling you indian history let me first remember the all mighty hindusanskriti. Stuti September 9.wordpress. 1757-1947 1757 .English regime was established in Bengal.com .107 years. then. Tags: god. hinduism. AD 25-85 Shalivahan (ruled for 60 years). established Shalivahan Shak era in 78 AD. and became the king. 1192-1757 In 1192. established the Vikram era in 57 BC.10/10/12 The True History of India 321-270 BC. They ruled for 1. india. 85-1192 There were several kingdoms of Rajpoot kings all over India. British ruled India for 190 years. Mohammad Gori invaded Delhi (Hastinapur) the second time. defeated and killed Prithiviraj Chauhan. Since then several dynasties of Muslims ruled India for 565 years. indian history.) 102 BC-15 AD Vikramaditya. hindu history.

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