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Saving the Earth - Easy as 1, 2, 3.

May 6, 2013 By: Cheyenne Tang

How do we save the world?

Have you ever wondered if you could ever do anything to help save the environment? You can. By using less electricity, you can help the earth become a better place. Read on to nd out more.
temperature, watching less TV, turning off the water heater and using the clothes dryer less. In a hot country like Malaysia, many households have their air conditioning set at 18C. Cheyenne makes sure all her air conditioners are set at 21C and are put on a timer so they turn off at 3am, and she only uses the air conditioner when she goes to bed. Alongside the minimal use of air conditioning, Cheyenne cuts down on the hours that she spends watching TV. Her family usually spends many hours lounging around, spending family time together around the TV, but doing so uses a lot of electricity. Throughout the year, this habit quickly adjusted itself, as everyone in her family became more and more busy and spent less time at home anyway. Besides the TV, Cheyennes family is very much aware of the fact that the water heater uses a lot of electricity and theyve made sure that after showering, they turn off the heater immediately. Lastly, Cheyennes family made sure to hang up all wet clothes immediately after washing, so that the clothes dryer wasnt operating 24/7, which helped save a lot of electricity.

Global warming has increased, and our world is being destroyed. Every little thing each person does impacts the world and things arent looking good for our future generations. Fortunately, simple steps can be made to save the environment. There are many different factors that affect the earth and the climate. One of them is the electricity usage of each household. It may not seem like it, but each households electricity usage impacts the earth. Cheyenne Tang, an 8th grade student in ISKL, changes her familys habits to conserve electricity. She does this by adjusting small habits such as setting the air conditioning to a warmer

Trends in Cheyennes Electricity Usage

At the beginning of the year in August, Cheyennes electricity usage was 1,093 KwH. Seeing that she lives with a family of three, in a small apartment, there is a lot of room for improvement for her family to make. After one month of monitoring her familys habits, her familys electricity usage dropped to 772 KwH. The next month, it went back up to 890 KwH, showing that her family wasnt so vigilant with the amount of electricity that was

being used. In December, when there was Christmas break, Cheyennes familys electricity usage dropped to 535 KwH, but soon shot back up to 804 KwH. The rest of the year, her electricity usage went up and down, staying in the 780-800 KwH range. In order for Cheyennes family to continue reducing their amount of electricity usage, Cheyenne will have to reenforce rules and push even harder.

Making Predictions: 300 KwH

This is a graph of Cheyennes monthly electricity usage from August 2012, to April 2013. To predict how long it would take Cheyennes family to get their electricity usage to 300 KwH, a fitted line has been put into the graph to set a consistent trend for her data. The equation of the fitted line is y= -100/6x+800. The slope is rise over run, and in this case, each time you go down a unit, (100 KwH), you go over 6 units, so the slope is -100/6. The y intercept is 800 because the fitted line meets the y intercept at 800 KwH. To predict how many months it would take Cheyennes family to reach 300 KwH, we substitute y for 300, then solve the equation. The first step is to subtract 800 from each side. The ultimate goal is to get x on its

own. Now the equation is -500 = -100/6x. The next step is to multiply each side by the reciprocal of -100/6, which is 6/-100. Now, the equation is 30 = x, so it will take 30 months for my family to reach 300 KwH.