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1)Porter's five model full description. 2)SWOT analysis full description.

3)Limitations of MNC's 4)Business Plan continuity steps 5)Divestment strategy full? 6)Vertical & horizontal Merger?itten by 10marks 1 )explain the theory of international Trade? 2)Describe the Payment term in foreign trade? 3)Explain the issues related to WTO? UNIT 12 PAGE-249 4)State the siginifiance of business ethics? unit 4 pg 71 2 marks 1)Major factor that influence organisation structure can be classify broadely in two? 2)Support institute for intenational business include -------- and --------------3)Business level strategy is also called________ 4)letter of credit is written by financial institute in favour of____of _________ 5)Moody credit rating AAA stands for_____ BAA stands for_______credit rating