Heart of the Arctic
June 24, 2013 - July 6, 2013 aboard the Sea Adventurer
This journey encompasses the heart of the Arctic from Greenland to Canada’s newest territory, Nunavut, and finally, Nunavik in Northern Quebec. We’ll travel just after the summer solstice, when the midnight sun will be in full bloom. The chances of seeing wildlife including polar bears, walrus and muskox are excellent as spring turns to summer. Crossing the Arctic Circle and sailing into Disko Bay, we’ll arrive in the world’s iceberg capital, Ilulissat. Here 40 cubic kilometers of ice is calved each year. Witnessing the crack and fall of these massive slabs of ice is one of the world’s most incredible sights. Crossing Davis Strait we’ll sail up Frobisher Bay into Nunavut’s capital, Iqaluit. Here we’ll visit its most famous landmark, St. Jude’s Anglican cathedral, built to resemble a traditional igloo. In Kimmirut, on southern Baffin Island, we’ll find a variety of carvings the community has worked throughout the long winter months to create for us. You can enjoy Inuit games, fresh bannock and local music. Crossing Hudson Straight into Nunavik, we call in at the friendly town of

© Michelle Valberg

© Jonathan Huyer

© Michelle Valberg

Kangiqsujuaq where we tour the town and meet with local people. We’ll visit Akpatok Island and the world’s largest population of Thick-billed Murres. This is typically an excellent place to find polar bear that are attracted by the bird cliffs.



© Michelle Valberg


H I G H L I G H T S Heart of the Arctic
• • • • • • • Cross the Arctic Circle, then sail to Illulissat to watch and listen as massive icebergs are born Visit Nunavut’s capital, Iqaluit, and its igloo-inspired church Visit with world-renowned Inuit carvers in Kimmirut Seek out polar bear during our Zodiac cruise of the Savage Islands Witness the world’s largest Thick-billed murre colony at Akpotak Island Hike the tundra in seach of muskox Enjoy the unique sounds of throat-singers, mimicking nature

Day Day Day Day Day Day Day Day Day Day 1-2: 3: 4-5: 6-7: 8: 9: 10: 11: 12: 13: Kangerlussuaq (Søndre Strømfjord) Sisimiut Coast Ilulissat Crossing Davis Strait Iqaluit Savage Islands Kimmirut Kangiqsujuaq Akpatok Island Kuujjuaq

Flights: Charter flights are available for this expedition.

Northbound June 24: Early morning departure Toronto, ON arrival midafternoon Kangerlussaq, GL Southbound July 6: Early afternoon departure, Kuujjaq, QC arrival late afternoon Montreal, QC

Return Charter Flights: $1,705.68 USD per person inclusive of taxes and fees

Pre and Post Hotel nights are available in Toronto and Montreal upon request.

Y O U R S T A F F Heart of the Arctic





Archaeologist & Art Historian

Archaeologist & Historian





JOHN HOUSTON Culturalist & Filmmaker A member of the well-known Houston family, John spent the first seven years of his life in the Arctic at Kinngait (Cape Dorset). As an adult John returned to Baffin Island as the Art Advisor at the Pangnirtung Co-operative. Over the next five years, while mastering Inuktitut, he brought out four print collections and made many lasting connections. Today, as a filmmaker, John’s work is still largely inspired by the North.

ANDREW QAPPIK Artist & Culturalist Andrew is a master printmaker from Pangnirtung, Baffin Island in Nunavut. His images describe the local landscape, the animals, the people as well as family activities and camp life. As a printmaker, Andrew uses relief printing, etching and lithography. He is most widely recognized for the subtle layering of colours in his stencil prints. As a designer, Andrew uses symbolic colours and imagery to communicate ideas. He is best known for his contribution to the design of the Nunavut flag, logo and coat of arms.

REE BRENNIN Naturalist Ree Brennin is a zoologist specializing in marine life and conservation. She has studied rattlesnakes, snowshoe hares, song sparrows and crows, humpback and right whales, and beluga whales. She has worked at the Monterey Bay Aquarium, the Monterey Institute of International Studies, Queen’s University, Environment Canada, and the Bedford Institute of Oceanography. Recently she has made a foray into filmmaking with her fiancée John Houston, working on the feature film Copperhead about the American Civil War.

Please visit our website for a full listing of your staff and their biographies


The Sea Adventurer

Adventure Canada is celebrating 25 years of adventure, taking our treasured adventurers to the best of the natural world using the comfort of small ships specifically designed for expedition travel to faraway places. Here are some reasons why we love small ship expedition cruising so much: 1) Up-Close Encounters: Because of their small turning radius and maneuverability, small ships can access narrow

rivers, secluded coves and navigate through ice and remote places inaccessible to bigger ships. It’s in these areas where nature and culture are at their best. 2) Small Groups: With small ships come small groups, fast transfers to and from shore, and only the best seats in the house! This means more time to experience the destination. It also means flexible itineraries and being able to launch a Zodiac in minutes if something interesting is spotted, or to stay longer admiring a pod of whales, for example.

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3) Like-Minded Travelling Companions: Of course everyone has different reasons for travelling. However over the years we’ve found one common element among our guests: a thirst for knowledge and authentic experience. Many of our guests form life-long friendships (and even some marriages), and our trips are often the site of reunions for people from all over the world. 4) On-Board Experience: In addition to a full on-board presentation and entertainment schedule, we offer a combination of lively shipboard activities. Our guests choose what elements of the program they want to participate in (or not) and we always

provide several options. 5) Authenticity: Forget casinos, multiple bars and formal dinners. Small ship cruising is about experiencing the destination up-close with the help of experienced naturalists, historians, photographers and expedition leaders. And with Adventure Canada, there’s always a strong emphasis on fun!

Adventure Canada has been sailing aboard the Sea Adventurer for four seasons now, and each summer when we first step on the gangway, it’s like

coming home. We’re welcomed by the ship crew’s friendly and familiar faces—the seamen helping board the Zodiacs, the friendly hotel staff who greet us each morning and of course our wonderful Captain. With every expedition we take, a tight-knit shipboard community is formed among the maximum 200 guests and crew. The relaxed, casual feeling on-board, coupled with open meal seating plans, ample deck space and the open bridge policy breeds a strong camaraderie not only between the passengers and staff, but with the ship’s crew as well. This type of travel will change your perspective and form many long-lasting friendships.

Dining Room

Clipper Club

Travelling with Adventure Canada is unlike any other travel experience. Our onboard programming makes us unique, and keeps our guests coming back! Our expeditions are educational with knowledgeable staff and engaging presentations. But we’re equally proud of our fun events such as our trivia nights, evening concerts, sing-a-longs, theme dinners and dances! We strongly believe having fun is contagious. Our resource staff members are expert in their respective fields, but we value their people skills just as highly; they’re all engaging, approachable and fun loving. On average we hold three to four presentations a day in addition to our planned excursions. Professional staff members host a variety of workshops, from photography seminars to print making to Inuktitut lessons. Our close relationships with local people in the regions we visit have a powerful effect on our passengers. We travel with local Inuit guides when in the Arctic, Ecuadorians when in Galapagos and Newfoundlanders when on the Rock. We are grateful to work alongside so many talented individuals and have them invite us into their home territory. The interaction doesn’t end with our onboard guides; we also invite community members onboard the ship to give us an introduction to their home and enjoy time with us. In 2013 we will be aboard the Sea Adventurer, a wonderful ship designed for passenger comfort. The hardworking crew greatly enriches our onboard experience. From the Captain and his officers, to the engine team, to the stewards who service your cabin, our crew understand expedition travel, and give their all to make your adventure perfect.

© Jonathan Huyer

© Jonathan Huyer



© Jonathan Huyer

© Larry Frank

© Rob Poulton

Bow Stern

Bow Stern

The 118-passenger Sea Adventurer is among the few vessels in the world specifically constructed for expedition voyages to remote reaches. She has advanced communications and navigation equipment, and newly installed, state-ofthe-art Sperry Gyrofin stabilizers. Extensively renovated, Sea Adventurer is a handsome vessel in the style of great ocean liners: varnished wood, brass, and wooden decks. All cabins have an exterior view with private facilities and showers.
Capacity: Registry: Overall Length: Ice Class: Draft: Electricity: Gross Tonnage: Public areas:

Relax in the Main Lounge, Clipper Club or Library/Card room; keep trim in the Gymnasium; or shop for souvenirs in the Gift Shop. Meals include International and Continental cuisine. The ship has a fleet of 10 Zodiacs and a special loading platform. An ice class rating of A-1 allows Sea Adventurer to go to places larger cruise ships can’t, and she does it in comfort and style unsurpassed by other vessels her size.

Bow Stern

Bow Stern

Meals: Cabins: International & Continental Cuisine All cabins face outside with windows or portholes and have private showers and facilities. Fleet of 10 Zodiacs, advanced communications and navigation equipment, Sperry Gyrofin stabilizers 24-hour Doctor, laundry service, on-board and on-shore photographer, on-board masseuse

118 guests in 61 outside cabins. Bahamas 101m A-1 4.72m 220 V. 4,376 Main Lounge, Bar, Clipper Club, Library/Card room, Gymnasium and Gift Shop

Expedition Equipment:

Special Features:



Category Amenities
Quad Lower Forward. two upper two lower berths, porthole & window. Triple Lower Forward. one upper two lower berths, porthole & window. Junior Double. two lower berths, porthole window. Double. two lower berths, midship porthole window. Main Double. two lower berths, porthole window. Deluxe Double. two lower berths, porthole or picture window. Superior Double. two lower berths, picture window. Superior Double Plus. two lower berths, picture window. Suite. two lower berths, sitting area, picture window. Owner’s Suite. two lower berths, shower & bathtub, picture window.

1 2 3
Quad Lower Forward Triple Lower Forward

4 5 6
Main Double Deluxe Double

7 8 9 10

Superior Double

Owner’s Suite

• All cabins have private facilities. Select Category 6, 7 and 8 cabins can be converted into triples. Please call for prices.

EXPEDITION COSTS INCLUDE: *Pre-departure materials *All entry and park fees *Team of resource specialists *Applicable taxes *Educational program *All Shipboard Meals *All Zodiac excursions *Port fees EXPEDITION COST DOES NOT INCLUDE: *$250 Discovery fee *Commercial & Charter flights *Gratuities (suggested $15 USD per passenger, per day) *Personal expenses *Mandatory medical evacuation Insurance *Additional expenses in the event of delays or itinerary changes *Possible fuel surcharges *Pre & post hotel accommodation *Optional excursions * additional costs associated with payments made by credit card. Please see Tour Fares.

Applies to 2013 & 2014 expeditions

2013 Expeditions and Berth Prices (USD)
Date 2013
Scotland Slowly Scotland to Greenland Heart of the Arctic Arctic Explorer Into the Northwest Passage Out of the Northwest Passage Greenland & Wild Labrador Newfoundland Circumnavigation Discovery Fee
DISCOVERY FEE Each area we visit has rich cultural experiences and wild treasures to offer. As guests, we have made a point to source and support local projects in the areas through which we travel. A contribution from each passenger, billed separately as the Discovery Fee, represents a portion of the money we donate to ensure the longevity and success of educational, environmental and cultural initiatives in these regions. Our Discovery Fee is $250 USD per person for all Shipboard Expeditions. PRICING Rates above are in US dollars, per person, per voyage based on double occupancy. Discovery fee and charter and commercial airfare is not included in the Berth price. Single occupancy cabins are available in categories three through seven at 1.6 times the double occupancy rate. Please call for availability.


Charter flights

Cabin Class Categories 1

$4,995 $3,995 $4,995 $5,395 $8,795 $9,395 $5,595 $4,495 $250

$5,595 $4,595 $5,995 $6,495 $9,895 $10,295 $6,695 $5,095 $250

$6,595 $5,495 $6,795 $7,395 $10,795 $11,695 $7,495 $5,695 $250

$7,995 $6,695 $7,995 $8,595 $12,595 $12,995 $8,995 $6,595 $250

$8,995 $7,495 $8,995 $8,995 $13,595 $14,395 $9,895 $7,095 $250

$9,595 $7,995 $9,695 $9,995 $14,595 $15,495 $10,495 $7,995 $250

$9,995 $8,495 $9,995 $10,595 $15,195 $15,995 $10,995 $8,595 $250

$10,495 $8,895 $10,495 $10,995 $15,995 $16,695 $11,495 $8,995 $250

$11,395 $9,995 $10,995 $11,795 $16,595 $17,595 $11,995 $9,395 $250

Jun 2 - Jun 12 Jun 12 - Jun 24 Jun 24 - Jul 6 Jul 27 - Aug 6 Aug 6 - Aug 20 Aug 20 - Sep 5 Sep 5 - Sep 18 Sep 18 - Sep 27

$1,180.75 $1,705.68 $1,891.99 $1,957.78 $2,054.05 $1,085.53

$2,995 $3,895 $3,995 $7,195 $7,595 $3,995 $3,695 $250

CURRENCY Although we are a Canadian company, most of our operating costs are paid in U.S. dollars. For this reason all tour prices are in U.S. dollars. We will accept Canadian dollars at our current exchange rate if paid in full at the time of booking. We are not responsible for bank exchange rates on credit card transactions. TOUR FARES Published prices are based on exchange rates and tariffs in effect at the time of printing (March 2013) and are subject to change without notice. Once the deposit has been received changes will not be made to the base price. No refund will be given if costs are reduced. The company reserves the right to amend all or part of any tour price for any reason including, without limitation: increased fuel costs, airfares, airport charges or increases in ground operator service fees. Tour fees quoted are based on group participation. Prices are cash/ cheque discounted, and in US dollars.

2013 Credit Card Pricing is as follows: Scotland Slowly: C1 $4,155 C2 $5,195 C3 $6,235 C4 $6,859 C5 $8,315 C6 $9,355 C7 $9,979 C8 $10,395 C9 $10,915 C10 $11,851 Scotland to Greenland: C1 $3,115 C2 $4,155 C3 $4,779 C4 $5,715 C5 $6,963 C6 $7,795 C7 $8,315 C8 $8,835 C9 $9,251 C10 $10,395 Arctic Explorer: C1 $4,155 C2 $5,611 C3 $6,755 C4 $7,691 C5 $8,939 C6 $9,355 C7 $10,395 C8 $11,019 C9 $11,435 C10 $12,267 Heart of the Arctic: C1 $4,051 C2 $5,195 C3 $6,235 C4 $7,067 C5 $8,315 C6 $9,355 C7 $10,083 C8 $10,395 C9 $10,915 C10 $11,435 Into the Northwest Passage: C1 $7,483 C2 $9,147 C3 $10,291 C4 $11,227 C5 $13,099 C6 $14,139 C7 $15,179 C8 $15,803 C9 $16,635 C10 $17,259 Out of the Northwest Passage: C1 $7,899C2 $9,771 C3 $10,707 C4 $12,163 C5 $13,515 C6 $14,971 C7 $16,115 C8 $16,635 C9 $17,363 C10 $18,299 Greenland & Wild Labrador: C1 $4,155 C2 $5,819 C3 $6,963 C4 $7,795 C5 $9,355 C6 $10,291 C7 $10,915 C8 $11,435 C9 $11,955 C10 $12,475 Newfoundland Circumnavigation: C1 $3,843 C2 $4,675 C3 $5,299 C4 $5,923 C5 $6,859 C6 $7,379 C7 $8,315 C8 $8,939 C9 $9,355 C10 $9,771



2014 Expeditions and Berth Prices (USD)
Cabin Class Categories
Date 2014
Newfoundland Circumnavigation Sable Island Newfoundland & Wild Labrador Arctic Safari High Arctic Adventure Arctic Explorer Northwest Passage East to West Northwest Passage West to East Greenland & Wild Labrador Antarctica Discovery Fee
Jun 2 - Jun 12 Jun 12 - Jun 19 Jun 19 - July 2 Jul 13 - Jul 23 Jul 23 - Aug 2 Aug 2 - Aug 12 Aug 12 - Aug 28 Aug 28 - Sep 11 Sep 11 - Sep 24 Oct 17 - Nov 6


10 7 13 10 10 10 16 14 13 20

$3,995 $1,995 $3,595 $3,995 $4,295 $3,995 $8,195 $7,295 $4,595 $8,995 $250

$4,995 $2,995 $4,595 $5,495 $5,795 $5,495 $9,695 $8,795 $5,795 $9,995 $250

$5,595 $3,995 $5,595 $6,995 $7,295 $6,995 $11,195 $10,295 $6,995 $10,995 $250

$6,595 $4,595 $6,195 $7,695 $7,995 $7,695 $11,895 $10,995 $7,595 $11,695 $250

$7,595 $5,795 $7,395 $9,095 $9,395 $9,095 $13,495 $12,595 $8,795 $12,995 $250

$8,095 $6,295 $7,895 $9,695 $9,995 $9,695 $14,195 $13,295 $9,295 $13,995 $250

$8,995 $7,295 $8,895 $10,895 $11,195 $10,895 $15,395 $14,495 $10,295 $14,595 $250

$9,495 $7,795 $9,395 $11,395 $11,695 $11,395 $15,895 $14,995 $10,795 $15,995 $250

$10,195 $8,795 $10,395 $12,395 $12,695 $12,395 $16,895 $15,995 $11,795 $17,595 $250

$10,995 $9,795 $11,395 $13,395 $13,695 $13,395 $17,895 $16,995 $12,795 $19,995 $250

2014 Credit Card Pricing is as follows: Newfoundland Circumnavigation: C1 $4,155 C2 $5,195 C3 $6,235 C4 $6,859 C5 $7,899 C6 $8,419 C7 $9,355 C8 $9,875 C9 $10,603 C10 $11,435 Sable Island C1 $2,075 C2 $3,115 C3 $4,155 C4 $4,779 C5 $6,027 C6 $6,547 C7 $7,587 C8 $8,107 C9 $9,147 C10 $10,187 Newfoundland & Wild Labrador C1 $3,739 C2 $4,779 C3 $5,819 C4 $6,443 C5 $7,691 C6 $8,211 C7 $9,251 C8 $9,771 C9 $10,811 C10 $11,851 Arctic Safari C1 $4,155 C2 $5,715 C3 $7,275 C4 $8,003 C5 $9,459 C6 $10,083 C7 $11,331 C8 $11,851 C9 $12,891 C10 $13,931 High Arctic Adventure C1 $4,467 C2 $6,027 C3 $7,587 C4 $8,315 C5 $9,771 C6 $10,395 C7 $11,643 C8 $12,163 C9 $13,203 C10 $14,243 Arctic Explorer C1 $4,155 C2 $5,715 C3 $7,275 C4 $8,003 C5 $9,459 C6 $10,083 C7 $11,331 C8 $11,851 C9 $12,891 C10 $13,931 Northwest Passage (East to West) C1 $8,523 C2 $10,083 C3 $11,643 C4 $12,371 C5

$14,035 C6 $14,763 C7 $16,011 C8 $16,531 C9 $17,571 C10 $18,611 Northwest Passage (West to East) C1 $7,587 C2 $9,147 C3 $10,707 C4 $11,435 C5 $13,099 C6 $13,827 C7 $15,075 C8 $15,595 C9 $16,635 C10 $17,675 Greenland & Wild Labrador C1 $4,779 C2 $6,027 C3 $7,275 C4 $7,899 C5 $9,147 C6 $9,667 C7 $10,707 C8 $11,227 C9 $12,267 C10 $13,307 Antarctica C1 $9,355 C2 $10,395 C3 $11,435 C4 $12,163 C5 $13,515 C6 $14,555 C7 $15,179 C8 $16,635 C9 $18,299 C10 $20,795 PAYMENT POLICY A deposit of $1,000 USD per person is required upon booking to confirm participation. Adventure Canada strongly advises all passengers to obtain trip cancellation insurance at the time of deposit. The balance of the payment is

required 120 days prior to your departure date. The Company reserves the right to cancel reservations if payments are not received in time. Prices are cash/cheque discounted, if you wish to pay by credit card please refer to our credit card pricing. Please make cheques payable to: ADVENTURE CANADA. Please review our Cancellation & Refund Policy for a full outline of our cancellation terms. 2014 CHARTER FLIGHTS Adventure Canada arranges charter flights for select departures which all guests will be booked on - this cost is not reflected in the berth price. If one does not wish to be booked on the charter flight, please advise your Adventure Specialist at the time of booking. Charter flight prices will be available by January 2014 - please budget between $1800-$2000 USD per person.


Family is important! In order to promote multi-generational travel, we are offering a 30% discount to travellers under 30 years of age. Please call us for details!

Single travellers not requiring private accommodation on shipboard programs can be matched with another single traveller at no extra charge. Single-occupancy cabins are also available at 1.6 times the regular cost. Please call us for pricing & availability


If you can play the bagpipes, bring them along and ask about our bagpiper’s rebate!


Important Information
HOW TO REGISTER To register for an Adventure Canada expedition each participant must complete the registration form and return along with a $1000 USD deposit. THE REGISTRATION FORM IS DOUBLE SIDED AND YOUR SIGNATURE IS REQUIRED ON BOTH SIDES. By returning the registration form and deposit you are acknowledging and agreeing to the Terms and Conditions and release required for participation on any Adventure Canada excursion. All cheques must be made out to: Adventure Canada. Full payment by credit card is subject to credit card pricing. ITINERARIES Weather, ice and government regulations may require changes to be made to the itineraries and/or the cancellation of certain shore excursions. Every attempt, within the limits of law, time and safety, will be made to adhere to the itineraries described. There may be a planned alternate for your route, please inquire at the time of booking. In the event of changes, passengers are not entitled to any refund or other compensation. Expedition fees are based on group participation. Should you choose not to take part in any activity or make use of services provided, no refund will be given. Vessels and dates are subject to change. SINGLE TRAVELLERS On shipboard expeditions travellers willing to share their accommodations will be guaranteed the double occupancy rate even if a roommate is not available. Single travellers who wish to guarantee single accommodations may do so at 1.6 times the published rate in categories 3-7, subject to availability. PRE-DEPARTURE INFORMATION Prior to your tour we will send you a pre-departure package including a statement of account, log in details to access your online profile, a booklet describing life aboard the ship, reading list, packing suggestions and other useful travel tips. ONLINE PROFILE Adventure Canada collects personal information from our passengers via a secure online account. You will be required to provide select medical and personal information and acknowledgement of select liabilities. Online accounts are set up by booking reservation. This means that all passengers on a given reservation will have access to each others information. You will be asked to acknowledge this process on our reservation form by checking off the box ‘I/we agree that all passenger details will be viewable by all persons on this registration/reservation’. If you prefer to have individual access to the online account please do not check this box on the reservation form and advise your Adventure Specialist by calling or communicating your request by email. If you prefer to provide your personal information to Adventure Canada by mail or fax please contact us and we will send you paper copies. We ask that your personal information be completed at your earliest convenience, but at least 120 days prior to departure. You will not receive your final documents until these forms are completed and submitted. INSURANCE Adventure Canada strongly advises all passengers to obtain travel insurance at the time of deposit. If you have not yet purchased your commercial airfare you may increase your insurance coverage afterwards. By not purchasing coverage at the time of booking you are not fully covered. Adventure Canada’s cancellation terms apply to all passengers. Emergency Medical and Evacuation Insurance is required for participation in all Adventure Canada expeditions. PASSPORTS & VISAS PASSPORTS ARE MANDATORY. Participants are responsible for obtaining personal Visas, passports and inoculations if required at their own expense. ACTIVITY LEVEL Adventure Canada expeditions are intended for people in reasonably good health. Zodiac cruises and transfer times can be lengthy. There are no elevators on board ship, and you must be able to climb stairs between decks. You must also be able to climb the external gangway stairs to transfer between the ship and the zodiacs. Our guides and ship crew are available to assist you in and out of the Zodiacs, both on shore and at the gangway. Adventure Canada expeditions may involve extensive walking in variable weather over sometimes hilly, uneven terrain. Wherever possible on shore excursions, we break into smaller, guided groups according to interest and physical ability. This may mean one small group going off on a strenuous, two hour hike on steep terrain, while another explores the area in and around the landing beach, keeping to relatively level terrain and short distances. Generally speaking, once a few people are ready to return to the ship, the Zodiacs are usually available to take you back at the time of your choosing. ZODIAC CRAFT Zodiacs are the favoured means of transportation in the Arctic for all our expeditions and, indeed, wherever shallow waters and beaches ring the shoreline. They are stable, versatile craft which cruise at an approximate speed of four knots, and in windy weather can make for rather splashy rides. We therefore recommend wearing wet weather gear for Zodiac transfers. Life preservers are absolutely compulsory. Zodiac landings will generally entail disembarking onto rocky or gravelly beaches. The beach landings may be wet, meaning that there may be some spray en route to shore, and that you may have to step into water up to 25 cm/10 inches deep. Rubber boots are highly recommended. MEDICAL FACILITIES This expedition is intended for persons in good health. Passengers who are not fit for long trips for any reason, including disability, heart or other health conditions, are advised not to join the tour. Should any such condition become apparent, we reserve the right to decline embarkation. Our vessel is not equipped to handle serious medical conditions. Medical and Emergency Evacuation insurance is mandatory and may be purchased through Adventure Canada at the time of booking. All passengers must carry a minimum of $75,000 USD per person emergency medical and evacuation coverage. This may not cover the full cost of a medical emergency. Additional expenses are the full responsibility of the passenger A ship’s doctor will be in attendance in the ship’s small medical clinic on most cruises to administer to passengers’ basic health needs. If you require specific medications, please ensure that you bring a supply adequate to last you for the duration of the journey. Any applicable fee for medical services rendered or medicines supplied will be debited from your account. GRATUITIES Our staff try hard to please and tips are heartily appreciated. In fairness to all of those who work together to make your cruise enjoyable, tips are collected at the end of the voyage and distributed equitably among the crew. Although we leave tip amounts to your discretion, in the past many passengers have asked for a recommended amount. We suggest a rate of $15USD per day, per passenger, as a kind and generous offering. Tips will be automatically added to your shipboard account, you may advise the purser onboard of you would like to increase or decrease the tip amount.

RELEASE, TERMS AND CONDITIONS Please read this important information carefully. The delivery by the passenger of the deposit together with a signed copy of this document to Adventure Canada (AC) Eagle Eye Tours (EE), Routes to Learning (RTL) shall constitute the passenger’s consent and agreement to all of the provisions contained herein. (Signature required on both sides) CANCELLATION & REFUND POLICY All requests for cancellations must be received in writing. Upon Adventure Canada receiving a written notice of cancellation at least 120 days prior to the scheduled date of departure, the passenger shall receive a full refund of its tour fees, less an administrative penalty of $500 per person. If a written notice of cancellation is received by Adventure Canada between 91 and 120 days prior to the scheduled date of departure, the passenger shall receive a refund of 35% of its tour fees. Please note that within the 90-day limit, all fees, deposits and tariffs received by Adventure Canada are forfeited. For these and other reasons mentioned below, passengers are strongly advised to obtain trip cancellation insurance at the time of deposit. No refunds shall be made to passengers who do not participate in any part of, or otherwise do not complete, the tour for any reason whatsoever.

evacuation, trip cancellation and interruption, accident and baggage insurance. Emergency medical and evacuation coverage is mandatory for trip participation and policy documentation will be required. Any losses sustained by the undersigned passenger as a result of its failing to obtain proper insurance coverage shall be the sole responsibility of the passenger. For full coverage, including cancellation coverage prior to departure, passengers are strongly recommended to obtain insurance at the time of deposit. IMAGES AND PRIVACY On these trips we take many photos, some of which we use for promotional purposes. If you would not like photos which include you to be used, please let us know in advance. We may also celebrate your birthday or special event, let us know if you would like to abstain. ITINERARY The itineraries/programs described are subject to change at the discretion of the ship’s master. These are expeditions to remote parts of the world. Adventure Canada, reserves the exclusive right, in its sole discretion, to alter or omit any part of the itinerary or change any reservation, staff member, feature and/or means of conveyance without notice and for any reason whatsoever including but not limited to weather and sea conditions, availability of anchorages, force majeure, political conditions and other factors beyond our control and without allowance or refund and with any and all extra costs resulting there from paid by the passengers. Adventure Canada, expressly reserves the right to cancel, without prior notice to the passengers, any tour prior to departure, in which case tour fees will be refunded without further obligation on the part of Adventure Canada, including, but not limited to the payment of interest accrued thereon. Decisions to alter then itinerary/program as aforesaid shall be made in the best interest of all passengers aboard the vessel. Adventure Canada, expressly reserves the right in its sole discretion to cancel the reservation of, or remove from the tour, any passenger at any time. ADDITIONAL DOCUMENTATION Adventure Canada is a sub-charterer of the Sea Adventurer. Adventure Canada’s registration serves as the Passage Contract Ticket, which is the standard passenger contract and liability waiver of the vessel mentioned herein. Passengers are encouraged to read this document upon receipt. In accepting this Passage Contract Ticket, passengers agree to be bound by its terms and conditions RELEASE The undersigned hereby agrees with these terms and conditions and further agrees that Adventure Canada shall have no liability or responsibility whatsoever for damages to or loss of property, or injury which may be sustained by reason of, or while engaged on, any Adventure Canada tour, whether due to Adventure Canada (AC), Eagle Eye (EE), Routes to Learning(RTL) ownership, maintenance,

use, operation or control of any manner of conveyance used in carrying out the tour; (ii) the use of transportation or other services of owners, operators, or public carriers for whom AC/EE/RTL acts only as agent; (iii) passenger’s lack of proper travel documentation (such as visas, passports, etc.); (iv) any act, omission or event occurring during the time that passengers are not aboard AC/EE/ RTL carriers or conveyances; or (v) any act of war, insurrection, revolt or other civil uprising or military action occurring in the countries of origin, destination or passage, or changes caused by sickness, weather, strike, quarantine or other causes beyond the control of AC/EE/RTL. The undersigned hereby waives any claim it may have against Adventure Canada for any such damage, loss or injury. The passenger understands and acknowledges the ticket in use by the carriers concerned (when issued) shall constitute the sole contract between the transportation companies and the purchaser of these tours and/or passage. Adventure Canada of Mississauga, Ontario, Canada (Ontario Registration No. 0400 1400) acts only as agent for all services described herein. AC/EE/RTL and its sponsoring organizations do not assume any responsibility or liability whatsoever for any claims, damages, expenses or other financial loss related to the operation of this tour. All legal questions and actions against Adventure Canada must be brought in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, and by its acceptance hereof the passenger waives any right to bring an action in any other forum. The passenger hereby certifies that he/she does not have a mental, physical or other condition or disability that would create a hazard for him/herself or other passengers. The passenger agrees to honestly complete the personal information request from AC/EE/RTL via our website or by requesting paper copies, prior to departure. Adventure Canada reserves the right to request further information from your physician. The undersigned passenger clearly understands that the liability of AC/EE/RTL is definitively limited as aforesaid. The undersigned passenger has carefully read the terms and conditions set out herein as well as the materials regarding the tour provided by AC/EE/RTL and is aware that such tour involves the risk of personal injury or death and damage or loss of property. In consideration of the benefits to be derived from participation in the tour, the undersigned voluntarily accepts all risk of personal injury or death and property damage or other loss arising from participation on the tour and hereby agrees that he/she and his/her dependents, heirs, executors and assigns, do release and hold harmless AC/EE/RTL and its employees, officers, directors, trustees and representatives from any and all claims, including claims of negligence, illness, personal injury, death or property damage or loss, however caused, arising from or related to this tour. The undersigned has read carefully this agreement, and will abide by the conditions set by AC/EE/RTL and in the terms and conditions hereof or elsewhere published. The undersigned affirms that he/she has not received or relied on any oral or written representation of Adventure Canada as a basis for executing this Release.

DELAYS In the event of a delay, passengers will be responsible for all costs and expenses associated therewith, including, without limitation, any additional food, lodging or transportation costs resulting from such delay. We recommend you obtain full travel insurance coverage and purchase refundable air tickets. BAGGAGE Baggage is solely at the passenger’s risk and expense. Baggage is limited to a maximum weight of 20 KG for all excursions involving an Adventure Canada charter flight. Also, commercial airline luggage allowance is typically two pieces per passenger and one piece of carry-on luggage, subject to weight restrictions, but please check with your airline for current standards. Excess baggage is not permitted on charter flights. Any excess baggage charges for commercial flights are the responsibility of the passenger. INSURANCE Due to the nature of the tour in which the passenger will be participating, passengers should have in place prior to departure, comprehensive insurance coverage including without limitation medical, emergency




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