No Talent Milt Shook's sock puppet replies to Milt.

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4/26/13 11:12 PM

Google Groups No Talent Milt Shook's sock puppet replies to Milt.Shook
Steve Posted in group: alt.society.liberalism Jul 8, 2007 4:17 PM

Here's Milt Shook's sock puppet "Biff," who showed up after Milt ran away from Usenet "forever." He used "Biff" earlier along with several other sock puppets, sometimes to answer himself.. ************************************************************** "I'm not Milt Shook" -- .Milt.Shook. pretending to be "Biff and replying to his own post. Header lines from "Biff's post: NNTP-Posting-Host: X-Complaints-To: X-DMCA-Complaints-To: Header lines from Milt Shook's post: NNTP-Posting-Host: X-Complaints-To: X-DMCA-Complaints-To: ****** Below is Shook's <LOL> explanation... "If you knew anything about Comcast, you'd know that everyone who posts from the same geographical area will have the same IP address, unless they pay twice as much." "Biff. ************************************************************** ***** Here's Milt's contradictory claims about other people using his wireless router connections.. "I have checked e-mails from at eight other people who live around here and use Comcast, and two of them sport the same IP as me" --Milt.Shook... ****note that Milt went checking *e-mails* from people who use Comcast... never mentioning his router... and these people had sent emails through Comcast, they had to have had a comcast account, so why Page 1 of 2

No Talent Milt Shook's sock puppet replies to Milt.Shook - Google Groups

4/26/13 11:12 PM

would they use Milt's router. Canyon asked: "so tell us again about how many different people "sport" the same IP as you, Milt?" Milt Shook replied: "Four confirmed. Why?" **** Not a word above about Matt, who Milt claims he knew to be using his router..... This was before Milt wa told that it was possible.. They had the same IP as me because they were using my wireless router! One guy, Matt, was using it with my permission. the other two that I knew of weren't. --Milt.Shook... 18 May 2007 "Well, my wireless router reaches a hell of a long way, so who knows?" --.Milt.Shook...23 Jul 2004 **** Who knows???? was using it? Earlier, Milt claimed that he knew that "Matt"


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